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Of Concern & Love

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Sen. Joseph Biden
8/23/2008 - 7:31pm

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You Can't Change America....


Dear Joey -

Please forgive the informality of calling you Joey, but I hear your name and I just can't help thinking about my favorite stuffed animal I had when I was a child.

His name was Joey. He's the one I cut the slit in the back of and used as my ventriloquism dummy in the 4th grade. It was big hit at school I performed at assemblies, and in the classroom. And when he wasn't with me, I'd play like My Favorite Martian, act like my antennas were coming out of my head, and pretend to be receiving his signal from home. It's one reason I get a little laugh out of it every time I play the Beatles' soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) "Everybody's Got Something to Hide 'Cept For Me and My Monkey". Oh yeah, my stuffed animal was a monkey.

Please believe me, I wasn't actually making a comment about you. It's just what keeps going through my mind.  That and Bruce Springsteen's "Devil With A Blue Dress On".... and soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Electric Light Orchestra's "Evil Woman".

Had it about Obama too. And it becomes really obvious when you notice who you guys are surrounded by, and their tactics, the centrist theory of politics that ultimately leads to a (communistic) one party system that rules by decree. And then there was Richard Shelby talking about how great it was to have a dictator. And Mitch McConnell saying that "money is free speech".  And the FISA Telecom Immunity vote that Obama voted for.

The fact that no one is talking about standing up for the civil and human rights of Americans who are being oppressed, suppressed and harmed by the Department of Homeland Security... And that we have a population of politicians and elitist rich people who talk to each other via the media in their Aesopian code stuff.   I had people doing Morse code with eye blinks today... and realized a whole bunch of other people are  doing it too. Or they were messing around to see if I'd look it up on my charts to find out it meant nothing... which I didn't. :}And I guess I should learn Morse code... again... but I prefer talking. I'm funny like that.

Anyway, I watched Election Dialectic 2000.soundicon.gif (1101 bytes)   Styx - Grand Illusion The "alternate parties" were making great strides in the world of politics, endangering the corporate socialism plans of the corporations and the shadow government to dominate the world by force and "enslave" America through economic ruin justified by blaming the horrible leaders of the rest of the world, particularly the Muslims, in order to justify World War. (Wait, now it's the Russians)

It's everything I'd get pieces and snatches of conversations my dad was having with people when I wasn't supposed to be listening.... like the photo album he had of "war" that was conveniently left on a bed one day, though I was told I was forbidden to see it. Burned, chemical covered, decapitated and mutilated bodies strewn along a beach... somewhere I don't know where. I only got a glimpse of a few scenes, and I immediately understood something about the horrors of war, the suffering, the tortuous suffering on people who did not choose to go to war, but for the lies and their belief in their nations and their leaders.

Back to the selection, er, election.

Someone set up Florida to be a point of controversy to set the whole works into an uproar, get the nation quickly divided, suppressed by the media to prevent violence by people who had a right to be angry, and to install the President of your choice. On top of that, you knew that it would cause massive numbers of people to flock to the Democratic Party to be saved. You guys would act as the saviors, promising to put an end to all the suffering, and eventually win back the White House, while America wiped its brow and heaved a heavy sigh of relief to know that the insanity of its government was finally expelled.

Only then, the worst would happen,  the economy would collapse, the bad guys of the rest of the world would withhold oil, war would break out.. there are any number of dialectics that could take us down timelines just as expedient in order to justify the installation of a police state with a fascist backbone.

And it's happening right before our eyes.

And the part that really bothers me... the part that makes me wonder about all of you... is that I know for a fact that Obama was set up, agreed to participate in or was extorted into participating with the hoax of claiming he is the Son of Man. And it was done because they knew I was out here... when you look at the history of my life, it becomes obvious that you guys - someone - has been setting me up to end up looking like an insane, violent, temperamental evil person, and every time you got me to stray or tempted me, I regained my balance and proved my roots.. my values and my commitment to God and my country. Every time.

And then you say things like people like me - as simply one more citizen and nothing more -  "are the measure of whether the American Dream endures".  People like me who are being harassed by our government for claiming the right to free speech, let alone the pursuit of happiness.

And I consider how, like the other day when I read off John McCain and Barack Obama, it was after I realized how my family has been harmed and swindled, how I've been abused and betrayed by the government of the United States for 53 years, how the government has betrayed God and it's own people, and then how it appears to me, knowing what I know now, that my father was murdered. And that even though I lived my life and endured like I suppose you guys never believed anyone could, in light of that knowledge, I make no apologies in retrospect for the anger I expressed. Nor were the points I made invalid.

And I believe you can understand that kind of feeling, given the harm that occurred to your family long ago. You have my sincere compassion and empathy for your losses, and for the love in your heart and the commitment to your family, and your character, that would allow you to carry on and continue to serve other people.

That's the problem I have with you and a lot of people. Not a problem like you're bad. A problem like, things don't quite add up.

To be honest, had you been the Democratic Nominee this time, I could have voted for you. In you, I see a pretty decent guy. Your economic profile doesn't look like someone on the take. True, the media has examined McCain's wife's finances, but I haven't heard about anyone else's. I thought you were from Yale, but it turns out you're from Syracuse... which becomes another problem for me on another front... not the city... people who have set me up who are from Syracuse.

Otherwise, I actually like you a lot... as a  person, and as a potential statesman. What doesn't add up is things like you knowing I'm sitting out here, hearing stories about you getting a root canal when Obama called to tell you you were his VP choice...  taking no action for a citizen who has appropriately contacted you - by any means - doesn't seem like a guy who cares about people. littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) And I meant it in that letter, that you were one of the people I trusted most.

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And then, there's Waco. I won't go into a great deal of detail, because people should simply go to the website about it, littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  .

It's important. Here you and Obama are supposed to be teachers of Constitutional Law, but apparently, like a great number of other people in the government, don't live it. Or maybe it's gotten so perverted by the distortions of politics that people have forgotten what it actually means, but worse, have no idea how to bring it back to its roots in a way that doesn't harm the nation and citizens, without causing civil and world war.

I don't know what to tell you all about the problems you've caused yourselves. I actually think I do, but people don't listen, or they listen, take the ideas, use them as slogans and campaigns, but have no intention of doing them, or use them as cover stories for the deceptions they're actually carrying out.


Now I will discuss Waco.

It's important because it was like I remembered an incident when I was a kid... I don't know if it was Wounded Knee or Oglala.. but I kept thinking to myself, what the heck is the government doing sending tanks to an Indian Reservation on American soil? I actually remember thinking "Why is the government at war with its own people?" It was all on the Today Show.

So when Waco happened, I listened on the radio and to news reports frequently, and was concerned because, first of all, every time one of these sieges happen, we find out afterward that the government was up to no good. And then, we as citizens are told a plausible story in which no one gets in trouble, and the authority to do such things becomes assumed, the population is successfully oppressed and opposition is suppressed by a terrorist act of the government upon its own citizens

I know that will upset many, but when you strip away the spin, lies, distortions and cover-ups, that's what happens.

When you dig into the facts of Waco, you become even more disturbed because it may be true that the government didn't understand what was going on there, and maybe the government did... but it sure appears to me that the government provoked the entire thing from square one. Harassing people in town, threatening their way of life, disliking their religion and rhetoric...

I recently wrote to some people to let them know the current Waco is going on at my house. If the truth be told, Joe, you'd know that is the truth. Except that I wasn't trying to keep to myself, I was trying to help. And I didn't know my government had been harassing me and sabotaging my life since I was a child.

What's most disgusting is the agents on the scene at the hearings, professing their righteousness by - remember the guy who almost blew it by saying he was a Sunday School teacher, when in fact, his job at the church was to guard the nursery. Nothing wrong with that, but it hardly gives him a character reference. That was the guy who knew that Koresh was being hit with Voice To Skull Psychotronics, messing up his thinking, and causing him to believe he was talking to God. That's when those agents instructed Koresh to delay the surrender of his flock to make it appear like Koresh and his people were villains, holding out at all costs, and being bad people requiring an all out assault on the compound.

I never bought it. Most people I know didn't either once they know the truth. Besides, if there were all those women and children inside, and the government cared at all, why weren't they willing to wait forever? I just can't figure that one out.

And these agents, during a news conference, laughed at the idea that Koresh, that anyone, could actually talk to God.

Neale Donald Walsch wrote a whole series of books called Conversations With God. I'd ask why the government hasn't killed him, except for the fact that I'm certain he's a target of Psychotronics and - I hate to put it this way - I dislike what he wrote because it espouses an apostate evangelism that encourages materialism over spirituality. A man of God, grounded in Ecclesiastes, would not make the mistakes he made. That's another reason I know he has been targeted. And that he isn't aware of it, otherwise he would have known that what he wrote was not correct. It's all part of the delusions and deceptions written of in the Bible. 

Like how the writers of the "Left Behind" Book Series are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Back to Waco...

So here I am last night, listening to music, and I hear a lyric by someone saying... how can your heroes be criminals?

And I got it. How can we as citizens  continue to give our support, money and votes to people who publicly claim that crimes against the citizens are just "politics"... just "the way it goes"...  that the people who are overthrowing the American way of life can do it because they have a public corporation that doesn't tell us the truth about their plans, but otherwise is technically legal... except for the conspiracy part. That now translates into RICCO.

And there you and Orrin Hatch sat and reported to the world and the American people that there was no foul or wrong doing by agents of the Federal Government - ATF Right - same guy in charge as at Ruby Ridge, right?...

Meanwhile, I hear you saw FLIR footage of that siege that was much clearer than the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) that was in the movie that proved that government agents provoked everything about that massacre, and used military weapons to destroy the compound, kill the adults and the children... in a gruesome way.   Cyanide. Causing their muscles to contract so much that their bones broke.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be a parent and have their children die that way, at the hands of their own government? Because of your religion?

And the FLIR clearly showed the gunfire came from agents. And that the few shots fired by the Davidians were fired in self defense.

And here I said I might have voted for you. Because in almost every way I can tell, you're a decent man, a family man, with the kind of family and life that suggests you really care about people, and that your service to the government and the citizens who are your constituents... as a Senator, every American... that your service is a genuine expression of your love for people and this nation.

And then I look at the films and reports of Waco, and shake my head once again.

If there's anything I learned from my training, it's to look for inconsistencies...  soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince - Money Don't Matter Tonight

The inconsistencies began when a bird Colonel from the Pentagon - a teacher of mine - told us in class that the U.S. has the moral high-ground in the world because it only uses military force to defend democracy and in defense of the nation.

It made sense. That would be the appropriate time to use force. And it can't be like a policeman or authority saying - do it or we'll destroy you.

It's the governments  who are the enablers of those who seek to pervert it.

The citizens don't go overseas and steal the resources of other nations. We train people here to love the environment and hate the idea of oil drilling because of the harm on the environment, but we don't seem to have a problem being angry with the nations - the Arab States, Venezuela or any other nation - who expect to be paid a fair price for the resources God gave them as a nation and people as their stake in the world at the expense of their environment.

And even, who, upon accommodating the thirst of our industrial over-indulgences and generation of needless desire, they supply us the oil and support we request, time and time again, generation after generation... and we have repaid them by plundering their lands.

That, and people with egos who believe they can overcome the forces that have ruled and enslaved the world since before the time of Christ by being in their elected places, all the while never "defeating the forces of evil", and in fact, find themselves in the position of acting in the same manner as those who are gaining from their crimes in order to maintain positions that end up causing a perpetual draw.

The good guys end up committing crimes to compete and maintain the line while waiting for the savior, whoever that may be. And they even know who it might be, and still suffer to save their lives, instead of saving themselves by risking their lives. Once again demonstrating the holographic nature of existence... the idea that what you do for the least of them... rippling out from me, from my perspective, to the rest of the nation and thousands if not millions and billions of others suffering because of a diabolical, selfish and evil plan by those who wish to be God, but are not fit to be the minions of snakes.

As Jesus said, you can not do anything but honor anyone who would give their life for the life of another... before he was crucified... even if you don't agree with the cause or the methods. It's the same as loving - and respecting your enemies. Knowing there is some reason that caused them to become your enemy. Because if that reason can simply be acknowledged, then there is a possibility for the resolution of any problem.

It's not about appeasement or even compromising. It's about allowing. Allowing the needs of others to be just as important as your own. Allowing that the religions and beliefs of all people, even atheists, are important in order to provide, consider and generate the entirety and the wholeness of the cosmos.

A problem is the description of a situation that can't be resolved as far as I'm concerned... and in my world, I don't see why anything can't be resolved when people actually choose to resolve something. I am but a traveler on the wheel as you are. And it was truly never my intent to convict any one person, except for their  hearts, whether you consider what I do to be religious or simply the responsible acts of a citizen. To me there is no difference.

Because if there was ever one message that Jesus brought us as the great teacher and prophet and example is that the most powerful thing in the universe is truth. And when there is truth, everything is possible. Everything.

When you look at the case of Waco, Ted Kozinski aka the Unabomber, Ruby Ridge, Ira Einhorn, Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Cho, Hinckley... and who attacked George Harrison? And let's not forget Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.... The Oklahoma City Bombings, and the tragedy of September 11, 2001...

When you look at all of these events, when you understand what these people were speaking of and the efforts they were undertaking in their lives... there is one similarity that cannot be overlooked. Every one of these people was driven to an extreme. And they all present symptoms of  soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Psychotronic attacks that caused them to "pop" and do what their "handlers" caused them to do. Most of them,   and/or their attackers, are people who were forwarding new ideas of spirituality and consciousness that was consistent to delivering the promise of God's plan for the Kingdom.

When you know the truth, you know I am telling the truth.

The truth is the last thing thing these people, the real 'evil-doers", the "body of the anti-Christ".. the truth is the last thing they want you to know.

I look at my own case and think of all the things the Psyops guys have tried to get me to do... and being the curious person I am, and after I figured out they were trying to set me up to do something stupid... I'd go along with everything up until the point of breaking the law or committing an act of any sort that would actually be against my fundamental principles. And I was amazed at the kinds of things these people would put into your head. And there really was a moment when I simply couldn't help noticing that  what I was feeling simply wasn't what I felt.

And thanks to the members of the tinfoil hat club who have been suffering for years and years... truly suffering, knowing they were being harmed and destroyed bit by bit, tortured with pain... I survived, and learned a great deal of how to endure as well as to recognize the symptoms of Psychotronic and electronic weapon attacks... as well as subliminals and such on TV, some that I can and can not prove... all of which is why I say that littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Psychotronics is the single most important issue in this election.

And each time they made strides in informing me, their attacks increased, and the numbers of those being attacked and recognizing the symptoms increased. And my knowledge became such that I recognize the symptoms of these attacks in the faces and bodies and behaviors of people everywhere I go. Even in those who resist it and attempt to do the right thing and assist others despite the harm done to themselves.

I wrote the other  night of two women... one who is a target of   littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Psychotronics who wakes up bleeding from the vagina... her doctor tells her to stop having rough sex. She lives alone, and, like most victims, is someone reclusive.

Another woman reported the same problem in San Diego... and wherever she moved to to escape her torment... and says these things don't happen now that the implant has been removed from the base of her spine.

And there's a woman in Portland with the same problem...

When people attempt to get medical care or try  to have these things removed, they are systematically diagnosed as psychotic, delusional or schizophrenic.... despite the abundance of evidence that the technology exists, the Psyops against American citizens is occurring, and the undeniable fact that the United States Government has full knowledge of the use of these weapons, and has before and since the Church Committee hearings that were supposed to have put an end to such sick and twisted activities by our government.

So, for anyone to dare claim that these devices are being used in humane, positive ways must be at least a liar. At least.

The people who are subjected to this sort of treatment have been appropriately seeking governmental assistance for decades, and their numbers are global and increasing.

The use of these devices will either succeed in effecting global mind control, or presents the possibility of sudden and catastrophic event that leads to martial law and war.

Because as far as I can tell, the bulk of the United States Government is being held hostage by individuals who are either coercing elected officials with the threat of exposure of illegal or illicit acts that were set up in the first place in order to control those elected officials.

Further, that those who  refuse to comply with the directives of the shadow government are targeted with Psychotronics, directed energy weapons and psychotropic drugs such that (gee, suddenly I'm getting zapped, what a surprise)... they are killed or suffer life threatening accidents.

Recent examples would be Senator Ted Kennedy, Robert Novak, Ariel Sharon, Yasser Arafat, Patrick Kennedy, Lou Dobbs, Keith Olbermann... maybe even Stephen Colbert... Maybe Tim Russert and many others... I have a long list of people who appear to have been harmed because they attempted to assist me in some way or another... or attempted to reveal truth... since early in my life... and it is no coincidence when you have the patterns and evidence I can provide myself.... and authorities at the appropriate time.

And it has been my opinion for quite some time that the only reason George W. Bush has not been impeached is because it would expose at least the acquiescence if not complicity of Congress in crimes against this nation. The trail of evidence is easy to follow.

But of course, to reveal that those who assist me may be in danger is yet another perfect dialectic to terrorize people, and prevent me, and all of you, from taking action out of fear for our lives, which are being destroyed, because we choose to live with the predictability of tyranny, instead of risking our lives for freedom...that we long for, pray for , yearn for, and expect someone else to secure as if we have no responsibility to claim it and stand for it ourselves. Elected officials, true to their oaths and commitments, would be the leaders in that

Is it better dead than red, or better read than dead?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Todd Rundgren - Hiroshima

It is also my belief that the people involved in this have likely threatened, and would not hesitate to instigate another attack against the citizens of the United States, just as it is likely that they instigated the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia in order to revive the fear tactic of the threat of war with Russia, the evil Empire as we have been told/lied to for so many years.

The United States should be thankful at the prudence, restraint and courage of Vladimir Putin in being the strong man of his nation at this time in history, as well as in placing a check on the forces of the United States Military that have been hijacked to pursue a truly diabolical and generational pursuit of global domination by force. It truly is the story told in the end of days for the anti-Christ to establish the Kingdom of God without God.

Until the day that someone comes along and outs an end to it....

I don't know about you, Joe, but I've been watching littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) and they've been showing an awful  lot of footage showing how the people everywhere in the world  are tired of governments that plunder, kill, intimidate and give their resources away to other people to get wealthy. And if something isn't done about it soon, people are just going to rise up... and Joe, this is prophecy, it will become violent, and I don't  care how many prison camps are set up by Halliburton to contain people who refuse to comply with a tyrannical government, the American people, and the citizens of the world, outnumber the "shadow government"... and the idea that these people believe they can get away with this is true proof of their own delusional psychosis. It's just true.

The problem is, they're counting on violence form the citizens or a terrorist act or a military conflict... instigated by them.. to justify lockdowns in the United States, or anywhere in the world. These people are so delusional, they believe they can defeat God. They really do. So the important thing is to not give them a reason.

These people don't miss a trick. The other day when I was angry and saying so, justifiably so, I was thinking about the note I sent out to Focus on Family about how my name was actually pronounced like RAIN, not wren, and that if they wanted REHN of Biblical proportions, I was their guy. I said I was thinking about praying with them... :} Anyway, then I jokingly said, "Ok George, bring on the chemtrails." And sure enough there were chemtrail yesterday and today.  They'll probably say I prayed for rain, or they'll try to say that I'm responsible for the hurricane in Florida and Katrina and all kinds of stuff, including harassing CNN with telepathy, which is crazy, given that I didn't even know I was being psyOped and surveiled and ... I don't know, what do you call being abused by my government?

Talk about plausible deniability. I don't really even believe my web site is on line. :}

I figure Project Bluebeam was supposed to be the technology that would allow the world to be informed that I was around, under much different circumstances. They thought if they emulated the prophecies in the Bible, that people would believe that the "Messiah" they presented to the world would be accepted, and they would cause prophecy to occur, and then they'd have their "anti-Christ dictator" and would have duped the world.

Now, if that technology were used, people would think it was the great conspiracy of the anti-Christ.....

If you look at the situation in the United States, how the laws were structured and the responsibilities of each department and segment of government, including the military, are set up, the most logical resolution to the situation would be to have the military and intel agencies seize the government and declare martial law until order could be restored and kept, and until fair elections were held.

The problem there is that the government - these shadow government people - have successfully disinformed people such that if the military were to do such a thing, people would think it was the forces of the "anti-Christ" and would rebel against it.

This dialectic goes further: if the military still decided to fulfill its responsibilities and seize the government, the Bush Administration has not so covertly contracted the services of Blackwater as its private army and covert operations force, and is ready to act against the military in sufficient numbers to produce a great number of casualties, as well as the risk of severe Psychotronic attack as well as tactical nuclear and neutron attack., or random acts of terrorism.

It should be noted that the movement of Joe Lieberman to the McCain camp is pretty clearly the way that the Council on Foreign Relations is keeping a watch dog on John McCain, particularly when he is being hit with Psychotronics, causing him to speak inaccurately and appear forgetful. 

I have also witnessed Barack Obama who must have been being hit with severe attacks such that he could barely function, such that Michelle had to magnificently speak for him, and then she became the focus of personal attacks, and I would not doubt, attacks and/or threats on their family.

And frankly, Joe, it seems you've gone along with things that are inconsistent with everything you've ever seemed to stand for. And I just don't think you're that good of a bad actor.

It should be noted and made clear that, if you hadn't noticed, the Obama campaign became totally surrounded by the Clintons and their regime after the Clinton campaign appeared to fail. I say appeared because it's my belief that the people backing the Clintons knew who I was, knew my agendas, my "responsibilities", and my true belief in everything I say.... and decided to design a dialectic to take advantage of the knowledge I've acquired over the years  to bust these people and this government and to set up Barack Obama to look like the anti-Christ or the Messiah, depending on how things worked out... and meantime, fully discredit me as unworthy to drive a car, let alone run a country or fulfill the purpose driven life that God has given me the privilege to fulfill.

And, to disinform the public such that Biblical Prophecy would appear to be unfulfilled by my being, because nothing will be as it was prophesied. Of course, you have been taught to believe that the prophecies would absolutely occur. The truth is, they were warnings that they would occur... that Armageddon and so much more would occur... if humanity continued on the path it was traveling down.

And, fortunately for us all, God said that He would intervene and "shorten the days" when He just couldn't take seeing any more of the lies and deceptions and carnage.... that day, that proverbial moment of truth has come. It is now. It's not something that can be dealt with in a few years, or through incremental change. We either take this on and deal with it now, or we will lose the opportunity do anything about it later.

And we can not expect that the leaders of other nations will sit idly by while waiting for Americans to take control of their government. It is clear that our government believes it has successfully positioned itself to assert the absolute control it desires, and it is not concerned with the number of people it injures or kills. The proof is in the 200 plus wars we have been engaged in since the establishment of the United States.

The proof is in the participation of Democrat Max Cleeland in being a principal writer of the Patriot Act BEFORE September 11, 2001. The proof is in the absurd profits of the oil companies while citizens are struggling to make ends meet, and while our children's bodies and minds are destroyed while these people secure oil fields - not to supply us with oil - but to assure that they can threaten the entire world with a cutoff of oil supplies if they do not comply with their demands to bow to the military and economic power stolen from the citizens of Americans and many other countries.

Now, Joe, anybody can have clear eyes, that's what Visine is for. Actually, even that doesn't work anymore.:} Ask Christopher Hitchens... and while you're at it, ask him about the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Trials of Henry Kissinger. Or tell America about how John Negroponte was the envoy with plausible deniability who oversaw the disappearance and deaths of so many people in South America to accommodate the installation of government "leaders" who would go along with the oppression of their own people - by bribe or by gunpoint.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Official Site

And let's tell the truth about Venezuela. Karl Rove thinks I'd go to Venezuela because he knows the Machiavellian rule about how if you need to accomplish something and you have two "enemies" in front of you, the thing to do is to cause them to fight and weaken each other and do the fighting for you, and then when it's over, you take over. Like our politicians dividing us over issues that aren't often the most important issues anyway. Things like air cuts, shoes...

Karl knows that Hugo Chavez would probably love to supply me with a staff full of attorneys to take my legitimate evidence and thousands of corroborating witnesses to court against the government and the corporations. But the time that would take would mean the United States would come under tyranny before anything could be done, and they would control the courts anyway, so that would be a moot point.

So the only thing thing that could be done would be to go South of the border, talk to everybody down there and convince them to convince the U.S. shadow government to comply with THEIR rules... good, fair rules.. or the U.S. would be cut off. In other words... strangely enough... whether I got involved or not, because they're not stupid either... the domino theory would have to be applied against the United States in order to contain our despotic leaders... it's just the same way we've done it to other nations for generations.

We don't want the Russians involved with our internal affairs because the government keeps insisting on telling us that the Russians, whom we have harmed greatly, and not for a good cause, have been amazingly restrained in their responses to us.

We don't want China involved, because they are pretty ruthless, and why would they want to do something to start a World War? They have their own problems. Besides, they've never really liked us. They had their walls up long ago when Nixon opened up trade to China, to contain their own people, but also to protect themselves against a hostile world that they created with their own empires long ago.

Even more, now, they know these financiers and business people who have started all the wars and catastrophes over the centuries. They allowed these financiers to invest in their nation, deliver technology, steal it and bribe officials to deliver the most classified materials to them through Buddhist Temples and other covert means with plausible deniability... maybe actors or reporters moving around the world.   Meanwhile, our leaders, fully in line with these plans, got huge sums of money over time for their treason.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) James Taylor - Carry Me On My Way

The Chinese plan is clearly to get all they can from these companies as quickly as possible, then nationalize all of their businesses, and leave the financiers broke. The financiers think they're going to "buy off" the Chinese. The Waterloo of the American traitors is happening before your eyes, whether you see it or not.

And the problem is, unless we get things under control quickly and expel these traitors from our midst, the backlash from all the Waterloos going on around the world are going to harm the American people. Canada too. Canada is in the hip pocket of the U.S. Government/Shadow Government/New World Order.

And the drug wars along the border of Mexico. Call it civil war. They know the United States is setting the stage to control the Mexican oil fields too. And that their elected officials are selling out.  Just like much of South America, the drug cartels appear to actually be resistance movements funding their operations against corrupt governments with the sale of drugs... just like the CIA.

We've taught our enemies to fight us well using the same methods we use. And our corrupt leaders know it, so, just like the Bible says, they're getting desperate and speeding things up.

What did the invasion of Russia, caused by U.S. infiltrators do? They provided the U.S. the excuse to supposedly scare Poland into allowing us to install patriot and other defensive missile systems in their country. Now, why does Poland need a defensive missile system? And remember, a missile defense system can easily be targeted as an offensive weapon? Well, now we say it's because of Russia.

Russia says that the military operations of the Georgians were reminiscent of how Germany attacked Russia in World War II through the caucuses. Countries like Poland, in the so-called Eastern Block, that were provided to Russia by the U.S. and England as a geographic buffer against attacks from countries like.. the United States.

Not long ago it was supposedly because of the Iranian threat. The last thing Iran wants is a war, let alone nuclear war. The United States manipulated Iran and Iraq into a war that was devastating to both nations.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Crosby, Still & Nash - Find the Cost of Freedom

And all the mass graves supposedly caused by Hussein massacring his people... alot of people died in the Iraq-Iran war, not to mention the Gulf War in 1991. Where do you think they were buried?

Besides, Iranians actually like the American people, and many of the American ways of life and technologies. Iranians are not Arabs, they're Persian.

When America declared them part of the Axis of Evil , what were they to do? They didn't declare war on the United States. We declared war on them. And Iran has a right to defend itself. We say we do, why don't they? Since the United States proved that the only deterrent to its desire for military domination was nuclear weapons, Iran had no choice to develop, or appear to develop, nuclear weapons in order to stand the U.S. off. What choice did they have?

Meanwhile as a backup plan to this dialectic. they knew that if we attacked Iran, there was a great probability that Saudi Arabia would use Chinese nuclear weapons to defend them. After all, Saudi Arabia's people are being killed and  maimed by the effects of depleted uranium too. Just like our own troops who are exposed to it while in combat.

Russia's been trying to help Iran, but knows that if they were to directly intervene, our leaders would once again revive the cold war and might use it as an excuse to start a world war.

Further, the "Russian invasion of Georgia" gave Russia theoretical control of vital oil fields - thus protecting Europe from disruptions caused by the United States - and sent a message to the United States that it was not going to be allowed to use the former Eastern Block nations to launch an offensive war in the Middle East and against Russia, who is protecting the Middle Eastern nations... and at the same time preserving a geographical buffer zone between itself and the places from which such an attack would most likely be launched.

Meanwhile, surprise surprise... this will explain Lebanon, from whence Armageddon was supposedly going to come from... and which Israel wanted to disrupt... Syria will protect Israel and the Holy Lands with nuclear weapons they have had for a very long time in order to protect the Palestinians.

If you look at Zbigniew Brzezinski's chess board - the guy masterminding all of this - the guy on Obama's staff and the "founding director" of the Council on Foreign Relations.... the world has America surrounded. And the only thing that can save us from these despots is to stop them. The ones in OUR government.

The question is, how? Because they have the big weapons. They control the money. They control the media. And we don't want them to have an excuse to declare martial law. They've been printing money at the Fed and handing it out like candy, because they know their days are numbered, and they think they can take it with them and bankrupt us at the same time.

Or, as dialectics go... if they succeed in securing this nation, they'll change the currency themselves, as Lou Dobbs has been reporting about the North American Union and the institution of a new currency...  they'll get a great exchange rate.

Meanwhile, you may have been buying up gold just in case the economy collapses? They have a plan for that too. They're going to certify their gold as the gold that is exchangeable as precious and therefore of value. Yours will be good for things like "costume jewelry".

Even if everything goes awry, the bottom line is to force you into compliance with their plans. And that means total dependence on the government. And if you don't comply, one way or another they'll kill you.

They've killed millions and millions of people over the generations while citizens have believed their lies, grown sick from their foods and drugs and chemicals...

Given the evidence, there's no reason to believe these people would not kill us outright because they know they're cornered, their days are numbered, and they don't have a great many options on places to go. Except, George's new place in Paraguay, supported by Blackwater's security.

Anyone can have clear eyes... having a clear conscience is much more important, in my opinion.

That's why some people need to step forward and tell the truth, expose what's going on in this country so that our nation will, in fact, be saved. And it has to be done in a way that does not incite violence. And the people who are the true criminals must be expelled and dealt with.

I always said that I'd go anywhere, anytime to do what it takes to make things work. That's not courageous or staging, that's a commitment. It's my job. But I see no one whom I trust, or have reason to trust, to assist me, let alone lead.

I want to be president.

This is not a simple expression of my desire to do it for the fun of it, although I believe I will enjoy it. It is an expression of my commitment to causing something truly greater than myself, with my first responsibility being to the creation, second, the United States as the anointed nation at this time, and to the world. To the world because the United States was intended to be the New World, the nation being the result of generations of cultural development and evolution such that it would evolve into a shining example of what God's plan could accomplish if it was observed.

Frankly, the leaders of this nation failed miserably. The people, the citizens, have not. They kept the faith. Politicians and bankers have reaped the rewards. One way or the other, everyone's self-interests were served - except the citizens who pay for the service. That entire mentality was fostered in cultures and nations, and it was no accident. Nor is it an accident that I'm here typing into a computer, still believing in that American Dream, refusing to surrender and wondering, if all this wasn't true, why would I be doing it?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe

Because there's something beautiful about the idea of a world where people figured out it was about work, but also it was about getting to the point where it was all fun.

All this selfish nonsense and endangering people has to end, and it has to end now.

You know that I know how to stage events, and since I've been forced to engage you all as if it's some kind of board game... I'm really bored with the game, and I'm tired of watching people play games while people are suffering, our nation is on the brink of collapse, and some shady people are crawling around thinking they can always figure out a new angle. And I've always wanted to check out South America, but this is my home. And I refuse to be evicted, and if I am, I'll come back. And back, and back, and back.

And if people aren't willing to do what's necessary, somehow, I will, in my own way. And you know I refuse to lower myself to your level.

So I have my web site. You guys have the power. Sort of. They always say that politicians will try to do everything... and then do the right right thing only when they have to.

You have to. God is in control. The proof is that you're either reading this or hearing it or something. People simply aren't going to put up with it much longer.

I want to be president because I want the authority, not just the responsibility. I want to direct traffic, and get things rolling again without getting anyone killed. I want to move toward the goals that many people were trying to accomplish on behalf of God since this nation was created. And I want to do it in a way so that it makes sense to people, not because they're been trained, suppressed or indoctrinated. People are smart. That's why you've failed.

My stepfather George was the least literate person I've met. He taught me a great deal, despite his faults. Things I can't imagine having learned any other way. But the brutality was unnecessary. And it was all part of what I understood, but can not condone, nor will I stand and tolerate it any longer. And if it takes a national stay at home strike, I'm sure it could be accomplished in time... and then you'd really have problems on your hands because of the critical mass that would be generated.

The prospect of  these people to destroy this country, or a part of this world, or the records of their activities should be enough to cause the whole world to refuse to cooperate or participate with the evil you people spread.

And that's why the time is now for people to stand up and be counted.. leaders who can cause the New World... as a choice, not a requirement or as an option. And I'm not willing to be made into a spectacle, nor will I allow this deception to continue.

I am not willing to join a political party, because I don't' care about such direct affiliations and I have no intention of taking sides.

I have no desire to join any given church, but I hope to be welcome to participate with all. And you just really have to understand that I am absolutely in favor of separation of church and state.

When I was a little kid, my biggest sin was blasphemy. When my sisters forced me to go to church, I'd steal some cigarettes and go out on the country road in Scotts Valley in the hills and smoke and curse God for forcing me to do something I didn't want to do when I didn't feel like it.. to me, that was going to church on my day off when I didn't feel like it. I worked 6 days a week, and still had to feed animals and bring in firewood and other chores on Sundays. But it was my day off. And as long as I wasn't forced, I loved church. So I have no desire to create a theocracy other than one than includes all. And I desire a government that understands that its job is to serve the logistical interests of its citizens and beings of all kinds.

And if that isn't glamorous enough for you, go to Hollywood. And can we please have some movies that aren't about sex and blowing things up? I mean, I enjoy Burn Notice, but do we really want to be teaching people to make sticky bombs on TV?

So, Joe, I just remembered this is to you...

Whaddya gonna do Joe? And everybody?

And to anyone who's truly guilty... are we really going to be forced into doing a Waco on you? And if you think you're going to implement Rex 84... good luck. You're surrounded.

What are you going to do to assist me to make things easier, or what are you going to do to cause people to want to "rip your heads off"? And Karl, I think you're really clever, but I think it's time for you and Poppy to get run out on that rail you were talking about long ago.

I think I've made my point. And I'll only say that I will not be stopped. Because God is on my side. He is in control. And he understands passive aggressive behavior, and he's using it on you now to let you dig the holes deeper and deeper and deeper.

That was Him talking. He is the boss. Make no mistake about it. You think I don't feel a little weird writing this stuff? But it's undeniable, isn't it? Walter Carlos - Sinfonia To Canatata #29 is playing. Probably means something :}

I think I've made my point, Joe. And I don't really want to go to Venezuela for these reasons. But I will. But there's this song about stopping by a church along the way... and that would be kind of fun too, except that apparently California isn't a safe place for me.. what can I say?

I think 53 years in prison is enough, and you disobeyed the part about not pissing me off. Sorry about the language. I'm just going to shake my head and call this one finished.

Make some choices. Let me know. I got some music to listen to.

One more thing.. you can't change America.. that inspired me. And you know know, you can't. Because America is a spirit of its own, the beautiful nation of beautiful souls and beautiful ideals that are within us, and cannot be denied regardless of the oppression we face. America doesn't need to be changed. It simply needs to be allowed to be what it is. And I'm here to give it permission to be so.

It was a mistake to think that the American people are weak and stupid.... and interestingly, reflects your own true characters and self-perceptions. We are not like you shadow government people. We're tired of your stuff.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Prince - New Power Generation

What's below are some responses to some "interrogations" that occurred while writing this. I didn't want these things to detract form the point of this letter, but I think they are valid points of discussion, so I'll leave them below.

And that, of course, was the importance of reading the Bible my mother gave me. And sure, the idea of an Era of Reconciliation and atonement was the right thing (mind you, even me explaining this is a potential setup to claim I am a false prophet)...   came from the footnotes of the Concordance of that Bible.

To which I'll say, if it was that obvious, why wasn't anybody doing it? I mean, I know other people who are calling for what I'm calling for, but for some reason, they're not hooked up with what appears to be some kind of direct connection to... people... I can think of a hundred ways it could be done, but none of them are good or justifiable... still, here I am pleading for the lives of innocent, not wanting ill will to come upon anyone, and yet, you wanted a world with true choice, with a few simple rules and a request to leaders from time to time, in visions and impulses to people like George Washington, trying to give them gentle guidance in order to cause or prevent the course of history.

If God had a plan for my life, soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Chicago - Searching So Long I have to believe now that it is occurring as it sort of always seemed it would... that all of my experiences would give me the ability and the compassion to take everyone and everything into consideration... it's been hell and it's been wonderful, and in truth I feel pain, but I don't regret it so long as the plan can be fulfilled, because it really is a beautiful plan that doesn't really require so much change as much as simple equality really.  And as for me, what is, is, what happened, happened... what can I do about that other than to fulfill the goals I not only was meant to endeavor to achieve, but have been a part of my heart ever since I can remember? Things that are worth doing. Things I always  hoped I could do.

And if only for the logic and the outcry from the citizens of the world, it is clear the time is now, it is clear, at least to me at this time, that it is the time I was prepared to shape and inform and reset a few things to a point where people are allowed to be people, and love each other and not be afraid, and not be living in survival mode.

And the only thing that will allow that is for people to be allowed to understand what God had in mind so that we can do it. Because it makes sense. Not because I say "I'm the Son of Man" with lots of echo, fireworks and supernatural activity. I figure part of the reason I wasn't supposed to develop my skills was because God really needs for people to choose.. and if some guy came along doing all these wonderful things and saving the world, people wouldn't think about what it would take to make a world that works...

This is about truth... as individuals, as families, as communities, as states, as nations, and regions and the universe... this is about trusting God... this is about remembering that the Bible said I would not be what people are expecting, regardless of the fact that the Bible said it would be true...

This isn't about creating a world where everyone walks around saying God Bless You all day long. I mean, I definitely have my moments where I'm filled with the spirit... like right now... I hadn't planned to talk about all these things tonight... it's part of why I know I'm right about me.. because I try to write a little story to exemplify something, and it takes non-linear bits and pieces that can only be explained by all sorts of overt and covert influences...  it's why when I read that stuff about the Illuminati thinking they had to not only rely on divine - what, imbuement? - but also shaping the ideals and views of this person - me - cause I was me when they got their mitts on me, and I'm still me, a little worse for the wear, but not wavering in any way in my faith or belief that I had a special purpose. I knew it deep inside. And that's why I actually worked on my self to make sure that I allowed my life to happen, and not to try to second guess all the things that happened. Still. If you do the kinds of sick things that are done to me, it's hard for me to imagine what is done to other people, because the reports I've seen inform me that many others are suffering more than me.

And that's why it all simply has to stop now. And some people need to step forward and do the right thing. Scott McClellan got the ball rolling with his book "What Really Happened". I applaud him for that because it took courage. And I hope that it brought him the comfort he deserves for his disclosures. And no, I didn't read the book and I don't need to. What's more important for him and his family is that he cleared his conscience, and I'm sure respecting certain appropriate confidentialities, he told what he believed were key things that he believed made a case or exposed a paradigm or mode of operation. And if he didn't, shame on him. See, that's the thing. people need to make a choice.

And I sure hope we don't end up with a whole lot of politicians writing puff-piece books to scoop some cash off the "expose" book market to cover the crimes being exposed. That too would end up being grounds for RICCO.

It's like T. Boone Pickens. I haven' read his plans, I don't need to. He deserves credit if the only thing he does is inform people that there are other choices that can be made, and he deserves credit for that. Even if his ideas aren't "the ideas", I know that he knows he helped to ignite a conversation that's been needed for a long time. And of course "his" ideas should be fully considered and factored in.

As a president, you don't do the work, you empower people to do what's inside them to do, and the ability to do that is more important than any personal skills. And you make decisions about the priorities and the methods of implementation. And you lead with good ideas and forethought, so that Congress can see the possibilities and take them on as their own...

That's why I like Mitt Romney. He's a CFR member. I don't know what he's had a hand in or what he's agreed to, but he sure appears to be a good administrator - and I think Mormons are pretty cool, actually. A lot of good family values. What is it, Monday dinner.. what a great idea. A tradition that keeps families in touch with each other. Pretty simple. Don't like the rest of what they believe, go to another church. Or watch a televangelist. Or eat cookies.

And sure, like John Edwards, I care that something happened that caused him to go off the path.

I also know what Psychotronics can do, and how they're used to set people up to do things they wouldn't normally do. So I don't know the truth about that situation, but I do know that because I haven't been "outed", people are getting hurt to try to keep people silent.. and I caught it when John Edwards passed the message on to me "I Believe In You"... and then things happened.

Like with Spitzer, a guy I've had on my mind to be attorney general for years... and that list goes on and on... and the only way it's going to stop is for me to be known and seen for who I am, what I stand for, and be allowed to do my job.. that I so want to do.

But I will be beholden to no one. And that's my job too. And I simply refuse, at this point, with what I have endured and learned and known, to be denied the opportunity to serve God and the promise for the world he wants us all to have. And there simply isn't anything else I really have to say about it all.

Or as my buddy Forrest Gump would say - That's all I have to say about that.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jim Croce - I Got A Name



9/5/2008 - Given what's in the original letter , are you going to say you know nothing  about this as well?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jeffrey Osborne - Is It Right?

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) In an interview with, national security expert Thomas Heneghan said American intelligence officials have evidence that Tenet took a $38 million dollar bribe to resign so the White House could blame the 9-11 attacks on faulty CIA intelligence.

Heneghan said Tenet and his family are currently being protected by U.S. intelligence, while also revealing that Fitzgerald has granted the former CIA Director transactional immunity in exchange for his testimony against the White House.

The evidence of Tenet’s bribe was discovered by federal investigators who said the money was laundered through Volksbank in Basel, Switzerland which also has links to deceased Bush family associate Leonard Millman and his former controversial partner, “Indian Casino” Jack Abramoff, according to Heneghan.

The intelligence whistleblower told us that evidence implicating former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith for violations of the Federal Espionage Act under U.S. Code Title 18, Section 793 is currently before Fitzgerald’s grand jury.

Wolfowitz and Feith are agents of a foreign government, operating in the Bush administration to create spin as members of the secret White House Iraq Group,” said Heneghan, adding “they violated elements of the Espionage Act and bypassed the CIA in passing national security information to Israel.”

The assertions raise serious questions as to why the House and Senate are continuing to fail the American people by permitting spies to operate in the Pentagon, why President Bush would appoint agents of a foreign government to the Defense Department with access to military secrets, mission planning and technology—but also whether Congress is obstructing justice and condoning treason by the White House.

Plame team discovered attempt to plant WMD in Iraq

Heneghan told that Valerie Plame’s CIA group used the cover of Brewster-Jennings Energy Company “to investigate the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) issue in Iraq and how Turkey could have been used as an invasion pivot point using troops coming from the north and south that may have prevented the insurgency if they swept through quickly—and the firefights would have been prevented at the Baghdad airport, where many Americans lost their lives.”

Plame and her team discovered and interdicted an attempt to plant WMD by Mossad agents, masking themselves as Israeli military officers working unofficially in Baghdad with the United States Military Central Command and known as the J2X Joint Intelligence Liaison, according to the federal whistleblower.

Heneghan’s intelligence sources also revealed that “former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was in command and control of the failed operation attempting to plant the WMD,” adding, “this was kept secret for the purpose of ‘discovering’ the weapons in order to justify the war.”

The Pakistan Daily Times reported that retired Navy Lt. Commander and 28 year Defense Department veteran Nelda Rogers, another Pentagon whistleblower, said “the Bush administration’s assurance about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was based on a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plan to 'plant' WMDs inside the country.”

It is not known whether the Fitzgerald grand jury has subpoenaed testimony from the former U.S. Navy officer, who said “the plan failed when the secret mission was mistakenly taken out by ‘friendly fire.’ “

These and other revelations raise more questions regarding why House and Senate members are not subpoenaed by Fitzgerald to publicly testify as to why they are obstructing justice by permitting the White House to commit treason against the American people.

Reports reveal evidence that either Woodward or Post reporter Walter Pincus is not telling the truth, since Pincus and Post reporter Glenn Kessler have been questioned in the Plame investigation; and Woodward claimed to have told Pincus about Plame’s covert CIA status, to which Pincus replied, “Are you kidding, I certainly would have remembered that.”

In a startling revelation, Heneghan said “There are U.S. intelligence files and field reports which identify Bob Woodward as a deep cover member of the Office of Naval Intelligence with links to the Israeli Mossad,” adding, “there are also serious questions as to why Woodward was the first to obtain the CIA-Valerie Plame leak story and what role it played in his book which attempted to portray Bush as an ‘in-command’ leader.“

“There are also intelligence files indicating that Woodward’s retired boss and former Washington Post Editor-in-Chief Ben Bradlee is closely linked to the Mossad and knows the true story of President Kennedy’s assassination,” said Heneghan.


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