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The Melissa Dialectic

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 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens. What is written here is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Momma Miss America


Beatles - Let It Be

I always hesitate to tell people how funny these dialectics are to me sometimes because I don't want anyone for a moment to think that its fun.. it isn't. It hurts, it's purposefully confusing (which is why I just hold info as data til later when MROOT will fix the indexing) and it's what makes Aesopian language ineffective and harmful at this point. Not that I don't hear it or understand the words, for me, it's like calling someone to have an intimate conversation with them - you don't have the opportunity to interact with them by eye contact, or to feel their spirit that part's important to me. I'm certain it's why I sit here sequestered with my only true communications allowed are thru this site, knowing full well that anything I say can and will be used against me.

This is an  important dialectic because it's fresh in my mind, I can see how psyops were used to either lure me in again or to prevent me from effectually communicattion with those who would otherwise join me.... because I get aggravated by the real torture perpetrated against me... confused about what even the good people arer saying to me... which means the psyops worked. Sort of.

What I respect about dialectics is the work and detail that perfectly sets things up so that no matter what you do, the perpetrators being used and the targets are caught in a trap so that if they make waves, they'll be destroyed one way or anopter... reputation, finances, etc. Dialectics rely on massive numbers of little details about someone's life and personality such that to tell the story, someone would have to listen to long ramblings like this one will be in order to actually see the patterns that prove a psyop dialectic.

Something tells me though, that in this case, that my counterpart in this was setup as well, wasn't aware of it, and was  put in the same positiona as I was: I was told that I would be destroyed unless the crimes against me were proven, that at some point I would likely be released but so Padilla'ed and wacky sounding that noone would believe me, and that they knew all the little details of my life (all the setups, women, drugs, petty crimes when I was a child, etc) and so the only way I could vindicate myself was to tell all the dirt about myself in order to prove my case against them. And that actually is the situation I'm in now.

Me writing this will likely freak out some people, particularly Melissa, though it's not being written to cause that, but to demonstrate a dialectic to everyone as well as to educate her for what she's in for bcause I believe she's trapped in one herself, trapped the same way I was into thinking the media was her friend, the Democrats were the good guys and that there would be benefits to going along, working with and being a part of the "big boys" club. My bet is, she already understands the whole dialectic just by me saying that.

Keep in mind that this is not a complaint toward her, it's just describing the situation. I still believe she and  I will be partners in God's work... all that matters to me right now... although this dialectic gets more interesting and intriguing to me every moment. I wish it didn't.

So, I have to say first that the only sermons I've heard were on tv, beginning with the one describing my cat eating birds on my back porch, an my love of even the rainiest days... when I'm not too busy to notice them. :} I never listened to her husband's work, prolific as it is, and if she's actually preaching what she believes, then I have to believe she and I agree on most things, though not all. But, like music, I don't want other people's work to influence what I write so that 1) I'm not copying anyone and 2) The true test of understanding and prophecy, and the word of God,  is to know that it was written independent of external influences and consistent with previous prophecy. As much as I enjoy her sermons, I actually avoid them when I'm writing, for the same reasons. And I've got  a ton of things I'd like to write about that I'll bet they have aonly touched on. Also, I was very serious with the idea that I wanted to have her characterize him in her way so I could see him as she sees him for a variety of reasons, personal and professional, before becoming familiar with his work. However, the dialectic would also suggest that his bio info was at least temporarily  removed from her site because I reacted negatively to his affiliations to Stanford, where the MK-Ultra work and the Hoover Instituted would have been the supervisors of my case. That info is back online a of 2 day ago.. when I checked again just to see if anything else had been changed or removed.

It's important to know that my mandate is different than anyone else's - it just is - I am unique by nature and definition whether I want to be or not. I contain all the archetypes, and I am without any further doubt that the spirit of Jesus, of Christ and of God are within me. And as much suffering as I endure, I actually know that He has a plan, that I will prevail on His behalf, and that the person who's supposed to stand up and bear witness on my behalf will, and there will be a little trouble in the form of scandal that will actually be the key to the success of His plan. Facing the charges, not getting publicly destroyed by the appearance of a cover, the boldness to stand up against it all and for yourself as with courage, not arrogance or pride, and the intelligence to sort the details to "turn the tables" on the bad guys.  I actually believe, Melissa, that you already told me you know that's what it takes, and you want to do it cause you're like me in that way... the "oh yeah" attitude. That's probably what  I like about her most. Guts. Grit. She's funny. Enjoying shocking people into normalness.

But my mandate is differennt, because I require a global, objective view of all cultures, nations and religions... and I do have different views.. consistent  with God's plan. And, I have the right and responsibility,  as Christ to make new decisions and policies that reflect the times and the transformative effects that they could have on humanity and the universe. That's why I like advisors. To make sure that my conclusions are not tainted by my own humanity, sorrows and momentary responses to diverse and potentially dangerous information and situations.

Because my mandate is different, the context of His messages that I deliver are such that specific Bibllical quotation is not as much a requirement, as the concepts and ability to apply Logos throughout my decisions and judgments is much more important, since the universal church is all inclusive, and to be completly based in the Christian Bible would actually be detriminetal to my speaking to cultures and religions of other kinds. That is not to say I won't get better at referencing and remembering things like, Isaac wa of Abriaham, and Jesse (my dog) was of David...etc... it is important that I get it right, but less significant in the big picutre I have to maintain providing equality ond impartialness. If anyone thinks my job is simply to minister to and convert people to Christianity, they would be disastrously wrong, adn I need Christians to understand that every bit as much as they need to realize that Christianity, in and of itself, is not a religion. If that doesn't make sense to you, please think about it until its true for you.


Last night, for the fun of it, trying to remain objective and not make judgments on anyone involved in this mess, I ran some Bible codes. I'll mention that if you play with the Bible codes, that XENTAO is slow, but provides the best results, much better than the Millennum Bible codes promoted on the History Channel and in the past on Crossfire on CNN, where Paul Begala mentioned them for days in a row, leading me to check it out a couple of years later. Please understand, despite the accurate results I get from them, very accurate, I don't believe in them... but I get lots of clues. One day when all this goes to court, I'll prove their validity as evidence, for a variety of good reasons related to physical assaults on my family, maybe even murder.

If I were to read the Bible Codes right, and I'm not asserting that this is the truth, just one more of millions of angles that would have to be probed down the road, and wouldl lead to 1 or 2 pieces of info that are key to the case and specific dialectics.

My bet is that Paul Begala or someone from Time Warner contacted Melissa and said somehting like "We've  got this crazy guy out here and we'd like to play with him a little, and we know he loves women, God, country... says lots of things like you do, and you'd be the perfect person, even if wer're actually trying to help him, (and they might be :}) to suck him in. And maybe she didn't know she was being used to set me up.

Further, that she didn't figure they knew stuff about her. And, given that a goal of the Council on Foreign Relations is to fully destroy the Image of God and religions, discredit spiritual leaders and such so that they can more easily lead people into humanistics and to reject God, so they can have a world of hedonistic and narcissistic people who would not object to the perversions of the Elders... given all that, I'm sure she felt  she was in the in crowd, and that she was safe because "they were her friends". Just like I did.

And, let's face it Obama is an attractive candidate (who, like George Bush, I will never call President no matter what. Because he isn't, he's  a criminal, as are his advisors and more) Had I not been in the psyops situation I'm in, I would have voted for him too, so I understand why people would not want to believe my plagiarism case against him, nor that it's the result of a spiritiual war to steal the Kingdom of God and prevent me  from taking my place in this world... of course it sounds bizarre, it's supposed to, except to people like those who Melissa talks to people who understand a great deal of it.

So.. the codes.. I'm giggling and embarrassed.. and undersatand, I've know a number of Melissa's in my life, and because of the way the codes work and the fact that I don't have big, fast computers like Ft. Dietrich to run the codes, this Meleissa may not be the Melissa in the codes.. although, it would be weird if she wasn't.

The conclusion would be, by a  preponderance of patterns, is that I'm the Messiah, I run for president, (maybe 2012, who knows) win, marry someone named  Melissa and or end up in a plagiarism suit with her... or maybe she helps me win a suit against other people. Although, other info tells me I should be the President elect now. If I had won, there might have been a suit against me by her, probably based on her husband's work. If I lost, same thing, discrediting me a the son of man. Or, we hook up and take out the bad guys because we've both been set up by the same people, dialectics for discreditation no matter where you turn and easy to show the patterns... therefore prevailing. I do the Ephesians thing, she takes America, I take the world, and everyody lives happily ever after, or, people don't take the bold action God requires of His servants, and the CFR succeeds.

That was actually easier than I thought. Maybe I don't need much more detail for now.

Except, all of this is likely the reason they cut me off the phone line each time I try to call. And if I was being persistent, what they'd end up with is a bothered receptionist, a call to the police tracking the "harassment" calls back to me, at which time I would have  a false record of harasing and stalking women, the same thing they failed to establish with the drip-drip scenario. The same thing they tried to set up with Melissa, probaby telling her that I was some kind of sex  pervert in order to get her to use herself as a decoy to set me up and arrest me, and ruin my reputation once and for all... which ain't saying much at this point.

All quite credible, if you don't understand that my sincere love for women is the same as my sincere love for men, and I don't feel wrong for expressing love, even when people aren't used to it and it isn't common. The NSA/CIA consultant to Raytheon who made contact with me on a plane... who I hope to be close friends with one day :}.. at the end of our conversation, I said, I don't know whether to shake your hand or hug you. When we got to the baggage section, he said "I'll take that hug now", So I hugged him, told him I loved in, looked into his eyes, and saw that he couldn't believe I would do that. And I felt good about it. Even though part of his job was supposed to have been to make me feel paranoid... it was the best time I'd had in years. :} Given the way he perfectly positioned himself toward a surveillance camera before I hugged him, I know that's on video somewhere... :} The truly funny part is, though, I don't think the guy  in the baggage area was the same guy as was on the plane. Different build and facial structure. Plausible deniability remains intact. It measn they can show that the guy I higged wasn't the operative who didn't want to leave a trial of his association with me, for legal reasons and certain corporate connections related to this case for years. He gave me his business card, which disappeared, but, being in pysyops, I checked him out, found some employment records and pictures.. so I can at least document it all through anecdoctal and circumstantial evidence that would make a jury, eventually, believe me.

I am impetuous and curious, but only to a point. I rarely step out of bounds in terms of protocol. I never would have gone to CNN in Atlanta if it hadn't been for a long history of an Aesoian relationship. Again, I wasn't collecting info as evidence at the time,  and because of what was happening at home, I technically didn't have anywhere to go if it didn't pan out. Getting me to be homeless has been a clear goal of the bad things that have happened to me over the years.

The same situation was in play when  I went to New York. And it almost lead to me getting arrested for threatening violence. I had been up over 48 hours, returned to Washington under less than desireable circumstances, got tinto an arguement and said somehting equivalent to this situation: ever been mad at anyone and said out ouf frusttration: I was so mad at you, I could have killed you, and then have them call the police and claim you were actually threatening physical harm? It looks and sounds bad, and of course, the man is always suspected of being the liar and perpetrator... like the Scott Peterson case, where people became convinced of his guilt because he went to the ocean and looked out over the water in the place where his wife washed up onto shore.... even though that is totally irrelevant to the facts of the case, and proves nothing. But it looks bad and causes irreparable doubt in the minds of those who believe the propaganda and fear tactics employed by the U.S. Media on behalf of the government.

And the interestin gpart is, the people setting these things up know that the instructions to the Son of Man is to not take to the streets in the winter.. so these always happen just as winter is coming on.. for obvious reasons to cause more unrecoverable hardship.. which I have  so far escaped.

So, that bring s me to today... sitting here, feeling rejected and harmed by America, a country I have dearly loved all my lif eand volunteered to give my life to in the current battle of hearts and minds and propaganda and oppression... now feeling totally betrayed and harmed by the very people I was giving my life for ... kind of like soldiers going to war that is waged as a just war to defend America and Democracy against the "evil-doers"... and then finding out the reasons you were fighting were bogus... a waste of life adn psyche and purpose and mind and body... there are few things that are greater betrayals than finding out the people you trusted so much are responsible for your needless death that only benefits their pocket books... Finding out that the people who point their fingers at the "framed" evil-doers - people made to look like bad guys who are really more good guys than bad, depending on the lies you've been told - are in fact the actual evil-doers, executing deception after deception after deception....

And I know, still, that despite the deceptions and harm done to me, and all the rejection I feel - the successful implementation of voice to skull psyops which is primarily hyppnosis - I know that the citizenry of this nation - particularly in the communicty around me.. are hoping and praying that I can succeed on their behalf.  If you think my talk of leaving America behind and using other means to force America into compliance with God's plan and purpose for America, understand that if I am not allowed to do what needs to be done inside this nation's borders, then I have to go elsewhere, like, where there's this city an family called REHN  who I have to believe still contains a history or legend of heritage such that they would take me in and empower me... likely, or more likely, leading to wars. I don't want that to happen, particularly the wars would be rightly against America. Those who don't like me to sya things like that or who think I'm not a patriot when I claim the egregious criminality of theUnited States Government have no business barking at me unless the do the research, and find out for themselves that everything I say is true, and if I make a mistake, I gladly correct it, just as I will gladly, most gladly, vindicate those people who have been involved in this whole mess, and many others, because I fully understand how people get trapped in untenable situations.. and the only thing that really matters is that the perpetrators and their true loyalists are weeded out of the garden.... the other folks will actually be more productive and beneficial citizens because of their new found freedom, and because many have been working under the cover of their professions to - not necessarily work for me in any way - but to work for America, which benefits God's plan, for which America was the intended leader and home.

And because they'll be allowed to have relationships that aren't harmed and coerced and setup to fail by unscrupulous, evil ansty people setting others up to fail in order to gain profits from the gifts of God and works of the people whose lives they destroy and murder to get what they want, without a moment of remorse.

The New World. It's about time. And, it's about time. And it's time. Think about that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Randy Crawford - Now We May Begin - Now We May Begin  Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
No, really, now we may begin :}

I have all sorts of evidence, including some that proves to me that I was set up long ago to attack the very people who someone was supposed to tell me were my friends. I had no clue whatsoever. I can even see how that would be beneficial if it was that I didn't know when  all of this came into play.

I know that when the person chosen by God reveals me to the world... a strange, ominous thing for a guy in captivity with no money or anything to say :} - anyway.. I know that if done properly with just a little preparation, and announcements made to the right people in the right order, it can be a joyous thing, without violence ar at least major violence in places where "bad guys" will seek to escape or retain power militarily... I want it to be what it is, a joyous occasion, a celebration of God and His love for all. And I believe that will be done.

So, at the moment, while writing this, I have no idea how things will work out, I know they will, and with all our collective will and love for His purpose, it will. I'd say send a car with a face I know and trust with the message that I should make a move with certainty, because I do believe that without that certainty, I'd have to do alternative things to do what needs to be done.

And I know that within 48 hours of the initial announcements, the world will change, the tables will have been turned, and the New World will finally begin. Truly, thank God. He IS a mighty God.

So I'll still try to call now and then, and who knows, maybe Florrie, someone who probably doesn't exist and I can't prove a thing about, will get a new synthesized voice to replicate one that I don't know well anyway, while my call is being redirected to somewhere like Langley. Like how I suspect a few calls from my brother were frauds. I don't know what else to say. And I don't want to say what else occurs to me about it, not having to do with people, but the actions I'd have to take to complete the work the way God would have me do it... in peace and love... a worthy way of being.


PS: I think the funniest part of all of this, from the beginning of my active work, is the idea that I could put up this web site and these people would actually respond and interact with me... especially George Bush, who will most certainly not get rid of a few frivolous law suits. Nonetheless, it kept happening,  so I went with it, wondering all the time, what's wrong with this picture. Ain't it great, the angels provided me with a song for that too. Sorry for being so tough on you all, cause you know I love you... deeply.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend

Of course, even now, I have to review all this, notice its probable truth, and question if it's to be used a sthe final ravings of a mad man... who think she's the messiah, who will likely be demoralized one more time by hoping that someone will do Hid work, and do the right thing. I can't apologize for that kind of thinking anymore. My life and His plan depend upon it. And according to His plan, my life and His plan are inextricably linked, and must not be compromised or defeated.  I'm very sorry to have to state it that way or cause undue difficulty or unreasonableness. It's just so.

God Bless, His will be done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - LivingThings - Make It This Way



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