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The First
Hundred Days

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It's understandable that every president is given 100 days to adapt and configure their administration to fully address and begin the projects and goals of their administration.

I thought it would be appropriate for you to know the issues and priorities that would consume my attention upon taking office.

I intend to create a new paradigm for what it means to be the President of the United States.

7/13/2008 - While writing this today, I came upon Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower's Farewell address, which I will littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  link to. It is both informative and inspiring. I will quote him to begin this.

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You and I, my fellow citizens, need to be strong in our faith that all nations, under God, will reach the goal of peace with justice. May we be ever unswerving in devotion to principle, confident but humble with power, and diligent in pursuit of the Nations' great goals.

To all the people of the world, I once more give expression to America's prayerful and continuing aspiration: We pray that people of all faiths, all races, all nations, may have their great human needs satisfied; that those now denied opportunity shall come to enjoy it to the fullest; that all who yearn for freedom may experience its many spiritual blessings.

Those who have freedom will understand, also, its heavy responsibilities; that all who are insensitive to the needs of others will learn charity; and that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth; and that, in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

The First 100 Days

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For a number of years now, I have stated what I believe would be required of a president who was truly willing to serve the citizens of this nation, as well as assume and fulfill our national responsibilities as good citizens toward other nations.

When reflecting on the "plans" that need to be developed and presented, there are a number realizations that arise amidst the "cooked books" of the federal government.

For example, because of the way employment figures are reported, it would not surprise me to find out that real unemployment, and persistent under-employment is actually closer to 25%, instead of the less than 6% figure typically reported by the Federal Government. That kind of deceptive reporting began long before the Bush Administration.

I believe that the ability of an administration to accomplish the business of the nation, it must begin by setting the tone... setting the tone for the attitudes and sincerity of the commitments declared for the morale of the staff as well as to inform those who wish to interface with it. And, to make it apparent that business as usual is to be redefined, and the business of the New World is to be respected with reverence and integrity... and  a sense of vigilance on behalf of those we serve.

With that in mind, my administration will begin by responding to my own demands, immediately following the acceptance of the oath of office, and beginning with my acceptance speech, which will begin something like this.

Throughout time, the leaders of humanity have proclaimed great things, promised great promises and made valiant efforts to deliver on the promise of a world at peace, where citizens are free, safe and healthy.

I am aligned with them on that dream.

That is why I stand before you today, committed to the tasks to which I have been assigned by your confidence and our conversations... empowered by your votes to join me in partnership in this great endeavor - this vision we share - of a New World.

This is the beginning of  a new time, the dawn of a new age, The Era of Reconciliation that will allow for that New World to manifest itself out of the goodness of humanity and all beings of the universe, as we expand our horizons, our inter-connectedness with this marvelous creation and each being, and prove that the abundance of this planet was intended and is plenty for all.

We have all spoken of this time for generations and centuries. The time has come. And the promise is fresh on His lips.

And with that promise, and with my promise, with the desire and dreams and passions of the ages to inspire and hold me fast to my footholds when facing the challenges of this great dream, with faith in God, the ingenuity of the American people and the yearnings of the citizens of the world, I declare peace.

Today, tomorrow, from here to eternity, from now until forever, throughout the universe, for all beings and creatures... Global Peace and Abundance for All.

It begins with the healing of America. And so, the work begins....

Of course, I'll have more to say. But, then the work will begin.

I have listed a fairly long list of of priorities under  littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) The Top Issues Facing the World. I trust you will agree with me that each of these areas is in need of work, with problems that need non-nonsense solutions. I believe, with your support, that we will make faster progress than imagined before. That is the promise and efficacy I promise to bring to the government of this nation. And I will fill in the blanks as we go along.


It is my belief that it is the responsibility of the government to properly and accurately inform the citizens of a nation of the issues and options being considered, so that a full and open discussion can lead to the best resolution of issues for every interest and need.

To this end, I will with every effort required, maintain a schedule of news conferences weekly for me to answer questions on any and every topic pertinent to national business.

In addition, I will take on conducting a consistent "talk show" program/format to discuss issues, emerging truths that must be disclosed and understood in order for the nation to heal when our own "glasnost" takes us by surprise, as well as to reach out, make contact, and continually remain in touch with the needs of the citizens of this nation. To me this seems like a good thing for Saturday evenings, and/or something for a Sunday Morning Chat. This coincides with a promise I made to deliver a "Sermon" every Sunday morning - not your typical fire and brimstone at all - so it's possible we could arrange the sermon, followed by the talk show in order to make it easier for people who don't want to hear that to skip it.

Initially, it is likely that I will approach this more aggressively, being, one way or another, on the air for discussion much more often to ensure that my assistants and I take full note of your input on things we may not have ever heard of before. These are the kinds of things I want to "unearth" while we are cleaning out the basement.

I will personally continue to maintain my own web pages, including a blog... and will work with professionals to maintain a chat room where I can "drop in" and discuss things with people, in blog form and live on line. I've also decided I'd like to be able to contact people and assk questions about what the'r eup to, and advice they may have in ares of concerns. This way, more citizens can be empowered to take more active roles in a government that is actually responsive.

It is very to me to accomplish re-establishing the connection of the government ot the needs and concerns of us all, the citizens, having a right to more than an automated email in response to serious letters of concern to representatives who do not actually represent us.

I promise to use this forum to discuss issues and inform you, and it will not be used to generate partisan support for issues. Consider it my way of having ongoing "presidential debates" with you. Nor will I allow it to be used to gain access or to seek special favors.

I will personally host and mediate at least one major public forum per month for the first year, and at least one every other month thereafter, regarding pressing public issues, to emphasize citizen input, direct discussion and consideration, as opposed to just input from officials. Topics will include health care, homelessness, poverty & hunger, human & civil rights, conflict resolution & a culture of peace, the environment, infrastructure restoration, working with the government, appropriate handling of guns (not gun control, which is another discussion), and relevant holistic and scalable approaches.

These conferences will be televised from start to finish, and there will be discussions and opinions available before and after in order to continue discussions and come to appropriate, equitable conclusions and plans of action.

This is not a public relations or propaganda scheme. This is my way of restoring faith and communications with the citizens and the government. Unity will be found in communications that reconcile our differences by revealing that our differences separate us much less than we have been lead to believe.

And I honestly believe in the ingenuity of our fellow citizens. We have the answers. I really believe in bottom up management.

You know what needs to be done. What's that phrase? Can I take your order please? (That's what I call "The Holodeck's Open") Tell me what your government needs to empower you. I know alot myself. You know more.

And, I want to be sure to empower people to get satisfaction out of working with the government, not frustration and suppression. Encourage full participation. Make it so that people want to be involved in elected government again for the opportunity and privilege to do good in the world. Generate systems that cause results, not collect paperwork.

This will all be aided by the program I refer to as News of The Nation. Imagine what it would be like to empower the news media - mainstream, local and independent - to work WITH the government equally to disclose what's going on... of course respecting appropriate secrets, but being honest about that too.  With a panel to ensure there is no government interference. (Then we'll play the Beatles "Everybody's Got Something To Hide 'Cept For Me & My Monkey"... and then see what happens. :} )  It won't be allowed to be used for vengeance, political smears or psychological games of any sort. See how big a stick I carry on that one.

If the Bible prophecies come true, if we let them, the criminals will destroy the buildings and vaults that hold all the info they don't want you to know. And they'll make it look like a foreign country did it. (The great thing about prophecies is that they can be prevented)

The FCC will be instructed to immediately begin reconciliation of current broadcast regulation with the intent of the Communications Act of 1934. Public input will be required and must be considered.

Keep in mind, when generating avenues of communication and departments that facilitate them, I will be ever vigilant in ensuring that their regulation does not allow for their use as "governmental propaganda organs" or a means to monoploization of ideas or rights.

Budgets & Indications: Don't Hate Your Government

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see also: Congressman John Hall

I have to admit I had trouble with this Biblical instruction for a while. And then I began to realize that our government is not the problem. We have a fine government. We don't really need more laws to repair what has became a nation of loopholes. We need fewer laws. And real leaders, no regime or party players.

Mostly, we need representatives with the actual intent and tenacity to actually serve citizens, and not ulterior imperial plans, or not giving in to the "monster" of the momentum of the current trends and movement in our government at all levels.

I find it hard to believe that there would be any economist, politician or aid who has accurate enough information to actually say something like "this is the state of the economy" or practically anything else with any certainty. t least, not in the official published statistics.

The fact is that the government, separate from the politicians and cronies, employs a great number of fine professionals with a deep commitment to the proper function and conduct of the United States Government.

Therefore, I would request that the GAO, the Justice Departments, the military and the intelligence agencies be required to provide accurate accounting and reporting on ALL activities, and where applicable, providing succinct explanations as to the pro and con of why such activities are legal. I would ask that these reports be generated anyway, in advance of my administration (my bet is, these people already have them compiled and hidden away, just waiting for someone willing to read them).

Further, that inaccurate reporting will be subject to potential prosecution. And, that if known illegal activities are not discontinued immediately upon my swearing in, there will be special penalties. Let it be known there will be no tolerance for secrecy and violation of civil and human rights in this administration. The only secrecy will be maintained for legitimate state secrets relating to security and appropriate intelligence gathering. Regardless of any laws currently on record, under no circumstances will agencies be allowed to conduct operations that violate the intent of the Constitution. And I will not tolerate loopholes.

Further, I will seek legislation to require that all legislation be subjected to Constitutional scrutiny, particularly when it involves human and civil rights.

I am particularly in favor of programs that would provide federal loans and grants to individuals and groups seeking to keep open manufacturing and other sources of employment being abandoned by companies outsourcing and moving to overseas locations. Globalization certainly has its valid uses and necessity. However, each nation must still be self-sufficient to at least the extent of being able to provide for security, health and safety of its citizens, even in the most minimalist ways.

The United States is on the verge of being incapable of this without an abrupt and exteme reduction in its standard of living.

It is not by accident, and its history goes back to Pres. Jimmy Carter's statements that Americans must lower their expectations. Tri-lateral Commission chair and Carter's long-time associate, is now one of Barack Obama's advisors.

This is how the Council on Foreign Relations and its financiers intend to impose "interdependency", a surveillance society and the North American Union upon us.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Pat Choate, Ross Perot's running mate, "Dangerous Business" and PerotCharts. Ross is a hero of mine.

Those truly interested in the way the United States uses economic wars to coerce the world into its bidding owe it to themselves to take the time to watch and understand the   littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) PBS Series "Commanding Heights".

It was done by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw - some of Bill Clinton's economic advisors. In one way, it is presented as sheer information. In another way, after I watched and understood it, I wondered if it was someone's way of trying to tell us all about the reason other countries are afraid to do business with the United States, and the economic war that's being waged against Americans to facilitate the elitists fully controlling the military and economic "power" of America in order to dominate the world by force. As if it was really a warning he hoped someone would heed.

I consider it to be essential in truly understanding the way world events are shaped and manipulated, despite the fancy speeches, rhetoric and media emphasis given issues to distract you. See also:I have listed a fairly long list of of priorities under  littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  WikiPedia

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Google Video Has it as of  7/29/2008 Commanding Heights

Governmental Conduct & Integrity

Let's keep things in perspective.

In no way do I consider that all elected members are guilty of something, anymore than I believe the CIA, NSA, FBI and other agencies are dangers to the American way of life. I believe there is corruption in any position of authority and power, attributed to a small percentage of the individuals employed and interacting with these agencies.

And, I believe that most people in these agencies are honest, dedicated and worthy of our respect and thanks for a job well done. Understand that's said in spite of the fact that I have been struggling with some of the bad ones for quite some time.

That said:

I would immediately issue a directive to the Justice Department to issue subpoenas to the elected officials and all of their current staffs and volunteers requiring the submission of anecdotal and/or physical evidence related to the commission of crimes committed by their peers and employers. Failure to disclose such information may result in criminal prosecution as accomplices in the commission of or after the fact of a crime. Further, that indications must be provided to indicate that such activities have ceased, and that any other related or similar activities will be reported as an act of faith in accordance with written and sworn agreements regarding employment and affiliation with members of this government.

Let's be clear about this: is not a witch hunt. This is an opportunity for people, particularly those "caught in the middle", to help us draw the line, come clean, and prove their loyalty and sincerity in serving this country, so we can move forward with a new agreement regarding the future conduct of the government.

I believe these reports, which should remain private until review is complete and possibly beyond, should be subject to the review of a panel of officials and citizens who would render recommendations to the Justice Department as to what the appropriate, compassionate response should be to what is learned.

I have no intention of spending my time dealing with the politicization of potential civil, criminal or embarrassing disclosures that would prevent me from moving our agenda forward. And I will speak out if it appears others attempt to do so. This is not about politics. This is about taking inventory and moving forward.

I will not allow it to become a circus, either. This is serious business. People's lives, and the unity of our nation is at stake.

Further, this group, in a related inquiry, would be assigned the task of rendering opinions as to potential cause for the impeachment of any members of the Supreme Court. Certain members of the panel will, in fact will be people who I would consider as candidates for the Supreme Court. Just a few, and they won't know who they are. And I will be interested in their ability to remain objective regardless of partisan affiliations and preferences. Let it also be clear that if a Supreme Court opening should occur, these people would not necessarily be nominated, and it would not be due to lack of merit.

This combination of duties is purposeful: so that in determining the best way to respond to actions of former administrations and congress people, full consideration is given to the Constitution, the intent of each of its provisions, with emphasis given to the ways in which the Constitution has been compromised and or "bent" just a little here or there in precedents set before the courts. I believe this could be done with a great deal of public interaction that would be beneficial to us all. It also creates a backdrop for the reformation of the penal system, and  a discussion on what "justice" really means.

In addition, I look forward to the spirited conversation, not debate, of our Constitution, the intent of its writers, a reconciliation of its intent and literal words in relation to the current world and the technology that now exists. I believe all of this is actually fully covered in the universal nature of the Constitution as it stands. This conversation should allow us once again to come together - to cause unity - on the fundamental purpose and intent of our nation today. I want you to be certain that in my mind, this does not mean we will all agree on everything. That would be unhealthy. And not very much fun.

Further, a special team of legal experts will be assigned to review the constitutionality and efficacy of all past executive orders and signing statements by presidents. I am not stating they are all bad.

Freedom of Information Act requests will be honored, and may be re-organized as a segment of the News of the Nation organization, as well as a relationship to an organization of empowerment and information dissemination and conflict resolution that approximates the goals and methods of the Department of Peace Movement as well as the work and teachings of Marshall Rosenburg, founder of the Center for Non-Violent Communications  littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  www.cnvc,org

I would immediately seek nullification of recent FISA and Telecom Immunity Legislation based primarily on its unconstitutionality and irrelevance based on the idea that it amounts to nothing more than an after the fact confidentiality agreement. According to standing precedents, this would at least require full specification of those things which were previously done or discussed that are required to remain confidential. If such disclosures were made, we would actually know, for certain, what if any laws have been broken requiring immunity.

Interestingly enough, the greatest impact of this legislation is not to give immunity to prosecution, but more importantly, it actually created a barrier to the possibility of investigation of the matter. This is more important because anyone could conclude that the activities being given immunity are unconstitutional, if challenged, they would be struck down. But, like many of the crimes being committed, without actual, specific evidence, the laws are being crafted to forbid investigation. Often under the guise of national security, which is code for "protection of covert operations against the citizens of the United States by its government".

Economy & Stability

"We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose, and insidious in method. Unhappily, the danger it poses promises to be of indefinite duration."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

It's imperative, first of all, for Americans to know that they have been victimized over the last 100 plus years by some very ingenious littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) "hyper-inflation" schemes that are like any "con game". They do things using the same "game pieces" with roughly the same scenarios, only they do it spaced out enough so you forget, and the world circumstances change just enough so you think it's happening because of things going on now, instead of just repeating what Alfred Hitchcock calls "portable plots". It's like having a mathematical equation: it works every time.

(Nazi Germany used these exact same hyper-inflation schemes to bring Germany's citizens to its knees by essentially bankrupting them, and because of false terror attacks and other published perils, they were able to force the citizens into complete dependence for survival. Commanding Heights has an episode that describes what I am telling you.littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  Find it here.

Excerpt from Paper Money by "Adam Smith," (George J.W. Goodman), pp. 57-62. (In Commanding Heights)

In the mid-1960s, money manager George J.W. Goodman began to write a series of irreverent and witty columns for New York magazine under the borrowed name of capitalism's founding theorist, Adam Smith. As "Adam Smith," Goodman went on to write several bestsellers about economics, the stock market, and global capitalism, among them The Money Game, Supermoney, and Paper Money, from which this account of the Weimar Republic's disastrous hyperinflation is excerpted.

Pearl Buck, the American writer who became famous for her novels of China, was in Germany in 1923. She wrote later: "The cities were still there, the houses not yet bombed and in ruins, but the victims were millions of people. They had lost their fortunes, their savings; they were dazed and inflation-shocked and did not understand how it had happened to them and who the foe was who had defeated them. Yet they had lost their self-assurance, their feeling that they themselves could be the masters of their own lives if only they worked hard enough; and lost, too, were the old values of morals, of ethics, of decency."

Please read:

The Basic Differences Between
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Free Trade, Free Markets and Globalization A review of hyper-inflation in America

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) What is Class Warfare?  6/22/2003

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) The Treasonous Agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Dennis Cuddy, his book entitled; 'The Globalists: The Power Elite Exposed.

This is very important for you to take in. It relates to our economy and nation, as well as tricks that are being played with you regarding the "Son of Man"

On July 12-13, 2000 ... the New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held a conference at its exclusive mansion-headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan, entitled 'The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact.' For two days, several speakers told a high-powered audience of 250 people, comprised largely of bankers, investors, corporation officials, and policymakers, mostly from the United States, but also from Europe, of the possibility that the U.S. stock market, and potentially the world financial system, would melt down."

"The conference occurred under the auspices of the CFR's 'Financial Vulnerabilities Project,' which the CFR established in 1999 to systematically look at such crises. Wall Street investment banker Roger Kubarych is the director of the project."

The Arab OPEC nations will simultaneously announce an oil embargo AND switch currency from accepting Dollars to ONLY accepting the Euro. Energy prices will skyrocket!

What would happen if OPEC made a sudden switch to Euros, as opposed to a gradual transition? (As they are doing)

The effect of an OPEC switch to the Euro would be that oil-consuming nations would have to flush dollars out of their (central bank) reserve funds and replace these with Euros. The dollar would crash anywhere from 20-40% in value. The consequences would be those one could expect from any currency collapse and massive inflation.

This would also cause foreign funds to stream out of the US stock markets and dollar denominated assets. The current account deficit would become unserviceable, the budget deficit would go into default and so on. Your basic third world economic crisis scenario.

Also, keep your eye on the stock markets. The Dow Jones will vacillate, until it's decline reaches approximately 7,100; then the U.S. Stock market will crash.

This News Brief; "Council on Foreign Relations Bankers Plan for Financial Crash", by Richard Freeman, Executive Intelligence Review, July 28, 2000.

Martial Law in force, American cities erupt in riots coast to coast, with state and local officials unable to restore order. Then, because all military types have been emptied out of the country because of World War 3, United Nations forces will be requested to land and to restore order. Military patrol zones will be established.

For an example, Ohio is in FEMA Region 5. The whole U.S. has been divided into 10 - Regions. Also, Ohio is in an area that is scheduled to have Colombian or Argentinean troops. Militaries in Central and South America haven't much to do anyway. They are presently getting practice in their own turmoiled countries.

 A Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age Messiah ' by Christian author Constance Cumbey, page 11. [Ed Note: This would be Barack Obama]

"Our future is too important to be left to the mere throw of the prophetic dice… only fools would persist in playing Russian Roulette with the Laws of Prophecy."

"We need, too, to know just what the outstanding prophecies demand of us. Only then can we decide how best to satisfy those demands, and so arrive at an eventual plan of action." – page 229.

"If the Messiah is to appear, then he must be produced. And producing the Messiah is… just as much a function of humanity as of Divinity." – page 231, Ibid. (I assure you, the real one exists)

If you read the Bible, it says the same thing as Dr. Cuddy. Prime verses to reference for this age of Apostacy are; II Thessalonians 2: 3, I Timothy 4: 1, II Timothy 3: 1 and 4: 3-4 then the rhetorical question Jesus asks in Luke 18: 8 - "when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?". Also: Matthew 24

In our world, hyper-inflation usually begins with oil prices and embargoes. It's important for you to understand that we're not being told that there's an embargo of sorts going on right now - people are waging economic wars against us in retaliation for the economic wars against them - it's being withheld - but the benefactors are primarily U.S. oil producers who are actually gearing up to all but abandon America in favor of industrializing China at slave wages and intolerable quality and ecological standards. The same way they did to America in the early 1900's.

Then they sell houses using low interest schemes that end up being high interest schemes, that then lead to extreme inflation, quick profits, and then homeowners with payments on homes that were overpriced when purchased, leading to a great number of bankruptcies and refinancing fees. Lenders then show losses, even though more than recovering those losses on the resale and refinancing of the same homes. Investors make bundles on under-priced foreclosures and second mortgages.

Look around. That's what's happening now. And the banks are beginning to fail.

This is the scenario that Richard Nixon courageously averted when he imposed a wage and price freeze during his administration. I believe this was the reason he was "set up" to be ousted from office for Watergate, a subject I will discuss another time. This allowed the economy to "stand still" for a brief time while a full appraisal of economic conditions could be made, and then a restart could be prudently and frugally implemented to move things forward in a productive way without additional disruption to the lives of citizens who have done nothing wrong that lead to their misfortune.

I'm not saying that's what we need to do now. That's what happened then. And look what happened to Richard Nixon.

Then of course, the assaults on the auto and manufacturing industries (as is happening now), and farming.

Jimmy Carter's administration suffered hyper-inflation in every segment: oil, housing and the auto industry. It works every time. Farming, no problem, corporate farms and genetically modified foods that are not healthy or prudent.

When did peanuts start causing lethal allergic reactions?

And now, they've added the Stalin  factor to the hyper-inflation scheme. The use of drugs - legal pharmaceuticals, and health care, to  separate people from every last cent they can get out  of them before the economy is bankrupted and they all move their operations to China... after foreclosing on America and declaring their ownership rights as reasons to act as the government.

The United States, in large part, is reaching retirement age, and the last thing the multi-lateral corporations want to do is pay retirement funds and health benefits. Which is why our government passed laws saying they can spend your pensions without recourse or obligation to you.

Which is why the Council on Foreign Relations has a plan to nationalize North America in order to provide health care and labor at low wages (utilizing Mexican and South American laborers as the new "slave labor" minority. They sell it to Latinos as a "rights" issue, but they are being manipulated and used to provide cheap labor.).

I am not at all opposed to the concept of being able to move freely across borders in a legal and orderly way. But I have to believe that, like me, my home is my native country, regardless of where I may live. In my heart, that's my home.

The biggest issue for me is actually in acquiring accurate census information that includes illegal aliens/undocumented workers (which they are both) so that taxes may be collected for social services that are currently bankrupting states and medical facilities. Even more, many crimes are committed against them because they can not go to the police and report it for fear of deportation or worse.

The human and civil rights of people in the United States are not limited to citizens.

I am my brother's keeper.

NAFTA and other treaties certainly have served the profiteering  interests of corporations transitioning to China, but the people of Mexico have not truly benefited from these treaties and agreements. Further, in all reality, it is easy to recognize that the annexation of Mexico and eventually, South America, is a means to acquire control of the vast oil reserves that have yet to be tapped.

Additionally, to acquire the farm lands needed to sustain farming in view of the depletion of farmlands in the United States due to corporate farming practices. There are additional efforts, particularly by wealthy Americans, to establish control over the farm and oil lands of Africa, now that a huge percentage of those people are dying of AIDS - ever more rapidly according to a report from South Africa I received just yesterday.

The United States policy toward Venezuela is a perfect example of a propaganda campaign designed to make acceptable the overthrow of yet another democratically elected South American Government and Leader that will not acquiesce to the political and corporate objectives of the United States Government, and particularly of the oil companies.

Cindy Sheehan cites a story where an interviewer disclosed to her during a commercial break that, even though Hugo Chavez is a Democratically elected President, their news organization had a meeting and decided  to call him a dictator anyway.

Why would a news organization, one of the most respected in the world, make a decision like that, and report that inaccuracy to the world? What purpose would that serve? I saw the interview live - and it was a most interesting misrepresentation and distortion of someone's image in the court of public opinion. Propaganda.

Why would the news agencies of the United States consciously choose to lie about another nation in a way that would make you want to go to war against them? Why would they?

The interesting thing is that, as part of the deception being perpetrated, you'll be surprised, as I was, that the New World Order is modeled after the stated structures and ideologies of the Bahai Faith. I keep saying that because I want you to get used to that concept.

It's not about having you accept a religion or ideology. It's about a paradigm designed to ensure truth and justice. It enhances Democracy. And religion, if you choose to practice one.

I'll discuss that with you a great deal more because I believe as a faith or paradigm, not a religion, it provides some excellent philosophy regarding the responsibilities of government, citizens, religion, faiths and such without getting them confused into a tangled convoluted web. They also ascribe to the limited and minimal use of coercive economic force, although not in the same ways the United States has become accustomed to using them.

It also is the paradigm for the original structure and ideology of the United Nations.

Iran is the home of the Bahai Faith.

Please notice what I just said, because of our current activities against Iran.  

The Bahai Faith - Rumi, Hafiz -  is a paradigm for the structure and ideology of the United Nations. And, its home is in Iran. And it's not about being Muslim, unless you personally have chosen to be Muslim, or Christian or Hindu or whatever you decide on, if anything.

An interesting idea. The universal faith is all faiths. I like that idea. How 'bout, "The universal faith is the wisdom and heritage of all faiths throughout the ages." Maybe it would be accurate, right now, to say, "The universal faith is all faiths and no faith." An interesting inquiry.

The New World Order relies on coercive economic use of force, just as Hillary Clinton stated recently. Even more, they have hijacked the wealth and military power of the United States to effect military domination over the entire planet with technologies and declared intentions such that the world perceives us as a threat of world war.

Anyone who minimizes the significance or accuracy of that fact is either in denial or lying.

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. "

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

In South America and around the world, the United States needs to extend the first hand of friendship in leading the Era of Reconciliation, particularly given that corruption in our own government has been at the root of a great deal of corruption and destruction throughout their world, and the world at large.

I believe that we can prove ourselves to once again be worthy partners to our neighbors, and other global leaders without sacrificing our national pride, treasure or security.

We are the leaders of the free world.

Let us be the best possible stewards of this planet that God has blessed and empowered us to be in this awesome period that will lead us to a world of global peace and abundance for all... as per the plan of God... for this important transformational period in the history of  the planet and the universe.

"It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system – ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society. "

Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Through unprecedented diplomatic efforts by representatives and by myself, we will rapidly demonstrate our willingness to discard the coercion of the New World Order, in exchange for the partnership and fellowship enjoyed and synergistically relayed to all global stakeholders toward creating and sustaining the New World.

Even more, it will be a top personal priority to participate in the final, peaceful, just and exquisite settlement of the conflicts in the Holy Lands. I will expect that process to begin before taking office. I have already been in communication with a group in Israel interested in pursuing a diplomatic and humanitarian course of action that will work.

While current progress provides an excellent indication that there is a continued desire for peace, do not be fooled. Peace negotiations and public statements have been part of the American political facade since the creation of the State of Israel. I will say, however, in my own defense on this subject, that you can judge the sincerity of my own commitment because of who I am and the frank consistency of my positions.

It is the same kind of facade that has the government manipulate the economy just before an election. Things like, gas prices. And offering rebates and theoretical tax breaks.

It is not a mystery that I tie our domestic economic conditions to international trade. While economists, financiers and multi-national corporations move to other markets, we have some auditing to do. We need to take inventory.

We must work with the commerce department to fully quantify the jobs, products and population trends of the country in order to be able to say - "we have a need for this many workers in this area, with these training and vocational programs available"... I know that we have departments that generate this kind of data. But, by and large,  the statistics are skewed by false data provided by political cronies seeking to gloss over the truth.

Concise, accurate reports will be generated within 90 days - from every department - and presented to the public through News of the Nation. Solutions and implemented remedies will be reported, and a healthy discourse should be created.

This does not mean that our government will be frozen while these reports are being generated. And I have faith that disclosure of "what's so" about this nation will also cause the best solutions to arise and be implemented. This is how I will empower the American people to re-take their government.

This is not, by the way, an effort to "manage" people. Simply, to identify national needs in terms of jobs required, jobs needed, interests of workers and how to facilitate empowerment of business without perpetuation of the subsidy and tax bribe systems now used to attract manufacturing businesses in order to bolster our economies.

What if we created a plan for business in this nation that accurately reflected the actual things we want to spend out time doing? I realize we'd still have many of the same jobs and industries, but I believe it would do us all some good to "think out of the box". What would you really do for a living if you could actually choose. Anything. And if there was something in existing industries you'd want to do, what would that be? That would be a good thing to think about as we begin to discuss the concept of education for a lifetime at a later time.

The bigger issue is not who should be granted lower tax rates and what programs the government will sponsor. The bigger issue is, knowing what we're actually working with, in terms of need, and real terms of what we're got to work with. And it's a much bigger issue than that of cutting out "pork" or granting "line-item veto" authority.

I understand that sounds like a "cop out" - an excuse to not have to commit to anything specific, nor explain where the money will come from to pay for programs. I understand I will have the image of a "liberal"... though I am not, nor am I a conservative or a centrist.

I believe in good ideas. That's my political affiliation and ideology.

I also know that it will only require the cancellation of a few no-bid contracts that include mercenary soldiers and covert operations in other nations to pay for much of what needs to be done.

I also know that politicians with all those consultants and aids providing facts and figures to support their so called plans are simply selling pie in the sky. When's the last time a candidate proposed a program that actually got implemented? Then ask yourself why, and feel free to give yourself a cynical answer.

Once they tell you a number for a program, everything after that is based on bad info, because the last thing they'll do is tell you they gave you bad info.... after a while, the distortions become incorporated as the truth.

And we call that reality.

National Defense

I wish I could tell you in no uncertain terms that I am a pacifist, but I am not. You have no idea how much I'd like to say that I am. I want to be. I think everyone wishes we could be. I hope everyone does. That's the hope and vision I bring to this discussion.

What would it take to cause a world in which we could all believe in and declare ourselves pacifists?

A Pilgrim Is Someone In Search Of A Country
In Which God Would Not Be Ashamed To Be Called God

Pacifists - not out of surrender or submission or domination. But because conflict resolution and reconciliation have become that common. I don't believe that is the daydream of an idealist. I would prefer that they are a true expression of a sincere leader with the audacity and tenacity to require it of his partners...


I am not naive. There are dangers in the world. Some we have generated ourselves, others out of generations of conflicts with other nations and peoples. I believe in a strong military.

However, a frugal, professional military designed for defensive purposes. At least for the not too distant foreseeable future.

You see, I really believe that the leadership I will provide to the world will turn the corner on what is generally perceived to be the next step in the evolution of humanity, and of being.

Out of that leadership, that compassion, that love for God's Creation, will the need for war be ended.

war-is-not-the-answer.jpg (71793 bytes)

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Simon & Garfunkel - 7 O'Clock News

Interestingly enough, affecting this matter in a very big way, it would interest you to know:

The idea of the League of Nations, ultimately leading to a one-world government under the roof of The United Nations, has actually been a plan "approved by God" for quite some time. Efforts to implement it have been going on since the late 1800's.

But it's another good idea that got hijacked by the New World Order, and the George H.W. Bush cabal.

The United Nations was never intended to replace Democracy, nor was it intended to be dictatorial or monarchistic.

As the Bible instructs, government is to provide administrative organization to meet the needs of all citizens and beings. Therefore, if such an organization existed, whereby partisanship and "superpower" status garnered no more authority and control than, say, a senator, there could be reasonable negotiation and arbitration.

The original Tri-lateral plan written by Jimmy Carter in 1958 called for 3 geo-political regions to manage the equitable distribution of all resources to every part of the world. Fair trade. It's a good plan.

The problem is that the corrupt people who infiltrated the structure of the implementation of that plan have also diminished the reputation of the United Nations to the extent that Americans believe that it is becoming useless and "anti-American".littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  Check out the U.N. web site, and you'll see it does an incredible amount of good work. Could it use re-organization? Couldn't everything?

You'll discover, once again, that a false negative impression has been projected for public opinion..

The U.S. is by no means the only nation guilty of inappropriately throwing its weight around. But we've done enough of it, on behalf of corporations and financiers, that our standing in the world has become tainted.

The other nations of the world understand that the U.S. corporations are somewhat desperate. They manipulated our government into coercive measures that even included the use of slave labor at the point of a gun for workers in Burma/Myanmar on oil pipelines.

They were successful at generating trade agreements and treaties that would have been workable. The problem is, just like they've done in the United States, the nation of loopholes, our government has worked the loopholes to the extent that few nations consider us to be an honest broker or business partner.

South America is/was supposed to be part of the U.S. "domain" in the Tri-lateral plan. However, we have caused so many wars, killed so many people, overthrown so many governments and continue to do so... and so South America is relying more on trade with  Great Britain and the European Union, once again leaving American and North American citizens somewhat abandoned and alienated from a genuinely good plan being successfully implemented in many parts of the world.

Sure, we make treaties with them, but we are not their preferred partner.

If the current trend is not reversed, the U.S. will become alienated, and even if we produce goods for export, we will be shunned. And I hate to put it in this context, but that is a Biblical prophecy.

The current so called aggression by Iran is nothing of the kind.

Remember, we declared them the enemy. Just as we waged a weather war on North Korea, and attacked Iraq, falsely impugned Libya for the Lockerbie incident.. the U.S. is the aggressor. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. There are a multitude of issues, but it begins with oil, continues with the industrialization of China and generating it as the next dominant superpower in order to protect the financiers who are "moving to greener pastures".

Because these moguls are so "infamous", their desperation is to use the U.S. military to dominate the world and its markets by force, because other nations and countries will no longer trust us. Meanwhile, the technology transfers from Los Alamos to China continue.

That is why we need to have a strong military in order to rebuild our nation's status as a partner in world affairs, defending ourselves, democracy and human and civil rights in the world. Not for profiteering. And I do not believe for long.

Regardless of whether you believe in or agree with the idea of war or not, we still have a right and a duty to defend ourselves. We will. But we have to acknowledge that other nations - people, after all - have the same right.

The Military Today: Iraq and Veterans

First, I declare that I refuse to allow the veterans - the heroes of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan - to be forgotten victims as the veterans of Viet Nam were so long forgotten by politicians who did not want to honor those brave individuals - because they would serve as a reminder of their votes to kill innocent people, genetically destroy a nation and a race of people, and deceive their own citizens into believing they were giving their lives for a just cause, in order to serve the interests of corporations and power seekers.

Even Jesus, who did not believe in but understood war, said that we should honor anyone who would be so brave and honorable as to be willing to give their life in order to save another. Whether in war, in daily life or in any way conceivable.

And yet, our government prevents media coverage of the return of the bodies of fallen soldiers.

One should not have to say more than that these heroes should be given the best care, before during and after service. Period. What discussion does their really need to be? To question this premise, or to even be concerned about the cost or effort, is absurd.

Pulling out of Iraq:

While the Iraq government is calling for a timetable to withdraw, and I agree with pulling out, I do believe it's time to finally do the right thing in Iraq. That would be to sit down with the Iraqi government and determine what they need - not what we want them to do, but what they need - in order to re-organize their nation.

After all, how can you win a war that the citizens of your nation believe was a mistake? How would you define victory against a nation there was no reason to attack? What victory is to be had? The honorable thing to do is walk away at the convenience and request of the Iraqi government. That would have integrity.

That includes reviewing contracts regarding oil and other imports and exports, including restrictions to genetically modified crop seed, to ensure that the Iraqi government and people are receiving the deal they want for their God given resources... the stake God gave them in the world for the fair trade with other nations and the survival of  its own people. I think this sounds fair.

It's interesting that the book of Jeremiah tells the story of the current Iraqi conflict. It really does.

You probably don't know this, but before the Reagan administration started causing problems in Iraq, Iraq was a wealthy nation, considered peaceful - tense, but peaceful - at least contained within its borders, it was beautiful and bountiful, and was home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world: The Hanging Gardens. Check out your really old National Geographics, circa 1957-1962.

(Iraq got its chemical weapons via Donald Rumsfeld. Just like North Korea's nuclear plants were sold to them by Westinghouse and, board member, Donald Rumsfeld. Both nations were set up to look like "bad guys": after years of planning the setup or dialectic that, in the Bush Administration, finally delivered the sting right before your eyes)

One of the New World Order tactics is to avoid direct conflict, but to agitate, setup and arm both sides of conflicts comprised of enemies the New World Order wants to "take out" or take over. That's what the Iraq-Iran war was about. That's what the Iraq-Kuwait conflict leading to the Gulf War was about.

The Bush Administration, the regime of Democrats and Republicans and the Council on Foreign Relations, decided it was time to boldly assert its dominance and put the world on notice. Unfortunately, the world is putting us, and our international affiliates on notice. That's what the current oil embargo/monetary change leading to the devaluation of the dollar is about (that you're not being told about)... aka gas prices.

It's important to know this because it has far-reaching implications in our future negotiations with other nations and factions. Might does not make right, and no one has the right to destroy a nation or kill a group of people who will not acquiesce to tyranny. Nor can we demand that they continue using the American dollar as the currency standard for global oil sales... the cashflow that's been propping up the American economy for decades.

My Plan for Withdrawal from Iraq

No one knows better what is needed than those who are affected.

Given the erroneous and criminal reasons and purposes for the wars the United States is engaged in, it is imperative that we review our troop and diplomatic commitments and goals.

And John McCain's Peace With Honor presentation provides neither peace nor honor.

What would provide both is the following:

Conferring with the government as to the truth or facade of the idea that Iraq would collapse into chaos upon a full an unconditional from their territories. Considering the violence, death and destruction caused by our presence, one must question such a conclusion, which would also need to be premised on whether or not the true goal of the United States is to maintain control of Iraq, or, in truth, return it to the Iraqi citizens.

If the objective is to maintain control, then the decision to remain with the public story being "to prevent chaos" will certainly be a facade.

Once you decide what the real objective is, the next consideration (which should have always been first from the beginning) is the welfare of the Iraqi people, and the well being of the American troops and contingents. I will not put a priority on either.

That means transforming the mission of our soldiers to more humanitarian roles in partnership and under the leadership, not command, of the Iraqi government until the orderly and productive withdrawal of troops is accomplished.

Further, that a great number of medical and psychological needs have been generated after all these years of conflict in the region. It would be beneficial for our troops to undergo a cathartic and therapeutic role as troops are withdrawn, as possible,  in forms of humanitarian assistance, to alleviate some of their suffering prior to returning home.

Further, I will seek to provide counseling for veterans and families, and seek to enlist the service of counselors to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan to begin the healing before coming home as security allows, as the strain on these battle fatigued troops is taking such a tremendous toll.

I say to the Government of the United States, I can not tolerate witnessing the treatment of patriots of this caliber, of humans willing to give their all for us all, treatment that is equivalent to their being  designated as inconvenient, expendable and disposable.

In addition, tragically, it is imperative that we ban and clean up from the use of depleted uranium weapons. Depleted uranium, for those who don't know, is the nuclear waste we create, that is then made into bullets and bombs. Wherever they land and explode they leave a trail of radioactivity said to last billions of year. Its use can only be explained as covert genocide. Israel is a major manufacturer of depleted uranium ammunition and arms as well as the United States.

The United States is currently waging Nuclear War.
This is not an exaggeration.

And  that is only one reason why the "Arab Nations" have a legitimate grievance against us. Imagine having dirty nuclear bombs going off every day in the United States. What would you expect our government to do about it?

Trust me, you don't want to see the pictures of two headed and deformed children that are the result of U.S. War Technology that effects populations for generations. And I hate to say it, for all our accusations of others for the use of chemical weapons... what do you think Napalm was? A chemical weapon. Two headed children.

The abomination of desolation is not a place or a single act. The desolation being created IS the abomination.

And this is the part that America will not want to hear.

If we are subjecting these other nations, these people and environments, to all these chemicals and radiation, think about how it's getting there.

It's getting there through the hands of American soldiers.

Think about that. That means, every depleted uranium bullet fired is handled by an American soldier.  Every bomb is handled by an American soldier. Every bit of dust from these bombs and bullets that gets into their lungs, every chemical they ingest knowingly and unknowingly as they valiantly obey their orders to conduct war...what do you think it does to them?

What is the effect on American soldiers?

There are many reports from the Gulf War concluding that Gulf War Syndrome is the result of depleted uranium and chemical weapons testing by the United States. The use of depleted uranium in Afghanistan and Iraq is so basic that when the United States runs short, they buy it from Israel.

The conclusion of one Army wife pretty sums it up. She posted material on a web site about her experience with a doctor Charles Rehn (not me).

If you are interested in the truth, please read this. She put together an incredible resource on Veterans' ailments, the reasons, including chemical weapons & depleted uranium.

A look at the Veterans and the Issues Surrounding American and Allied Veterans of  The Gulf War.

   littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)   Also posted littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) on this site

Includes excerpts from "Gulf War Veterans & Depleted Uranium" for the Hague Peace Conference 1999, originally posted at littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)

The bottom line: either the administration and the commanders are stupid, which I do not believe, or, they manipulated the system and the American people and the propaganda machine to do the following:

1) To use "on-hand" troops and mercenaries to engage in offensive war in order to avoid having to deal with the political upheaval of reinstating a draft for military personnel

2) The initial minimization of the requirements for war was a cover for their knowledge that:

a) The troops would be handling supplies lethal to them, and would generate long-term medical benefit requirements for themselves and their families through disability and genetic mutation leading to birth defects

b) by treating the limited number of troops as expendable resources, they could effectively return them to action over  and over again, far beyond the combat requirement norms of any tours of duty, and they would effectively "eliminate" - allow to be killed - many of the troops who would generate the greatest financial and institutional liability in the future. Further, that their post-traumatic stress would render them as individuals with "a history of mental health problems", and therefore, no longer typically credible witnesses to any atrocities they may have witnessed or ordered to participate in.

This includes the use of Psychotronics, and some incredibly powerful - just a step beyond experimental - electronic "ray gun" weapons that Iraqi doctors fear to speak of ... bizarre wounds inflicted that they've never seen before... basic "Star Trek" style "laser" weapons that can dehydrate or flash-burn a body in an instant... or cut them in half.

And, these same people, serving the financiers and military industrial complex, believe they either need to accomplish as much as they can get away with right now - while we're all distracted by a 2 year long presidential campaign - with hopes that they'll be able to trick America into believing in "hope" or the glory of war again just in case something doesn't stop them...

And the reason why they're speeding up their activities... including the threats about Iran, is because, like the Bible says, there is someone who can stop them. But, like the Bible also says, these people will continue to do what they do because they do not believe they are doing anything wrong... or should I say, they don't want to face their guilt in the knowledge that they are very wrong, and so, continue to assert additional force because they believe citizens will continue to allow themselves to be dominated by corrupt politicians.

Just like they actually believe the rest of the world will allow themselves and their nations to be coerced with the control of oil.

That's why we must take it upon ourselves to stop them.

We have many fences to mend as part of our process in the Era of Reconciliation, a massive re-organization of thought regarding the real policies of the U.S. government and its allies versus the words of their well crafted speeches.

They always say the American people can't handle another scandal. I say we can.

The scandal to end all scandals.

Are you up for it? Will you allow me to engage you in an adult conversation that speaks truth to power, and finally makes sense of the world, and gives you your life back?


War In Afghanistan

What's difficult about discussing our involvement in Afghanistan stems from the fact that I see little evidence in mainstream, or even alternative news, pointing out the fact that the war there has little or nothing to do with terrorism against the United States, let alone against terrorism at all.

See: Dossier: littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)   The War On Terror Exposed

To actually understand the situation there, we need to set aside what happened on September 11, 2001, and look objectively at what was going on immediately before we were attacked on 911, and what occurred since.

Before September 11, 2001.

Negotiations had been ongoing since the Clinton Administration with the leaders of Afghanistan, the Taliban, considered to be quite acceptable governors of Afghanistan, so long as they "played ball". What they were expected to play ball about was facilitating the Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline.

Unfortunately, the oil companies the U.S. Government was being used to negotiate on behalf of were not happy with the fees and royalties the Taliban was requiring. For the sake of intellectual honesty, it is their property, after all.

So then, a South American company comes in and says, we'll do the deal for you at less of a price, and respect your rights and the sovereignty of your government and nation.

And then September 11, 2001 happens, and Hamid Karzai, former major American oil company consultant working on the pipeline deal becomes President of Afghanistan, and American Companies get the contracts. (I have the name of the company, and will supply it as I go through the "Brain Dump" documents)

For more information, see the book Taliban - by Ahmed Rashid

and littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)

5/21/2002 The Turmoil Caused By Caspian Oil
4/18/2002 Timeline to the Pipeline: American Corporate Oil and Political Activities Leading to 911
6/10/02 Uncertainty Hovers Over Loya Jirga Ahmed Rashid

Even more interesting: the great battle at Bora Bora... when we supposedly had Bin Laden pinned down, and they dropped those huge JDAM bombs on the mountains and caves....

When you look at the map and the proposed route of the pipeline, you can't help but notice that dropping those bombs where they did sure could save them a lot of trouble later.

It meant they wouldn't have to blast and bulldoze those same mountains later when building the pipeline.

I can just hear the conversation.

We might as well use bombs.  We've got this war going on, they're handy. Big ones too. We'll just sell it to the embedded media as the glory of war when we tell them what new, great big bombs we're capable of dropping and terrorizing everyone with, and give it Biblical names just for laughs to keep the Christians upset. That'll make everybody think they're nuts, claiming it's the end times. (MOAB, mother of all bombs). Yeah, embedded media, that was a good one too. Everybody thinks it means the media is embedded in the army troops, when the fact fact is, we're embedded in the broadcast media. Funny, isn't it, yeah, they'll never figure it out.

Bin Laden? Nah, don't worry about  him. we had a CIA agent meet with him right before 911, so he knows what's coming down. Yeah, he and George and their family were friends back in the old days....

Something like that. I apologize for the cynicism.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Pipeline Brigade - President Bush is arming troops to protect Occidental Petroleum in Colombia. What next? By John Barry NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL April 8/2002 Issue

Think I'm exaggerating? These people are so desperate to control the oil and natural gas in the region, that they actually proposed renaming the Caspian Sea to the Caspian Lake.


Because International Law says that a Sea has inherent territorial rights associated with the countries that border on the Sea or Ocean.  The United States claims territory and sovereignty within 200 miles of our coastline.

A lake, on the other hand, has no such territorial rights, and therefore, the nations depending on it for their stake in the future - the oil and gas in the Caspian Sea - are essentially being set up to have it stolen from them by passing a corrupt law - renaming it to a lake.

That's how these criminals think. Finagle and infiltrate, pass corrupt laws and then use them. And by the time you find out they're doing it, it's done, and the damage has been done. And then, like Dick Cheney says, so what. And the implication is "What are you going to do about it?"

And, they believe that if they can control the oil, they can use it to coerce the world into doing things their way. Some people refer to it as tyrannical global domination. The people at the Pentagon call it Total Spectrum Domination.

“The momentum of Asia's economic development is already generating massive pressures for the exploration and exploitation of new sources of energy and the Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin are known to contain reserves of natural gas and oil that dwarf those of Kuwait, the Gulf of Mexico, or the North Sea." (p.125)

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Advisor to Barack Obama from The Grand Chessboard
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) More...

"The attitude of the American public toward the external projection of American power has been much more ambivalent. The public supported America's engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.” (pp 24-5)

"For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia... Now a non-Eurasian power is preeminent in Eurasia - and America's global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained.” (p.30)

So, the real answer to the conflict in Afghanistan is the same as in Iraq. An inappropriate conflict, putting an ally in power (like they tried to do with Chalabi), little reconstruction progress for the citizens, tribal warlords retaking control because U.S. Soldiers and the Afghan Government provide little or no assistance. And then there's that pesky little issue of depleted uranium weapons and ammunition again. Slowly irradiating the people to death, one radiation emitting bullet at a time.

The opium trade that we hear so much about... about those horrible Afghanis and their fields... they have little else to fund their lives. And one can only wonder who their partners are in exporting it, given the record of intelligence agencies using drug money to finance covert operations. (Courtesy of inside sources).

The U.S. Government certainly isn't making any legitimate attempts to stop it. Or provide alternatives to encourage citizens to voluntarily change to other crops and vocations.

Afghanistan has been the center of a struggle for control of oil, natural gas, pipeline and strategic military positions related to that for a number of generations. It's time we take the military budget there, allow the people to own their own nation, assist them in rebuilding and establishing viable farmlands and personal and cultural security. The people there, and in the entire region have been so brutalized, it is a wonder that the so-called terrorist Arab nations have not destroyed more in the United States and Russia.

September 11, 2001

This is a difficult subject to discuss, not just for me, but because no matter how you discuss it, is difficult for us all to relive the events of that day. When I say no matter how you discuss it, I mean regardless of whether you think it was a terrorist act or certain Americans were complicit... it's simply unthinkable and ominous to consider that anyone would do such a thing at all.

On September 10, 2002, I wrote a song commemorating that day, called littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) A Prayer In Song (Memories of Friends). It wasn't a difficult song to write, and I didn't produce it well, but it made me cry, and still brings me sorrow, especially when I consider it all. But, I recorded it and posted it to the web site.

I wrote it still giving credence to the theory that it was a terrorist act, and that at the worst case, the government knew about it, but just had bad luck and just didn't get there "to save the day". I didn't want to believe that our own citizens would be complicit or benefit from such  a depraved act.

This despite.. well.. let's just say back then, I was tracking the news by essentially databasing the public statements in chronological order along with stories that chronicled what actually happened, as opposed to what they said... and I wrote that song, still hoping it was as it was being reported,  instead of how the evidence was shaping up.

But the fact was, very early on I developed a clear record showing that the statements of the Bush Administration did not check out with the facts: all the reports from foreign agencies regarding just such an attack prior to it occurring. Richard Clarke's Report of an imminent attack, and the CIA Report outlining the probable use of airliners as tools of terrorism, slamming them into buildings and such.

So, for the Bush Administration to claim that such an attack was unthinkable and unpreventable was more than ignorance or incompetence, it was a lie, adding more credence to the idea that if Condi Rice makes a statement regarding policy or questionable practices, it's a lie.

And, early on, a man named Michael Ruppert did what Cynthia McKinney suggested and was run out of Congress for: suggesting that a further investigation - following the money - was in order.

See his site: Well worth going back to : littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)

Ruppert did an excellent job of running down the facts showing that millions and millions of dollars were made in the stock market for people who basically made investments that counted on the September 11, 2001 attacks to cause airline stocks to go down.

The most interesting part is that a preponderance of the investments, when "cashed out", were processed through Deutsche Bank. Just before becoming the CIA Director, George Tenet was the President of Deutsche Bank.

Early on, it was clear to me that 911 was not a terrorist act conducted by a foreign nation, at least, not without the assistance of the United States  Government.

For me, at the time, it was simply one of many symptoms of a sick, dysfunctional government, so I did not press it as a primary issue of my own, as important as it is.

And I have to tell you, I have seen so much evidence... including evidence of specific individuals not only affiliated, but related, to the Bush family involved in the preparation for the attacks, as well as FEMA's apparent assistance. It's absolutely sickening.

When you learn that 5 of the 6 hijackers who were supposedly on the flight with Mohammed Atta are alive and well in the Middle East...

When you objectively look at the facts, you can come to no other conclusion than that 911 was an inside job. It really is true. Tragic. Sad. And the implications are as horrible and diabolical as it appears.

Even Barack Obama is perpetuating the myth of  "the war on terror".

In elitist double speak, that actually means "the war based on terror"... and we're doing it, and the other peoples are simply trying to defend themselves.

It's like with Iran.

The only thing the United States respects is a nation's ability to respond with nuclear weapons. So, given that George Bush declared Iran an enemy... if you were the leader of Iran, what would you do? I'd get nukes as fast as I possibly could. Or make a deal with someone else to defend me if necessary (and they have, and I don't blame them. I just hope we don't force them to be put into use, because that could be tragic. And our fault.)

This is the part - although there are many reasons - why littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Cynthia McKinney is a New Patriot, and a hero to me. Because she was right, and because she was and is willing to stand up to the ruling powers and speak the truth against all odds. I donated to her campaign if only to support her work in speaking the truth.

Energy and Global Warming

There are inventions suppressed by Exxon and J.P. Morgan that would have ended the global dependency on fossil fuels long before the 60's. I'm not sure what more really needs to be said on that subject. Technically, they do have the right to withhold them.

Bio-fuels, hemp use, soy, solar, wind, all the alternatives are good and useful, but if you could put a little antenna up and power your home, why would we need coal or fuel powered electric generators?

Hydrogen vehicles sound good but the Co2 that's supposed to be alleviated is just going to be put into the ground in old wells and caverns... and could escape at any time with catastrophic environmental impact... they just remove it during processing but it's still a lethal waste.

I will immediately move to ensure that these patents and technologies are appropriately made available for manufacturing purposes to put an end to the "energy crisis" once and for all.

This, by the way, is what's behind John McCain's "reward" for someone to come up with a battery to propel vehicles. He knows Exxon and J.P. Morgan already have it. It's more corporate welfare designed to make these perennial multi-national profiteers look like good guys. (I think an oink or two are in order here, John)

Global Warming is an interesting story unto itself.  It's certainly happening, but the bulk of the evidence you are seeing of it... storms, ice melts, etc... are being caused by governmental weather modification. It's no accident. The floods in France and Germany in 2003-2003 were the result of weather wars, that resulted in those governments curtailing defense expenditures at a time when the U.S. government was making declarations comparable to those of world war.

I have information that I will surrender only to investigators that provides credible evidence that the Bush-Clinton Katrina relief fund web site was online in June, before the hurricane happened. I wish I didn't. John Kerry said he believed it was an attack from the Japanese Yakuza.

My question is, how do they know this, and why doesn't the government want us to know that covert weather wars are going on? Why are we having record numbers of tornadoes and floods?

The one thing left that I now am in agreement with Al Gore about on this subject is that the jobs and industries that could be derived and drive future prosperity and sound, holistic ecological policy is immense and exciting. Let's just not jump before you know the facts of what's possible, because you'll be amazed.

Finally. No more nuclear plants. None. Period. Unnecessary, dangerous, emitting spurious radiation whether reported under unclassified standards or not. Decommissioning those in use will be the longer range goal as the new technologies are implemented.

Here's a brief story about this.

Homelessness, Poverty & Health Care

First, I refer you to something I wrote a number of years ago regarding littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) homelessness.

Have you ever been homeless, or on the brink of homelessness?

I'm not talking about staying awake at night, wondering how to make the cash flow, thinking about what you might sell if things got really bad, or who you might stay with if all else fails.

I'm talking about no food to eat, nowhere to go, no agencies to help, and a 6 week waiting list to get an appointment for little or no assistance at all... that kind of brink of homelessness?

I have.

I find it interesting in my case, because in connecting the dots of the Bubble of my life, I had concluded before that I had all these strange things happen, but that I could honestly say that the debts I left behind or the situations I ended up in were always the result of someone else committing a crime, or at least, being short in the ethics department.

I can tell you that when the moment comes and you face the fact that in a very short time, if not immediately, you will no longer have a place to live. You no longer know you have a next meal. And it's been going on for a while, so you really don't have any money, you're probably nearly malnourished, and whatever it is that got you into the mess has you so far in the hole, maybe unable to work, that there isn't any way out.

And it gets worse. How are you gong to get a job? You have no address, no phone, no way to be contacted. And employers wondering what's wrong with you that you are homeless or so hard to get in touch with. You have no place to bathe, no money for hair cuts,  your health and your teeth become unpresentable...

Meanwhile, the politicians and a bunch of misguided apostates go around telling you to ignore the problem because these homeless people are just a bunch of lazy, stupid bums who want to live like that and think they deserve a hand-out.

But it gets worse. Now, the homeless seek anywhere that's safe, and holds some prospect for a meal of some sort, hopefully once a day. Scraps from a garbage can,  handouts on the streets... imagine the feeling of a person who hasn't eaten a square meal for a week or a month, being made to feel inferior because they must suffer the indignity of begging for food...

And yet, as a society, supposedly based on Christian values, we treat these people like annoyances, pests, with cities passing laws making it illegal for these people to survive.

And medical care. What a joke.

I spent a good deal of time following homeless schizophrenics around the streets of Westwood in Hollywood, California when I worked there... in the park across from the VA Hospital. I wanted to understand what was wrong with these people, walking around, ranting and raving, sometimes screaming.

As a reporter, I always take the approach that whatever someone tells me, even if it's a lie, there's a thread of truth to it. There's something in the story, that, if researched thoroughly enough, would lead you to the essence and the truth on that given topic.

With the people I followed around there was one clear pattern: something had happened to me that so traumatized them - that so offended their sense of justice and so violated their most intimate personal trust, and likely no one would listen to them or defend their position, that they simply snapped and, knowing their own truth, decided all they could do with this all-consuming rage was express it and somehow survive, having given up on believing that anyone would vindicate them or at the very least, validate who they are as a person.

Imagine being in that position. That, by the way, is part of the objective of using Psychotronics against people. To drive them to that point, and thereby neutralize or eliminate them from participation in society, because no one will believe their claims.

And it's hard not to draw the parallel with minorities, who are also given the worst possible circumstances and public opinions and images, stereotypes, against them, and who are still then expected to achieve, excel and flourish in a land of opportunity that might have been before, but is no longer. And if they don't, the negative stereotypes are used to say "see, I told you they were like that".

I knew some people one night who were excited and proud that they beat me at poker by cheating. (Comes from the fact that I rarely lose at poker and monopoly, even when people cheat :})

Why is it that most of the criminals on TV are mostly minorities? How come I'm into music, and, as an older person, my image is that Eminem is the only white rapper? And that he's some kind of radical, when if you listen to the point of his lyrics, he's often exactly accurate in his passionate descriptions of the world. Other than the superlatives, there's little in his song White America that I wouldn't say myself inside my campaign. And it is on this site.

The last time I looked, America ranked 17th amongst nations where they were measuring the possibility of accomplishing "the American Dream"..being able to rise above the "caste/class" you were born into through effort and excellence. In fact, statistics prove that America has one of the lowest rates of children rising above the class of their parents, and in fact, the class/caste of children is declining.

So, even the "American Dream" has become a propagandized facade.

I'm not saying achievement is not possible. It's simply not as available as leaders would have you believe. And it's by design.

There are a great number of ways already available to assist homeless people to ascend beyond their circumstances. It can happen quickly, and with dignity. But all people, homeless and otherwise, deserve to be treated with respect, and allowed the dignity and self-esteem such that they are empowered to try one more time when they feel defeated.

If you can not understand that there is more to the idea of homelessness and poverty than lazy people seeking a free ride, then there is nothing more I can say to you on the matter, other than the fact that it can be remedied, relatively easily, inexpensively and in a way that is productive to the individuals and our society.

And if you believe that "life is hard" and "everybody just has to deal with their lot in life" then I would suggest to you that you have forgotten how easy things go when people obey a few, simple rules, in fact, one simple rule, the Golden Rule.

Life can be like cut-throat pinochle, or a less predictable but more fun game like Fish. Or painting. It really is a choice. Or a sin, if you simply turn your head and ignore the truth about the issue, and how it relates to the truth about yourself.

Universal Health Care

I purposely created this section as separate, though mentioned, from the previous section.

In the summer of 2005, the GDCU sponsored a trip under the heading Bridges to the World. It hosted a number of people on a "discovery" tour of some of the most impoverished areas of South Africa.

It was quite an eye opener, given I had never been outside the United States before, the only thing I knew about South Africa was what I heard on the news, what I knew about Apartheid was even less... and after visiting the Apartheid Museum, I understood that Apartheid had more to do with the perpetuation of Nazi ideologies.

Even more, at the museum, they show a progression of laws and cultural norms that were impositioned through propaganda, and the startling truth is, the laws and methods are very similar to those being imposed by Congress and the Bush Administration at this time, and other measures with less impact have been put into place by rider legislation and executive order over time to enforce these unconstitutional means with which to control a hostile citizenry... when they realize they've been betrayed by their leaders.

What does this  have to do with universal health care?

When you look at the history of the downfall of empires, the downfalls occur in these steps:

See also: In the Wake of the Plague by Norman F. Cantor - Provides an interesting view of the Roman Empire that eerily resembles America today

1) Governments become controlled by bribes and influence of the wealthy and corporations

2) Taxation is used to fund wars on behalf of financiers and corporate interests

3) Citizens become impoverished, leading to exhaustion, depression, demoralization, bankruptcy, unhealthy food and water, deteriorating infrastructure

4) Government dismisses its responsibility for the welfare of its citizens

5) Special interests are given the right to dispense utilities and food

6) Citizen health is impacted by disease, plague and collapse of food distribution infrastructure (which is where S. Africa is at now, and where we are near. Female life expectancy in the U.S. went down in 2006)

7) Empire Collapses economically & agriculturally

8) Citizens are left to fend for themselves, rebuild based on an agrarian model in order to produce foods and holistic medicines

My bet is, you can see your life right now in one of those things on the list. Regardless of your income bracket.

How the conditions in South Africa and the United States are an equitable comparison, as in an apples to apples comparison?

What I noticed most of all in South Africa was the fertility of the soil, the amount of water available that was untapped, the diets of the citizens... I remember seeing bright children whose growth had been stunted by malnutrition.... there was a world of possibility all around them, and yet, it was being withheld from them, at their expense... and regardless so fall of the cultural and sociological issues which still are unresolved in South Africa, at the heart of the survival of them, and everyone is health, and it begins with food.

And yet, all you saw in the impoverished areas was corn. They ate corn meal. I have nothing against corn, it's just not a complete diet. But it's better than going without any food at all, which they do in excess of 40 per cent of the time.

And the way they looked at me, the President of a United States non-Profit Organization - come to see what more could be done. And what I am constantly informed by is this song:

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Youssou N'Dour - My Hope Is In You

mfygroupsmall.jpg (11447 bytes)
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) See Also: Bridges to the World

And the thing is, I often see the same look on people's faces here at home. Sort of asleep on their feet, believing they must endure and hoping that something or someone will save them from the frustrations and troubles of their lives. The fear that drives them and consumes their lives.

It's difficult for me to continue to see without resolving it. Particularly when I know that they sing a different song when they, people enduring hardship of any kind, are empowered, as in this song, written for the Grameen Foundation and Muhammad Yunus, the master of Micro finance that has helped so many to help themselves in Bangladesh and around the world.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Hear Me Now - Milla Sunde & Tom Bevan

The paradigm I constructed for future projects there is a scalable version of the same I have for America, beginning with healthier foods - because of cultivation in soils that are not depleted that actually give the foods nutritive value instead of mostly cellulose and calories that make it seem like food. It looks like food.

In addition, I would want to give serious consideration to at least limiting the advertising of pharmaceuticals because of the effect it has on people creating psychosomatic symptoms. Mind you, I'm not blaming anyone for having an illness. I am against causing people to become compulsive about their health in a negative way. Most illnesses are quite "curable" with herbal remedies.

Like I always say, if God didn't make it, it probably isn't good for you.

So far, that's turned out to be true.

At the same time, I am not opposed to the technology of medicine. It's also good to note that a number of of minor illnesses, such as flues and things, are actually the result of food contamination and spoilage that's considered "normal" in food production regulations.

Furthermore, to make you wonder why I mention all this in the context of universal health care, we must put an end to the use of coercive and persuasive littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  psychotronics, including the modern versions of subliminals in broadcasting, whether they are used for advertising, or embedded by the government in order to manipulate public opinion.

Not only do these methods harm people in tortuous ways, they also are the source of a great deal of the depression, schizophrenic and psychotic episodes occurring at an ever increasing rate. In advertising, I loved slick ads that pushed the senses, but advertising and the need to constantly excite you a little more to get your attention has simply taken things too far.

Now, how these all relate to Universal Health Care.

Getting your doctor visits and prescriptions filled for free or at a reduced rate is not universal health care, and it may not even actually be health care. Passing a law requiring the purchase of health insurance is not universal health care, it's corporate management of humanity. Aka, selling out to the corporations.

And when, by the way, did it become the responsibility of employers to provide health insurance programs? There the politicians go again, making the real work someone else's problem. And costing citizens and business more money - that are no different than taxes - while pharmaceutical companies and HMO/Insurance companies make guaranteed high profit margins.

While contracts to sell pharmaceuticals to, say, Australia are made by American companies with the condition that they can sell in Australia at discount prices so long as they sell to America at full retail prices. When you think about it, it makes you wonder why the pharmaceutical companies want to bankrupt pharmacies? We won't go into predatory marketing practices for the moment.

The easiest way to understand this, though, is to understand part of my basic business and management philosophy particularly as I regard people in the "equation" of a business model. It's quite scalable.

First, you have to accept the idea that the people of a company are more important than the product. That is not to say profit potential and frugality are not important. But you do not have a productive company without cohesive effort, and that's a function of people. Many companies with great products have gone bankrupt.

Second has to do with conduct. I warn brown-noses not to do it again, and advise people who use office politics and manipulation to advance themselves over the stated goals of their function or fellow workers - I might suggest they find another place to work. Fairly quickly.

What does this have to do with health?

Stress. I believe most health problems are caused by stress. Or boredom. I've used my share of sick time because it was part of my benefit program, and therefore felt no guilt about using part of my compensation plan, but most of the time, I did it because I could get more done at home on some project I was working on, or I was bored and just needed time off.

For the most part, I have rarely taken planned, extended vacations. But, when I work, I work at about 100-120% of capacity. And I'm one of those people who encourages others to take the day off if they are not well. For their own, and others sake. In that situation, I find people are actually healthier, and take less time off.

My point: when I employ, manage or supervise people, I want to be sure they are healthy and happy, because I think of them as part of my family in that I know that every decision I make about their jobs and the company actually affects their lives.

That requires a different level of respect and appreciation for the contribution each person makes, and why it's important for each person to be well, if nothing else.

If you're not well, do you feel like working? If you're not well, are you happy? If people in your family are not safe, well and secure, can you be happy? It's difficult.

So we end up talking about programs that cover most people, especially if you work, but of course, the unhealthy people who need the help most won't get it because they can't work, and the impoverished won't be able to afford it, and, therefore, won't be able to get the kind of job that would allow them to afford it because their physical presentation isn't perfect, and, even if they then could afford insurance, the insurance wouldn't pay the thousands of dollars required to restore their teeth, health and other psychological issues created by the oppression of their poverty because they're pre-existing conditions caused by poor health... and so the cycle goes and goes and goes.

Somehow, I don't think God would approve of the idea that people were put on this planet to suffer.

I think he would say "What's the matter with you people? I give you all this knowledge to grow food and cure people, and all you do is bankrupt them with it and keep the good stuff for yourself".

And then he'd go into one of his tirades about "Is there no one I can trust?" I can just see it. I'd be cheering him on.... :}

The rationale is the same as the trend to make it so that you won't even be able to get water without paying for every drop. They can even commandeer your private well, and put a meter on it and charge you for it.

Ultimately, I believe that if we took account of all the money we spend on health care in this nation, we would find that a truly universal health care system would be less expensive. Even if it was constructed on a corporate model.

The real question has to do with having a leader who is actually interested and willing to take on the challenge of sorting it out, making it work better, as well as paying people in an equitable manner for their efforts in administering it.

This is a foundation that must be established to provide for the future.

Because, after all, life is for living, not making profits. Don't ever forget that. It's easy to forget, at times. And I am not against profits.

I consider health care to be a basic right, the same as water, dignity, respect, equality, food, air and shelter.  There are certain things that are available that were provided for all people, without qualification or condition.

To provide them on any other basis would be playing God. the Devil.

What I would do, however, is immediately call on particular leaders in the field to begin assisting those impoverished and in most need by cutting through red tape and making federal resources available - particularly those which may not be in use or may be perishable.

I won't announce who those individuals are now, but they are highly respected and widely known people, and they know how to get the job done... when empowered.

You'd be surprised whose people's names are associated with projects on my "to do" list.

It's a big list. :} Alot of people. It'll be fun. It'll be one busy nation. And we'll be proud of ourselves for doing it. That's the neatest part of all.

Psychotronics and Government Hit Lists

Please see littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) "What is Psychotronics?" for an accurate, concise expose.

What I will say here is that the Church Committee that included Sen.Ted Kennedy was as much of a Blue Ribbon Cover-up as the Warren Commission was a cover-up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The Church Committee supposedly brought to an end the projects of the CIA and other agencies' work in Mind Control.  It not only only continued, it is nearly perfected, and what's worse, a global system is nearly fully implemented, and about to be employed.

People world wide are becoming aware of  the targeting they are being subjected to, just as it is becoming apparent that these weapons are being used to sway attitudes of mass populations, and eliminate and neutralize anyone who would stand in their way.

I have been subjected to these attacks since at least 2002 and am confident I could prove it in a court of law. I am personally aware of and in contact with hundreds of victims in the United States, and literally millions world wide.

In the United States, it is easily concluded that these attacks are originated, by command or contract, primarily by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and segments of the Intel Agencies. It is consistent with their stated war against information sources that would impede their global military goals.

This is another one of those programs slipped in under the noses of Americans. Again, viewing "What is Psychotronics?" will give you highly credible information from the leaders in the field.

It's important that you understand it, because it does and will determine the quality of your life.

It is not rumor or conspiracy theory. It is fact.

And it is nothing less than torture. In ways you can't even possibly imagine. But, when it's done to you, you know what hell is. I so wish I was exaggerating. You have no idea. And if you do, my heart goes out to you.

My motto on the matter:

Without freedom of thought
there can be no freedom

And I am thankful for the forethought of this man once again.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility
against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Thomas Jefferson
The Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.

The Penal System, Political Prisoners & the Falsely Convicted

I wrote a number of years back that I can not imagine the anguish - how anything could be worse than being imprisoned for a crime you did not commit. I stand by that.

This is, of course, why it was determined, with great wisdom and judgement, that it is better to err on the side of innocence than to ignore objective, reasonable doubt. That's giving human and civil rights priority over emotion and the passions of a moment.

All too often in our history, such has not been the case. 

The case of O.J. Simpson is such an example, one I could speak on at length, and when I was through, I would have convinced you that it was appropriate to find him not guilty - at least in the trial he was given. I would not go so far as to say I believe he is guilty or innocent. I would say that the burden of proof was on the prosecution. And they did not make their case. And it wasn't because O.J. had good lawyers.

I had the privilege of posing certain questions to Johnny Cochran, and his response to the guilt or innocence of O.J. Simpson was based upon his belief that the crime did not fit the timeline. I have other reasons for questioning it based on fact and evidence. Including the timeline, which includes the possibility of some highly classified information I'm not yet prepared to disclose because I do not have complete details, and do not wish to disinform anyone on this matter dealing with advanced technologies. And, I do not have any confidentiality agreements to prevent me from disclosures when I am certain there is something to disclose.

Frankly, I was proud of him for getting as far as he did in a Caucasian world, particularly when he emerged, but otherwise, I was not that big a fan (except as the incredible football player he was).

I have my doubts about the guilt of Scott Petersen.

That brings me to my point.

I have my doubts about the actual guilt of many people who are classified as "political prisoners", and others who, when the facts are examined, were set up, improperly defended or convicted by a "lynch mob" mentality.

Again, this is a case where I want to make it clear that I am not someone who believes the justice and penal systems are all corrupt.  In fact, the opposite is true.

Corporate Prisons

It must have been in the late 60's - early 70's when the idea of corporate prisons... the concept of corporate everything - was fully injected into politics and governmental theory and planning. I gave it a great deal of thought, and believed that it had a great deal of merit.

I thought, what a great way to manage schools on a local level, without direct taxation, or with taxation, that was run by educational professionals who, with a commitment to excellence and a healthy competitive spirit about their work - competitive in terms of seeing if they could always find better ways of doing and being - it used to be called work ethic - would love to provide excellent educations.

When I worked in accounting, I studied the books - labor, cash flow and liabilities Vs receivables, labor ratios and the dangers of work in process billing... fishing operations, magazines, record companies, farms - I created a system - unused, but interestingly enough while working with a Maryland company called the Tesla Corporation - to digitize the Library of Congress, dispense video movies, etc on erasable memory packs (instead of plastics) and a solar powered rotating plant watering system... I studied and researched "the nut" on at least a couple of dozen businesses over the years. Probably more like a hundred.

Of course, what I didn't factor in is the idea that the corporations maintaining the prisons and caring for the prisoners would sacrifice quality of care and humanitarian issues in exchange for profits.

That became clear when an accountant to whom I was a consultant managed the books on a chain of nursing homes. Not to mention a story from long ago in my past regarding a doctor who was convicted of welfare fraud for billing seniors in nursing homes for medicines and vitamins they needed but never received... including my great grandmother... and the doctor was the father of one of my best friends.  That was around 1974. She was certain he was innocent.

I was also supervising the keeping of the books of a well known, highly regarded University Hospital and it's physician association, and then experienced their lack of professionalism in my own care, despite the fact that they were guaranteed payment... including being left in an examination room for over two hours... because the doctor forgot he had an appointment and went home.

It would amaze you the number of examples I could give you. I wonder how many you could give me.

So, it was clear that corporations, without appropriate regulation, could not be trusted to simply "do their jobs". The days when a "hand shake" meant something apparently was over. But, the corporations - and the politicians who want to be rid of their responsibilities and hand it over to corporations so they can say they did something about it - continue to overpower the political system.

Prisoners have become commodities, in the same way many schools are desperate to maintain attendance levels in order to get their daily payment for each child day of attendance.

When I heard a report a few years back saying  a prison in Colorado was only serving a bag lunch meal once a day on weekends in order to cut costs, I could not believe it.

My dog has food 24 hours per day.

This is another one of those cases where I ask you to set aside the myths you have been trained to accept in exchange for objective thinking... as if you have no opinion on the subject already.

Do you believe that children come out of the womb evil or good?

I believe that children are influenced by evil and good. And they adopt methods, behaviors and attitudes that they perceive to be examples of success.

When someone in Atlanta spat in my food, I did not blame them, I understood that they had been taught that racist behavior, and was sad that such attitudes and behaviors persisted. And I did what their race has done for centuries: I paid my bill and quietly left the restaurant hungry, not wanting to cause trouble in a situation where I was clearly outnumbered. And, I actually had no argument with those people myself. I actually, unfortunately, understood. That's what made me sad.

Learned, integrated behaviors. I was a stereotype to them. It was quite an eye opener.

It was interesting when I'd ask black people in Atlanta how they were able to cope with some of the treatment they had to endure. They were glad someone would even acknowledge there was something to endure. And in my background, I witnessed prejudice, I heard of prejudice, but before then, I had never experienced prejudice.

Just as I had never had a negative experience, or opinion of police officers until I bought a bright red Camaro... I didn't buy it as a race car, I always wanted a machine as fine as that 1981 was. It was a symbol of a dirt poor kid becoming successful enough to finally get something he actually wanted. I didn't realize that a bunch of tickets and, in a way, a police escort came with it. I don't blame the police for the profiling in a way... but I can also say I thanked officers for their service when I did get the few tickets I deserved. Because that was my error, after all. And I wanted them to know I didn't hold it against them that they were doing their jobs.

Here's my first point:

There's a difference between criminals and people who make mistakes.


Criminals are caused, not born


There is good in all people.

Even if it is deemed, for whatever reason, that a person should spend their lives in jail, they should be treated humanely, and always given a means of self-expression, self-improvement, and redemption, even if only to themselves and their personal willingness and compulsion to do something that provides a socially redeeming value.

I'm not talking about seeking contracts for prisons to do jobs at cut-rate wages to offset the costs of prisons and corporate costs. Although, that might be a viable possibility if the endeavor was constructed with an honest, sincere intent to provide rehabilitative services.

Here's the bottom line: under no circumstances are people disposable. I would say the same thing of animals and beings, but that is a totally different discussion unto itself.

Right now, we're talking about people. Under no circumstances are people disposable. Period.

I refuse to entertain discussions about how they committed a crime, it's just too bad, they're horrible, they did horrendous things...  Let's just presume all  of those things are true.

This is one of the areas of my Bible study that I found most interesting.

It says that it's one thing to honestly testify about the truth of whether or not someone committed a crime or not.

But when it comes to punishment, it says that anyone who testifies on behalf of a particular punishment is guilty of the crime committed toward that person when delivering that punishment.

The specific example given was that if a person is guilty of murder, then they should be found guilty of murder. But if anyone should testify for their death as punishment for their crime, the person who testifies would also be guilty of murder.

Think about what that means.

And understand, I don't do anything just because the Bible says so. I really don't. I think about it. And then I separate my thoughts from what I've come to believe, and consider how I would have it  in "a perfect world"... and then I consider if there must be some middle ground, or if it can be one way or another.

I always try to envision what something would be like if all things were perfect. Not that perfection can ever be achieved, but at least you know and understand what the highest standard, and the best outcome would be when considering measurable results.

Considering this made me question a number of things that I'd always believed, things I'd come to believe were appropriate and normal in our society. Things like the death penalty, abortion... punishment itself.

I came to realize that all these trials we see on TV play on our emotions - it's the very reason I question the guilt of Scott Peterson - I didn't follow the case closely, but the image of the case is that a great deal of it was based on emotional responses to circumstances and appearances. I could easily be wrong about that.

But I also know I went to a beach in Santa Cruz once, and sat there and peered out into the ocean for a while... and 3 or 4 weeks later, decapitated bodies floated up on that beach. I didn't kill anyone.

And then, I began to notice how often prosecutors relied upon teary victim testimony in the penalty phase of trials in order to get maximum sentences. It's not necessarily wrong or bad to want to get a maximum sentence, but not just to get a prize called "I got the maximum sentence".

And I swear, I am not at all unsympathetic in any way to victims and families. I have had serious crimes committed against me, and have felt a great deal of pain, and like you, have still been required to continue my life despite the scars.... just like you.

That's when I became clear that the penal system part of the justice system had become skewed from its objectivity. I don't say that as a criticism. It is an unfortunate but natural result of what we'll simply call "all sides pushing the limits" until things got to the point where things just got convoluted and political and competitive pressures replaced integrity. Often through coercion, if only by pressure and publicity.

I have often enjoyed CourtTV, but as a study and witness of the justice system, not as a form of entertainment. That's why I've watched every major Federal hearing and "public" criminal trial I could over the years. Understanding process, trend and statute. Recognizing the loopholes, and how the loopholes are built into legislation, and then abused. Including in the justice system.

Let's just say, erroneously, that it was the job of a prosecutor to seek maximum sentences in all cases (although I believe a healthy discussion would include the question "Isn't a judge qualified to determine objective sentencing based on statute and the evidence of the case, and include reasonable statements of fact by prosecutor, defender and defendant?)

To what end? If victory is defined as the warehousing of individuals, either to empower corporate viability in the management of prisons to relieve government of the burden, or to "rid the world of the bad people", then we are once again declaring that we consider people to be disposable.

It is a declaration that we do not take responsibility for the products of the circumstances generated by our culture.

Don't get me wrong. This is not some liberal, let's let them off easy approach. This is a compassionate and responsible understanding of what it means to be human, of what it means to be a victim and one who has, in one way or another committed a crime. It would be rare to find someone who could claim otherwise.

Don't admit it to anyone, but just for fun, think about the things you've done, the pranks you've pulled, the times you've driven drunk, hit something with  your car, stolen something... all things that if you had been caught, would have landed you in jail. You would have been branded a criminal for the rest of your life. Or incredibly embarrassed. And that some well meaning group might post your name and address on a web site in order to protect the public at large against you.

Think about that. Then, as an inquiry, ask yourself, what is justice? And what would have been a useful amount of time to spend in jail for my crimes? And was it my intent to commit a crime?

It changes your perspective a little.

And, for a country that seems to be so focused on mental health, I don't understand why we discount the effect that mental disorders really do play in determining actual criminality from tragic human malady. Most specifically in recent years, I am talking about the criminalization of women suffering post partum depression who have murdered their children while displaying the horrible symptoms of their illness.

And, even if they are then given medications that correct their condition, does that then mean that their competence - their ability to participate in a trial - actually means they should stand trial, if they were not well at the time of the tragedy/crime?

I am certainly not in favor of allowing dangerous individuals and unstable individuals to roam free and endanger other people.

If our methods and justifications for incarceration have become primarily punitive, then our justice system truly has become - as some have stated - merely an instrument of vengeance for the victims of crime. I've primarily heard that in capital cases, and in reference to death penalty sentences.

I'm going to say something else that will seem cold, but I assure you it is not. It is the truth.  It is objective justice.

The family of the victim of a crime is not a victim of the crime. They are at the effect of the outcome or the result of the crime as it relates to them in personal terms, but they are not the victims of a crime.

So help me, I understand the feeling of violation and unrecoverable loss of serious crime. And the rage you feel when you find out that someone you swore to protect was violated. It is quite the burden. But at some point, we must carry on, and live our lives to the fullest. Forgiveness is a difficult thing. And still, it is imperative to move forward with those things that are most important, and most fulfilling... the things put off in grief. And to simply learn to appreciate that which was lost like the memory of something beautiful that can never be taken away. Even if what we feel we lost was precious innocence.

At some point, you realize that forgiving yourself is, in some way, a major factor in your healing. Forgiving yourself for whatever you think you could have done. Forgiving yourself for all the things you didn't do because of your grief. And forgiving yourself for wanting to move on with your life despite the pain you sincerely feel. Because vengeance will not satisfy you.

I hold as totally separate from that concept, though, that if a person was murdered, and there was a legitimate expectation that the income from the person and/or their business was to - let's say - provide for individuals and fulfill other fiduciary responsibilities, then there is likely a civil claim that could be made. Particularly if that crime, or murder, was intended to prevent competition or to act out a personal compulsion intending to cause personal or financial harm... as opposed to say, a random act.

These things considered, this is what I declare and propose

I would immediately instruct the Solicitor General to seek standing for the purpose of declaring the death penalty unconstitutional, as it deprives an individual the inalienable right to life as well as the execution itself constituting a pre-meditated act of murder.

If we are not successful in this endeavor, we will pursue the matter by filing similar charges against the state or federal government that carries out, or attempts to carry out, the next execution.

And, if necessary, I will commute all standing death sentences.

I think I've made myself clear on that subject.

There is no such person who does not have some socially redeeming value, even if they are to be incarcerated for the duration of their lives, even if only to their own betterment.

Sentences should always be based upon norms established based upon research showing rehabilitative trends of a variety of remedial courses. No sentence shall be imposed for an arbitrary time period, nor an undetermined time period. However, there should be reasonable tests for parole and proof of "fitness" for release. These "tests' will not be based upon premises or display of compliant attitudes and submission to dominance, but upon understanding of the psychological influence that produced the behavior for which they were incarcerated, or a demonstrated alteration in their demonstrated behaviors such that they are no longer a danger to themselves or to others.

It's important that you understand I specify remedial sentences. If  the incarceration of an individual does not lead to more effective modes of communication and responses, vocations and skills that are applicable upon release, then we are wasting our time and money, and essentially throwing away the lives of people who are in many, many ways good people.

This is the proposition, again, which can be fulfilled by groups that already exist if empowered.

I would ask The Innocence Project to assist me in creating a paradigm and a structure to review all current cases where there is a question of innocence or guilt, and objective administration. I would not expect them to manage it, but I would like their guidance and experience to expedite the process of the review.

The review would be carried out by citizens and lawyers volunteering to review cases. These are not to be searches for loopholes or furtherance of personal causes. Rather, for inconsistencies in sentencing, process and procedure errors that suppressed relevant exculpatory evidence, diress, or any impropriety or oversight that could reasonably be argued as the cause of  a possible miscarriage of justice.

Detection of trends of personal agendas may be subject to prosecution. Assistance and cooperation of the Bar Association would be vigorously lobbied for organizing affiliated volunteers.

In addition, a commission would be sought to review cases where credible questions of political persecution are in question.

Once again, I am calling for a rigorous re-evaluation of our systems and values, in order to provide justice, service to our fellow Americans in every way conceivable, and to take responsibility for our own society.

Things of this nature are often quantified based upon the initial or apparent investment of capital, and taxation. But, how could remediation be a bad investment if it reduces the number of "criminals" requiring incarceration? And how could that investment be considered bad if it gives us safer communities, a lower rate of repeat criminal offenders, functional families and better methods of reforming anti-social behavior generated by anti-social behavior and role models?

And fewer families of victims.

Many people think programs like Head Start are a waste of money. But the Police Chiefs of America, a few years back, recognized it as a long-term deterrent to crime. And that was besides its educational and individual human development benefits.

That said, this might be a good time to mention that the actual definition of a welfare state is not a nation that thinks giving out welfare checks to lazy people is  a good thing.

The definition of  a welfare state is a nation or region or state that believe the purpose of the organization of a government is to be certain that the welfare - the well being - of its citizens is its primary and foremost responsibility.

Politicians have distorted the term welfare state for decades in order to make Americans forget that part of the vision of this nation was to provide a land of freedom based  on that principle and Libertarian approach.

For an example of a welfare state worthy of  examination and admiration, I recommended you objectively research the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Miyagi Prefecture of Japan. I'm not trying to tell you we should adopt the culture or government of another nation. Nor will I attest to more than their approach to dealing compassionately with the needs of its citizens. But I am saying we could learn a great deal of worthwhile methods and generate good things to think about by looking at the successes and failures of other nations... particularly over time.

Now, in regard to remedial and/or rehabilitative incarceration approaches.

I have a secret weapon. One that I'm trying to expose. This may surprise you.

Always remember my outlook that any tool can be used for bad or for good.

Fire can keep you warm or burn down your house.  A knife can cut your food or kill you.

Psychotronics is one of those that, when abused, is a weapon that delivers unimaginable torture.

When used for the purpose God intended when He provided it, it is an absolute medical miracle in so many ways you wouldn't believe.

Psychotronics, in its many forms, has the ability to literally allow deaf people to hear, blind people to see, paralyzed people to move. And certainly, it's based on generating a synthesized electronic signal to override natural signals occurring in the brain.

But imagine having major surgery, never being unconscious or feeling pain, and recovering 2 to 3 times faster all because they gave you this little device that beams an inaudible signal at your brain.

And what if you were suffering depression, and fully acknowledged that dealing with the issues that cause depression is healthy, and therefore, depression in "normal intervals and presentations" is a human thing that is normal... but, depression is often accompanied by physical symptoms and fatigue... what if you could use a psychotronic device - completely at your own choice, time and frequency - that would actually speed up and make clearer the mental processes you would normally go through to resolve the depression?

All of that and a great deal more is possible. Now, and in the future. If not abused.

How does this relate to restructuring the penal system? Here's the beautiful part.

Let's say you're a child molester, and of course, a registered sex offender who will be tracked, harassed and considered an outcast the rest of your life.


A child molester who, like so many others, does it out of compulsion and don't feel good about it, and often can't even understand yourselves why you do it, but it could be stopped by...

Using a psychotronic device that would literally cause you to stop thinking those things which generate your compulsion to perform illicit acts.  And every time you started thinking those thoughts, it would change your thoughts. Not to punish you, not to make you feel guilty, but to assist you while your mind is slowly relieved of the integrated thought patterns that caused you to do what you did.

It works like that.

That could be done for practically any criminal behavior. Or addictive behavior like smoking, for that matter. It's not instantaneous or perfect. It's very much like hypnosis therapy except that your brain waves and thoughts are actually monitored and corrected in real time. And if you show signs of distress, a counselor could become instantly available to you. Instead of punishment, it becomes assistance and empowerment to be a better citizen and to be the best person you can be for yourself and what you believe in.

But it could only be done if you agree to it.

It's scary when you think of how this can be abused, but amazing when you consider the good it can do. It really is exciting. That's the paradox.

But it's like the National ID Card concept. There are plenty of good reasons to do it. But, if abused, there are many more dangerous reasons for us to decide not to do it... unless we can truly trust the intent of our government. Right now, I don't.

So, here's another scary part that could also be incredibly great.

I won't say that I know how it's done exactly (although I know of many ways that I think it can be done that get extremely technical, and believe I know how it's done with me... giving full consideration to the fact that Psyops is 90% illusion and clever use of subliminals and post hypnotic suggestions that you recognize and can counter act after a while... for the record I can make highly educated assertions backed by documentation), it's possible to track an individual practically anywhere in the world 24 hours per day.

Aren't satellites wonderful? Do you think they get those Google satellite shots just for Google? :}

It's generally referred to as Remote Neural Monitoring. However, I believe that's referring to an older method and technology than what is employed now. A great deal more material that gives a better description of these technologies is under littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) What is Psychotronics?  A great deal of this info is available in the public domain. However, the more advanced implementations of this technology and the actual advanced state of its development appears to be classified, and patents are being re-classified to "secret" related to psychotronic and electromagnetic devices at an increasingly rapid rate. But, when you connect the dots...

That's  the problem with this technology. It is powerful. It is very close to absolute power. As close as you can get. And when abused - as this and other governments do now, primarily through outsourcing and sub-contractors in order to provide plausible deniability - it is the perfect weapon for totalitarianism. And no forensic evidence admissible in court under the current court "instructions" on such matters.  Congress will do nothing about it.

Again, I wish  was exaggerating. I really do. Particularly in light of the political agenda of this country's politicians.

I mention that because it's necessary to consider when deciding how to use this powerful miracle with appropriate checks and balances, and enforcement against its abuse by anyone.

Otherwise, the miracle of Psychotronics is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.


The Family of Artists & Musicians

This will be my personal, pet, "hobby" project while in office. All in all, it represents the beginning of the most incredible, awesome renaissance in the arts, sciences, education and holistic development ever imagined.

I've told the security people already that if I can do that, and have a small patch of ground across from the rose garden where I can plant and grow flowers and vegetables... and the bowling alley... and the pool... and a croquet set, the dj set-up for doing the talk show and maybe a better computer to act as my recording studio for music, then I'll be happy. I also told them I'd be glad to "vacation" at Camp David, and if they had a shed or a servants' quarters at Monticello available, I'd be really happy living there too. It would be great, because Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry are particular heroes of mine... I'll bet they have some great books I could read at Monticello. :} I also told them I want to know what's REALLY in Grant's tomb...

All that said...

It looks like a pretty aggressive list of things to do in the first 100 days, and it is, and we'll do a great deal more.

I just wanted you to understand how serious I am about these things. And in a way, how little I care about arguing about the facades that have manipulated us, and instead, want to reveal the deceptions so that we know what we need to leave behind as we move forward into a future that will provide you with spiritual, physical and emotional comfort the likes of which you have not experienced in years.

That actually is the greatest promise I do offer to this nation, and to the world, in my own ways.

Despite my dry sense of humor and sometimes impassioned diatribes, understand that I would not even attempt this endeavor, let alone be brave enough to be willing to be questioned about the issues I raise unless I was absolutely certain that there was something amiss and a great deal of corroborating evidence to that fact.

Even more, I would not do it unless I was certain that I was someone who really will change it all, transform the world and send us all on a brand new path of prosperity and partnership literally throughout the universe.

I have been as direct and forthcoming as I can possibly be. I welcome your scrutiny and consideration. I am certain I will have more to say about the plans for the restoration of Democracy in America and our partnership in causing the New World.

It is more than possible.

And I respectfully request that you understand that in my speaking and in the way I reason and discuss issues and ideas:

It is not that I am willing to so easily give away any of the heritage or tradition or values and heroes that I have always loved and think of when I ponder my pride in this nation.

It is that I can no longer tolerate the lies that have harmed so many in my nation and in the world.

I can no longer tolerate the compromises that always leave us wanting what we need, when what we are allowed is always so lacking.

And I can no longer be a witness to the suffering of people and beings everywhere for the edification of a few who have gone so far astray as to believe their tyranny and cruelty will deliver peace and freedom.

I am, in fact, an optimist with the experience, compassion and respect for all beings such that my cynicism is exuded only when all semblance of sense and reason in the behaviors and words of leaders fall so short of the sacred mandate between God and this nation... not to forget the simple oaths they have taken on behalf of us, the citizens and owners of this great nation.... and these leaders know it... but persist in the deceptions and failed attempts at grandeur and legacy.

For now, I simply claim that I am a citizen, and I will stand firm in every way as your representative. I know my job. I look forward to doing it. But I declare this, and more, to truly be the beginning of A  New World.

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