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Dental Story

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 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens. What is written here is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

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I go to Hackney in SHelton... they put me on a course of cleaing that would have taken 3-4 months.. which I couldn't figure out, cause I had lots of cavities they ould have fixed.. so finally, after complaining every visit about making sure this one tooth got handled, he says to me, we're going to wait a while and see how many more teeth fall out first. So, I asked  for a referral to the orthodontist, and passive-aggressively was polite on my way out the door... and went to the orthodontist, figuring I'd find another dentist t finish the cavity work.

Sapp does an exam... says, no problem, check with a periodontist, otherwise, fine.

So I go to Reid Ketcher's office...they do a ton of work, never doing anything appropriate to fix this one tooth, though I spent more than  $300 in extra visits just to have them stabilize that tooth til I could get into braces. Showed em the parperwork from Sapp stating what work needed to be done before doing braces...

Someone comes in to do an exam for tooth cleaning.. who proceeds to tell me she has a friend who works at Hackney's office. Made me nervous, and  I wondered why she was doing an exam, and telling me someone else would clean my teeth. Now, it appears she was doing work for Hackney to establish medical records to cover his trail.

At the Ketchers, they did the rst of the periodontal work, things were much better, but  they still didn't stabilize the tooth.. By now it's hard to talk and eat.

Ketchers do all the work EXCEPT stabilizing the tooth... Finally, they refer me to Dr Sapp, the orthodontist... I go to his office, long and short of it is, they tell me I'm not a candidate for braces. He never said anything about there being any reason I couldn't do braces, and I specifically asked him at the original appointment before.

Ketchers acted like they didn't understand the problem. And there was no reason for Sapp to deny the braces according to the Ketchers. Meanwhile, each visit, I'm asing them to do something to stabilize the tooth. They put temporary stuff -composite - on it to hold it.. would lastfor about 15 minutes after I'd leave the office. One time, Katherine said "We could wire it"... they never did.

A few weeks later, I finally got them to refer me to another Orhtodontist, Timothy J Tilson on 4th Street in Olympia.. 3 weeks later. I said to Reid,  can we wire it tempororarily, he says, who told you we could do that.. I was stumped, and told him about the last time he was supposedly stabilizing, his nurse said so. He said, what does she know? I forgot at the time that his wife said so months before.

So I go to the orthodontist... things go okay.. a few weeks later again,I think, I go in for braces. Of course they saet me up for old fashioned braces, metal,   instead of invisalign like I asked. Then they put this mouth harness on me that I can only conclude they'd put on someone like down at Gitmo to forcibly hold their mouths open.. it was an actual harness... uncomfortable, couldn't swallow.,..  then they glue the braces on my top teeth only...  afterward, even I could tell they weren' t put n in appropriate places for leverage  and sterss to realign the teeth properly. But I went along for the moment cuz they were the doctors.

They also put clips on my back molars that ripped up my  mouth. When I went to get out of the chair,I was really dizzy. The assistant says, do you have vertigo. That was weird that she would call it vertigo, because that's  aknown common effect of being attacked with direcetd energy weapons. I said yes.

The doctor and I were talking... I was suspicious by then, so I said somehting baout liking perpetual motion, and this Dentist started talking about things kind of ambiguously and covertly, lettin gme know he knew a bunch of stuff I'd written 4+ years before. Then I really got worried.

After that, my mouth getting ripped up, I went back.. .they had told me he wa going away for 6 weeks on vacation, yet, here we are, a couple weeks later, and they make a fast appointment for me, I go in, there he is, not on vacation, saying they were going to put the bottom braces on... I talked to him about what was going on, basically politiely but firmly told him my complaints, giving him the option of assuring me he would correct things.. instead, I ended up having him take off the clips that were ripping my mouth... I asked for a refund of the $1300 I'd already paid.. He said, how about I keep $400, and you get $900. Of course, I noticed the numbers, so I said fine, when all this is over we'll see how it all works out. He got a weird look on his face. I have this all recorded.

Meanwhile... the guy I was talking wasn't the guy I saw the first time, Dr. Tilson. This guy was the same guy who posed as a verterinarian when I took my dog in to the Shelton Vet Clinic... $86 dollars, and the guy had to ask me how my previous vet went about diagnosing ringworm. Meanwhile, he leaves the room, adn this other assistant is standing there, telling the other  person in the office what I'm doing... which was checking to see if their kind of buidling... cement blocked directed energy.. it did. I can tell by using my hands like antennas. She told them I was doing that. The so called vet said his name was Gary.

Then, I get to the check out desk, pay my bill.. and the receptionist says to me in a coy little voice with a chuckle... whenever you're ready...  the line from the James Taylor song that seems like it could have been written about me. Oaky

Somewhere in the same time period, I go to Oakland Bay Nursery, to get some fertilizer for my garden... didn't have what I wanted, so they tell me this other stuff is good (though it almost killed my plants) and the guy there is the same guy as the veterinarian.. and oh how cute, he has a dog named Tucker.. as in Tucker Carlson. The dog wouldn't leave me alone... carried him around the shop with me. A sheltie.. really sweet.

The interesting part is that when I got the braces put on, my neighbor down the road tlls me, I had braces, ran out of money, and proceeded to tell me how to take them off myself. At that point, despite the clip problem, I was really in heaven thinking I was getting my teeth fixed. I'd finally get my front teeth. So much for that.

I guess the guys at MSNBC didn't like my thoughts that they were illegally monitoring. But it's really good to see that a number of them have gotten braces or adjusted their speaking to speak more directly forward through their mouths, a couple have improved their lisps... and I was even asked to say why I didn't like a particular reporter, and with a couple quick comments far less critcal than they thought.. he was a much better presenter.. the only criticism I actually had was that it seemed like he didn't really care about the news, and that he thought it was more important to present his personality like a talk show host instead of a newscaster. I don't even remember his name. Who cares? Danny knows. :} He hates it when I call him Danny. He's kooky too.

One other interesting note about tilson's office.... we got into a friendly conversation about gardening.. I was talking about all the stuff I was growing, saying how I was particularly glad to be growing raspberries.. and this one woman says, we have trouble getting raspberries to grow around here... a few weeks later, my raspberries died.  My Manchurian Bush Apricot bushes died too...  which is interesting given that I had a few "premonitions" when all this began... including that George W. Would commit suicide before leaving office... that him and his friends would get in a plane and flee the country (emulated when Bush went to Iraq for Thanksgiving).... that I would lead black people out of the south ith a plan I have for opening up new areas and providing homestead-like conditions for purchase and grants... emulated by Katrina, the HAARPicane from hell...the splitting of the country, eerily demonstrated when the flag ripped apart at ground zero while Bush was speaking.... a nuclear bomb going off from the Virgina side of DC, which has now been replaced - since making a note about the nuclear option to Hillary - it now looks like a merv or single nuclear equipped missile firing over DC... the good news about me syaing this is not to vreate concern, but typically, as I mention these things, they decide to do somehting else... not alwys true, but mostly, if you were to follow the news and my weblogs... not all of which are online.

The weirdest thing that really got me hooked, though, is that before I started doing activism officially with the boycott,  I had  a dream.. I rarely have dreams, and when I do, they usually come true...this was an interesting dream... I was going to walk outside the front door, and looked out, and it had turned into the rolling hills meadow landscape by a river, and every sor tof animal in the animal Kingdom was laying around,like they were waiting for me to come outside. I thought it was neat. Asked someone what it meant, someone who knows a lot of mythology and stuff.. and she said something like it wa a asign of all the power of the kingdom... maybe animal kingdom... bringing their service and power to me. I thought was pretty cool, but I didn't think much of it.

Then I started watching Dobbs, and a few days later, an Edward Jones commercial comes on - or some investment firm - that had almost exactly the same scene in it. That was spooky. That's a small part of what got me thinking I was supposed to "hook up" with CNN and Lou Dobbs... kind of weird, but I didn't know then, that I was getting hit by DEWS and psychotronics.. I know now it started long before that.. I'd say when I was about 9 years old. But more recently, in 1999.

Another weird thing...when my mom died... she wouldn't say a word to me. I sat by her side and gave her medicine for 10 days.... not aword, until the end, when she cried out "Help me". Turns out the hospice nurse who set up her bed when they brought her from the hospital to die at home, was the same person who ended up being my landlord later in Maryland.. didn't realize it until afterward... and that woman tried to set me up for a few things, including an arugement she started that had me call the police on her. It seems like  a small thing, but I was getting ready to leave DC because so many weird things happened there, I just wanted out of that town. She wanted to show the house for other renters...

I said, no problem, just do me  a favor and please call ahead and make a time that's convenient for me.

This one day, I'd finished up teaching a guy about computers and things for Results, he leaves, and a couple minutes later, the phone rings. I didn't answer, cause I was tired, I didn't like the guy, and I would've called her back in a bit. The next thing I know, she's at the door with a painter.. I tol dher to go away, reminded her that I made  a reasonable request for her to call ahead.. and set a time. She refused.. and of course, I was mad just to be bothered tht she couldn't even respect the one request I had. They stood on the doorstep talking, saying bad things about me like I was an idiot and pathetic, I told them to leave or I'd call the police,  they wouldn't leave.. I called the police. They came, the landlord finally left, the officer assured me I had taken appropriate action, without actual judgment on the situation. Then everyone, L and her and others, played me like I was crazy and had gone over the edge. I have rights. She had no respect for them. That was the point. Forget rights. How bout respecting a reasonable request from another human being.?

Turns out, she was a lesbian, and that seemed to play into things. And I remember her son making some comment about how he was tired of hearing his mom talk about how much she hates men. Her partner was the one who introduced herself to me by criticizing me for smoking. personally I didn't have any issues with them... even their rudeness to me. I just figured they weren't going to be good friends. No biggie.

All I'm going to say about any of tha for now, though I will get to it later when I'm "free to do so", is to say there was someon ein my life constantly encouraging me to grow weed.. and tht's why she was there with the painter, although, that would not have prevented me from letting her and the painter in the house. When I'm  through, there will be numerous stories of the rest of my set up life from then on. Let's just say, they tie the loose ends together, and put the frosting on the cake that will criminalize certain organizations and politicians. We'll start with Inuoye, Sherrod Brown... others... I'll have to think about all that.. MarianneWilliamson comes into play.. and someone needs to tell her she's being hit by psychotronics big time... big time... explains her temper and mood swings.. classic case... if that wasn't going on with her, I think she and I would be friends. She actually has a brilliant mind. But ask Arianna Huffington about the Aegean Sea... I'll leave that at that, but it's in my weblogs... of course, she has the qualifications of a target... a former dope smoker, and a spiritual leader.




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