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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Liz Story - The Gift - 08 - The Truth From Above

If the world I see around me seems like hell has taken hold

And that people claiming love and faith

In God and service, heart and soul

Have failed to see the truth of their own light and love

Then who am I to force the ones who choose to deny to live my way?


I know that faith is difficult to fathom

And we think that tests are for the ones who might prevail,

But what's at stake and what's availed is much more than an epic tale,

And love is not naive,

Nor is my heart wrong when I love all who would love me

With respect and dignity and freedom to be,

And to love those who reject me for the reasons that they have,

I am just a man, speaking words, telling truths and being that which those who contain me would have you not believe,

In the end it matters not to me how I am seen,

But what I have seen is that those who believe there is a prophetic script to be followed

Or a plan that must unfold that harms so many

For the sake of a man who would save them as any faithful would do,

If it was in their power, if it was in their soul, and their spirit was in a land where spirits are enlivened

By the same kind of love and courage and wisdom they would have God deliver,

Not as a gift, but as a right, though the source is easily forgotten,

Just as the one who would give to so many is expected to suffer

Not by God's plan,

But the tyranny so instructed by apostates of false gods,

Where is the requisite courage for this moment?


God gave His son the wisdom and judgment to determine the world at this time,

And the possibility is real and tangible, but out of reach

Not for lack of hope or faith or love,

But for lack of the courage of those who pledged to God for the real service to Him

That was requested of those so anointed,

Who revel in the revealing but wither as servants, whose faith

Would have them follow without request or direction,

Who should need none,

But judge a servant who has given what He has

Freely, until awakening to see He was a captor,

Left in pain by those who promised to serve.

Leaving only the question

Are there faithful to lead, faithful to love, faithful to save and serve?

And was God really wrong this time?

That is not my belief,

But appears to be the answer

That the universe of beings provides,

As we all have a right to choose.




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