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Over the last eight years, I discovered a great deal of truth I wished I hadn't discovered, wanted to believe things I saw as  behavior that was an abhorration of normal behavior, accepted that what happens is "typical" or "the way things are" -  as more and more legal loopholes are created that allow crime and corruption to be legal.

It's very much why I chose to live the kind of life I have. I'm sure it seems as though I was disengaged, but what I was really doing was observing, always finding ways to work within the social paradigm, and at the same time, doing it in a way that didn't cause me to go along with unethical or immoral or illegal activities.

It's a difficult thing to do, and I know I'm not the only person who has done that, successfully or not, to one degree or another. In that respect I am a citizen among citizens, trying to do what I think is right.

I truly believe that in the allegorical and actual senses, that each of us, if truly believing in and following the example of Christ Jesus, that each of us is the "Son of Man", having nothing to do with gender, but as a description of a kind of person, a person who lives a particular kind of life and has certain common philosophical outlooks that include projecting that same kind of thinking and being into the world.

Here, I'm talking mainly about faith in God and believing in Jesus, but doesn't it also sound like how politics work? It's part of the danger and fine lines of paradigms. This is the way we do it. A tool can be used for accomplishing good things and bad things. Water can either save your life if you're thirsty, or kill you if you're drowning.

I say I like writing this book in "a void" because I came to the realization that there were factions trying to influence me to write things that affirm or reject aspects of certain religious sects and political factions in order to divide people, as well as try to manipulate me to approve of their "righteousness" and correctness.

I thought, if every religion or sect of Christianity expects the returning Christ to agree with their specific beliefs and preferences in order to garner their approval and receive their public support for the Church of the "Body of Christ", then there will never be anyone who wil be accepted as Christ no matter what Christ would do or what evidence He has of His identity and existence.

Jesus considered certain things "authorized" by prior "christs" that He didn't agree with or rescind, understanding why they were enacted, and at the same time, voiced His preferences in the matters.

And then I think and wonder, the Bible doesn't actually say much of anything about how the Son of Man, or Jesus or Christ by whatever name and God in the flesh... how He becomes known. I know there are writings in the Bible, but there are many descriptions of similar things, and we tend to want to believe most in the most supernatural and "magical" of descriptions.. I'm not saying they're wrong. I don't know, just like you, for certain, except for my belief in His word.

I get the impression that few people know the story of the life of the Son of Man, or even His description in the Bible when He's found, or how they would know that had happened. I wonder if people even know that the Son of Man IS the vessel or host of the spirit of Jesus and God... and if they know that that triunary being has always been present in the world.

I read things in the footnotes of my Bible that suggest some "experts" have an understanding of the concept, but they really don't have an understanding of how that occurs and takes form in being.

Again, keep in mind, what I'm sharing with you is my thoughts, notes and observations as I prepare to write about apostasy.

I've never heard anyone talk of any of these things. I've never heard anyone suggest what people should be looking for, in terms of recognizing the end of days or how to know when the real Christ is "here".

And again, part of why I like writing in a void is casting aside external influences so I can think and separate what the world has taught me, and what's in my heart and what God is telling me to inform you of... as well as testing myself to be sure I am, in fact, being honest about the things I've seen and the things I write and say, and how it relates to God's plan.

I've seen a news media fully involved with politicians with a subversive agenda, lying to the world as well as harming and suppressing me, setting me up to appear as an apostate, not to mention some kind of horrible person that I'm not. And their use of someone who claims to be a minister to get me to do something that left me fully financially bankrupt and actually was a threat to my life for reasons I haven't disclosed. A minister who seems to love the Bible as literature and history of some sort, and who admires certain writers of the Bible, but seems to enjoy and admire those writers more than the messages God had them deliver on His behalf.

I see a government where it appears, and I'm certain the facts will prove this in the long run with few exceptions, that in order to be allowed in the Senate, your fellow members have to have knowledge of some crime or embarassing incident they can use against you if you "get out of line" and don't "go along to get along".

I've become aware of an incredible number of horriffic crimes committed by the government of the country I live in, a country that claims moral high ground, and the Bush Administration is the proof of the least of what has gone on since the days of Andrew Jackson. Since the days when Abraham Lincoln commented that his greatest regret about being elected was all the promises he had to keep  to certain people and groups to get elected. Quid pro quo kind of stuff. And Obama says he relates heavily to Abraham Lincoln.

I see ministers who have either sold out to popular politics and the glamour of power speak things about God that, if they'd thought about it, they never would have said because it's inconsistent with the way God works, and diminishes God in the eyes of people.

And I say that particularly in regard to ministers who proclain that other people should be killed in order to enforce the will of God. God most certainly, in a world of free will, and in honoring His promises to humanity, has to work with us in a kind of partnership that grants free will.

We choose to believe that killing in the name of God is being courageous on His behalf. The truth is, it's out of the frustration of humanity.. not God. And  the word war, as used by God, does not mean military.

It might be useful for you to understand that I believe that Holy Writings, including the Bible, are all words of God which may or may not have been translated or interpreted properly, but are His words nonethelss. I don't care who is attributed with authorship in the material world.

And I don't quote Bible verses often because I actually want you to cause your minister to read it and find what I'm talking about, to become reacqauinted with it and embrace it, and then inquire into it and explain it to you. That's their job. My job is quite different, concentrating on causing and creating the future, not explaining the past or glorifying authors.

It's also the job of your ministers to understand dialectics, how patterns of human nature and the real patterns of the word of God were successfully employed or failed because of misinterpretation or failure to do what God asks of His self-declared willing servants.

It's also the job of your ministers to ensure that you understand, that if you truly want to live your life as a Christian - having nothing to do with the acceptance of Christ and salvation in and of itself - that to be as if living with the example of Jesus Christ always before you and guiding your life - be as in being - that you not only have a choice about not participating in unethical and illegal behaviors at work and in your personal life, but you have a promise to God in honor of Jesus Christ to refuse to do so.

And to shake you up a bit, to get you to look at the realities of the priorites that the media causes everyone to seem to think being a Christian means and looks like, and what's important to Christians, and a religion that has been hijacked and diminished in the media when your interests don't serve politicians, elevated when you can help someone get elected...

I'm not in favor of abortion. But I say, apostasy and lying, corrupt politicians and the emphasis on life based on money are greater threats to humanity and the Kingdom of God than abortion ever was.

If you can't figure out what I'm saying and realize that you and your religion have been hijacked, and that the family values you actually care about seem unimportant in comparison to other issues that the media and politicians tell you are what we're going to be allowed to talk about, then you need to study dialectics, and Stockholm Syndrome, and realize your mind has been kidnapped my economic slavers, and that your human ability and willingness to cope, understand and have compassion has been manipulated to cause you to accept the crimes and improprieties of your leaders, then I would have to tell you that you really have, actually been brainwashed.

If you believe God wants us to kill Muslims in a Holy cause, then you listen to too many ministers chosen to be on TV because they say things like that, not because it's representative of Christianity or accurate in regard to God's will. And I'll assure you, these same ministers are not informed in regard to the circumstances and truth that are actually causing the wars.

What if you were to find out that our so-called attacks on other nations to defend ourselves were situations set-up by the government to cause incidents that could be represented to show another nation or group is attacking us, when the fact is, we attacked them first? THAT IS usually the truth. I don't want to believe it, you don't want to believe it.

It's like when George Bush said that torture isn't in the heart of the American people. He was telling the truth. The American people don't believe in it. But the government clearly did. And Obama perpetuates many of the same programs put in place during the Clinton and Bush Administrations allowing for continued unlawful detention, tortures, kindnappings and "disappearing people" by extraordinary rendition. Get the reality of that. 

The United States reserves the right to disappear people. Its own citizens. You. And they can find people all day long to put on tv who'll do everything including threaten anyone else who disagrees with the necessity of doing so.

The cure is to stop believing the people on tv... reporters and political leaders.. and read for yourself. The truth is out there. And the people on tv get promotions and bonuses for assisting in wholesale deceptions of the American public and the world.

The best advice I ever heard was the phrase, the best way to tell a lie is to sandwich it between two truths. And the news media does that all day long. They have linguists and psychologists on staff to determine just exactly how to mislead you with lies of ommission and emotional stories (that don't make sense when you actually think about it). Anderson Cooper on CNN, a former CIA "intern", is considered to be a master at it. Lots of emotion and human interest, little fact, lots of distortion.

Whatever you hear on the news, check it out yourself. Think of the news as a service to tell you what things you need to look up, with a healthy skepticism that says, the guy on tv may have been lying. Let's find out what the truth is. And then, when you read, be aware that in the current news environment, the first few paragraphs contain the story that supports a propagandistic headline, and the following paragraphs contain the actual facts that tell you the truth about the story, and connect the dots that reveal the patterns and paradigms of how you are systematically deceived into thinking good things are happening when the truth is, ulterior motives are being enacted that are doing citizens harm.

This is also why ministers need to go back and think about the days when churches were being formed, and the reasons they were being formed. From the point of view of paradigms, we are in one of those times. And by embracing that posture once again, we can prevail in reversing the anti-Christian trends that are threatening to take hold.

Interestingly enough, I accidentally came across bluediam.gif (123 bytes) this article about Poland and Solidarity during the Reagan years. I suggest you read it, not to revel about the freeing of Poland, but to take a look at the strategies and pardigms employed for Solidarity to prevail against an oppressive government.

So, then, I go back to thinking, I have no desire to force my will and beliefs upon anyone, and yet, I believe I must be the leader. Maybe God picked me because He knew I wasn't lustful of the power of leadership. And people will either follow or not. God says people will.

I wonder what people think is going to happen when "Christ returns"? The Bible doesn't actually say much about it? And what does "the day of vengeance" mean?

And do ministers actually understand the way God chooses, promises, to work with the world, and that the whole point of creation was not to create a race of people to act like servants and worshippers like movies portray Kings, but actually, to have friends to hang out with? It sounds to me like there are going to be a lot of unfulfilled expectations because I know for a fact, God doesn't do magic tricks to impress people, and knowing Him, He'll refuse to do anything supernatural just to mess with people's heads.

Just to bring people down to earth to make them realize that if they want free will, they have to be responisble with it, and expecting God to snap His fingers and change it all will accomplish nothing if people don't alter their ways of being. People will just keep destroying each other and figure God will clean up the mess. God is not a janitor.

This is a time in history, in the history of God, when people, beings, spirits need to decide who they are what they want to be. Not as professions, as people. As children of the Kingdom. As adults in this world, living their values. Otherwise, people will have no right to complain about the crimes and immoral and unethical acts of others while committing them yourself.

And to apostate ministers and those who have harmed the son of man: God does not refuse believers entrance to the Kingdom. Forgiveness does not simply wipe clean the proof of the integrity of your character. Besides, how can something be forgiven and forgotten when you keep doing it?

To politicians and leaders of all sorts, how could you expect God to forgive you the crimes you've committed against millions when you continue to do them as if a condition and threat to God to continue doing them unless God does things YOUR way?

Talk of arrogance. Talk of unclenching of fists. Talk of other leaders acting with respect all the while calling them the biggest blabbermouths in the world (Jimmy Carter to Pres. Ahmadinejad of Iran).

Next to President John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter used to be one of my most esteemed politicians.

I have  alot of people on that list of "used to be's".

A few on the list of actual heroes that will remain at the top of that list include Dr. Martin Luther King, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Pres. Dwight Eisenhower... 

The point is that the "Second Coming" will impact many things. But, it is important to know that the most urgent matters of the day have to do most with the welfare of people, the welfare of the planet and much more but, greater than those things is doing away with the people and conditions that have caused the suffering of humanity. Legally and humanely.

I have no desire to diminish the importance of spirituality and Christianity, for that matter. And it's not because I haven't led a typically "Christian" or religous life. It's because I know that when people are allowed to live truly free, and the cause of their suffering is removed, they will have the kind of lives and values that will cause them to realize the truth of their faith and belief and desire to believe.

Then we'll work on the idea that each faith and sect of every kind is part of God's creation, and is a part of the greater truth of the Mystery of God. He's got a lot of them.

For those who don't want to think of all this in what is wrongly called religious terms, then consider what Ghandi said, because I like it just as well. He said something like

Truth is my religion. My practice is non-cooperation with evil

A few years back I wrote an article called "Corruption and Me", and while it sounds like it would be about all the bad things I've done in my life, the truth is, it had more to do with what I've witnessed. You could say that this chapter is like that, speaking to you of things I've discovered, been saddened by, shocked by... experienced. Things even I admit I might not believe if I hadn't experienced it myself, if it wasn't for my electronics and broadcasting background that made the technical capability seem somewhat simple. I'm talking about psychotronics.

And the reason I wouldn't have believed it is not because I didn't believe it was technologically possible. I wouldn't have believed that people, that my own government, would be doing such incredibly horriffic things to people, even their own citizens of the United States... and to find out that my own father may have been involved in the invention and application of this very technology that makes these crimes possible... that they used it against me. Knowing that the same technology has the ability to provide miraculous medical benefits to people with so many devastating afflictions.

The people who call themselves Jews but are not.. the people who call themselves Christians but are not... the same paradigm of the Elders of Israel/Zion making Holy Declarations in public while committing horrendous crimes and unholy acts in the privacy of their chambers.

When you think of it, despite prophecy and certainly not to question it... but in a way, the end of days... the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ began the day of Jesus' conception. And the anti-Christ.. they've been working overtime to win the battle for the last 500 years or so, because they know what's going to happen, and that's why things seem to be spinning out of control.

I want you to know, from my point of view, from God's point of view, things are quickly spinning into control.

This chapter is actually something I would have previously written in a weblog I've been maintaining for some 6 years or so, communicating directly to the media and to politicians aware of me and "communicating" with  me.  That should account for a slightly less formal and organized writing.

But, I wanted people to understand that when I write these things, I do so after a great deal of consideration and with a great deal of focus on remaining true to God's intent without letting my opinions and emotions get in the way. The weblog has been where I've "let out" most of those kinds of thoughts when grappling with an inquiry about things.

This is an example of the kinds of things I think about, not necessarily a   representation of things I'm actually going to do. At the same time, what I find interesting and reassuring to myself, is that the values and principles I've expressed as the reasons for my taking a stand and spekaing out are the same values, even on issues where I have re-considered my opinions and altered my statements about things.

I want you to know that when I alter my statements about things, I don't so it because I suddenly realize what I said would make it look like I'm saying something wrong. I do it because after examining my heart, and considering God's will and ways, I realize that I was persuaded by the world that something was right or wrong, despite what I believed in my heart, and then maybe also saw things through God's eyes, and realized that's what He was saying too.

Part of doing this in a void that I like is that when I'm through, I'm hoping I'll have some stimulating conversations about what people will call what's right or wrong about what I've written. We'll all learn. But, it also gives me the opportunity to think in ways that allow me to realize how we've all been "trained" by this world to think and be in certain ways. And then to separate the training that leads to what we call reality from the reality that we might think of as naive, that we all wish we lived in a guileless world.

Imagine, then, consider how you would go about causing that. I mean actually causing it transformationally. Globally. No wonder it's taking me so long to write this book :} And I don't mean just doing some things that cause progress in an area or do some good work, the kind that even if that's all that you accomplished would be a fine and worthy effort and important to be done, but if it actually didn't accomplish the whole task, there would be no promise to yourself that you could be satisfied that it would be accomplished.

The only way to judge that sort of thing, to yourself, is to strip away all the pride and vanity and the opinions of other people and societal norms. .. and just be honest with yourself.

God gave me a mighty big task, a challenge I actually look forward to taking on if only because I love to accomplish things that people say can't be done.

It was back in late 2002 that I actually began to realize that despite the bombardment with psychotronics and directed energy weapons by people we'll call the "evil-doers", that I really was this guy called the Son of Man. I've been in an inquiry ever since about a great number of things. Likely, though, the one that's probably been most at the center of the inquiry, and the one that's been most beneficial and useful, is the inquiry, what does it really mean to be a Christian.

Not being religious all these years, I brought few pre-conceived notions to the discussion and my thoughts. And it was work to get to the point where I could separate what my opinions were, my beliefs were, the message of God and the purposes and ways of the life of Christ Jesus... only then could I truly understand the greater revelations God sought to deliver through me. 

I truly hope that if I accomplish nothing else, that I would cause you to pretend you knew nothing about Christianity, and then just thought about how you would conduct your life and who you would be like if it was a perfect world, and God was here, and you were living in His Kingdom, in the Promised Land.... based on what you believe in your heart, the Word of the Bible or other Holy Scriptures, prayer.. and without initial regard for the conclusions you were simply told to believe without researching yourself.

I'm not telling you someone has lied to you. I'm asking you to choose for yourself, based upon facts, not opinions spread as truisms.

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