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Russia Invades Georgia

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It's easy for leaders to demand other nations take actions and condemn them for their actions, but that's what the "powers of the world" do when their counterparts do what each other's nation shave done over the centuries.

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will perpetuate the same big oil agenda
of the Council on Foreign Relations/Rockefeller/Exxon


I most certainly do not condone the latest actions of Russia against the nation of Georgia. Or so the story goes when America puts a nation up to military action for its own political goals. As we constantly do with Israel.

However, it's important to look beyond the actual events of the day, and remain focused on the geo-political strategies in play.

An objective summary of the situation begins with the stated intentions of the United States Government and the Council on Foreign Relations, represented by candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Both are members.

Both support the idea of a "war on terrorism" (note that the Rand Institute recently expressed its opinions supporting mine from 5 years ago that the War on Terror phrasing was counterproductive and a fallacy) and the continued use of military power in the Middle East regions, supposedly to fight terror, but documented to be the battle to control the oil supply of the world.

This includes the invasion of Afghanistan for the purpose of controlling the Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline, the vast reserves of oil in Iraq, and thus, the profits for supplying China with oil and natural gas, an economy that is overtaking the United States thanks to the efforts of American politicians and financiers since the days of Nixon.

Thus, the statements of Obama and McCain are laughable, considering it either shows their willingness to deceive us about world events, or they are naive and uninformed to the point of being dangerous to us all. Actually, either way, they are.

In addition, the idea that the cold war had ever ended was a complete fabrication, proven by Russia's ability to supply conventional and advanced weaponry to allies at a rate of 6 times the level of delivery of the United States since before 2000. This is all well documented on this site.

It's also important to note that Obama - the presumed "president to be", has an advisor named Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is well known for his strategies that require perpetual war in the Middle East Oil regions in order to enforce control of the oil supply, as well as to be able to militarily suppress the Arab and oil producing nations from taking effective action to ensure its natural resources are not stolen by American oil profiteers (who have no problem using the lives of American soldiers to fatten their bank accounts).

Obama, McCain, Brzezinski, Rockefeller, Council on Foreign Relations... General Electric, Enron, Exxon... Halliburton, Bechtel, Unocal. Almost always the same players, the same cover stories and reasons. None of which are ever truthfully disclosed to the American Public (which is why these actions are, in fact, treason).

Now... that said. Russia is quite aware of the plans of the United States to develop a strike force to hit any location on the planet with devastating military force and Psychotronic weapons within 45 minutes. From space.

The aircraft that will be used to do this is the F22... interestingly enough originally developed in the 50's as the F20-A. It is more advanced than the space shuttles developed long after. And, it goes so fast, the eye can not perceive it. That means it is ostensibly invisible while in flight.

In addition, Russia views the Democratization of Georgia in the same way that most other countries do, except the citizens of the United States, who don't understand that our democratization of these other countries simply allows us to install governments susceptible to the methods clearly outlined in the documents below.

Understanding the World Today:
Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Shillum
Sit down, relax, maybe have a drink first

Read Charles Rehn for President 2008 The full Document - worth reading

First off, we will be able to keep all countries under our control. They will submit to this control because they well know that we have the power to create disorders or to restore order whenever we like.

All these countries are quite used to the fact that we possess the indispensable force of extortion [economic sanctions]. Secondly, by means of conspiracies and scheming we shall cause utter confusion by the strings we have tied into the cabinets of all nations. We have created these controls within the governments by means of political and economic treaties or loan obligations

"The president, at our direction, will make interpretations of existing laws that are vague enough to be twisted to say what we desire. "

"He will also annul or make of none-effect those laws when we indicate to him the necessity of doing so. Besides this, he will have the right to propose temporary laws and even new directions in how the government works with the constitution."

"His justification for all of this he will give as the supreme welfare of the people and the nation."

"By such measures we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by step, all of the things we introduced into the constitutions in the first place. This will prepare for the transition to an unperceived abolition of every kind of constitution. When the time has come, we will turn every form of government into our despotism."

One of the ways the U.S. Government works is to install a Democratic Government in countries who can then be economically coerced. After all, the CIA is well known for using propaganda to overthrow Democratically elected governments, as was the attempted case in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez in their latest Democratic elections (he is not a dictator as the American media calls him).

Therefore, Russia's invasion of Georgia, (actually the othere way around) while likely due to numerous considerations, most certainly is a response to the geo-political goals of the United States and the Council on Foreign Relations, to which Obama and McCain are pledged. Otherwise, they would not be allowed to be Presidential nominees. And the proof and history of that arrangement goes back to the 50's, the Rockefellers, Standard Oil, Exxon, Shell... and on and on.

The truth of how Georgia invaded Russia. See also: Kingdom of God Communications Media

While the leaders of the United States dazzle us with their moral high-ground and catchy cliches, the fact is that they will do nothing, unless it is to drag us into yet another conflict for oil, or present us with circumstances that there is, in fact a need for perpetual war and control of the world oil supply. The Bush family has a history of starting wars right before leaving office.

Finally, while McCain and Obama pander to the American public by preaching restraint and/or military action in order to provide voters with the facade of a choice of candidates and positions....

The real issue that must be addressed is: What actions could we, and the world. take to come to agreement and terms such that nations do not feel justified - out of the perception and goal of self-defense - to take actions that violate human and civil rights - militarily or through social oppression - that would otherwise be accommodated by non-coercive fair trade.

And then, what can we as citizens do to inform our politicians that we will no longer accept their simplistic explanations, distortions and PR statements to justify our militaristic government, against the will of the people - that has committed us to over 200 armed conflicts in other nations since the U.S. was created, and has our troops overtly and covertly operating in more than 100 nations right now, against the constitutional laws of those nations we are essentially invading.

While this will not be considered a popular appraisal of the situation, I believe it will be seen as the most honest one presented in a public venue.


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