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 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens. What is written here is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.


11/25/2008 - 11:32 am  - so, it appears people do want to piss me off some more. Not to mention burying what I wrote yesterday about MSNBC. Works for me. A while back I joked about how if I turned into George Harrison I would I have to pay Patty Harrison royalties, which would be cool  but weird :} Referrring to all the George Harrison kind of music I was playing, even though I don't really know all that much ofhis music, and have trouble figuring out how to play My Sweet Lord, which he was sued for for supposedly copying He's So Fine by the Shirelles,  a melody sold over and over again with different lyrics because it's almost always a hit...

I've refused to write music since the psyops people have been "pushing" other people's songs into my music... like the songs I've written the last few days - Were they actually written by someone else... as another set up to make it look like I copied them and was liable for plagiarism? Just like Miss America and I were both setup to speak the same kinds of things, with broadcasts of her beamed into my tv after I wrote my stuff to make it appear that I copied her, or vis a versa.. and then there's the common dirt... which is a setup that all sorts of people fall into. and then the ultimate setup of course... making it look like I copied Obama and the Democrats on the political issue and campaign strategies... dialectic after dialectic, if this doesn't work they'll claim this or that...

Just like they'll say my understanding of dialectics is an indication that I'm a master dialectician.. which is nuts, because I never heard of dialectics before somewhere between 2002-2004... it's in the weblogs about the Illuminati and Hegellian dialectics...

I'm simply not a schemer.. the only thing I do is look at any given situation - like business and stuff.  figure out what needs to be done to cause that success.. and then look at other ways to market the other products that spin off because of the goal of marketing the other product.

Meanwhile, a while back, I said "stop saying Amen Brother" on the air because it freaks me out.. after all the pysops that began with contact with Lou Dobbs... I assumed that was in response to a comment I made that I think Dobbs was set up.

I took it to mean at first, that he was telling me it was true, and then I realized Time Warner would claim I did all this to set them up. Here's the thing though: I didn't set anyone up. I was simply giving my opinions and suggestions to people, hoping I could get the news people to tell the truth... and my letters to Congress were legitimate letters to Congress about my legitimate complaints about what was going wrong. Why should I be ashamed for seeking redress of my grievances against King George? I have that right.

So I put this all on display... as well as, per psyops and Dobbs, wrote the nasty details of my life on the website to fulfill the Bible's instruction to be above reproach.. so, in order to be able to show I was wlling to totally embarass my self   in order to show that - even if I forgot a few things over 53 years of life - that people would know I was  willing to be "crucifed in the press" in order to be able to disclose the truth about America, and run for president.

After the Kyra Phillips incident, traveling to CNN in Atlanta. the pysops people, and an aesopian message came thru... ha ha ha we got you to tell everything yourself, so you can't claim we ever knew anything about you before you wrote your "Corruption and me" thing, which I did so the security services would know about me AND let them know I was trying to hide any ulterior motives, particularly violence, and that all I was doing was  exercising my free speech rights... which is all I ever did in this whole thing...

The only thing I know is that my Father had a thing about TIme and Look and Esquire.. calling them communist sympathizers... said the same thing about Kaiser, the man, who built the hospital I think I was MK-Ultraed in .. close to Stanford University. He had the same opinion of  Dr. King,  at first, and then he changed His mind. I really can't say why.

If it wasn't for Paul Begala, I would never have heard about the Bible codes.. maybe someday, but I don't believe in that kind of stuff... I got a copy of Xentao and played with it a short time, set it aside cause I didn't have the computing power to really use it... it can take hours and even days to run a word skip-search...  it was a couple years later, I think that I actually ran it seriously because I was worried about what was going on... L had indoctrinated me in Tarot and I Ching... other things I'd always considered a waste of time and against the teachings of my church... Baptists..

Anyway.. I ran the codes out of desperation, because I knew I was boxed in, and the only way I'd get out of the box was to use whatever clues I could find... they had already told me the psychotronics and Directed energy attacks wouldn't stop unless it was proven, and to date, I only know of one case where Time Inc and the CIA were successfully sued for these activities... in Canada... called the LeVesque case... TIme Inc and the CIA sued by Leveque resulted in a - I believe it was a $750 mil judgment.. the same evidence and testimony used in Canada was presented in a U.S. case ...  they took a 3 week break, when they came after the break, all the transcripts were missing, the case was thrown out and the attorney of record was fined for filing a frivolous law suit.

That  of course loosely relates to George Bush's remarks about torte reform, and saving the trouble of a few "frivolous lawsuites"... like suing Time Warner, GE and the Bush's/Carlyle out of existence.. not frivolous at all.

Somewhere in my records, I have a complaint to the FBI someone filed against Time in North or South Carolina of a woman in 1985 asking for assistance after being  electronically harrassed because she filed a sexual discrimination case agianst them, and she cited Time Warner and NBC/GE as having the technology to do such things. Also, I found a number of reports, but this one in particular from a woman in San Diego who said they were using voice to skull on her, and it only happened when a directv van was parked out in front of her house. I don't know if Murdoch had taken over Hughes yet or not.  Shortly after, Indy Media's servers were seized by I think the FBI or CIA... you'd have to ask them if they lost data.... my bet is, they did.

I was thinking about plagiarism because I always think of Lionel Richie and Penny Lover.. a great song that I still can't figure it out, but the melody is   alot like something else, and the song Still keeps going thru my mind...  and he was successfully sued by an unknown writer for stealing it... and I keep playing it on the guitar for some reason... though I never played it before.. like I started playing Birthday right before it was announced that Ringo ws going to be on Larry King... over the years, the only concentration I had on learning any Beatles music on the guitar or any other instrument was the 1st McCartney album, which I really love...

Ttheir songs are so simple that I probaly could pick up a guitar and play the early stuff with not too much effort... I used to know them all, the lyics that I'd sing... and my music is definitely influenced by McCartney and the Beatles.. but more from the classical roots I obtained from playing the violin in an orchestra.... Mostly Paul... I'd always thought of George as the transcendtal type, and I wasn't really into all that yoga stuff and all :} John's music was too angry for me.

I definitely saw how George's music was important to the group.. the depth of his music... and frankly, I'd always thought of him as being someone like me who didn't really sing that well, but was an integral part of a sound that would be diminshed without him.. until I really listened to his music... I'd only listened to All things Must Pass a few tiems seriously somewhere around 1974, but it was 4 albums, and I like to listen to albums on the a side, and save the b sides for some time down the road when I would have "new music" by them. But 33-1/3  what a beautiful album... Learning how to love you is just so gorgeous.. and then, like with Leon (sorry Leon) I got into his music and then his voice became beautiful to me. I can listen to the Carpenters and other peole singing Leon Russell's music, an incredible song writer, but I'd rather listen to Leon's soul comin' through any day of the week. Any day. It's beautiful to me, 9 copies of his blue album later, that features... A Song For You, which I dearly love, and of course, this baby :}

Andhe played a video of a PBS special with Leon... the Blue Album, that I fell in love with

Leon Russell - Leon Russel - Prince Of Peace

Which I first heard it back in about 72 at Arcata High school when a teacher's aide was teaching the theater class how to produce music with overdubbing and all.. which turned into "Let's produce Chuck's song "Everything and Puppy Dog Tails".. everything's coming up love now.... which was supposed to be given to Barbra Streisand  (See Dick ARRMEY, I even speeled her name right:})

So, I heard about this network where the entertainment industry could tap into people's lives with psychotronics to steal ideas, watch people to get inspiration to write,  ideas for sitcoms and such... I didn't believe it until very recently... and yeah, James Taylor and I have many music similarities, which is why I thought of him as a 'brother".... just like the Tim Weisberg and Dan Fogelberg album Twin Sons of Different Mothers.... in the early days, on the one Man Dog album, we looked a lot alike. And he looks very similar to my father now. And then Harrison.. people in SF said I look like him....

Meanwhile.. I went on the web not long ago, and these guys who I considered to be my "brothers" had pictures of them with their eyes really wide open, bright blue.. I thought, uh oh, are these guys doing this to freak me out because they're really against me? And then I started checcing everyone's eyes out... and Miss America's eyes are blue.. if they are (I had a girlfriend for a short time whose eyes were   a different shade of blue every day - and she told me they were contacts...)

I thought that was weird, but that's cosmetics these days, and they were pretty.... I don't like makeup all that much, sure don't want to kiss it, some is cool, nothing wrong with that... and no, I don't have problems with people  retaining their youth by coloring their hair.. who wants to be gray and a reminder to ones self that they're getting old? Although, I have great concerns about constant exposure to the chemicals. I really don't like all this fingernail stuff.  among other things,it's a made up excuse to get you to spend lots of money on frivous things that waster your money, and get in the way of you being able to do things... to me, it would be like being handcuffed all the time.

I like natural things as much as possible. like food, I'd really have a drab diet and get an occasional special meal at a restaurant than eat processed food that doesn't even taste like food... and I'm a pretty good cook, but it's no fun to cook for yourself, let alone for someone else who doesn't like spices at all. I don't like things all that spicy, but I do like flavor, and particularly spices that complement food, not make it taste like something else.

The point of all that is that I like things natural, but I'm not against other things that are manufactured.. in my first book A Freckle on a hIllside, sort of stolen from me by a college professor at College of the Redwoods, a JC I attended in Eureka, whose class I was required to take in Bonehead English... that I didn't need at all, and could understand cause I had lots of word background and good compostiion skills... learned about dipthongs and stuff when I was in the first grade at Costano in Palo Alto...

Anyway, in that book, modeled after the style of Richard Brautigan and the book In Watermelon Sugar... I said "Mother is the necessity of invention"... :} they had to do all the heavy work in the house, so it was fair that women got what they wanted to make their lives easier, in th eparadigm of family back then,.... Brautigan ended up after that as a homeless drunk, I think in Ujiah or San Francisco, which I just   couldn't figure. Maybe asking Micjey Gilley (I'm Your Puppet) and  Jim Webb, and incredible songwriter of so many beautiful hits for Glen Campbell and the Fifth Dimension, most notably in my mind... and whatever happened to Laura Nyro.. anyway, Art Garfunkel cut the album Watermark with Webb's songs to see if he could help him out of bankruptcy...  an album I really love.. Garfunkel's voice is so pretty. Just amazingly so (ps which was Tom ,and which ws Jerry? Never did take the time to check that out really.)

I never paid much attention to players on albums, let alone their personal lives.  I'd hear stuff from time to time, bits and pieces, just more data that was interesting but not particularly important to me.. I just loved the music, and frankly their personal lives are their own business. I'd learn industry stuff as a music "critic"... but I generally discarded the personal stuff, if anyone told me anything at all. And I didn't ask personal questions. Wasn't interested, unless they chose to tell me spontaneously.

With Ronnie Montrose, I'd always ask people, is there anything you'd like people to know, or anything you'd like to say that you' dlike me to write about? He said something like, tell them I want women or something like that, and I think I presented it jokingly in the article I wrote about him.... in OFF DUTY, a magazine I worked for that catered to the military around the world. Record companies wanted to place ads in that magazine, and the magazine's business manager, Jim Chapman, refused the ads... He had a sign above his desk, be the screwer, not the screwee.

Meanwhile, another really nice person, Roz Silva, the entertainent editor, was being treated really weirdly by Kevin Strehlo, the US editor, until she became so exasperated she quit...

Jim had spent a good deal of effort putting together a health insurance package that didn't provide me the coverage I needed, so I asked him if I could instead have the money that they paid for my insurance so I could put it toward a policy that would cover  pre-existing conditions, in my case Kallman's syndrome.

Then I found out the free base queen who was  a part time employee made $2000 a month for doing nothing but talk about free-basing... I made $650 .. full time employee, writing music reviews that netted ad offers without solicitation, managed the computer systems and did all the "research" on product, contacting firms all over the world  regarding their products to be presnted in a sterro review type format that I actually automated on a dinky 10mb hard drive Wang system that constantly needed to be ofl oaded, because defrag tools hadn't been invented yet.. pc's hadn't been invented yet...

Anway, she made me think about trying it just to see why people would go thru so much trouble... and then she no longer worked there suddenly...

After finding out the pay discrepancy, I sent a note asking the owners for a meeting to discuss my pay... no response.. I think I asked again.. no response.. and then they announced they were leaving the country on vacation.. WalterRios... and Dagmar... I was offended.So I wrote another more pointed note something like, how dare you pay me so little and not even have the courtesy to tell me you won' t meet with me after 2 or more weeks of requests, it was a small, casual office and before, you could have spontaneously talked to them, but they made themselves scarce, and no one would talk to me.

Meanwhile, Kevin said he changed my Prince review after sending me out for ice cream, and then he told me about it when I came back, after already sending it to Hong Kong for printing. I couldn't figure out why he would do that, because I never gave him even a second guess when he asked me to edit my copy.... I was personally offended, and I didn't know what he changed so I told him to take my name off it... he had changed liiitle or nothing, I never could figure out what the changes were. Next thing I  know, I hear Rolling Stone printed an article that used the same descriptions of Prince that I had written,.. thought in the worst case, they had read my stuff and it rang true for them.. that was after being asked by Roz a few months earlier if I had any writing ambitions.. didn't really.. said it would be fun to get a couple articles in Rolling Stone. other than that.. ????

Then my boss, Mike Michaels, kept tlling me I should go see a psychologist because I kept asking him things like, why did Kevin do that to me? Why did Jim hate me for wanting insurance that I could use. Why wouldn't the Rios' talk to me all of a sudden?

Meanwhile, I was running all the terminals in the office at night n order to produce the magazine's tech sections  on equipment.. .when it would get fragmented, I'd have to tell other people to back up their stuff, so I could reformat the hard drive 

It startd acting up, I informed everyone, told them to tell me when they were finished, no word. The sytem crashed, all data was lost, and they supposedly lost the latest version of the international mailing list with thousandsof names.... and I got blamed for destroying it.

Then they told me I couldn't work all night (including lots of overtime) in order to produce the magazine... actng as if I was doing something wrong or soemthing.. never did figure it ut.. smeone said something about being more closely in touch with the other staff, who I never had any work with anyway...

Mike kept telling me to go see a psychologist.. that they would be my friend, like he was with his...

After all the snubs and weirdness, I finally decided I'd had enough. Iwanted to leave, but didn't want to harm their business operations, and with all the automation I'd stup, I knew if I just quit without training someone, they'd never be able to use it.. So I worte a letter to Jim saying that Iwanted to leave on amicable terms, and that I'd give them the option of allowing them to decide if they wanted me to just give notice, or come to some arrangement so that I'd stay as long as needed to train someone,  

To be continued...


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