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For the Love of the World

1 - Thou shalt not have strange Gods before me



The Ten Commandments

They're really very simple in many ways.

But, like most things, the more you know, the more complex things can become. The truth is, it only becomes complex because so many things have become conflated, and few people actually understand where one religion begins, and another leaves off, let alone how one or the other has diluted or altered the foundation of another.

Exodus 20
1 And the Lord spoke all these words:

2 I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

3 Thou shalt not have strange gods before me

This is one of the commandments I basically always knew, but never gave much thought to because I simply accepted that God, the Almighty God, is the only true God and I simply never questioned it.

I don't know that I'd ever read the 10 Commandments straight out of the Bible before. But, I didn't know anything about "bringing anyone out of the land of Egypt, let alone the house of bondage. Of course, now I understand that not only was it true, but that Egypt is often referred to and sumbolically represents the ruling nation or Empire of that the time, then, and now, and that the house of bondage was, in one way or another, a form of slavery always having to do with wealth and economics.

Vis a vis economic slavery, captivity of one sort or another.

It was from recognizing those patterns and notations in a corcordance that caused me to realize that Rome is now America.. in fact, America, at various points in juxtapositions to the hierarchy of other nations in the scope of world power, is exemplified in many nations. Some people believe that the Second Coming of Christ will come in a man from Italy, others from Israel, and it all emanates from different understandings of the real global order and power structures, as well as the paradigms in the Bible which actually show that He comes from the United States, the current empire.

Thus, John Kerry's 2004 Democratic Presidential Noination acceptance speech in which he announced "The Son is waking up in America."

Kerry, a Skull & Bones Member, associated with the Illuminati like the Bush Family and so many other current national leaders who are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations, knew what he was talking about. Just as Hillary Clinton knew when she introduced Barack Obama as the "Rising Star" of the Democratic Party, citing, as my old Bible I used to study in said, his name would be blessed. An interesting ploy to present Barack as "The One", all the while knowing the truth, that the real "One" they were suppressing would never go along with their continued perpetuation of evil in the world. Thus false Christs and prophets are in play... just like the Bible said.

Interestingly enough, the United States - a nation supposedly specially anointed and "under God" is in many ways the Christian version of paradigm of Israel, and few people in this nation actually recognize that they are being subjected to economic slavery - the same sort of cultural circumstances as in the time and message and example of Christ Jesus.

Nor do many people acknowledge the idea that God does not honor promises to peoples and nations that do not honor their word to God. Israel and America are both such kinds of nations at this time.

By now, I hope you're wondering what all this has to do with the first commandment.

Thou shalt not have strange gods before me

Back when I first read the Bible for real, back starting in 2002, I really did do it to find out what the media's so called "fundamentalist" and "born-again" Christians, made out to seem like extremists and fenatics, were actually complaining about.

Alabama State Supreme Court's Chief Justice Roy Moore had clandestinely installed a substantial statue bearing the 10 Commandments in the COurt House, and while I appreciated his desire to have those Christian values reflected in law and government, my commitment to separation of church and state caused me to disagre with the actions he took because they were covert, and God says anyone who works on His behalf would not do so deceptively or secretively. TO me, Moore's having the statue installed in the middle of the night told me he knew that other people would object if they knew what he planned to do, and therefore, was an inappropriate action.

What I missed at the time is the fact that Moore's real issue was the idea that the United States Government, under the guise of separation of church and state, was purposefully turning away from the Judeo-Christian values that this nation was supposedly founded on. And, at the same time, actually encouraging people to view government officials as their "heroes", giving more faith to people than to relying on the wisdom and love of God's ways.

Ways, for example, that would have us reject the death penalty, and military war with the possible exception of self-defense. Thou shalt not kill. Our leaders are now talking as if they are more compassionate by stating they are more against the death penalty, but with an aggressive military program that will, by statements in a variety of Pentagon white papers, dominate the world by military force.

Not liberty, Democracy or even freedom of religion. Military force, and as Hillary Clinton declared her support for, economic coercion - slavery.

There is nothing Christian about placing the world inbondage in such a manner, except as outlined by the Bible when describing the desires and purposes of the anti-Christ.

Further, I defy you to show me a war that America has fought since 1958 that wasn't for profiteering, and having nothing to do with defending anything except U.S. corporate interests. I would go back further than that, but it would only cause pointless debate. And, it would be easy to prove in South America that the United States has been responsible for the bulk of the poverty and lack of Democracy, that the so-called narco-terrorists are more accurately described as a means of financing legitimate civil wars against corrupt governments backed by the United States.

Of course, that's not to mention competition for the CIA's funding of covert operations, and the Bush family's long ties to drug smuggling from South America. Ask Bill Clinton about the Mena Airport in Arkansas some time for the Peruvian Connection. It might give you a better idea of why George H.W. Bush (SR) decided to invade Panama to arrest Manuel Noriega.

It's no wonder that George W. Bush bought 100,000 acres in Paraguay before leaving the White House, which produces the 2nd or 3rd largest annual yield of marijuana in the world.

And why Paraguay is being used as a staging ground for troops threatening to attack Nicaragua.

Meanwhile, back at the 10 Commandments...

Thou shalt not have strange gods before me

Long ago, I'd heard that the Christmas tree was a Pagan symbol of worship and ritual, but I didn't think too much of it because I like Christmas trees agreat deal. I love decorating them and looking at them. Besides, I thought, it's just symbolic, it only means what you say it means, and to me, it was just a pretty decoration that was used at Christmas time. I never equated it to religion in any way. To me, it was about Christ and sharing and sharing and giving love, and I never questioned it.

And, in our family, my sisters provided the "standard" of Christian ways and I never once heard them, or my pastor, make any negative remarks about having a Christmas tree.

At the same time, I do remember back in the 60's, many public debates about the inappropriateness of cities and the Federal Government making public displays of the Nativity Scene because it promoted religion. The complaints were typically made by people calling themselves atheists as well as people describing themselves as Jews. Despite my own Christianity, and enjoyment of those public displays, I had to agree with them that it was inappropriate for the government to promote religion.

And I still believe the same thing. It's the same reason I have no problem with the idea of removing the phrase "under God" from the pledge of allegiance.

Just as I believe it is inapproproriate for the government to legislate or discourage morality.

Here's where I draw the line.

This last weekend, we celebrated Easter. We saw pictures of Barack Obama in a very cute scene, helping a young girl in the annual White House lawn Easter Egg Rolling Contest. It was all in good fun.

Here's what I never knew before: Easter, more accurately spelled Eastre, is the name of a goddess that was honored in the springtime by Pagan worshippers since about 2000 years before the birth of Jesus.

And, the colored eggs were symbols of life anew with the coming of spring. And isn't it interesting the similarity of the resurrection of the life of Jesus around the same time, which, according to astronomers, was actually closer to the date of the birth of Jesus than to His crucification and resurrection, just as Christmas is much closer to the date of his crucification.

In other words, what I'm telling you, is that Christianity adopted the periods of celebration that corresponded more to Pagan rituals and "other strange gods". I haven't researched the history, but it would had to have occurred becuase of the pliticiazation of Christianity, trying to be all things to all people with a universal church that included all, but actually was more accurately taken advantage of because of its willingness to appease those who opposed it. Rather than alienate the politicians of the day, and those of other religions and gods, they chose to go along because in theory, it would make the church more acceptable, have more power in cooperation with the government, and theoretically be able to claim a larger membership.

And then, of course, there was the acquiescence associated with the avoidance of religious persecution.

What truly annoyed me this Easter was knowing that my own government, always claiming divine providence and anointing, a nation under God, would have my support in ending public displays of Christian symbols and Holy Days for the sake of separation of church and state, and at the same time, establish and perpetuate the practices of non-Christian, Pagan god worship instead.

It's as simple as this: the government won't promote Christian religion, but pagan worship is fine.

Christmas trees and Easter eggs never bothered me before. Now they do, because I understand what they represent, both in terms of worshipping and promoting false gods, and in terms of acknowledging that our government and the media diminshes the importance and dignity of Christianity, promoting commercialism and materialism and Paganism while openly displaying their own hypocrisy about being a nation that rules itself based on the teachings of Christ Jesus.

So, when Bill O'Reilly says, next year, that Christmas is under attack, I'll say, no Bill, Christianity is under attack, but Christmas, the pagan holiday, seems to be doing quite well.

And now you know why, at least for now, I will no longer be celebrating Christmas and Easter based on our current understanding of what they celebrate.

And I'm not looking forward to finding out how many other supposed Holy Days of Christianity have been twisted into the observance of Pagan rituals and gods.

, and this is part of the way the national/corporate media tricks us into believing things that aren't true, or distracts us from the real point of an issue with a trivial or semantical point having nothing to do with a rational discussion on a sensitive matter,





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