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For the Love of the World

The Abominations of Desolation That Exist
There is more than one abomination of desolation to be witnessed in this world.
Part of the answer to this inquiry begins with the question "What is normal?"



What is normal?

I knew someone in a doctor's office who told me that many times, when tests like blood tests and liver function and such are taken, you may be told you're normal. What normal means is that you have levels of chemicals or metals or whatever in your blood that are typical of people like you. And, that your vital organs function in a normal fashion, for the same reason.

The problem is, "normal" doesn't necessarily mean healthy, is can also simply mean levels of contamination or deterioration of organs that is typical, even if it's unhealthy.

After all, if the environment introduces pollutants and toxins into our systems equally, what's a doctor to do except report the results to national labs for statistical analysis, as they do, and monitor the health effects?

After the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, I started noticing an unusual pattern of cervical cancer amongst women I knew and knew of who got cervical cancer in Humboldt County. Later, I heard of reports confirming my observation. Humboldt County was the first "touch down" point for the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl when it first hit the United States before making its way up the coast to Washington State. Humboldt County is also the location of a nuclear reactor that had two near meltdowns before it was shut down.

I was living in the Seattle area then, and my vegetable garden started growing miniature - I assume mutated - vegtetables. Ronald Reagan canceled his scheduled visit to the area indefinitely, and, at a certain point, people were even prohibited from buying geiger counters.

Just down the road there is an old stack from one of 5 nuclear power plants that used to be under construction or operational in the State of Washington under Governor Dixie Lee Ray.

In Hanford, the Tri-Cities area of Washington, they have been experimenting with radiation and nuclear devices for decades.

One time, while working as a radio program syndication sales person for a program called "Future File" in Los Angeles, I called one of the stations in the Tri-Cities, and the program director there told me that one of their favorite local jokes is how they're all glowing examples of humanity.

It's not so funny. There has been an abundance of human suffereing and environmental damage that the government hasn't wanted to publicly acknowledge or take responsibility for. And the the last time I checked, the nuclear contamination of groundwaters in that area should have the contamination reaching the Columbia River sometime later this year.

Which means that Portland and a huge shipping lane to the ocean, the farmlands along the river that leads all the way down to the Pacific Ocean will be contaminated. And it's a shame. Portland not long ago finished cleaning up its port after being one of the most contaminated ports in the United States.

That will also affect the coastal areas of Southern Washington, and then travel southward to Northern California fishing waters and beyond.

Believe it or not, this is not about nuclear waste pollution in the United States, at least it didn't begin as that.

I actually began looking at my map, thinking, "If I had to move to another country where it would be environmentally better than normal, where would I go?"

to be continued....




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