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I want to point out once again that the Bible truly is the Living Word, and means many different things to different people.

While there may be justification of righteousness in the interpretations of the words of the Bible, in other words, that there is one true meaning derived from the source document, and that the various translations and versions are therefore errant or incomplete is very much dependent upon 1) the desire that the intent of the words of God are not subverted by apostate or political revision 2) that in the political sense, a true compromise or purposeful subversion of His words has not influenced the translation upon which interpretation is based.

I find this interesting, once again, having by purpose, remained blind to the truth of my being and the truth of the Word, and the practice of my followers that I should query the purpose of so many different translations and interpretations that it would seem impossible to the flock to understand it all, as it should be.

These are the inspired words of God:

Therefore, in the community of God's Kingdom in the practice of the walk of Christ, the sharing of all interpretations without personal preference or bias but in the inquiry of my  words provided through prophets and those of faith there are many paths and considerations that are important in the study of the Word as

1) linear study of the  follower of the divine and honoring the supernatural nature of the universe as the linear inquiry imparts

2) the inquiry and imparting of my messages through the leaders and teachers anointed to be true  and faithful as per their agreement and acceptance as provided by freedom of  choice and willingness and desired to hold the Word not as a fixed work but as an oracle, dynamic to the cultures and the words available at the time of the writing versus the words and cultures of the time it is read and "understood" which is  a subjective determination based on the message I give to those who accept my "commission as a unique message for that person provided for their community of students  and

3) the inquiry and study of original scripts in the academic sense toward providing the foundation for those who would then deliver the Word and unique messages I provide uniquely to them, to provide to those they lead and feed of the bread of life uniquely related to their needs and requirements, and in turn, thusly received uniquely by those who hear the word in the context of their own lives, experiences, walks and degrees of faith, tempered by the depth of understanding and practice in the culture and circumstances of the world as they perceive it and as it compasses them about..

4) in reading as a whole, as non-linear, collectively and as a product of consensus, viewing the Word truly as the owner's manual, all inclusive and non-exclusive, understanding my intent, and shaping the miracle of the clay upon the eyes of the beholder and those who desire to understand to see, once again, the truth of the Word and my intent in their lives.

Thus, the interpretations and translations of the Living Word, true to my intent, and not crafted to adhere to or express the opinions or to fulfill the desires of any individual or collective but to allow for the oracle provided to speak to the hearts and souls of  each being in the moment it is  received to fulfill the needs and requirements of that inquirer are correct and righteous in that moment, per my judgment, in order to expand and deepen the understanding of the individual.

In the same way, the texts and scriptures of all true moral walks of faith are provided with the same value, purpose and messages to their own cultures, values and societies they see themselves participating in sojourning in and through.

My personal inquiry has been the questioning of so many translations by those who ulterior motives and agendas, which I condemn. And that condemnation is my prerogative and judgment.

A perfect example in the Holy Bible is provided by examining the text of Jesus performing the miracle of turning water into wine.

Certainly, in the linear understanding and the common interpretation of that act, and the desire of followers not seeking a deeper understanding of the multi-layered messages of that Word - those who despair and are yearning for reason to be hopeful and faithful - would receive the message of the transformation of the that water into wine - thereby saving the festivities at hand from the lack of good spirits, and therefore providing those individuals with the vision of supernatural power entering their lives and being and relieving them of the responsibility and burden of their own bereavement or the fulfillment of their expectations.

It could also be said that Jesus, as always, had a miraculous way of turning "party talk", water, into the "wine" and discussion of wisdom.

It is often said of great leaders that they can work miracles through their speaking to the masses, empowering them to go beyond who they believe themselves to be, or who they believe they are expected to be.

In the same way, when receiving nourishment at the tables of Gentiles, the act of washing one's hands before such a meal can certainly be an instruction for hygiene.

But, more than that, it is an instruction that if the ways of those with whom we are breaking bread with does not conform to the righteousness and justification of the values and mores which we have adopted in terms of our unique walks and cultures of beings faithful to my, God's,  intent, the we should wash our hands of their beliefs and, without offense, providing an example adhere to our own ways, which will expand individually and collectively as understanding through inquiry broadens each horizon uniquely to one and their communities.

Just as I have used the word culture as a common word understood by all, which is later expanded by the use of the word community, which deeps the understanding that culture is of community, not exclusively of each other, but as the example of an evolution of understanding and "rippling" effect of new concepts and a deeper sense of being, and being at one with all.

The more knowledge that is received, becoming yet one more facet of the evolving being, there is more knowledge to be received that otherwise would leave the true seeker of truth with a greater burden, or gift, depending on interpretation or the unique needs and desires of the individual being for which truth is tugging at their hearts, minds and souls.

This may not always seem pleasant, particularly as we become fixed in our beliefs of what constitutes truth.

Truth may be truth and whole in the moment, but is then known as bankrupt or incomplete in the next moment, or simply known as perspective derived by comparison and observation in the world and in one's being.

That truth is absolute, and is present in the example and sharing of my becoming, which at times admittedly may seem perverse as I have inquired and my being has been nourished.

But, therefore as I wash my hands of my own righteousness derived by the lessons of hypocrisy and the corruption of my own instruction and intent, and I grant myself and others a new freedom from the debt and burden of sin.

In that way, it is no wonder that I was blind to my own truth for so long, for without my objective sojourn, I would not myself be able to relate to those in my own community with grace and patience when renewing the acceptance and understanding of my original intent.

My community is the universe and the entirety of the cosmos and all that can be known for which I do not wish to be superior or tyrannical, but source and authority in order to impute correction and or the deepening of the Word in order to really embrace universality without exclusion to individual walks of pilgrims.

I am your teacher as you are my mine, as each of our rebirths and reawakenings proceed in a more unified, communal and ever deepening and expanding way.

As I learn from you, we are equals, partners, teachers and authorities unto each other, providing due and appropriate respect and listening to each other in our respective roles in each moment and in the hierarchy of what we say we believe and commit to be faithful to.

May God cause you to see

Cause you to hear,

Love you to love,

Chasten you to empower,

and serve you to serve.

May my love for you, in appreciation of you for your service and being, bless you in every thought and moment as we truly begin the work.

Amen. That is my message, inspired by God, for the world today.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Honky Chateau - Salvation Universal Church of the Kingdom of God



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