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A Letter to Senator Feingold
re:Hearings: Secret Law and the Threat to Democratic and Accountable Government

Senator Russell Feingold

506 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4904

April 22, 2008

Dear Senator Feingold;

First, I want to applaud you for having the courage to hold hearings on "Secret Law and the Threat to Democratic and Accountable Government"

Sir, I respectfully request to testify On April 30th. I believe you’ll find I have much to say and add to this inquiry.

To be as brief as possible, I will only say this, and then refer you to a web page that will give you much more info, as well as a letter I sent to Sen.’s Kennedy and Obama.

I previously sent an email to your offices regarding a rumored hearing on the NSA’s use of News Networks to uncover dissidents to the Bush administration, and anecdotal reports from numerous people of harassment since calling a major cable news network.

In June of 2002, I launched a campaign, a boycott of MSNBC, with people like Granny D on our kickoff call, to hold the media to account for their deceptions and propaganda. It was going very well, until our lives began falling apart – mail missing, email sent or delayed or not received. Checks missing, mail opened, “sneak and peeks”… it would take me hours to describe the harassment, horror and despair, straight out the Church Committee’s summary. CNN has been instrumental in the attacks against, as has been NBC.

But, today, after a great deal of research, I performed a number of patent searches on my father’s name and on the name of TESLA… and they seem to cross-reference each other in the development of what I can only assume is scalar wave projection of the type that would account for many of the electronic attacks I have been subjected to since 2002.

Our household is now at the point of near bankruptcy. Internic refuses to allow people to visit our website or deliver and send email just at a time of setting up fundraisers that WOULD have made business operation possible – an organization that  aids orphaned and destitute children in South Africa.

And it appears that my harassment started in the late 50’s, and it seems to be related to a number of patents and my father’s relationships with Ampex.. and likely NBC, Fox, RKO… the truth is I don’t know, but his friends included Richard Nixon and Shirley Temple Black.  I know he worked on the Hover Craft prototype and weather modification (the REAL cause of the radium pollution in San Francisco Bay), and that’s all I know. He was the 10th person to hold  apilot’s license, a radio engineer and

He abruptly retired from the Naval Shipyard at Hunter’s Point… it appears his life was being threatened… I never quite understood it all… But when I tried to look at the early patents associated with the name CHARLES REHN prior to 1964, they are classified, related to work with Tesla, and directs you to Los Alamos for more information.

After knowing this, many things about my life – very detrimental things – make sense, including a visit from some agent wanting to know if I knew anything about my father’s work…   about15 years after his death. I am still under attack. My housemates are under attack. The other person in this household has an international reputation as a poverty activist and lobbyist who was a founding board member of the Grameen Foundation (Muhammad Yunus, Nobel winner). We are not subversives or a danger to this or any other nation, unless they?? are afraid of the truth. And, apparently someone is.

What’s worse is that there appear to be numerous hundreds of other people (if not thousands) suffering in the same ways, most even worse than us. Most of them, except the ones who have info on corruption and law enforcement abuses, have no idea why they were chosen to have their lives destroyed.

I don’t know what my father did, what patents he held that manufacturers don’t want to pay royalties on, I don’t what the issue is.

But I do believe that the use of the Federal Government and/or the abuse of corporate power – and in my case I have to assume it’s both because of the people who surrounded him prior to 1960… Ampex, Exxon, Hughes, Southern Pacific, Raytheon, RCA, Dolby, Disney and Kennedy, BUSH   and…there are members on the judiciary committee who likely know what it’s about…  and the media companies who have much to hide. Not to mention a relation to Ulysses S. Grant.

Again, I respectfully request to testify, and frankly, plea for your help. I’d like to know why the U.S. Government has controlled my life and shackled me, for what appears to be something in my father’s past.

As I said, I have much to add to this conversation. And I would like my life back.



PS: I can not rely on my phones and email. We screen all calls, so please leave a verifiable phone number to call back


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