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I believe the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission were two very good ideas that have gone awry.

What I'm going to write here is by no means a definitive explanation of the formation or of the operations of the Council On Foreign Relations, but it will provide you with a number of facts and questions that are relevant to what is going on in the world around us today.

I assure you, my opinions of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commissions are likely very different than most who write of them, taking into account the "intellectually honest discussion" of the original intents for which they were formed, as well as examining the "conspiracy theories" that typically are discredited in mainstream corporate media and therefore provide cover for the coversion that actually is being employed by factions of competing ideologies within their ranks.

And, because these competing ideologies are more significant and dangerous to each other as time goes on, their methods as a whole had become covert to the point of conspiracy.  And yet, their methods would generally be perceived as open and transparent. Here's the explanation.

I often assess organizations and people at first by remembering the Biblical wisdom that any work actually being done on behalf of God would not do so in secrecy. That doesn't mean we should all like ministers or think of ourselves as always doing "the labors" of God, as if we had no choice or free will (because we do).

But, when an organization or person operates in secrecy, you just logically have to understand they are doing things they don't want you to know about.

In this case a sign that things are more tenuous and dangerous than they seem, and to get a feel for what's going on behind the scenes, you really do have to look at these competing factions as disparate regimes. And it would be inaccurate to say they are divided by their affiliations as Republicans or Democrats.

When you look further into the past of the Council on Foreign Relations, they boast of their intended and successful influence over the government of the United States, particularly in the area of foreign affairs, since 1926, and yet, in your normal coporate overviews and common media, we are told that it incorporated in 1973 with Zbigniew Brzezinski as Executive Director...

Brzezinski is billed as being the mentor to later President Jimmy Carter, and Brzezinski served as Carter's NSA Director during the Carter Administration. Brzezinski is also the Security Advisor for Barack Obama.

The Tri-Lateral Commission was also supposedly first incorporated in 1973 under the leadership of later Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker... during the Carter Adminsistration. He's also a close advisor to Barack Obama.

The two most interesting dots to connect on both of these organizations are these:

1) Jimmy Carter wrote the original "plan" for what is essentially the "New World Order" in 1958 with the Tri-Lateral plan, calling for a one-world government with 3 primary geo-political regions for the purpose of equitable distribution of natural resources and manufactured goods throughout the world. In addition, it called for the re-location, ultimately, of the United Nations, to become the central global government, to Turkey, then called Constantinople, now called Instanbul.

2) The Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations were and are both initially funded and sustained by the Rockefeller family, to include David Rockefeller and Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV.

You could say their legitimate lobbying activities were formally, legally incorporated into organizations in 1973 to account for those dates - that's plausible.

But it certainly does not appear that Carter was mentored by Brzezinski. And the activities of this organization have been less than honorable. (Furthermore, it was my previous understanding that Carter was the original Executive Director in 1973)

Here's how the Council on Foreign Relations basically works. They prefer to recruit future politicians and journalists before the age of 35. You might say this allows them to fully indoctrinate their future candidates, as well as test their loyalty and determine the best places they might be used to implement the covert goals that the "Council" decides our nation should take.

Then, slowly but surely over the years, they have been able to place people in prominent positions in order to be able to promote the governmental policies they like, and to shape public opinion through the messages in the media.

This is called infiltration, and is perfectly legal so long as these people and their organization do not break the law and respect the Constitution. That becomes the proof of their guilt, the real government of the United States, whether you know it or not. Because like true racketeers, their people have egregiously broken the law and subverted the Constitution.

And when Keith Olbermann, and other supposed liberals like him, complain with his special comments about the Constitution and Bush and all, understand.. all they're doing is delivering a cover story that will make you feel better, think somehting is watching out for you, while absolutley no good is accomplished in governance. It's all a ruse to distract you from the real truth of crimes being committed against America and the world.

A good example of this is shown in the people particpating in the presidential debates of 2008.

John McCain and Barack Obama are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The moderators of the debates, Jim Lehrer, Tom Brokaw and Bob Schieffer are all or have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In fact, when Tom Brokaw "retired" from NBC (before returning after the passing of Meet the Press host Tim Russert) to become a member of the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. (Just as Colin Powell left the Bush Adminsitration to become a board member of the Council).

Writers and media people who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations are required to sign confidentialty agreements as to the "non-public" functions and events of the Council and its members, and even more, agree to take care not to mention or associate the Council with current events so as not to draw attention to it in the public eye.

There is a plausible reason for this.

When the Council was formed in the United States, counterparts were formed in other nations as well, including and most notably, England, France and Germany. The idea was to create a forum in which intellectuals from around the world could freely discuss issues and plans in a non-partisan, non-political environment without constantly being criticized in public for having discussions that, frankly, are not always pleasant or popular but necessary.

On the other hand, this plausibility, as with all plausible deniability schemes, allows for things to be done covertly while being able to present a public alibi or cover story for deception. And, unfortunately, that has become the customary method of implementing politics emanating from the Council. It is easier to deceive than to trust the public to make informed decisions in a democratic process such as elections.

Thus, as in the presidential debates, they place people in key positions to make certain that their agenda is achieved, both in terms of passing legislation and implementing governmental policy through politicians, but also in using media people to be, say, debate moderators so that the questions are controlled and the debates and news reports end up being essentially "staged" to leave you with the impression the "Council" wants you to have...

And if the politicians fail to make a critical point while speaking, the commentators after the debate make certain to make it for them.

If you don't see the pattern from that, consider this:

All of these people are or have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations or in adminsitrations who were "controlled" by the Council... and keep in mind, I'm just naming a few off the top of my head... and I'm actually not saying all these people are bad... just notice...

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Tom Daschle, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Madeleine Albright, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gephardt, John Edwards, Pres. George H.W. Bush (former director), Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Gerald Ford, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Frist, Howard Dean, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters, Paula Zahn, Larry King, Dana Milbank, Kitty Pilgrim, Angelina Jolie, Colin Powell... the list of people is amazingly long, diverse, and would surprise you.

You might have noticed, we've sort of been surrounded by people "loyal" to the Council on Foreign Relations for decades... and they're on both sides of the aisle. They've successfully infiltrated nearly every organization of importance in the country, and you don't get on tv or get elected to high office without being one of their members, or at least considered innocuous.

It appears you don't get to be a news anchor without being a member, meaning they control the information in the national news. That's actually how George W. Bush was assisted by the media in deceiving America to go to war against Iraq. Let alone to believe that he was elected.

And it's the assistance of the controlled media that has allowed the crimes of September 11th, 2001, to be covered up.

The Corporations considered to be their corporate sponsors, typically giving $50,000 or more per year either to simply contribute or to sponsor their employees entry' into the ranks of the Council on Foreign Relations. Time-Warner/CNN is one of their most consistent patrons, as have been founders and executives of CBS, NBC and ABC.

Time-Warner, in particular, is and has been a primary media promoter of their illegal activities since before the 50's as Time, Inc., and is well known for working with the CIA.

What becomes most disturbing is what occurred since World War II, with the formation of the CIA, Operation Paper Clip, The Russell Trust, the Skull and Bones and Illuminati... all promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations.

It's the reason why gem_red.gif (110 bytes) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is so relevant today. Because the people described in the Bible, depending on the version you read, describes these same people and ancestors as the Elders of Zion, the Elders of Israel, the Ancients... the Druids who essentially integrated with and infiltrated the leadership of the 12 Tribes of Israel when they returned from exile in Jordan long ago... and the 12 Tribes were renamed from Israelites to "Jews", which referred to the residents of the region rather than the descendants of the original tribes.

The Bible says they are those who call themselves Jews but are not, but are, rather, the followers of Satan, and the body of the anti-Christ. That sounds ominous and supernatural and all, but the bottom line is this: these are the people who believe that they have the right to claim ownership of this world, and their greed and lust for power ends up causing them to believe that any means to achieve their ends is acceptable.

They believe they should inherit this world as direct decendants of the blooldlines of Jesus, which is not true, but it is their claim. This is part of the duality of the world we live in, the world of the material that we call reality, and the world of the spiritual, which has all but been forgotten.

And their means and methods are to use consumerism, economic coercion, deception and war to control the populations of nations. It's all outlined in the Protocols. The hoax is, it's not a conspiracy of Jews, but a conspiracy of Zionists, as we call them today.

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God. God's been a pilgrim for a long time.

It has a great deal to do with why the United States has considered itself the anointed of nations, particularly blessed by God and chosen to lead the free world toward the global implementation of real democracy, which most accurately expresses the freedom and liberty God had in mind and expressed by St. John. (We tend to say these things and sort of believe in them, even though we don't really understand the relationship of being a chosen nation to lead and the actual spirituality that is the source of the anointing).

It also has a great deal to do with why I agree with Lord Gourasana (who I know almost nothing about) in the statement "they are trying to establish the Kingdom of God without God".

And, to keep people in line, they have a "Skull and Bones" like process of collecting dirt on anyone involved in order to extort and coerce them into silence or face public humiliation. Ask James Carville and Paul Begala. They're experts at it.

These same powerful people are the ones who run the government, have all the weapons, control the courts, own the media, the banks, the pharmaceutical companies, and have the power to literally make it impossible to survive. Just like the Protocols say they will.

And they have psychotronics, a technology that Ira Einhorn discovered and tried to warn us about in the 70's... and was set up by the CIA and is now serving a life sentence in prison. As are others who have attempted to thwart the plans of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones is that secret organization George W. Bush talked about belonging to at Yale, the same one his father was a member of, as are Rhodes Scholars like Wesley Clark and Bill Clinton...

Skull and Bones is also part of the Russell Trust, the organization in Connecticut for which laws were passed so they did not have to report their income and activities. Senators from Connecticut include Joe Lieberman and Christopher Dodd. The Senate building is called the Jack Russell Building. And my research is that you don't get elected Senator unless they have some dirt on you that they can use to control you.

Members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Skull and Bones were largely responsible for the establishment and promotion of the Military Industrial Complex described by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Their corporations - oil companies and weapons manufacturers - combined with the assets of financiers (largely the recipients of recent financial bailouts) and media moguls like JP Morgan, the Kennedy and Bush Families, Howard Hughes, and Rupert Murdoch - are the primary benefactors of the policies of the Council  on Foreign Relations. The Rockefellers are included in this.

Just as the Rockefellers and others funded the employment of Nazi scientists and doctors in the United States at Emory University in Atlanta (home of Jimmy Carter's work) after World War II via Operation Paperclip. It's actually not unusual for the victor in a war to assimilate the leaders of technology of another nation to prevent them from continuing to use the technology against you.

Unfortunately, in this case, they continued the work of the Nazi research, and have been applying it against the American public ever since. I could easily make the case that I am the victim of their efforts to advance covert eugenics, being shocked when I found out I had a birth defect that was the malady the Nazi's used to justify eugenics... for a malady that requires a simple shot once  a month to treat. And if you had my medical records, you would be able to tell that I have, at the very least, been mis-treated, and caused to develop physical characteristics as the result of malpracticve... that I can unfortunately prove was done by people cooperating with the government.

At this moment, it is my assessment that the Council on Foreign Relations, or at least certain factions of it, are currently poised in the position of talking the final steps in their long plan to overthrow the government of the United States and to dominate the world by force. They may do it in one big step, leading to martial law, or they might do it very quietly by economic means, or through another war. But it underway. These people - masterful dialecticians - can alter their course on a dime if they believe they are being detected.

George W. Bush said that what was happening in the world today would determine the control of the world for the next 1000 years.

He was not referring only to the New World Order in terms of forms of government.. he meant it in terms of  the rule of God or the rule of the Elders, who were using deception upon deception upon deception to take over control.. which they've almost done, and now believe they can do by force.

This relates to what my father always said about the plans of Rockefeller and Carter's Tri-lateral Commission... he said it was a basically a good plan conceptually, but that its success or failure would be dependent on something that couldn't be relied upon. It was the old rule that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And if  this plan for global governance went awry, it would rely on absolute power.. not the checks and balances of democracy... The use of psychotronics will allow them to actually control what you think, and therefore, control you.

I know this because this is where the story becomes personal for me, and why I can speak so confidently in this matter. Because many of these same people, these corporations and the United States Military, Richard Nixon, the Bush Family, the Kennedy Family and many others... were friends and/or business associates of my father's. And my father worked on highly classified programs, including the Thought Camera with Tesla.. which is the primary technology of psychotronics. I know stuff.

Many of these same people are responsible for the intense harassment and psychological operations used against me since I began activism in 2002... and I've unfortunately discovered, for the most of my 53 years of life so far. They kept me living in a bubble. Because they knew who I was, that I wouldn't "play along" with their plans, and they took advantage of a deal with my father to monitor my life - for all the best reasons - and used me and harmed me, just like the Bible predicted they would.

All of this also relates to the Protocols because this actually IS the time of the end of days.. not the end of the world, the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ... the time when God said His Son would return to put an end to this evil. And these people have, at this point, nearly succeeded in stopping the return of the Son of Man.

While I'm unfortunately, personally, a part of this story, not by choice, it's important for you to know that this IS about YOU, it IS about America and whether it will survive, whether we will retain our rights and whether we will stand up against the tyranny that we are faced with before it completely overtakes us.

Or whether we will simply acquiesce to the psychological violence being done to us to cause us to surrender our rights and our nation.. and our time to enjoy the beauty and wonder of a world of peace and abundance according to God's plan.

I now have enough evidence of RICCO violations to literally shut down some of the largest corporations and the bulk of the United States Federal Government... those involved with this scheme against America and the world. And God. Of course, their psychological operations and harassment of me all these years, like many  other people, have made it nearly impossible to make a living (as debilitating attacks may occur at any time), and therefore, conveniently for them, I don't have the money to file suits against them, and authorities will take no action because they take their orders from the same central/federal government. The Weed and Seed program, started by Clinton and Gore, gives cover for this brand of fascism.

John McCain and Barack Obama are pawns to these same people. And because of their collusion, I could put Barack Obama and many others in jail for the rest of their lives. They refuse to end their harassment of me, and theft of my materials.

And the fraud against you and the American people.

That's the conspiracy. The fact that they'll lie and tell you anything to get you to vote for them... and then the people in the shadows have them do their own agendas, making the rich richer, the poor poorer, and harming anyone who gets in their way.

And they don't tell you their plan is to destroy America. You see it happening all around you. Don't believe for one minute it's just the Republicans or Democrats. They are the same political party anymore.

Just as they will not stop the harm they are doing to millions and millions of people with psychotronics... war, drugs, bad food, energy... because they don't believe they are doing wrong... just as the Bible says.

And that is the proof of their psychosis. And why they must be stopped now.

Audio File To Listen To Leon Russell - Leon Russell - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

Audio File To Listen To Michael Jackson - Earth Song


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