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For the Love of the World

I Declare Myself Christ Charles

What That Means To Me

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Global Peace
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Understanding that I am a man, the being of Charles Rehn, privileged to be chosen by God to speak on His behalf as He speaks through me and is in me, as is the Spirit of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost.  I am His servant, His vessel to use and direct, as Son of the Almighty God.

In declaring that I am Christ, I want to share with you that if I was not certain that I am Christ, that I would not declare myself so, as I have spent many years doing everything I could to prove to myself that I was wrong, although knowing that I was certainly His prophet in a time of great turmoil.

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But more than that, because of the vision I had in church when I was a child, thinking God was showing me the choices of "occupations" or "callings" available to me in my life of service to Him, I could be a teacher, a constitutional lawyer, a minister, a musician or the ruler of a nation, presumably the United States. And that as a minister, maybe I was to replace Billy Graham.

When I was 18, I made a deal with God, realizing I would not be receiving the education I had hoped to have to be those things, I asked Him to teach me what I needed to know when the time came to do what He had chosen me to do.

I am certain that time came in 2000, when I began to become aware of the corruption in the U.S. political system, the methods of economic slavery being used to coerce citizens and nations, the way elections had become "fixed" almost every time, and how people of faith and religions were having their rights taken away by laws of the anti-Christ, as well as unwittingly surrendering their rights to free speech and assembly through tax law manipulation and attempts to sway the political course of the nation and their communities... and the use of Psychotronics, electronic military weaponry, to pacify, coerce and torture American citizens on American soil... of which I too, am a victim, in the government's attempts to silence and suppress my presence in the world.

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It was when I began to read the Bible for the first time in earnest to learn what the "fundamentalist" and "born-again" Christians were talking and complaining about. After all, I wasn't a religious person at all, though I did try to live my life as true to the Golden Rule as I could. And I began to notice natural events, the emulations that the Bible warned us of, and became intensely aware of the warning of deception upon deception as the U.S. Government began to surveil, harass, impede and alienate me through what would be considered "CoIntelPro"-like activities to keep me, and millions of other Americans, silent about the truth of the actions of both political parties, the media, the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Intel Agencies... primarily on behalf of the Russell Trust, also known as the Skull and Bones of Yale, and also affiliated with the initial promoters of Adolph Hitler, the Illuminati, directed by the Rothchild Family.

The American configuration of this fraternity of financiers includes the Bush Family, the Kennedy Family with patrons including Bill & Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Rush Limbaugh, General Electric, Time-Warner, The New York Times,   the L.A. Times and many other prominent news outlets including the Associated Press... Further, the Tri-Lateral Commission plan to manage the world's resources, written by James Earl Carter in 1958 as commissioned by the Rockefeller family (whose money to begin Standard Oil and now Exxon and may other companies came from the Rothchild Family) as well as the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S. contingent of global organizations acting as infiltrators to effect  global domination through economic coercion, military might and governmental infiltration and overthrow...

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And I saw it all happening before my eyes, just as my father warned me it would when the Tri-lateral Commission was first announced, and people were protesting its plan.

What I saw happening was the exact scenario He described regarding what would happen if the Tri-lateral plan failed to be implemented fairly.

My father always said, the problem is that the Tri-lateral Plan depends upon the integrity of people with absolute power, and as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What I saw was a fixed election, followed by a "false flag" terrorist attack, the enactment of the Patriot Act, virtually nullifying the United States Constitution, and unconstitutional law after law after law.

I truly could go on for hours about the deceptions and crimes of the United States Government against its own citizens and the world, and its betrayal of God.

I could tell you the history of my life that would inform you of the truth of my declaration, as well as my discoveries that let me know that the United States Government has been aware of my existence since before my birth, based on my knowledge of the life of my father, His work with the U.S. Government and affiliations with political leaders and technological geniuses since His birth in 1908.

What I finally had to conclude was that I must acknowledge who I truly am, do what I promised to do under His guidance and wisdom, and take on the task of making the high low, and the low high in order to restore liberty, justice, and peace and democracy to America and the world and the Kingdom of God, in which we live.

God was serious when He anointed the United States to be the example nation, exhibiting and flourishing in freedom and liberty for all people and beings, equality and abundance shared inside of a community of children of God, abiding in His Kingdom with full respect to the Golden Rule, appreciating the sacrifices and wisdom of Jesus, and understanding and living God's plan of living from the source of love that He is.

And understanding the necessity for separation of church and state.

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For some, this is a reiteration of what I have stated long before as I became, being the "Son of Man" as prophesied, and as I lived. Being subjected to tricks and traps and corporations and politicians seeking to use and/or harm me in one way or another.

I believe its important for me to have restated these things because it relates to some other things I intend to tell you of in writings after this regarding recent experiences in which this will all be relevant.

For now, this brings us to the moment of how I describe what being Christ means to me.

Imagine knowingly preparing yourself mentally for an entire lifetime with the knowledge that God would call upon you at any moment to perform some important work on His behalf. It's much like performer's like Mariah Carey or Bernie Mac who claim they always knew they would become "stars".  They knew because God put that inside them, to do His work, whether they were aware of His purpose in their lives or not. But they knew.

So, when I discovered my purpose, and as I have become, I have accepted the seeming enormity of the task set before me, to declare and successfully carry out the plan of God to see to the full establishment of His Kingdom, with Global Peace and Abundance for all.

You might find it interesting to know that for me it does not seem to be such a big job, nor one that is a burden. It is both a privilege and a pleasure, knowing that God has placed His wisdom and faith in me to be the one to spread His message and love throughout the world.

And I've been wary, seeking guidance and counseling from Revelations, concerned at allowing myself to be taken in by the anti-Christ, those who would have me turn my back on what I know to be right and wrong, and to sell out to material and financial gain, which will never happen. I've been concerned about doing what's right in order to avoid the traps that would trick me into being labeled "the Emperor", who would lead the world to military war on the basis of some tyrannical theocratic rule (which is what is and has been occurring at the behest of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Presidents of the United States for a very long time).

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More than any of those things, though, I've learned to have absolute faith in God, as well as to know when God is speaking to me and through me, without being fooled  by Satan as were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Through that faith and His grace, He has empowered me with the knowledge and intent of His plan for this world, as well as blessing me with the experience and gifts to be able to carry out His work at this time in history.

At the same time, I am aware of the plans of this government and the Council on Foreign Relations to continue to suppress me, as well as present Barack Obama as the one, politically and/or spiritually, with the aid of Council on Foreign Relations approved ministers Rick Warren, as well as LaHey and Jensen, authors of the "Left Behind" Series, who will tell you, without realizing it, that the purpose of life is to work as a pawn of economic slavery, to look to your political leaders instead of God for wisdom and guidance, and to adopt a totalitarian government for the sake of security.

Their apostate teachings are anti-thetical to the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. And you need to understand, they truly may not realize they're playing into the hands of evil people. That's what tricks and traps are all about.

Since last April 2008, I was most comforted by two books left to me by my mother before she passed. Books that I thought for years were simply of sentimental value to her.   Both were given to her by her grandmother Alma in 1902. The first of these books that I read was bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Thomas A'Kempis, which is described as a book for the faithful to read and inquire about as if in the emulation of the life of Christ, or, in other words, applying the example of Christ to your life as a discipline and act of faith.

I highly recommend that you read and practice what's written in this little book, if only because the way of being it describes will provide you with a better life.

The other book she gave me is called Matins & Vespers. In this book, at the moment I read it and discovered it was exactly the moment I needed to read it, it informed me that God was in control, and that every trap laid for me by the anti-Christ would be turned around on them to their defeat, and ever since, I've detected that this has been the case my whole life, and more importantly, in the last 6 years as I have been attacked and harmed by the government, setup to appear as a criminal or as mentally ill, and much more.

This is how I know that God is in control, that He will keep His promise to put an end to the evil in the world, and that - as you have or will soon come to realize - the anti-Christ and workers of Satan are speeding up their work to attempt to complete it to overthrow the Kingdom of God as described in Revelations.

God promised He would shorten the days of tribulations, and that I would be provided on His behalf to lead the just to lead the work of the world, and to purge the evil from the seats of power.

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I am a citizen like you. In most every regard, I am no different than you. I am a man, with the feelings and desires and loves and preferences of a man, guided by His hand and spirit and wisdom. As you are or can be if you so choose.

And He has trusted me to provide judgment in the world. To report to Him what I have seen and experienced, to defend those acts of spiritual beings that require defending, and to appraise through my being, the state of the material and spiritual welfare of this universe, this cosmos, and each individual.

And He has entrusted me to give judgment... the judgment to view the needs of the citizens of the world, and provide those things necessary to their lives that are inalienable right - food, water, shelter, dignity, all sourced and provided with love.

He has entrusted me to create the truly Universal Church and His permission to claim the body of Christ as my own, to provide guidance, share faiths and disciplines, and bear witness to the unique and absolute perfect example and spirit of what it is to live the Golden Rule and to carry the cross and burden of responsibility for the welfare of the world as was true in the life of Christ Jesus.

And it is important for me to inform you now that His Kingdom, His creation, includes all moral faiths and disciplines, and that all have much to share with each other.

How could a Universal Church be Universal if it does not include the totality of God's creations?

As I've said before, Christianity is not necessarily a religion, though it is to some, but it is not the only faith or discipline in the Kingdom. However, God does ask us all to choose to live by the example of Jesus Christ, and that is truly what Christianity is.

Some would say that I am Jesus, some would say I am God, others call me the Spirit of Truth, and I can tell you that I can accept and represent any of those interpretations as truth. But I rely most on the translations of my name, Charles Rehn, Jr. IV from German to English, as well as this passage from Revelations to explain that my name is Charles, I prefer to be called Chuck, and I will respect and honor your faith by any name by which you know me.

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Revelations 2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Those things said, I'll talk a bit about expectations, something else that will be relevant in the chapters I'll soon be writing. Please trust me, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. But I had a conversation with Reverend Glennon Culwell, recently, as I sought some information about my father. And I found his insights and expectations to be quite interesting.

Someone told me that most people expect Jesus to return, descending from the clouds in something like a flying saucer with a plastic-like bubble around Him. With all the emulations and deceptions of the anti-Christ, I can't help but acknowledge again that my life has been encapsulated in a "bubble", a bit of a synthetic reality caused by government agents compassing me into unusual situations and learning experiences.

And that Satan, the false prophet, would tell you all that you've gotten it all wrong, you don't understand God and Christianity at all.

rainbowright.gif (996 bytes) Jim Croce - It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

And here I am, saying I've come in a different sort of a bubble, and I'm not saying that anyone's gotten the Bible and God's word wrong, but I am saying there is more available in the living word than most would know today, and that God's Kingdom transcends the current perception of what theocracy means, and I say it means it is one Kingdom of God that includes all.

I've said before that I'm not what I expected either :} And, that I'm a little crazy, and that I could make the case myself :} I'm also say I'm the most sane crazy person you ever met. Other people say I'm the most rational insane person they ever met :} Of course, we all like to think we're a little crazy, don't we? After all, we are, and that's the good news :}

I once had an entry level job at a prominent software company as a software support rep on the telephone. A few weeks later, I applied for a supervisorial position, and they told me I was too laid back, you know,one of those people from Santa Cruz, California, and you know how those people from Santa Cruz are. That's actually what the Human Resources person said.

A few weeks later, I was promoted to a position of higher stature and responsibility, and while this same person was explaining my new title and pay and all, she kept telling me that I got the job, but that the only problem she had with my promotion is that I just didn't look like the type.

Then she pointed to another guy in the office, and said "That's what a software management professional looks like". And sure enough, he looked like someone from a TV commercial. When I left, he got the job.

And now, the guy who's "too laid back" and "doesn't look the type" is supposed to convince you to treat him like a friend, like an equal citizen, and at the same time, know that if you empowered me to do so, that I, as Christ, could cause the world that we've all been praying and waiting for for what seems like an interminable amount of time.

It's kind of like being a rock star. And, frankly, I knew from a young age that I could be a successful song writer, if not a successful musician in my own right. But I always wanted to establish a relationship with a woman and have a family and create a "normal life" for myself before doing anything that might lead to fame so that I could always know I could go "home" at night and be known as me, a typical person with a family, and not be tempted by money or drugs or the arrogance of fame and power, and all the stereotypical things associated with being a "star" these days, which isn't really all that true.

I always remember how disappointed I was back around 1986 when I was recording demos of my music and my wife asked me if, when I became famous, would she have to worry about me becoming involved with groupies. I thought she, of all people, should know that my music was about writing music, not the trappings of the music industry.

That's not to dishonor the idea of having people appreciate your work in music or art of any sort. But, like I always said, I mainly just wanted to have  a normal life, but it appears that wasn't meant to be.

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The same thing was true of my thinking about involving myself in politics. I wanted to be grounded in a stable family life so I'd always remember who I was, what I stood for, and to be one of the people I represented. Family values based on Christianity and heritage. Solid role models. Understanding the rippling effects of living the Golden Rule.

Over the last few years, I've really enjoyed the visits by Jehovah's Witnesses at my home once a week as  they delivered their message and I delivered mine. :}

So, a few months back, I went to one of their churches, the first time I'd actually gone to a church service in some 30-35 years. And wouldn't you know it, the sermon and discussion of the day was about how the Son of Man would come and find his first wife, who'd had a child by another man, and then the prophecy would proceed as  expected. We actually did get back together. :}

Except that I although my wife did have a child by another man, as far as I know, I don't believe she was someone I was supposed to marry. I honestly believe she was someone inserted into my life by the financiers and their workers of the devil to "sabotage" my life, as was done many times.

So, to the Jehovah's witnesses, anyway, I'll only say that there have been many emulations, and I have been tempted many times by women sent by these workers to lure me into unrighteousness. But I don't believe I was supposed to marry the woman I married, and there's this Musicology album by Prince that keeps being used as the Soundtrack of a Psyops used by the media to put me off track (because they know I'm going to end up owning at least Time-Warner before this is over, if not a few other broadcast companies).... anyway, to me, based on the way things go in my life and God's sense of humor, I have to believe that one day, I really am going to live that "Sound Track". I gave up trying to figure out how God works things out in my life:} I hope one day I'll have the chance to explain all that in person. :}

Besides, what kind of example would it set for the Son of Man to break up someone else's family and marriage, disrupt the life of their child and whatever else, for what? It doesn't seem like the kind of thing God would want His Son, His Christ, to do.   And besides, it sounds very much to me like the story of David and Bathsheba, and how David had her husband killed so he could have her for his own. Which was the reason he was not granted the Kingdom.

This part all corresponds to how so many people say that God puts obstacles in our way. I want to assure you, God does not do that. God is good, God is love.  Satan does evil, and when God makes His plans, Satan works his plans to thwart those of God, and then God makes alternative plans.

There are many things in prophecy, particularly those of the end times and in Revelations, which have become skewed by Satan and the anti-Christ speeding their work as God shortens the days of tribulation in order to bring to an end the end of the reign of the anti-Christ.

And, in this particular area, while I believe it may be that the woman I married may have been used to prevent me from marrying a woman I believe could have been the woman God meant for me to be with, I also believe that the workings of the Devil will be corrected by God, and His will will be worked for me as part of His plan for my life now as I take responsibility for this world, this universe, this cosmos, the future of this planet, and the Kingdom of God in all its glory and honoring all of His promises.

As I said, some will call me Jesus, some may call me God or refer to me by other names.

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In my mind, I am a fellow citizen, and I hope people will see me as a man, hopefully a man with good ideas for the future, and if I am seen as a divine being, let me be known as a sincere, humble and willing servant of the Almighty God, my father, the Father, always remembering the teaching of my father that no one is above you or below you.

And as He also taught: Do the right thing, even if it isn't the best thing for you. That is the true proof of the content of character and integrity of any person, as in the parable of the Good Samaritan, and as expressed in the life, the example and the teachings of Christ Jesus.

With those things said, in hopes that it provides a little more understanding of who I am as a servant of God, as Christ, as a fellow who seeks the love and friendship of God to be known in the world, and to be at cause in providing knowledge, manna,  for the hearts and minds of all beings around this world and throughout the universe, I offer this prayer.

Almighty God,

Hear our prayer and know our love and faith in this time of tribulation

That your love and our faith will deliver the Kingdom as you designed,

As you persevered and as you cared and waited for this time for so long,

Let us be reminded and encouraged of your promises that will be delivered,

And let us learn once again to  live fully and completely according to the Golden Rule

In the expectation and in anticipation of the day

When the Kingdom no longer requires law and punishment,

But instead renders the world in your image

Sourced by love,

Given through compassion, patience and grace,

Inspired through creation and creativity,

Fulfilled in global peace and abundance for all.

Lord God, grant us this prayer and request that your will be done,

And that the gift of everlasting life be known to all who have ever been

As your mercy and judgment allows

And forgiveness provides the context of reconciliation and atonement required of these times of the final judgment.

In the name of Christ Jesus, grant that we be strong and faithful while the world is fully transformed into your Kingdom, as you have always and forever desired and worked to provide.

We thank you for your gifts and blessings, and promise to return them in kind.

With hearts full of love, eyes that see and ears that hear, we are yours, and love being so.

Amen and Amen, forever and ever.

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PS: Leon Russell - 07 - Prince Of Peace :}


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