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Of Concern & Love

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A Letter to
Spiritual Leaders

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6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.

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I am going to write this as if this is the first time you've read what I have written. I'll be the first to admit my site is unusual. It's not like I'm used to writing and saying the kinds of things I've been saying for the last 5 years or so.

We go through life thinking all sorts of things that society and religion tell us not to delve into or we'll be branded crazy or a fanatic or  something like that.   Like being a Christian, or a member of any faith. Or simply someone who has taken on a set of principles and values and has chosen to take on the challenge of living them.

I'll bet that all ministers go through a period of adjusting to the moments when something slips out of your mouth or you write something and you're preparing a sermon when something comes out, and you look at it, and you realize that the message you've encapsulated is appropriate for your congregation, but it actually has meaning and purpose for your life. And you realize that God is telling you something.

And I'll bet you go through a period of being just a little embarrassed by your faith and commitment that has you do things that others would call unusual. After a while, things work out when you surrender, so all you can really do is laugh as much as possible when the odds seem insurmountable and you have a littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Noah moment.

In my mind, now, it all began when I had a little vision telling me I had important things to do in the world. The whole story is on the site in various places. I hope you'll take the time to look things over, understanding that the profanity and temper displays are very much the results of the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Psychotronics I have been subjected to for years.

I've never told ANYONE this before, but around 5th or 6th grade, I was told I was going to be like an example of a new paradigm of what it was to be human. I thought that was pretty strange at the time, and why I've never told anyone before. When I read the Bible a bit, Revelations in 1970, I thought, the world was coming to an end starting in 1973. (the year I turned 18). In 1973, I read the same things again, never knowing what a Concordance was for, and frankly, looking up all those extra passages was a lot of work. :} But I concluded that if I was going to do the things I was thinking about doing with my life, then I could be this guy they call the Emperor. And, given what that person causes, I chose to decide I would not allow myself to be that person. (Apparently, that role has been assigned to Barack Obama, or is that George HW Bush?).

After all, any tool can be used for good or bad purposes. A person intended to transform the beings of the world, without appropriate training and understanding of the deceptions of our time could easily be manipulated into causing catastrophic events. The Bible does not necessarily say that this person would do so on purpose.

A great deal has to do with choice and judgement.

Just as false prophets may not be "the one", they are still doing the work of God by endeavoring to spread His word. God may send a message to 100 people to endeavor to achieve a task, and based upon their experiences and the judgment they derive from their life and study and faith in God, they may be able to separate themselves -  their material world identities - from the divine inspiration of the spiritual world and be able to receive and deliver the word of God without coloring it with their own opinions and proclivities.

You could say it's when they learn to distinguish the multi-layered dualities of their existence such that they are able to live within and without the concepts and actions consistent with all worlds concurrently. And if they do, then the plan is that the one who is able to is empowered to "break through" and make the difference and complete the task. And because God has a sense of humor, He has us do some really unusual things sometimes :}

And, when God said that He would "shorten the days", it meant He would send the same spirit back to put an end to it. What people would then call the false prophet, littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) the one chosen by God to save you that you killed or diminished or suppressed - would come back again until it got done.

Whether it gets done or not is not dependent so much upon the prophet, but whether or not the people and leaders are willing to listen.

The same spirit. The same person, just a different body. And they were only "false", because as a people, you decided to invalidate the words of the prophet instead of facing your own guilt and shame, and allowing them to deliver the message to you so that it would make the difference that needed to be made.

The Bible clearly instructs disciples to speak to those with ears to hear... and to not be concerned with those who refuse to listen and understand, because only those of God would understand, because they would be the ones willing. And thus, the seeking of the faithful and the guidance of Angels and Saints...

There is  great deal of difference between a prophet, a supposed false prophet and an apostate.

When I was 18, I could tell I wasn't going to get to go to college like I'd always planned, for a variety of reasons. So I told God to let me experience whatever I needed to experience, and learn what I needed to learn so that I was able to accomplish whatever it was I was to accomplish when it was time. (Sometimes, I think that was a mistake :})

I said one time that all I ever wanted was a normal life, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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I made up a little mantra for myself - sort of a declaration, at the time, of becoming a modified perfectionist. It goes something like this:

I am not perfect, but I try to be. With every breath I take, and every step I take, I try to be.

And I've failed at times, and I laugh at myself a lot. But I recognize that what many would call failure, I call learning. And that what there is to do in failing, sinning, whatever you do and whatever you want to call it, is to learn from it and do your best to be conscious of it and not do it again. What else can you do? And then there's Ephesians, and considerations of the law.

Ephesians is a very cool book, and I am assuming I avoid it because external influences would prefer me to not consider its truths.  So I read it. Besides, my favorite televangelist recommended it. :}

So, imagine waking up one day, and, based on info only you could know... And you only know it because of the non-linear communication of "clues" that you didn't even know were clues about your identity and life. And then one day, it's clear that all that info you collected over the years was absolutely relevant and necessary for the moment in history, and the time had come to serve God in the purpose you were chosen for. And you look in the Bible to see what the disciples would do if you applied their paradigm for political activism, and I was doing that. Someone said, what would Jesus do? So I studied that, and I was doing that. And then someone directed me to read the Bible about how the Son of Man would come, speaking vulgarities and angry and speaking out, and I was doing that. :} Not so much as you might think, though, until the Psyops threw me off.

And then I finally came to the realization that I was, in fact, this person in the Bible, and because of this special info I had, I knew I was the man referred to as THE Son of Man. I'm a little uncomfortable with the title, but I understand its responsibilities. And yet, imagine telling people that you're the Son of Man.

It's been about 6 years, and I have finally gathered enough information to feel safe that I can do so without being sent to a mental institution. :} Including the unfortunate discovery that people in my life have been harmed for associating with me. And realizing that I've spent my life in a bubble that seems to have been orchestrated to sabotage everything I've done successfully - by government and corporate operatives. Which explains a great deal about why the Son of Man is supposed to present himself in the condition he is to be found in - not very good shape, mad at the world, speaking vulgarities... depending on which Bible you read.  :}

I'd tell you all of those parameters, but I frankly want you to look it up and review it in your Bibles, because I'll bet you don't really remember.

That brings me to one other thing I'm actually bringing up as a preface.

You may find that I'm direct. That you may, at least at first, be offended by what I have to say. But, please, understand that all I'm trying to do is to communicate to you what God is instructing me to relay, and do it in a way so there is no ambiguity in what I am trying to express.

Further, understand that what I want to do most of all is to cause you to inquire as to the true meaning of God's word, the true message of Christ Jesus's example, and to cause it to become presciently relevant to your lives, such that you can communicate it as well or better than I.

With just a mustard seed of faith, you can do greater things than I, and move mountains of obstacles in the way of the full implementation and realization of the Kingdom of God.

God told me to use Rock and Roll to assist in communicating with everyone. 

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Adrian Gurvitz - I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head

He also told me to "play jazz"... soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Blood, Sweat & Tears - And When I Die

I told you he has a sense of humor. :}

8/31 I think it's worth noting that the diversions I've encountered since beginning this piece let me know that there are people who do not want me to write what they knew I was going to say. Anymore than they wanted me to direct you to read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", which accurately describe the dialectical strategies through the ages which are the same strategies destroying the world today. That influence became most pronounced after their infiltration of the tribes of Israel - who then became knows as Jews - to obfuscate their involvement and influence. Understand, I'm not issuing a blanket indictment of Druids or anyone else, because they have wisdom to offer that could be beneficial to us all. And it only takes a few "bad apples" to cause us to label all of them as bad in the court of public opinion, out of fear and ignorance, which I'll refer to in the future as a simple lack of understanding - by deception or lack of personal research and inquiry.

Defining Compromise

Most people think that compromise and negotiation involve sitting around a table and having each side elect to give up something important to them in order to resolve a grievance. It may be true that one party or another in the negotiation is doing something that impinges upon free will of others or poses a danger, but if it is merely a matter of preference, there is no need to give up anything. What there is to do is to bring all parties together, discuss what is needed or wanted, and find ways to accommodate all interests.

The only actual compromises that should be made, if any, with the modern use of the word, are those that would alter a method or process or behavior that prevents the inclusion of all appropriate needs and desires.

For anything to actually be accomplished, however, all parties must be willing to allow others to have what they want as well. And all should be willing to acknowledge the harmful effects their own desires would have on each other.

This is what Peter understood when organizing what was intended to become The Universal Church. It is also the source of the errors that have lead to Christianity and spirituality being competitive factions and sects.

There is no need to exclude the needs of those who choose to not participate in the body of the church, the Kingdom, the mainstream or whatever you may wish to call alternative thinkers.

It is also the source of the need for separation of church and state. It is also the reason that the concept of theocracy has been perverted to mean there is an exclusive religion that is right, as opposed to being an institution that promotes a vast diversity of thinking and writing and inquiry to enhance the experience and knowledge of a spiritualist.

Christianity is not about religion. It can be. Churches are also not necessarily about religion. They might be. It depends on the social order and the needs of the citizens.

Why would there be people who would to change or spin the truth to get you to believe that there is a plausible reason for the alteration of a concept? How about... liars? People who tend to inhibit the dissemination of information usually do so because they have something to hide, or know something that gives them an advantage they don't want you to have. Spiritual knowledge is like technology in that your knowledge and its use are actually sources of power... not power as in domination or ability to inflict harm, but the power to create.

I find it most interesting that the writings considered to be the Apocrypha are thought of as heretic and agnostic. Certainly, I'm no scholar on many other writings, but I don't understand the fear of alternative thinking, from now what I will refer to as "seeking truth". The only thing alternative about it is the selection made by your leaders to exclude you from receiving the gift of knowledge God bestowed for us all.

Even if you hear something you disagree with, it doesn't mean it's wrong. It simply means that God doesn't want you to study a particular area of spiritualism, or it isn't time in your personal evolution for you to dwell in a particular area of inquiry.

Or, it may mean that the opposite equalizing force of the cosmos is causing you to avoid it because you would gain more intellectual and spiritual freedom, and would mean you might not conform to the temptations and traps and emptiness of a materially-driven life... AKA economic slavery.

What is called the Apocrypha provides a great deal of valuable information and insight that most people will never know because of prohibitions and lies labeling these books as "bad". They're all incredibly valuable because the diverse interpretations of similar visions.... given to many prophets in the same time period, give us a way to triangulate or vector in on the truth... which happens to be whatever we end up thinking after the inquiry. It's good to always remember that truth is our own truth, a personal truth, based upon our understanding at that time.

Every person has their own truth. The ultimate question is, can we respect the knowledge and experience in each person's truth, and accept them and their truth as enrichment and empowerment, or we will simply discard, disregard or diminish the beliefs and knowledge others if it doesn't justify and rationalize our own truth. Personally, I love to be surprised when my personal truth is challenged, or altered by deeper understanding.

Which is exactly what brainwashers in churches - the people who want power and control -  don't want you to do. Trust me, I'm not telling you that people in churches are just trying to brainwash you. There are always degrees to everything. And the people doing it may not even realize it. They just do what they do because their society has lead them to believe that leadership means domination and intimidation. When in Rome... That's how evil snowballs into an avalanche.

I'm speaking of those who exercise politics in churches, people who seek power to control the church and activities, as opposed to seeking to lead it through empowerment. They want you to see everything their way. God, and Jesus, never wanted that, except for people to understand why the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule - the truth of Jesus' example - could guide humanity if actually observed.

People might say that what I'm doing with the government of the United States is the same thing. Set aside the way I've been contained all my life. In fact, I did study and employ many of the "ways of Rome" in my work for several years. When I was not being hit with Psychotronics, I was quite reasonable and tame. And these people don't respect it. And still, I have no desire to make the United States or anywhere else theocratic in the current definition of the word.

Being one does not mean eradicating those you decide to not fit into your perfect view of the world. It means all inclusion, even those you might consider outside of the fold. So long as a few rules are obeyed. Just a few simple rules.

If someone told you that you could use your mind to view Spain at this time of the year to determine the weather before you pack your suit case before going on vacation, how much money would you save on technology costs? If the CIA can do it, why not you? Who would not want you to do this, and why?

By the way, there are many remote viewing courses out there based on CIA Research. It is no coincidence that the best of them can (or used to be) be downloaded from a web site at Emory University, home of Jimmy Carter, and the place where all the Psychotronic and other work began as a result of the Rockefellers importing all the Nazi scientists, and funding the continuation of their work (the stuff that led to the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Nuremberg War Crimes Trials) during littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Operation Paperclip in 1945.

The Catholic Church assisted in the escape of many Nazi criminals. It's one thing to provide humanitarian asylum for persecuted people, it's another to pander to governments and criminals.

Unfortunately, this is why the Bible - and truth tellers like Jeremiah Wright - call the Catholic Church a whore. The problem is, these days, almost every church is a whore, in the definition the Bible provides. The Bible doesn't specify a particular church, it speaks of the church, the body of Christ as a whole. soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Sly & the Family Stone- Everyday People

The sign of arrogance is that the Catholic Church is  held up as being the Universal Church, but uses politics, force, coversion and exclusion to cause change. It causes division instead of unity. And uses the concept of "divide and conquer" in so doing. And, thereby, it participates AND cooperates with evil.

And now, if you want to assume I've just singled out the Catholic Church, feel free, but I've just described nearly every religious and secular organization and individual in the world.

The reason is because we all prefer to suffer to endure the trials and tribulations of lying leaders and apostates - than to deal with the truth, and have our lives inconvenienced by expelling the evil that causes our suffering.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Ferron - Cactus

God is within us all. Evil is within us all, generated by the inherent traits that are our survival system. They are the same traits that cause animals to mark territories and attack those who encroach upon their space, the same inherent nature that compels us to pro-create, and the same inherent traits that cause a dog to circle and matte down the grass on your living room carpet.

It's the same thing that causes people to hoard office supplies when the boss says to conserve because supplies are low and the shipment is late. It's the same reason we have capitalism.

People using politics - and we all do - learn how to manipulate your emotions based on triggering your survival instincts - fear.  Every time they do, it is a manipulation, The moment you realize you are being manipulated, the manipulators will tell you truth to make you feel foolish for not trusting them. That is the essence of the strategy behind the mass psychological brainwashing that is going on in America, and the world, today.

After a while, you don't know what to believe, you stop trusting anyone, become alienated and disoriented, and become the unwitting pawn of anyone who gives you direction that sounds good, at least in that moment of indecision when you are trying to make a decision that can affect your life.

The recent scam of sub-prime loans is a perfect example of that. When politicians make a theme of lowering your taxes in an election, they are doing the same thing. That money has to come from somewhere to pay for infrastructure repair, bank bailouts, loan packages, health care.. I assure you, if they stop subsidies to oil companies, the only thing that twill happen is that they will raise the price of oil somehow. And they'll find a way to sneak in a tax on consumer goods or something to make up the difference.

Worse yet, if you believed how it appears to me, I think these people are purposely trying to sell you a bill of goods that will only lead to bankrupting this country.

It's no different than Al Gore selling you the fraud of global warming.  Now, here we are, suffering the effects of weather modification and manipulation and terraforming, and to get you to endure your suffering that it causes, they tell you that you, the people, have to make the difference and deal with the effects of your own waste and excesses by lowering your standard of living... while their standard of living goes up.

Because all that's really going on in the green movement by politicians, other than to get you to feel guilty for their crimes, is another bubble economy scheme, whereby they will, for years, tell you "Here's the latest and greatest thing you can upgrade to to save energy". And the prices of the products they sell you will remain high until mass production kicks in, and then they'll tell you "here's the next upgrade". And then you'll buy that, and we'll have a false economy that actually does nothing but sell you old ideas as new ideas so they can control the population by keeping them busy working on products they don't needed - supposed new products that have been obsolete for a hundred years - until you run out of money, or they come up with the next best excuse to sell you things God gave them to provide you with decades ago.

Planned obsolescence. Most software companies don't develop upgrades based on meeting the needs of consumers. It's all done based on the idea that the public will accept the idea of spending xxx amount of dollars every 9-12 months on upgrades if there is  a perceived benefit. The developer might list some key things added or repaired to the product. Little else may be complete. But, you've been trained to spend money on computers as if it was a requirement of life.

Meanwhile, you believe you've been given a great communications tool, the industries make a lot of money, and you've completely paid for the government to set up a 24/7 network of surveillance equipment without even telling you you were being tricked into paying for it.

When you watch TV but complain about the programming, you are helping to pay for your own bad programming. When you watch a newscast by people you don't trust or who tell you what their government tells them to say, you watch commercials, and buy their sponsor's products, and pay for them to lie to you.

Are you starting to understand how economic slavery is impacting every part of your life, whether you knew it or not? And, how by allowing yourself to go along with these bad practices and seeing things being done that you know are wrong, and by allowing them to continue, do you begin to see how you are allowing other people to redefine what is right from wrong, despite the fact that in your heart, you know the difference?

Years ago the phrase and idea of win-win situations was popular, until the term became like a code word. If someone claimed they liked win-win relationships, it was like putting a sign on your back saying "take advantage of me". If you were a team player, opportunists believed it meant you were someone easy to set up  These opportunists made it foolish to be honest.

That's a great deal of what cultures have become around the world, based on the examples of the leaders they have. Ministers, politicians.. and look at the sensationalism foisted upon us that constantly demand more and more stimulation to generate pleasure and satisfaction. Football, beauty contests, "reality shows" that aren't even close to representing reality, but they shape your view of the world.

So, when leaders of any kind, or role models of any kind are put on a pedestal and presented as "false idols", it shapes the minds and values of those observing the event.

None of that is a great mystery to you, I'm sure.

What you might find interesting, though, is the way that same effect applied to religion in general has been turned into a divisive wedge issue, instead of a unifying force... That's your proof of apostasy right there.

Peter and the Establishment of the Universal Church

Peter was a good man who served the Lord well. And he was a man, fallible as he was wise, attempting to do all he could with the theories and paradigms and instructions left him to begin the transformation to a "New World Order" of sorts... one based not on the old paradigms of fear and force, but those of love and understanding as exemplified by the Christ Jesus.

The problem is, it takes some time to break people of habits integrated into their overall behavior. Particularly when they are promoted in the media and in the social mores of leaders.

Which is why the Christ Jesus basically set an example, gave instruction, enlightened many, and when He had adequately challenged the corrupt ruling government/elders and upset them to the point of anger because he demanded that they honor the principles of right and wrong (which they would not do because it would mean the surrendering of absolute power), they crucified Him.

In those days, they crucified such people. These days, the government has a variety of ways of "disappearing" people. John Negroponte is an expert at it.

Again, what I want to emphasize here is the need for separation of church, or ideology, and state.

Peter had to walk a fine line. He actually founded the Greek Orthodox Church, which wanted to keep the Church free of inclusive compromises. This included their rejection of the inclusion of Pagan and Devil worshippers. He believed that their inclusion would convert and transform them, instead of empower their ability to "infiltrate" the ranks of the followers of the example of Christ.

Why would a Christian celebrate the birth of Christ using pagan rituals, symbols and dates for that matter? Because the Pagans wouldn't join unless they got their way on some pretty important issues. At that moment, the church became polluted, and the foundation for the Universal Church was flawed.

The Greek Orthodox Church respected the idea of allowing such compromises not because they were necessarily against Pagans, but the Pagan beliefs were contrary to the teachings of Christianity. The disciples were instructed to speak to those who had ears to hear... and to not worry about those who did not accept Christian values, with the idea that they would see that Christians were pretty nice people and that things worked out pretty well for all when they stuck to their beliefs and were mindful of God's Plan and wishes for the planet.

Let's look at the word compromise again. I don't claim to be  a linguist. But, when I look at the word, I see an abbreviation for "committed promise" or "communicated promise".

I remember once, telling someone I love that in my way of thinking, if you really love someone, then the thing to do is to take notice when someone says they don't like something, and then do your utmost to "not forget" to not do it anymore. Not like you won't, but to just make a committed promise to someone to respect them and love them enough to make that effort, to be conscious of your actions and words such that it expresses your commitment to that person.

Notice I say "not forget" instead of "remember". And it's not like you want to be paranoid about this. Just conscious. Trying to remember something is like having a mental to do list. You always forget something. But, if you were to make a conscious effort to "not forget", to make it a part of your being and practice, then, it becomes a way of life.

Conversely, you might want to make an actual written list of the things that do and don't bother you. What would you want in your world, what would you do away, from your perceptions, and amybe another one from God's point of view.

Now you have a paradox. Are you going to live your life in relationships with a list of do's and don'ts, like having to remember political correctness about race, religion, nationality, etc? Of course not. And we're not computers, no matter what anyone tells you, because free will is always an over-riding factor.

That's why God gave us the 10 Commandments. Only, we don't know them, and we don't live them, either by choice or by training.

Can you imagine God on the mountaintop saying, "Look, I'd just say it's the Golden Rule, but you guys won't even understand this for thousands of years, so let's not get all philosophical and sanctimonious about it. Yeah, they won't even get that it's all just about loving each other, but take these 10, think about it in terms of the material world you live in, and I'll check in with you later and see how it's going."

When Jesus came along, God was thinking that things were bad enough, that Jesus could set an example that would make an impression on people regarding the harm being caused by government, slavery, capitalism, economic slavery, and the brutality of those who would choose to serve themselves and enrich themselves at the complete detriment of the citizens.

Finally, in the spirit that inspired Patrick Henry, there was the realization that people simply didn't understand the true depths of the enslavement, even of their souls. And He decided that it would make a difference to set an example with someone who would refuse to participate with a government or monetary system that was so evil that he would make a stand calling for liberty or death, because this enslavement was as bad as being dead.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.

If and when you say it, do you mean it? Do you understand what it means to be without liberty?

If you do, if you have a sense of it, then you can understand that the truth that Jesus was speaking of, that would liberate you and deliver you to the Kingdom of God was not one of holy worship or that someone would save you like Superman or Batman, but that His example would show you a way to live that would allow you to escape the entrapment of such a tyrannical kingdom, which would, as time goes on, lead to the natural evolution of culture and society that the Kingdom of God would be established. No muss, no fuss, a peaceful transition to the promised land. That is what was intended.

God also understood free will and temptation. He gave Adam and Eve a choice about whether we would live in a world of temptation and deceit, or if we would live in a kingdom where people could be people and not constantly worried about being cheated and made a fool of for littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) walking in the footsteps of Christ. Adam & Eve were deceived, and forgot their instruction to not give in to the temptations surrounding them.

So God said, okay, we still have some work to do. As expected. But, still, He hoped His creations would "work" perfectly from the beginning. But free will - that's what He wanted to perfect in Himself as well.

God is perfected in us as we are in Him, as I am with all of you, as we are with each other.

His message is spiritual and not of law. His means at this time is respectful of righteous laws of men, but contemptuous of laws that go against laws of greater jurisdiction and authority which were agreed to be the operating principles of this nation and toward the future of this world. Those who live by the sword of lies and deception shall die by the sword of truth, equality and justice. That is related to spiritual death in mortal and immortal life, self inflicted and enjoyed by the deluded, as well as being relevant to the book of life.

That is His message in this moment.

And, by working with us in His own, mysterious ways, He observes those things that motivate us, as they do Him, and make a few "thought" adjustments along the way. With prophets and teachers and ministers.

The problem has always been the politicization of churches, spirituality, that has changed the very meaning of the word of God to suit political goals. It's a very fine line to walk, the separation of church and state, and requires a constant, vigilant inquiry to maintain that separation. Without that separation, without the judgment and wisdom to maintain the separation, we end up where we are today.

And excuse me for putting it in these kinds of terms.

But, the forces of evil, as predicted in Revelations, have stepped up the speed of their attacks on the "good guys", and that is why I am presenting myself in the way I am, and why the "evil-doers" are using military weapons  - Psychotronics - against us all. And that's why all the earth quakes, the wars and rumors of wars, the weather (that's being littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) caused by HAARP)....

And along comes this year's presidential candidates, spouting "God Bless America", "pray for God to build a pipeline"...  all saying the other is lying, each of them correct because they're all lying. And they want you to think you are being allowed to make a choice, instead of being forced to choose their favorite deceiver... someone who will inspire and entertain them while they are stealing you   blind, lying to you and deriding you for clinging to your guns and religion... the very things you should do when your government has turned despotic and the government has hired an army of mercenaries, made plans for foreign troops to invade you when they declare martial law, and even create laws that allow them to cause people to break the law by exercising their constitutional rights.

Even those executive orders giving FEMA control of the country and the specially trained armed forces trained in Georgia at the School of the Americas, trained especially for population suppression and guerilla war tactics - are  part of a set-up to cause you to take no action if and when another country uses tactical military forces to relieve America of its despots. And if another country doesn't, then they'll use those SOA forces to simulate one, generate civil war, and do the same thing in America as they've done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and nearly every South  American nation for over  a century.

I went to St. Paul's Cathedral in London. It was a beautiful place. And it gave me an opportunity to find out that this Psychotronic targeting is global, and that, at times, intel agencies "hand off" targeted individuals to cooperative partner nations.

Like I said, St. Paul's is a beautiful. It was like a museum of gold and treasure and art. And then I walked into the back section where the bodies of great soldiers had been buried. I came across one crypt or burial place for someone named Christopher Wren... and though the name only sounds the same, it personalized it for me. And I started looking around, and all I could see anymore was that I was standing in this church that didn't look at all as meek and meager as a church is supposed to be, according to the Bible... and what I realized even more, is that I was standing in a war shrine.

I couldn't believe that any Christian nation would glorify crusades that would kill so many people. Thou shalt not kill is a pretty basic commandment. Like anyone, I have my moments when I'd just like to take someone and shake them, but I don't do it. I believe, and I believed God was instructing us through the 10 Commandments, that there must be another way to resolve things.

And then MI-6 shot me with Directed Energy Weapons.

It must have been microwave attacks,  I got dizzy, got vertigo, thought I'd end up falling down the stairs in the London Underground trying to get back to the bed and breakfast I was staying in. And the Psychotronic voice to skull harassment began.. with an English accent.

But I have become clear of 2 things from that: St. Paul's became a symbol to me of the inappropriate confluence of politics and religion, justifying sin and crime in the name of God, and that the United States has done exactly the same thing. And I'm really not trying to criticize it. It's just an interesting study to me of how politics and religion become merged, and how the Commandments of God are most often set aside for the sake of political expediency, and apostates who tell you God is punishing them, or that God would  have you conquer another nation or  culture on His behalf.

Back to Peter.

Peter then worked with the government, who wanted the support of all people. He found it useful - at least at first, based on the promises of the government - to work within the political system to establish it more quickly. (political expediency) People then did not realize that when God told them the end of days was imminent, that God was speaking in terms of his life, not humans. And, Peter was told that people only act out of fear and survival, so the "imminent threat" became a useful tool...

And the Christian religion was then hijacked by politics... it still is, and it becomes more obvious everyday.

It is the reason churches alter their sermons, change their commitments and actually compromise - give up important principles - in order to be politically relevant and included in a system set up for the sole puprose of forcing good people to conform to bad policy and methods, or be refused the ability to address the population of citizens they have been called to serve.

When a Lutheran minister told me the challenge was to make religion relevant in the post-modern era, I didn't understand why he would think it was irrelevant. Now I do.

It's hard to separate politics from religion, because so much evil in the world emanates from politics. My life is a perfect example of that.

However, an honest politician would have no problem implementing the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule, without it ever being about religion or Christianity.  We do, after all, say that the United States is based on the concepts of Judeo-Christian values.

After all, those rules are simply reminders - soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots - of the difference between right and wrong, which is important because lying politicians will try to convince you to violate those principles for political and financial gain.

Every time a "Christian" politician repeats the phrase "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" as a justification for war, they are lying to you. Jesus said he specifically disagreed with that notion. If politicians tell you that, they are not Christians, or they're completely uninformed Sunday Christians. Or, they're taking their nstruction from the money changers - which is the case more often than not - so that they can be famous, appear powerful, and have their names written in hostory (as opposed to being more concerned about remaining in the Book of Life.)

They may be Jewish, ignoring the new testament, but since we know Jews are not necessarily Israelites, we get yet another example of the fundamental myths that have been spoken to people who have not read the Bible themselves, and how infiltration of the Israelites has led to a perversion of Judaism AND Christianity. (by perversion, I do not necessarily mean immorality or illegality, just an inappropriate confluence).

Even so, remember Jesus is still considered a prophet to the Jews, and therefore, it would be intellectually assumed that they would heed the teachings of Christ.

In view of that, it's interesting to note that when Jeremiah Johnson was shown at his church, speaking of how the CIA developed and spread HIV/AIDS, as well as how the U.S. Government was directly involved with the September 11, 2001 incident, he was telling the truth.

Where Jeremiah Johnson failed himself and God as an anointed one, a minister of God's word and plan, is that when it came to light, he backed down, and stated that Obama was just doing what politicians do, instead of standing up for the truth, and putting Obama on the spot to speak the truth as well. When you read the things I write to Obama and McCain, you could say I picked up the baton from Jeremiah Wright.

Jeremiah now needs to look at the fact that God gave him the opportunity to spread the truth in that controversy, and he failed in exactly the same way he claims "the church" is  a whore, becomes he gave in to politics - the government and the state - and chose to then keep silent for political expediency. That's once again, how the separation of church and state breaks down.

When Obama turned his back on his pastor of 20 years... Obama failed God in the same way, claiming he's a Christian, but without the courage to speak the truth and face criticism for it. That's why, if Obama gets elected, his term of office will fail, if we are to believe that his phony claims of change can be made while surrounded by people who actually are the body of the anti-Christ.

One of the reasons I didn't want to become a minister was because I didn't want to be caught talking like that. That means that I, too was a whore, using the same definition of whoredom. :} It also means that the media and government did a good job of brainwashing me into thinking that the purpose of my life would cause me to be ostracized. It's true, but it's not personal, it's a defiance of God.

That's also why when Hillary Clinton said she was in favor of economic coercion (and you thought she was talking about doing it to foreign states, not you and people like me) - she was letting you know that she, and the people surrounding Obama, would use economic hardship to force Americans to comply with the fascist dictates of the U.S. Government. They do forecast their actions.

In the same way, we are all whores in one way or another. What are you willing to do to get what you want? What crimes of your employer are you willing to overlook/participate in for fame and fortune? In the same way, what makes you think that when you are doing that - giving up your principles for the almighty dollar - that you could legitimately call yourself a Christian?

I was told last night that Quakers do not believe in the concept of a messiah - a fancy, supernatural sounding word that simply means in reality, a person of virtue who will ascend and do the right things, resulting in a fair and just world - also called those magical, religious sounding words that people hate to hear because it reminds them of how much they don't live their spoken values and principles - the Kingdom of God. Of course,I'm over-simplifying, but in essence that's the truth. And I assure you, I will do more independent study regarding Quakerism, whose beliefs I actually know of in the practice of being I respect.

You can make it sound as tyrannical as you want, but the fact is, it only sounds that way because churches and governments, through the ages, have used the "fear of God", instead of respect, and the fear of hell, which doesn't actually exist, as ways to control you.

The picture and story of hell presented in the Bible is an interpretation of a vision of a place that was hell to be in. A prison. Back in those days, prisons were much worse than they are now. Going to prison was like suffering eternal hell and damnation.

Now that you know that (or, probably don't want to believe it), you have a new choice to make, based on a new freedom. You don't have to worry about going to hell. Will you disregard sin and God altogether, and do what your leaders do? Or will you decide to choose a life that works, one that includes the 10 little rules and that Golden One I like so much.

Will you put your faith in God, or false idols?

If your father hadn't threatened to spank you, would you have behaved?  I would have, because the things He told me made sense. But, then, that was the kind of child I was. AND, I didn't like anyone telling me I HAD to do something... no choice... they say I'm just like my father.

That's why you've got choice. The question is, what will you choose? What's expedient, or what makes sense?

The other news is, and I won't say it's bad, the alternative is to go somewhere else for further training, or non-existence. No suffering. God's a nice guy, although he will draw the line at a certain point, and when he does, littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) you'd better pay attention. :}

You go to hell every time you sin and feel guilty. You slide further into hell each moment you don't rectify the sin, and the more ways you attempt to cover your tracks.

It's nice to think that you're saved and a Christian and that you're forgiven for everything automatically, but it's not true. It's like thinking that just because you have car insurance, it's unimportant if you have a collision. There are consequences to it all. Each time you set a bad example, other people think it's okay too. And that ripples holographically into the cosmos -  into a culture - until it overtakes it.

(By the way, I hope the example I am setting here DOES get people revved and motivated in exactly same ways I do... maybe not the Psyops language, but the willingness to force people of power to answer questions truthfully. And to acknowledge the truth. It's actually the only force I use, adn hope that will end soon because it's very unpleasant.)

Every time you complain about the way the world is, remember that you helped cause it to be that way.

That's why I so regret the effect of psychological operations, and Psychotronics, against me. The true measure of what distinguishes the difference between a sin and an error is simple: intent. If you did something wrong on purpose, and don't rectify it, it stays with you. You can do harm, pray for redemption and all, but that still doesn't relieve you of the burden of the result of your actions.

One way you can actually tell you're in the Kingdom of God is that the Bible says in His Kingdom, judgment will occur instantly.. which actually means, the second you sin, you will feel guilty about it. If you don't, you're not being a Christian. Those who are not of God will not hear or acknowledge their acts as wrong unless there is law or peer pressure that causes conformity.

The idea of reconciliation and atonement does deal with the idea of seeking and finding redemption. But, if after acknowledging to yourself your sins, you still feel guilty, then you have not atoned. That's how you know. If there has been true atonement, then there is redemption.

If God  judges you based on the sins you know you have committed and have not acknowledged and forgiven yourself for - not blown off or placed aside in denial - then it will be held against you. If you hold things against other people, living in a glass house and all that, what you hold against other people is held against you. People generally dislike in other people what they dislike in themselves.

Or, out of envy. A sense of a lack of control or helplessness. Rarely do people dislike the essence of another human being, it's the actions or indiosyncracies that divide us. And who informs us to look for particular things in order to divide us?

Politicians, ministers media, teachers.. every person who has a role of leadership. Which means every one of us. Particularly when we choose to assert that that only our own way is right or correct, and that the preferences of others should not even be considered.

And if your dislike isn't because of those things, it's likely that it's because you know the difference between right and wrong, and you should have stood up for what's right, and didn't, and so those people you don't like are people who remind you that you failed yourself and your fellow beings.

That's why the Bible says that in the end of days, the evil-doers will not stop committing the evil - because they really don't believe they're doing anything wrong. If they do, they remain silent - they save themselves, and in so doing, they lose their souls. Because they perpetuate and amplify the sin. And they do it to cover their tracks, because they know there is no sane justification for the things they have done with their lives and the power and wealth God entrusted them with to do His work.

That's why they become unwelcome in the Kingdom of God - because they know they are doing wrong, and won't stop, or, they are simply committed to their own enrichment, and don't believe in sin. And they're the ones who will not be returning to heaven.

Since God made the planet, he kinda feels like He has a right to decide who should be on it. He's incredibly lenient with a few simple rules. And if the anointed can't get it, and they don't even come close, then they're useless. A detriment. Thus, the high will be made low.

Remember, the guide is ALL things in moderation. ALL things. Everything is here to sample. The question is, how much do you do it, and what impact does it have on your life?

9/5/2008 - It's interesting, because I was doing some research about CIA Mind Control experiments... I had decided to not mention or, particularly, encourage anyone to smoke marijuana in any way. I smoke it for many reasons. Read littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) what I wrote to Mariah Carey for more info on what I think of the whole marijuana debate...

Still, I can't ignore what I discovered. I'll just give you  an excerpt of what I found.

...the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA. This grotesque project of ghastly experiments in mind control evolved out of earlier CIA projects in search for a truth serum. The roots for such a project date back to the wartime OSS search for a truth serum.

During the war, the OSS began a search for a truth serum to use on captured U-boat prisoners.

The experiments were limited and the only drug they found to produce desirable results was cannabis.

According to author Anthony Cave Brown in the Last Hero, the experiments were limited to testing on one person. Additionally Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University carried out experiments paralleling the Nazis brain washing methods by drugs and hypnosis. Estabrooks connections with the army, CID, FBI and other agencies are still shrouded in secrecy. However, it seems that the doctor could not help but talk about his experiments occasionally and what is known of  his work comes from his loose tongue.

Isn't it interesting that politicians and dialecticians convinced a minister to fight a false war against an herb made by God that clearly has a multitude of good uses - and certainly it can be abused - but it seems kind of weird, doesn't it, when the truth is known, that they violated the separation of church and state, God's servant got taken advantage of by the influence of power, and one of God's gifts became a weapon of the government instead of a blessing of God, as intended.

The last thing we'd ever want is something that God made that made it easier for people to be truthful. :} I want to be clear, that was a sarcastic remark. :}

What I mean by a weapon is, it was used to arrest people, keep people out of politics, to keep people inhibited and to corral them in the veil of the facade of righteousness to oppress people who wanted to use an herb from God. It was a weapon, because the government uses chemical weapons like paraquat on marijuana which kills the people who ingest it, slowly over time. That's an example of a magnet war, using common preferences and interests of groups of people, and then finding ways to use that interest to harm them. The internet is often used by the government and certain groups to accomplish that very thing.

As for causing paranoia: the only paranoia I've ever felt about using marijuana has to do with whether I would be arrested or not.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Almost Cut My Hair

NEW RULE: Marijuana will be legal, and safeguards will be instituted to safeguard children and assist those who who are abusing it, as well as to free those who have been prosecuted for no other criminal reason. Those who believe that marijuana is a gateway drug need to understand that research proves that cigarettes are the biggest gateway drug. There has never been a government sponsored research finding that shows any actual problem with marijuana, except in the cases of abuse. In fact, one of the worst things I've seen written about it in that last 10 years is that it gives people a sense of well being. Darn. :}

I have to keep reminding myself that this is actually about the separation of church and state. :}

How does all this relate to the separation of church and state? Simple, really. And then there's some history to it.

The simplest form of the Plan of God relies on 2 things:

The government is an administrative body that tends to the needs of the people.

The Church is supposed to provide truth to its constituents. The truth about the Bible and spirituality. It should also greatly influence its flock to be vigilant in being aware of the government in order to identify when it is off track, deceptive or abusive.

The simple result should be that the values of the people, influenced by the teachings of the church, will influence the integrity and values of the government.

Martin Luther King understood that, and retained his standing as a minister, leader and empowerer with the hope and guidance to convince the government to pass legislation that - under the Plan of God - should not have been necessary, but was required to cause acknowledgement of an injustice.

Those who say it required the assistance of a white man to empower black people are creating yet another false illusion for the sake of politics. What was required to empower black people was a government that could admit a mistake or an inconsistency, and correct it. Nothing more or less. Except that when God says all people are created equal, He actually means it.

Like when He actually grants us equality by calling us all whores to create a place from which we can all begin a reconciliation and experience real atonement.  Or choose to destroy each other in our denial, greed and lust.

Think about that for a while and see if you can get over yourself. And try to laugh about it. When you can, you'll know you understand what I mean.

Read Ecclesiastes if necessary.

Sure, that's a tough way to put it, but facing it and dealing with it will make a difference. Do you dare take it on? In waht ways do you "sell out"? That's the real question.

In the Kingdom of God, there is only one rule, and that is the Golden Rule. One rule. If people were to actually obey that rule, we would have anarchy, not chaos, but anarchy, personal responsibility, respect for all beings and creatures and objects.

Personal responsibility - another hijacking of Christianity by the George W. Bush Administration. And redefining the word anarchy to mean chaos. Making him an apostate, unelected inhabitant of the White House. (if you think he won an election, please see, but only do so if you're willing to be objective, and set your opinions aside in order to see the truth.

If people actually understood the Golden Rule, we would not let criminals be elected to office, we would not allow people who lead global deceptions to serve in governments and law enforcement agencies, we would not allow people who do not agree with the constitutions of our nations to serve under those constitutions.

The reason they get away with it is because the churches don't do their jobs, politics are used to manipulate and control the churches, and thus, political influences cause people to overlook these simple things, thinking that what's important is a central theme, a campaign slogan that is simply a politician telling you what they want you to think, and what you want to hear.

An apostate of any kind will simply tell you of your concerns, and flatter you in ways that boost your pride and ego instead of being willing to tell you the truth, give you the real bottom line and acknowledge the core issues of any matter.

A prophet and a REAL leader have something in common. They'll tell you the truth. Even when it upsets you.

A servant of God is willing to be criticized for delivering the truth, knowing it is the denial of the truth that eventually leads to the realization of the truth.

In that same thinking, if you are an anointed nation, and all are in their own ways, and if we understand the Golden Rule and follow the example of Jesus, and understand the teachings of prophets of many spiritualities through the ages, then the people who will be elevated will be elected by people of the Kingdom, and therefore, the leaders will be serving God's Plan.

If another prophet has ministered to another religion, and delivers the message of the walk of Jesus, then their religion is part of the Kingdom. That is not to say that Jesus should not be acknowledged as the master He was, but how how would these people of other faiths come to know of Him by name if they are excluded, and how would their exclusion be Christian?

And why are people swearing oaths upon the Bible, when they have no intention of keeping the promise they make when they take it, particularly when they claim they are doing it in the name of God?

How dare you? Talk about using God's name in vain.

Strangely enough, it seems to me that the United States, a rogue nation, got off track just about the time my great, great uncle Ulysses S. Grant left office. They said he was an incredibly honest man surrounded by incredibly dishonest people. And his name wasn't even Ulysses. It's Hiram.

That's how evil takes over. Infiltration, domination, suppression followed by empirical collapse. History shows us that the idea of empire doesn't work. The leaders of empires are too quickly overtaken by greed and corruption and sadistic pleasures.

That's a new rule. No more empires. soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Alanis Morissette - Citizen of the Planet

And every nation thinks they are the one, or should, because they are for their people. Talk about regionalization. That's regionalization.

When God exclaims "Is there no one I can trust", try reading it like -   is there no ONE I can trust? Or, is there no knowledge of the ONE that I can trust.

Other than me, the answer is apparently no. Even though that isn't really true, but His frustration in the past has always been that the anointed ones, the Christs, would take shortcuts He would not hav preferred that they take.

I refuse to fail. I have nothing else to do. Works out.

Speaking of new rules, much to the surprise and chagrin of Bill Maher I'm sure, watch the movie Religilous. I won't say I agree with it all, haven't seen it, but it  makes a good starting point for an intellectually honest and amusing conversation... that we desperately need.

Now, back to our regular programming. :} soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Basia - Primetime TV (Brzezinski won't touch her, she's Polish :} She actually cut the entire album without knowing a word of English... they just taught her to pronounce the words. Is she a politician?:} Talk about Amazing Grace.

I was just thinking, I wonder how much grace Christian women would have if they knew the military was using surveillance equipment on them that's so good, they can watch them having sex with their husbands?

They could even use the same surveillance equipment to ring an alarm when you were thinking about having sex to let them know it was time to watch. And if your sex life wasn't interesting enough for them, they could get you to fantasize about all sorts of nasty things your husbands thought you'd never come up with... by yourself... I wish I was exaggerating. I really do.

How much privacy ARE you willing to surrender for security. And, what if who you needed protection from most is your own government? It is. Accept it. Open your eyes. Wake up. Do something about it. Stop watching the Nightly News and read.

Think about the difference between right and wrong, and you'll easily see that you have been lead down the wrong path in almost every single way.

That IS the true proof that we are living in the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ. The end of those days could end with people making choices and expelling the evil, or it could end through war, death and destruction, as prophesied in the Bible, IF we do not choose to change our ways.

That will not be a punishment from God, that will be us destroying ourselves.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Earth, Wind & Fire - All About Love

Will you choose a life of love, or a life of hate? Will you choose right, or will you choose wrong?

People will say that choice is mine, but I made my choice long ago.  Some cynical people will say "But you're supposed to save the world", to which I'll say, if the citizens make the right choices, I did. Otherwise, I've allowed free will , choice, and true liberty.

The choice that matters is your choice. God gave you free will. That was an inalienable right he gave you. It will not be rescinded by force, like those who say pretty words like globalization instead of using the true agenda's name, the tyrannical New World Order.

What these people need most is your money and the military power and technology of your government.

Will you allow them to continue to operate weather machines to conduct covert wars? Will you continue to allow them to use Psychotronics to control you? Will you dare to believe the truth and take action as opposed to saving your "image" and "reputation" by remaining silent.

What WOULD Jesus do?


soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Northern Lights - Tears Are Not Enough

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Change Myself


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