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Minnie Riperton
11/8/1947  -  7/12/1979

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A Vision of Beauty


Minnie Riperton - The Edge of a Dream

When Minnie sings I feel my insides rush and quiver. She touches a place in me where no one else can go. It's hard to believe how incredibly high and beautiful Minnie can sing. But I know her, and I believe. Sometimes I just lay back and try to imagine how sweet her soul must be.

Thank you for your music, Minnie... A gift of  love for all the world to see.

--- A very special friend

Minnie Riperton - Every Time He Comes Around

Minnie Riperton - Loving You

Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love

The message above is a message on Minnie Riperton's "Perfect Angel" album from 1974. I don't know who wrote it, but I can tell you I was a big fan of hers. I wish I'd had the chance to know her. I loved her music so much, I could have written that message myself.

Her most famous hit, of course, is "Lovin' You".

But, I'm wrtiing this page for two reasons: 1, to underscore the the senseless struggle women have had with breast cancer. Minnie died in 1979 of breast cancer.

But, during her life, she and her partner wrote some beautiful songs that showed she truly understood God's gift and promise, and her music expresses the vision in ways I couldn't find the words for myself.

Songs like:

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Edge of A Dream

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Every Time He Comes Around

I included the audio tracks in case the video doesn't work.


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