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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

I've spent a great deal of time thinking about what it actually means to be an apostate. In general, we relate the word to religion and typically as an accusation. Others think of politicians as apostates.

I finally realized that, in theory, in a purist sense, any person who speaks out on principles and values of any kind, any Christian, particularly Christians who inform people of their Christianity.. anyone who does something contrary to their stated or self-acknowledged value-system is an apostate of one sort or another. Then, it may be a matter of error or mis-statement, being mis-informed, unless the intent is unpure, and the person is unwilling to re-examine their "truth" and receive constructive discussion or correction.

For example, if a "minister" makes a declaration to persuade Christians to believe something that isn't true, particularly when it gives cover to things like crimes governments commit against its citizens, and that same minister is unwilling to even consider dissenting views despite their truth... if a minister is no longer willing to seek truth.. then they can not be doing the work of God, particularly at this time in history, and every true minister should well know that these are the end of days, and if they don't, they should either wake up or resign, because these are the days God told you would come and require you to stand.

The bluediam.gif (123 bytes)Webster's 3rd World Unabridged Dictionary, (C) 1909-1971 provides a fairly clear and dispassionate definition of apostasy that leaves little room to interpretation.

Apostate: One who has renounced or forsaken his religious faith or given up his moral allegiance (A Church Decree... excommunicated as apostates all... "who profess... the materialistic and anti-Christian doctrine" - H.L. Matthews)

Apostasy: 1) the renunciation of a religious faith 2) an abandonment of what one has voluntarily professed : a total desertion or departure (as from one's principles or parties)

If you're looking up apostasy in the Bible, I'd also suggest that you look up references to false prophets, because they're very much related, particularly in how they can affect the world.

The judgment of what is apostasy or false prophecy or not is very dangerous, because true apostasy is not always apparent apostasy, and apparent apostasy is often accidental or without intent.

A very prominent, nationally known Christian leader once said "and as we all know, God's plan doesn't work". He was referring to the theoretical roles of religious/spiritual leaders, government and the separation of church and state principle, which is also part of the plan.

The idea is simple: the church influences the values of the citizens, the government reflects the values of its citizens, but leaves it to the churches to decide what they believed in and taught.

His answer was to infiltrate the government in order to enforce his beliefs, which eroded the confidence citizens have in people of faith being involved in government, and eroded the perception of the motives of churches. In addition, he caused certain issues to be identified as core and most important issues related to the government's enforcement of moral values and Christian values by manipulating "emotional issues" that did not address the core problems corrupting the government he was trying to "work with" in its paradigm.

Meanwhile, the governments infiltrated and hi-jacked the churches.

The Bible would refer to this as the fornicators consorting with the whore. It's one thing to "work within the system".  It's another thing to adopt unethical practices and take immoral actions in the application of the idea "when in Rome, do as the Romans do".  That concept should be considered and practices adopted that work within the "Roman" system, however.

Manipulating people through fear and lies of omission and false prophecy, claiming representation of God's word in order to manipulate you into doing their will for their political intents but speaking things that are certainly anti-Christian is most certainly the work of an apostate.

It happens nearly every day in politics, but you don't notice it unless what you hear is in disagreement with your personal views, and then you condemn it without even looking to see if you might not actually have been deceived or misinformed.

People doing the work of God do not do so with deception or in secrecy. That's a simple test. If people aren't willing to tell you their motives and intents honestly, then you should wonder about what they're really trying to accomplish.

Even if these people think that what they're doing will be for the best, that the ends justify the means, they would be wrong and apostates.

It's not simple hypocrisy. It's hypocrisy in leadership. It's purposeful misleading.

It's like a politician making campaign promises they can't possibly deliver on for whatever reason, knowing they can't, but saying what people want to hear to get their votes, knowing that once they're elected, people who complain won't be heard, and haven't the power to hold the elected official accountable or have them removed.

It's easy to get away with, when you've convinced so many people to put their faith and hope in you, and no one wants to hear the truth because they don't want to give up their hope in a lie that they might even have already given up on - but still cling to because there is no other logical concept or belief that makes your hopes make sense or seem rational.

Propaganda is not meant to fool the intelligencia,
it is merely meant to provide them an excuse to
avoid seeing ugly realities they'd sooner not believe.

-- Joseph Goebbels
Nazi propagandist; Nuremburg Trial

It's the sort of thing that causes an entire population to develop Stockholm Syndrome, held captive by "leaders" who have become unresponsive to its citizens, speak great virtues and commit unthinkable crimes, suffer the effects of their corruption, all the while, these "leaders" will say that in the big picture, they are doing what needs to be done, subjecting you to hardship, and not stopping what they are doing  because they do not believe what they are doing is wrong.

So an entire population of people, good people, adapt as people do to the conditions they are subjected to, believing the deceptions in vain instead of facing the hard truth that separates the words and actions of the apostate leaders. Leaders who speak to you of being good citizens and following laws and having faith in God, while behaving as though above the law.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

Ministers who take the word of deceptive leaders in order to promote and preserve their own political power within their religious communities.

That adaptation is the Stockholm Syndrome: adapting to, understanding and even sometimes taking on the causes of your oppressors in order to survive without perceived hardship. Interacting with the circumstances in which you are contained, from which you can not simply walk away from to escape, as the "order" or "reality" of the "world" you live in and therefore are forced to learn to conform to and function within.

Economic coercion is successful when those who are being coerced are financially undermined to the extent that their coercers are able to cause or force their victims to do what they want them to do to survive, suppressing complaint or defiance through the same coercion.

Look at what is going on in the world today. Loss of civil rights. Surveillance. Propaganda. Corruption. Global economic failure. War. Poverty. Disease. And what are you doing about it? Resisting it, or adapting to it. Seeing it for what it is, or believing it's just the way it goes?

How does all this relate to apostasy?

I believe that what allows apostasy provides a better answer.

About 5 days ago, I started writing this, and then got sidetracked. I had decided I wanted to write this without pointing any fingers, causing any ministers personal discomfort, and in a way that could open some people's eyes to how apostasy creeps into what we're doing everyday. As people and ministers and Christians and citizens.

I was concerned because I know I say some things that people won't agree with or may hurt their feelings, and even though at this moment I feel outside of Christian churches, I'd still like to think that one day we'll come to terms, realize we're friends, and when that time comes, I'd just as soon not have ruffled any more feathers than I have to.

Whether God is using me as a prophet or more, I'm sensitive to the fact that causing people to see a different truth than they've heard before can be upsetting, even dangerous.  And I take seriously the responsibilities of the task He's given me, knowing the implications and dangers of what I am embarking on.

What makes it more difficult is that in "becoming" - looking deep inside myself and seeing what influences of this world have caused me to take on beliefs and responses and  behaviors that I actually know are anti-Christian. Behaviors adopted by adapting to the circumstances of the world I live in.

Sometimes, the simplest things end up haunting you when you realize how such a simple thing could be so contrary to what you really believe in, when you apply the things you believe in to every thing you do in every moment of your life.

I realized that my concerns for tactfulness were in conflict with the responsibilities God entrusted me with in being a minister and a prophet, and thus, taking the approach I was taking would make me an apostate.

There's nothing wrong with tactfulness. And it's not God's will that ministers or prophets or anyone bearing witness to God's Kingdom that you go around making people angry, and then feeling like the persecution you bring upon yourself is a badge of honor, because it isn't.

But, if nothing else, it does mean that when addressing ministers and prophets and others servants, declared or anointed or ordained or not, what matters most is speaking truth to the faithful so that they are not deceived - about religious matters to be sure - but of  the world as well. 

Because, when you go along with corruption and evil, whether you know it or not, it increases evil, and it can only stop when those who perpetrate and the people who have been deceived into doing evil work realize that it is evil. That's the hard part. And that is why God has ministers.

So, for me to want to sugar coat certain things - not bring them up because it may embarrass someone or ruffle the feathers of someone with influence or power - would be apostasy, not to mention a betrayal of my promise to God.

I think that's how apostasy happens amongst good people with the best intentions, faithful servants and anyone who is sincerely striving to faithfully serve God and be Christ-like, and it's not intentional or something to feel guilty about. It's something to consider when honestly deliberating our actions and words. And once again, it's related to the vanity of Ecclesiastes.

What there is to notice most about my considerations, though, is that it was the politics of religion that had me consider softening the message. It wasn't that I didn't want to speak the truth. It was that I wanted to withhold information that I believed would not be what you want to hear.

And so, I turn to the faith of God to give me courage to appropriately speak what needs to be spoken with the grace of His spirit allowed by my faith in God, so that the faithful will hear, and the unfaithful will listen, as we set our selves aside to consider what prevents us from fully delivering the message and miracles and necessity of the knowledge of His truth. What causes us to listen to God and hear only the messages that conform to the paradigm of the world of our lives, our realities, our political opinions, and the deceptions we choose to believe.

Truth is more than fact or evidence: it is the belief in the essential necessity for His intent to be realized in the foundations that create reality and justice. Justice is not a system for determining innocence or guilt: it is the result of equality allowed by truth, free of opinion or demeanor.

Are you creating graven images of God? Are you teaching people that God is vengeful? Do you understand that God's "jealousy" is because He wants to come and make everything work right for us, and we don't let Him? Do you tell people that God wants you to fear Him or respect Him? Does your minister ever explain the differences in the usage of words when they were written versus what they mean in today's language and common definitions? And why that makes a HUGE difference? For example, God's warfare is the warfare of spiritual war of and for hearts and minds. Who convinced you that God would have you fight military wars, particularly wars of aggression and profiteering, in the name of God? Have you actually bought the lie that America only fights wars in the name of self-defense and in defense of Democracy? What part of thou shalt not kill do you not understand? Do you know that the word apocalypse doesn't mean destruction, that its definition is of "revealing"?

Do you tell people that God wants them to have material riches, and to live their lives fulfilled in their professional work in a way that promotes the entrenchment of humanity ina n oppressive economic system? Do you actually believe that God wants us to experience Armageddon, and that He really felt merciful at the Great Flood? Do you really believe that a God, who is love - would torment people in hell?  They may think it's torment, but it will be torment of their own making. Do you actually understand the difference between the Son of Man in the body and being of Jesus, and the Son of Man preceding the Second Coming of Christ? Who actually is Christ, treated deplorably. And if you understood that, would the Second Coming actually be the third coming? How many lies must a government foist upon you until you realize your government is lead by liars? About everything.

Apostates are those who flatter you and tell you what you want to hear, what comforts your emotions, all the while carrying out ulterior motives that harm you or betray you in some way. Apostates would tell you to be civil to elected officials who have hijacked your religions and nations in order to perpetuate and perpetrate acts of evil.

I continually hear the story of people - especially young people - who read the Bible, study it with the Concordance and do research, and are angered at how they have been misled in so many ways by churches and ministers that preach fear and things that aren't in the Bible. Things that the Bible warns us against.

Of course, those in power will call them heretics or anti-Christ, anything but read the Word again, by themselves as the Bible tells us to do, and see the truth of the Word of God revealed without the influences and persuasions of the corrupt world that surrounds us and causes us to accept attitudes and opinions and interpretations that simply are not, in fact, true.

You can not stop seeking truth and truly serve God. Truth is ever unfolding, and if you claim to be on the watchtower, then you would at least post a guard with the ability to discern truth from propaganda and weapons of mass distraction, the deceptions and emulations the Bible so clearly warns us to be on the lookout for.

As His minister, people seek your wisdom for the conduct of their lives, and the safety of their lives.

I say, if you are reading this, and if within 1 week you are not so appalled at the truth of what is occurring in the world, if you are not appalled at what the United States Government is doing, then you should inform your congregation that you are not qualified to answer their questions or give them advice regarding what is going on in the world today, in regard to politics or religion, because in these times, to be ignorant of one at this time is to be ignorant of the other, at least in terms of being of useful service to God because your counsel will be based on erroneous information caused by the deception of the Devil, whom you were charged to protect your congregation against.

Your willingness to seek the truth and inform your congregations will be the proof of your true commitment to the light of truth, and will be a witness and testimonial to the ways of God in the world, and that His plan works. The truth is easy to find on this site and many others on the web.

I'll provide you a standard by which to measure your progress in your efforts to inform yourself, and it begins with forcing you to look something up that you don't want to hear, true or not, soemthing you've already rejected, and for which a true servant of God has paid a price.

Here it is: before the Presidential Election in 2008, Barack Obama dis-associated himelf from, condemned and disavowed knowledge of his supposed minister's sermons and spreading of truth of 20 years - The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Everything Jeremiah Wright was demonized and diminished for saying what he said to his congregation in those videos of him talking about the crimes of the United States Government - everything he said is true.

When Barack Obama disavowed and condemned him, The Rev. Wright merely responded by saying "he did what politicians have to do".

So, I challenge you to look up what he said that caused him to be classified as some errant extremist. The only correction I'd make to what he said has to do with his remark "God Damn America". I say God damn the corrupt of the United States Government, and God Bless the Citizens of America and the world, both of which are promises of God in the final days.  The citizens have suffered too long.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Conviction of the Heart_live Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

I don't know what else Rev. Wright believes or knows. But in this case he told the truth. For that, he has my admiration. As a citizen, and as a minister of God. I'll say, if you do not become informed of what he said, and accept that it is the truth, then you do not want to know the truth.

And if that doesn't wake you up to the true evil that is being perpetrated, then please, get out of the way.

When you know the truth, there can only be one unfortunate conclusion you can come to, unless you choose to live in denial.

Making the high low, and the low high is not limited to any particular profession or sinner, or reason.

II Timothy

3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3:3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those who are good,

3:4 Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

3:5 Having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.

4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Titus 1:16

They profess that they know God; but in works, they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

Every one of us, particularly ministers and those who would call themselves the faithful, must take another look at our selves and the world around us, and be honest and true to ourselves, and then, honest and true to God, and acknolwedge the truth of these times in this world, and know that it is time to awaken and stand for God against the corruption that prevents the full establishment of the Kingdom of God and Heaven.

He calls to one and all to re-examine our selves, and recognize how we've been misled in so many ways, to accept what we don't believe in and to disrespect everything we, as citizens, believe in. Principles and values our soldiers have died for. Reasons we all believed made us a nation truly anointed to lead the world as an example of what is possible if the Kingdom of God was realized, Camelot, through truth, justice, and the American way.

The way intended by God.

Betrayed and undermined by apostasy of one sort or another, from civilization to civilization, empire to empire, nation to nation. Not by the works of the citizens, but by the leaders.

And so, this is God's call to His own to acknowledge truth despite its discomfort, and seek Christ who is among you. His Kingdom is within reach and is imminent, and He wants you to find correction in His Word, your truth, and restore your heart and spirit - free of the delusions of deception - such that His will may be done, such that the Kingdom of God, the Heaven and His promises may be delivered, and that you may have your place in His world and midst forevermore.

That is His greatest wish in this world at this time as He reaches out once again with the love that inspired His creation.


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