Dear Reverend Jackson -

I've spent my typical day deep in thought about things ranging from moving to Ireland, what I really want to say to the Pope, how to tell the Queen of England a few things I think she'd like to know.. and the funniest part to me, given how amused I am at my connection to God and what I'm supposed to do,  thinking of what to say to ministers about how to tell if their ministry is actually serving God or not... considering things on a global basis really does change your perspective... in some ways.. primarily in isolating the fundamental concepts of a paradigm that can be universally scalable.. like free will and choice and water and food distribution...

Part of what I love of what guides me is God showing me different things that do and don't work. You could say it's my "test loop" for investigating God's plan in terms of how it's been implemented by the elders, why it hasn't worked, and what could bring justice and balance back into the equation of the cosmos and the universe such that order, as He sees it, is finally brought to the Kingdom.

As a minister, I am going to assume you understand what I am talking about. As His servant, I have some concerns about your service, which for the most part has been exemplary, despite your failings and public embarrassments and such.

Dr. King was a big influence on my life. I find it amazing to discover the people and icons, legends and myths that have "caused" me. Even those who I now find have been deceptive hypocrites  over the years still spoke the vision that I so believed and held dearest to my heart, and even though I am so disappointed at the deceptions upon deception upon deception that it actually breaks my heart. The idea of America and Democracy have been a true love of mine since I was a child.

When I was a child, I'd get up around 6 every morning, feed the rabbits and chickens and goats and horses, and then come in and eat my tea and toast or oatmeal for breakfast while watching the Today Show. And for a while, you were on the Today Show often. I remember it because you're probably the person who actually probably gave me one of the greatest gifts of any leader or "superior" I've encountered.

Dr. King provided the context. You magnificently took his words, and put them into action toward the healing of generations of people who had so horribly been tortured by their oppression.

I'd watch you with the children, shouting "I Am Somebody". And you could see it in their eyes, they really got it. The understood. And the received it with such vigor and brightness of spirit that anytime they'd think about it,they'd receive once again, that joy and freedom of expression of themselves as the beautiful, unique beings God made them to be. Nothing to ashamed of for who they are, their heritage or even their complaints.

My father always said "There is no one above you or below you". And there was no hostility in that toward those with greater responsibility or authority. His words provided the context.

Your words provided me the place to turn when the odds were against me, and choices had to be made where I either had to choose my principles or the way of the crowd and often times against the ways of God.  You instilled in me the sense of "to thine own self be true" just as you gave that gift to millions more. And I respect and admire and appreciate you for that gift.

And while I sit out here in exile, typing away at my computer, I can honestly say that if there was any single person responsible for giving me the guts to be who I am regardless of what anyone says, it's you, so your friends can all blame you for me being such a pest :} I wonder if you'd think that's a good thing? :} A dubious honor at best :}


Your "friends" did a pretty good job of diminishing you, just like other people who are faithful to God's word and plan, ministers or not. I'm not going to play games with you about whether you know I'm out here or not. I know you're a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

I don't know what went wrong over there, I don't even care anymore. I don't care all of the reasons anything was done, why, how, even if it accomplished something good along the way.

We're at a turning point, you're a minister, maybe you don't actually claim that anymore. I'm not going to accuse you of anything, and I'm not going to ask you for anything.

All I'm going to do is ask you to answer a couple of questions for yourself, and then maybe have a talk with God. Here are the questions.

1) If you still consider yourself to be a willing servant of God, do your actions reflect your faith and willingness?

2) If you had to face God and explain your life, what would you say to Him in this moment.


God Bless You.


PS: You could say I'm looking for the person God has me seeking who is the one who would welcome Him into their world, and understand His love and His plan with faith and friendship.

PSS: Please tell Al I just don't know much harder I could have slapped the d***** donkey :}


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