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For the Love of the World

Who Are the Anti-Christ?

You will not be seeing any red men with pitchfork tails.
Many of the "body of the anti-Christ" may not even realize that they are.

The Bible said it would be like that.

Easter 2009


It's difficult for me to know how to begin this. There are a few things I need to say, and I doubt anyone will want to hear it, because it's the truth.

When I began doing my "activism" work - nothing more than sharing the truth about what was going on in politics, I knew there'd be some uphill climbs, and lots of uninformed people refusing to accept the truth they didn't want to hear about their country and themselves. I didn't know that my government is as evil as it is, or that so many people in this country, claiming righteousness in the name of God, would be so evil as well.

I am amazed at how America, the government, has become everything in the world they claimed to stand against, supposedly as God's anointed nation.

The biggest lie they told is that America was anointed, instead of the truth, that a man in the United States is anointed. That we are a nation "living under God" may be true, there is no denying that God exists, but if you were to be truthful in examining the 10 Commandments and the Word of God, there simply isn't any way that you could claim that the United States is a nation that conducts itself as Christians, not in the government, and apparently not the citizens either, who have become fully deluded by a bunch of liars who know what lies you want to hear.

The Bible calls that apostasy. You call it hope.

Recently, Democratic propagandist Bill Press, defending Barack Obama, said that Obama all but ignored National Prayer Dya because "America isn't a Christian Nation". And, then quoted the par tof the Bible stating that people should go into a closet an pray alone.

It wasn't national Christian Day, it was National Prayer Day. And, technically, we're not a Christian Nation, but we say we are under God. There is no reason not to pray to God unless you don' t believe in God. And a leader, leading a people in prayer, or having ministers do it, is not the same context as the Biblical instruction for individuals, seeking grace and guidance, to pray alone.

Why does the governement declare a prayer day and then not honor it? Why do we celebrate Christian holidays with Pagan Rituals? Should we adopt the belief of a lowest common denominator, that there is no God? Did our government hesitate to lead us in prayer after national disasters? And if the Obama Adminsitration is against such a day, or believes it is a problem with separation of church and state, why do they not denounce the policy outright, and legislate it out of existence? Politics.

When I began my activism, it did not carry with it a message of religion, but certainly one of morality and ethics. I even stated on my web site that it wasn't about religion, bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org , but about the fundamentals of democracy.

When Time-Warner fed me info regarding the Son of Man, it was clearly a set-up. When dialectics are used, they are done in ways so that the target of the scheme can't win - so that no matter what they do, they fall into the trap of the criminals. Such as Pastor Melissa Scott.

Her friends - many of them who have participated in the harm done to me, who would love to see me die rather than have you know the truth about the evil they do while lying to you about their morality and intentions. The people listed on this page are indeed, doing the work of Satan, and comprise a power structure they believe is invulnerable. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Traitors and Material Witnesses. Thse people have all particpated in crimes against me, and you. I wish it wasn't true, to one degree or another.

The difference between you and me is that I see them as crimes, you might view their activities as politics. But they are crimes that people do, knowing full well they are crimes, and continuing to do them. And I still can not in any way understand a minister who would do harm to anyone and call themselves a Christian, epecially when the crimes is ongoing, and they do nothing to stop it. Those who save themselves will lose themselves.

The greatest problem I have with it all is how many ministers make a fine living telling people about the imminent Second Coming of Christ, but don't for one moment want to have a discussion with someone to discover truth. And there are plenty of ministers out there who know I am here, and they remain quiet, because they are truly not servants of God. And because of that, whether they know it or not, they are serving Satan, and have become part of the body of the anti-Christ.

Today is Easter 2009. We celebrate the crucification of Christ, and His resurrection on dates more closely associated with His birth, AND, as a nation and Christians, using Pagan methods to celebrate a Goddess from about 2000 years before Christ, named Eastre.

We celebrate Christmas with a pagan ritual, supposedly the birthday of Jesus, just about the time He was crucified.

Why am I 54 years old, and no one has ever told me that before? Who would benefit from that? And why have no ministers bothered to make sure it was common knowledge, like Billy Graham or Rick Warren or Pat Robertson or any of the other supposedly great ministers of God and Jesus of our time?

Are they ignorant, or did they just give in to the anti-Christ by saying it wasn't a big deal, it's just an arbitrary day and easier to go along with instead of making waves, and making sure the holidays were separated, because, frankly, I'm really offended, as a Christian, to find out that painting Easter Eggs is a pagan ritual institutionalized in a country "under God". . And if you really believe it's not a biig deal, then I say, you're not really a Chrisian, or at best, a Sunday Christian, believing in only what suits you about Christianity and surrendering that to Satanism for the sake of the fulfillment of lust and sensual pleasure.

I say most of these ministers know that to stand up to the anti-Christ these days, means not being rich and famous and doing numerous things, particularly fundraising, with littel or no integrity. Some of these ministers belongto the Council on Foreign Relations who control the media and public opinion, and appease the government to their benefit, not God's.  I really hope they publicly criticize me for saying this so they can prove their own apostasy so I don't have to.

The greater surprise would be for them to realize their apostasy, and acknowledge it in public so that other people would recognize the traps of economic slavery and the corruption of politics. That's one I'd bet against in Vegas.

To politicians, the media and certain ministers who have particpated in crimes against me.

You could say I'm not in a very good mood today as I write this, given that I got the flu a few weeks ago, and the United States Government, Barack Obama, has taken advantage of that fact to intensify the electronic attacks against me and make me feel like I'm in hell, hoping to die to be removed from this. Ha!Ha! Just like the Bible said people would get. And of course, their sick joke is that they'll use this to prove they are more powerful than God. All it proves is how perverse they are.

And still, I really do hope God causes me to leave this world soon, despite the fact we both had the desire to try to wake people up before they destroyed themselves. Purification of the earth by fire was desired to be about the fire of truth, but the anti-Christ have done a good job of containing me and getting all of you - particularly in Mason County Washington - to particpate in harming me like good little Nazi fascist Satanists. And I know those words are extreme, but look them up in the dictionary... they accurately describe the truth.

Even the people who claim they believe in me play tricks on me and lie to me... I suppose they believe that way they can help me and at the same time observe some perverse rule that they have to harm me to save themselves. I hope someday they will understand that I don't condemn them for this, but it doesn't cause me to think of them as actual friends.

Somehwere along the way long ago I heard only 144,000 would survive Armageddon and that the Mormons thought they would be the ones. I thought, surely there are more than 144,000 Mormons, why just 144,000? And why not baptists and other religions? In fact, if there were only going to be 144,000, it didn't sound like too many people stood a chance and I certainly wouldn't.

I really have lived my life wondering if God would send me to hell just for cursing at Him when I was 7 or 8 years old for causing my sisters to force me to go to church on Sundays. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to go. Isn't it funny how one of the main commandments is to take a day off... and there I was cursing at God for - somehow or another - telling me it was okay to want to take a day off, instead of cursing at the people who were actually doing something anti-Christian. I don't actually view them as being of the anti-Christ, but I'll bet they'll be offended to find out when they read this that their insistence in me going to church and believing what they believed actually did more to keep me away from churches than anything else I've experienced in my life...

And there I was, a little kid, cursing God for the acts of people.

Here's the thing. I know for a fact that the United States Government and the Council on Foreign Relations have done everything they could do cause me to end up with a jaded outlook on things, and given what I know now, to especially alienate myself from the churches by being critical.

Unfortunately, there's reason to be critical. The fact that no minister or individual has stepped up to assist me in any way, as a person, let alone anything else, is proof to me there is no integrity to the word of these people to serve God, particularly when needed most when apostasy would be so much easier... and apparently is.

Those who believe my life in this circumstance is a test of me, and I suppose it is for those who wanted to "break me" to cause me to become like them... but it's really been a test of all of you, God's way of finding out if you will choose evil over the Commandments, those simple little commandments.

From where I sit, it appears to me that you all have chosen evil, and I refuse to defend you to God for what you do and why. You had a choice. The information has been available to you. And you choose to harm people, claiming being of God. That's the ultimate proof you're not.

I tell you again, you people need to make some hard choices, because God will not allow your souls back in this world to pollute it again, like you've always done before. He is more patient than I can possibly imagine being, and I have no apologies for my own anger about the treatment I have received in this world by my own governement and ministers..

I had such a positive outlook on life, that even after a life of purposeful harm, I listened to the people of America and the world, as a citizen, and developed a plan and a vision that the Democrats and the Council on Foreign Relations stole and used it to elect Barack Obama, a hypocrite of unimageineable dimensions. If you don't know this as truth by now, then you are simply lazy.

And still you choose to make criminals your heroes. And I, and millions of others, suffer because of your delusions. Suffer because of your selfishness and crimes.

Who are the anti-Christ? Apparently, you are, because you continue to play along with the "games" of the anti-Christ who persuade you to do and support unethical and immoral acts - such as the nuclear genocide occurring in the Middle-East at the hands of the United States and Israel....

Tell me, do you really believe that God is going to honor a covenant with a people who have refused to honor their word in the covenant? I wouldn't, and that will be my recomendation to God. About America, and Israel. And if you have a problem with that, then you'd better read your Bible and understand Romans chapters 9 and 10.

Feel free to get upset about that. Maybe it will do you some good to make a fool and a liar of yourself about yourself one more time.

As for me, I have nothing to prove to any of you. You have shown me that you are not the kind of people who I would choose as friends. I'm sure you'll dislike me for saying that. People are funny that way about the truth.

But frankly, I don't want anything to do with people who will go along with harming other people and not standing up against it. And if it's too hard for you to deal with the peer pressure if you went against the "grain", the welcome to the body of the anti-Christ, they got ya.

But don't give me a hard time for pointing out the truth. It's your truth.

Part of the same truth that says you'll never be a living person again if you continue the sins and crimes you are committing. Because I won't want it in the Kingdom, and God won't allow it anymore.

I used to spend a good deal of time and energy trying to think of how to intervene to make things work out well for everyone, without further destruction of the planet. I really believed that, given free speech and the values of America, I could really make a difference as a citizen, and later, as a possible politician.

But freedom doesn't exist in this country, let alone in this world. If there's anything God's about, it's freedom. The problem is, when you give perverted people freedom, they do what's been done.

And the 144,000? Right now, I'm hoping they'll be the only ones after it's all over, and ifyou blame me for that, you're a fool.

I really don't care what you all think of me anymore. I havedone none of you harm. If I seem negative, I apologize only to God, who must be disappointed that I needed to learn just how perverse this world is so I would suffer no more in sympathy and empathy for a world of perversity, people who I believed were innocent and misled. I don't believe that anymore.

People have had 2000 years to learn and prove themselves. People apparently have chosen.

And when your government causes your destruction, just remember, God tried to bring you all back in from the edge, and that the destruction that will occur is the acts of people, not God, who tried to warn us all what would finally happen if we did not change our ways. People who decided long ago to use 3 world wars to conquer the world. God will cause their third war to conquer them.

And so it will be. Because, in a world that chooses not to act honorably when provided truth, and a messenger and leader sent by God to shorten the days is rejected as God predicted He would be, God still allows free will, which will be your undoing.

When it's over, don't bother claiming you were not told.

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