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U.S. Government Commits Weather Wars Against Americans

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Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Web Site was online
BEFORE the Hurricane Happened


Not long after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, as well as Alabama, I received an email from a Yahoo Forum Group suggesting that the George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton website to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina was online prior to the hurricane hitting New Orleans.

The person writing the email was not technically savvy. But, given the story of the inside job of 911 that has been suppressed, and with the knowledge that Congress passed legislation on two prior occasions stating that the United States Government was not liable for damages caused by 2 previous hurricanes it had created by artificial means (in other words, the United States experimented with weather warfare with the East Coast of the United States generating monstrous, disastrous hurricanes), I decided to check it out.

I went to the Network Solutions web site. Network Solutions is the primary administrative body for ICANN, Internic, and the other associated official agencies created for the internet's administration. It should be noted that these are front companies for SAIC, which in and of itself is a front for numerous former Department of Defense officers and employees, given cover so you wouldn't know they do, in fact, take their orders from the Department of Defense.

The information below is taken directly from the Network Solutions web site's "WhoIs" look up feature that allows you to retrieve information about websites.

According to this record, the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund web site was online as of at least June 14, 2005.  Note the date emphasized in red below.

Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29th. This was planned well in advance.

Having been a computer professional for over 20 years, I decided not to trust my interpretation of the information. I wrote to Network Solutions technical support, and specifically asked them if the date described, June 14, 2005, (in red below) meant that the web site was actually online as of at least June15th, and they confirmed it. I knew that was the correct interpretation of the information, but I wanted to be sure.

There is no doubt that the United States Government was responsible for the generation or enhancement of Hurricane Katrina through weather manipulation, and former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, in their continual quests to look like good guys, decided they'd cover their knowledge and involvement in weather modification by putting up a web site to make them look like they were helping, instead of being part of yet another conspiracy by this government to harm its own citizens.

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   Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund 
   55 W125th St
   New York, NY 10027
   Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
   Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
   55 W125th St
   New York, NY 10027
   Phone: 212 348 8882
   Record expires on 02-Sep-2006
   Record created on 02-Sep-2005
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Web Site Title: Welcome to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Official Web Site
Data as of: 14-Jun-2005

When you register a domain name, current policies require that the contact information for your domain name registration be included in a public database known as WHOIS.

Weather modification is nothing new. In fact, in 1998, the Clinton Administration conducted tests using aircraft which flew figure 8's over the midwest. The result was tornadoes and floods caused by the vorteses of the planes.

More interestingly, if you were to do an analysis, you would find that the FAA uses its computers to route commercial aircraft to fly in patterns that generate tornadoes and floods.

But my knowledge of the United States' efforts to master weather modification goes all the way back to before 1960.

My father worked at the Naval Shipyard in San Francisco at Hunter's Point. I was never told much about his work, because it was highly classified. However, every once in a while, twice actually, he let us in on something.

One of these "somethings" was his work on the Hover Craft prototype, supposedly derived from Alien Spacecraft Technology. And I am aware of numerous stories of "anti-grav" aircraft coming out of caves along the coastline of Santa Cruz, from facilities operated by Lockheed (now Lockheed-Martin-Marrietta). These caves were in the area of some decapitated bodies that were found along the coast of Santa Cruz... a   few weeks after I visited the beach and "stared out to the ocean"...

The other "something" was his work with weather modification.

One day, he gathered all of us kids (6) into my bedroom, and told us to watch. He took a small amount of water, put it in a 10 gallon fish tank (I think it was), and dropped a small piece... a very small piece of radium into the tank. Nothing happened. He seemed perplexed. So he took an electric fan and pointed it into the tank. Within a very few seconds, what he called a cyclone was generated and self-sustaining in the fish tank. It scared me so badly I ran out of the room, because of the "train-like" rumbling noise it made, and the fact that I thought the glass fish tank would burst.

It also became the reason I never wanted to have a glow in the dark watch, because back then, glow in the dark watches glowed because they contained chips of radium, and I knew that was radioactive.

These days, there is  a problem with radium pollution is San Francisco Bay. It's a big problem. It's a bigger problem than people realize. And I've realized since that my father told me much more in the following months - things I only connected the dots on a few years ago when I decided to create a website for political activism.

And the problem was caused by the use of radium for weather modification, not the mooring of atomic submarines and nuclear powered vessels as people are being told. It's a lethal situation.

Not long after that, there were devastating floods caused by hurricanes in Mississippi - must have been approximately 1962 or 3 (I had a friend who moved there just weeks before it happpend, and they moved back. I was 7 or 8 years old).

Think about this: What is recommended for people to take in case of a nuclear attack to protect them and their thyroids from death? Iodate, which fills the thyroid gland and prevents it from getting cancer, or sustaining life-threatening damage by being filled with Iodine.

Morton Salt is mined from San Francisco Bay. That means, Morton salt is a carrier of radiation. Back in the 60's, we were informed that people should eat iodized salt because we didn't get enough of iodine in our diets. (although that doesn't make sense). And Morton was famous for its Iodized Salt. "When it rains, it pours"

These days, the government has been sure to tell people not to eat salt because of its detrimental effect on blood pressure (which by the way, is a semi-lie). This means, your government is telling you to stop taking the very thing that has kept millions of people alive for years: iodized salt. Have you notice all the commercials for natural "sea salt"... no additives.

But it's another one of those things that works both ways. The iodine in the salt prevents other iodine from being collected, which is theoretically good. Except that the irradiated salt irradiates the iodine, and now you're eating the very things that will cause the cancer it theoretically would prevent.

The problem is worse than that. Consider that it is estimated that the detrimental effects of radiation from the Chernobyl melt down will be  a problem for more than 100 million years. Then, consider that when the Chernobyl cloud hit the United States, the first landfall occurred in Eureka, California (where there is a high rate of cervical cancer), and then it moved up the coast to Seattle, where it rained.

My personal vegetable garden produced mutated vegetables. I had full sized corn that produced cobs less than 3 inches long. Little tiny tomatoes. I turned the soil under and decided it must have gotten contaminated. Pres. Ronald Reagan was supposed to have visited   Seattle that week. He never came here, or came back.

And at a certain point, Geiger counters were actually prohibited for sale.

If the fallout lasts 100 million years... that means the Seattle area, and in fact the coastline from Eureka to Seattle and beyond, is still contaminated with radiation. And, we're living in a time when salt is discouraged, and even more, iodized salt is used even less as we are "encouraged" to buy more natural products. (and I have another story that could only mean that San Onofree leaks).

This means your government is knowingly telling you to stop doing what will save your life. In other words, they are advising you to do what will kill you.

See littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) for more information on weather warfare, HAARP, chemtrails and other covert, destructive acts are being performed by your government that easily accounts for the unusually harsh weather in the Midwest and Gulf Coasts, as well as the most recent hurricanes in the summer of 2008. Because it's good for business.

The recent earthquakes in China are attributed to HAARP, and the Chinese government is considering it an act of war. littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) See this page

In related news, having to do with Psychotronics and directed energy weapons:

It has been reported that prior to North Korea's capitulation to U.S. demands to cease operating its atomic plants (supplied by Donald Rumsfeld and Westinghouse), North Korea has suffered a 2 year drought, leaving its people in more dire straits than before.

The recent illness of Kim Jong Il is consistent with directed energy attacks. And it should be assumed that the microwave/directed energy attacks upon him are the very reason why the North Koreans have decided to restart its nuclear program.

China sent doctors to North Korea to perform surgery on Kim Jong Il after he had a stroke caused by an aneurysm. An aneurysm is when a vessel or cell in the brain explodes or "leaks", an effect associated with attacks by directed energy weapons, as described in littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) "What is Psychotronics?"

Basically, microwaves are aimed at people's heads, causing them to heat (like sticking an animal in a microwave oven) causing their cells to literally cook until they fail, malfunction or burst.

In 2002, I made recordings to George Bush, Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat regarding the then status of the non-existent peace process in Israel. You can see and hear them littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  here. People tend to discredit the idea that these foreign leaders, let alone U.S. leaders, listen to what I have to say, but Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat actually did what I recommended (see the previous link).

Ariel Sharon is still in a coma from a stroke from an aneurysm. If you are familiar with Yassir Arafat's symptoms when he was airlifted to France for emergency medical care, he too was suffering the obvious effect of an aneurysm, meaning, they were both murdered.

Were they on Dick Cheney's hit list?

And when they took my advice, my advice was to ignore George Bush's militaristic roadmap to peace, and instead, to speak to their people and require peace.

I'll let you interpret why they were killed and incapacitated. It's not hard to figure out.

Why do I know so much about directed energy weapons?

Because I have been subjected to intense directed energy attacks  and Psychotronic attacks since 2001. I can actually prove, for other purposes, that it has occurred since I was a child, and I believe my father, who was PsyOped out of his job at Hunter's Point, was also killed by them. After leaving the Naval Shipyard. my father was employed by General Electric - the Sylvania division, where he installed the first Closed Circuit TV System ever installed, among other things.

His treatment is most certainly related to his disclosures to me, as well as business dealings with AMPEX electronics, of which he was a founding member, and his association with Richard Nixon, Prescott Bush, General Electric, Warner Bros, the Kennedy Family, RKO and Ted Turner..  it goes on and on and on.

There is more to this story, having to do with my current predicament, and the surveillance I am under, the destruction of my life, and a great deal of the reason why I assume I will soon be leaving this country, and seeking political asylum elsewhere. Which is very sad, given my love for America. Or, at least, the facade of America portrayed by corporate media and our government.

Finally, for those who believe that the United States is fighting a war on terror against  Islamist Extremists, read more on this web site, and you will know that our world war which is underway in more than 100 countries on this planet,  that the United States is waging nuclear war at this moment and committing genocide against Arab and Middle East Nations with the use of depleted uranium, the result of spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors, used to make bullets and dirty bombs that are being dropped from Afghanistan and other places. It's so bad, that the radiation from it is measurable in England.

The radioactive pollution will harm that land for 4.5 billion years.

This, while John McCain warns us against a holocaust against Israel, claims the necessity to fight an unjustified war in Iraq, and empirically claims that no nation has the right to defend itself against the evil of the United States.

Obama and McCain both endorse war in the Middle East, and claim it is against terrorism, when the only thing it is about is oil.

And Sarah Palin, knowing this, sends her son to war for what she deems a noble cause. Becoming vice president.

The United States is not waging only a war against other nations. They are perpetrating a war against its own citizens. This article provides a few simple examples.

Finally, something for you to think about, related to microwave directed energy, and its deadly effects:

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ADD Caused by EMF from Cell Phone Towers. Is your child a victim?

But don't take my word for it. Do some research. I really don't have to make this stuff up. I only wish I did.

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PS: There is much more to this story.


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