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The Choices Humanity Will Have To Make

It sounds pretty ominous. It is.

I once worked at Borland International in Paradox Technical Support. Wouldn't you know I'd be giving technical support for a product called Paradox. :} That's my life.


One time I applied to a radio with the slogan "Often imitated, never duplicated". So, I made a special tape that imitated and duplicated their format, just to prove to them they were wrong.

They were going to offer me a job working the 7 to midnight shift because I had a voice that would attract teen age girls to their station which was formatted to attract teen agers.

I told them I wanted to work mid days. What I didn't tell them is that I wanted that shift so I could be around to bust the boss for forcing his secretary to give him blow jobs. You could say, I wanted to send a message that imitating them wasn't necessarily something people should want to do. I would have contacted the owner of the station about it, but the owner was his father. He was at that radio station because of other problems elsewhere.

Anyway, one day working at Borland, a guy calls from Japan and I was in a silly mood, and he said he was calling about, as he put it, "Your problem with me running Paradox."

I said, "I don't have a problem with you running Paradox". He didn't get it, I apologized and realized I should never makes jokes with people from foreign countries who don't fully understand the language.

The Bible's like that too. You can't get much joy out of it if you don't know what the words really mean.

Otherwise, you'd be amazed at the humor people appreciated in an arduous moment, and that's the only time I remember confusing anyone doing it. Fortunately he wasn't offended. But I got away with alot of fun, when it was in context. It was part of my way of putting people at ease and letting them know they were talking to a real person.

After talking to him, I found out that the problem he was calling for the third time about had been repaired in a patch release, fixing the bug he encounterd months before, and no one ever sent him the new release. They'd say, try this, and call back if it doesn't work.

Finding people who can interpret the Bible in new but accurate ways that answer questions you believed weren't covered in the BIble are like that too. They're out there, you just don't know it.

Years before, working at another company in Bellevue, Washington, selecting PC databases, I decided not to use Paradox because computers were so new to people, the last thing I wanted to do was charge people to buy a Paradox. It was an image thing. It was a first impression. Later, I made a career out of that product when that product, made by a company called Ansa, was purchased by Borland.

My boss at Borland was Ansa's only tech support person before Borland bought them. He's the one who told me about the New World Order, he told me he'd always wanted to be a minister, and I shared with him I did too, and what was stopping him? He's also the guy who told me to reach down inside myself and find Jesus :} After leaving Borland, he went to work at Sun Microsystems supporting a programming language called "C". I wonder if Lou Dobbs would call all that a coincidence? :}

But, at the company in Bellevue, I worked with Scott Ritter's wife, Mary, and a few guys who used to work for Royal Computers, a spin-off of IBM, who were very Republican, and very "Christian". I don't think they were, but they claimed to be. Mary used to talk about Scott with due pride, and I'd get this picture in my mind that I now know know was an image of David Petraeus. It didn't look like Scott at all. Someday, I'll know what that means.

When Mary left, I was the supervisor of her replacement, a man who had been a Roadie for the von Trapp Family Singers, the real ones that the movie "The Sound of Music" was about. Unfortunately,
he'd listen to me on the phone with customers, cracking jokes and getting a great deal done, and then he'd ansewer the phones like he should have, but he tried to interact with people the same way I do. He even "stole my lines".

Everyone has their own style. And he tried to imitate me, and it never worked out. There were all sorts of complaints, and the customers were upset. I could never get him to understand that if he'd just be himself, people would more readily accept him. And he had to be let go.

Here's my last story before I tell you what I really want you to hear.

One day, at Borland, I took a support call on the programmer line, and was glad to talk to a man who seemed reasonable and proficient in the Paradox Database. I asked him what he was trying to do, and it was something the product could do. I asked him how he was trying to do it, and what he described would never work.

He explained it. So I told him the way to go about it, and he said, "But I want to do it the way I want to do it".

So I explained to him again why it wouldn't work, but if he did it the way I suggested, it would work just fine. He said he didn't want to do it that way, he wanted to do it his way. He just said, "I don't understand why your software doesn't work".

I told him why it wouldn't work that way, and repeated how it would work. He persisted in insisting that it work his way instead.

I thought about the situation for a minute. The man was a reasonable man, and I'd never gotten in trouble at work, so I decided to shoot the moon.

I said in as courteous and playful way I could, "Tell ya what. I've explained to you 3 times that your way won't work and my way would. I'm going to count to ten, and when I'm done you can let me know if you've decided to do it my way, which will work, or you can decide to do it your way, in which case we need to do is end this call, because your way won't work and explaining it again won't matter."

I didn't even get to 1. Within moments, he agreed to do it the right way, the way the software works, and very quickly, he had his report and I was on to another call. I was really glad he made the choice he made.

But to be honest, I wasn't all that worried about getting in trouble. I was highly regarded. I just had to consider the possible blowback before deciding how to handle the situation. I was one of the guys they gave troubled or important support clients to, like Citibank.

The choices you make in these end days is very much the same.

It's the same for citizens, elected officials, ministers who haven't read the Bible lately who think it's about other people and not themselves, and me too. Don't ever forget, I'm human too, having grown up in the same world and influences as you.

I particularly hope people who don't consider themselves Christians will read and understand this, as well as people like me who haven't gone to church much, and people who have never actually read the whole Bible by themselves, especially without at least once studying it once with a concordance. It's quite a different book when you read the Living Word yourself, without someone telling you what it means, especially if you can read it as if you never heard any of it before.

They call it the Living Word because almost everyone can see and interpret different things in the writings based on our life experiences, what we were taught before, and the technologies envisioned in the Bible that weren't invented or imaginable when the book sof the Bible were written. I always remember readin gDaniel about serpents and seven headed monsters of sorts, and realized the prohet described, but didn't know what he was seeing, and couldn't, because they didn't have airplanes, tanks & missile launchers back then. Of course, many scriptures also have many possible interpretations, again, because of the circumstances of the time. You could almost say the Bible is encrypted.

And it's particularly true when you can read the words of God and Jesus, setting aside what you think their personalities and demeanors would be like.

For example, I enjoy it when people say Jesus was perfect. I always want to say "Define perfect", because I'm never sure what people are actually saying when they say it. I mean, I could say in one way that I am perfect and that everyone is perfect. It depends on your perspective.

And what I always want to use as my example of the paradox I pose in this inquiry is the story of Mary putting oil on Jesus' feet.

The disciples were concerned because their version of perfect would mean always sacrificing everything for other people, and they thought they should sell the oil to feed the poor. Jesus responded by saying it was alright for Mary to rub oil on His feet, because, after all, the poor would always be with us.

Is that the answer of a perfect being? Could you imagine what the media and politicians would say about Jesus if that story got out, and the politicians and media were looking for any reason to diminish the credibility of the man holding them accountable for their crimes and injustices?

I can just hear pundits saying Jesus was selfish, and didn't really care about the poor, that He was just doing His work for God to look good, putting on a front and saying what He needed to in public, but, like an apostate, not doing such perfect Christian things on His own time.

It's like so many times on tv when people say things, and you know what they mean, but they use not quite the right words, so the media tells you what they meant and it probably isn't true, it just makes for a sensational headline. And they don't really care what happens to the people who give them the ratings to sell more commercials. Ask Nancy Grace. (Some people think I don't like her. The truth is I have a great deal of sympathy for her).

Personally, I say things in an open ended way sometimes to allow the media to do that to me and make fools of themselves doing so, which they will if and when the time comes. I also do it to cause people to want to ask questions, once they're interested, so I can tell them even more when they're ready for more. I don't purposely mis-state things. I leave room for people to think and then ask the questions that will take them to the next level of understanding.

Notice, I didn't say whether I think Jesus is perfect or not, nor will I. I really want you to answer that question, and understand what perfection really means, especially in the eyes of God.
Because, it's important for you to make up your own mind about things, so you can actually say you made your own choices. So that you can be responsible for your own choices.

You might say, in this context, it's a moral imperative. If you don't fully understand that, please think about it until you do.

Here's what I will say: Jesus was a triunary being, a man, with a spirit and the spirit of God in and within Him, with the Holy Ghost. And yes, He was a divine being.

But, He was a man. Just like Adam was a man, and God gave Him a companion named Eve. Jesus had Mary. Just as God's intent is for most of us to have such companions, and the exceptions are those people who are in this world on a different journey or choose celibacy or abstinenece either because of their choice, or because of life events that caused them to not give of themselves in that way.

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the light, and no man comes unto the Father but by me.

What does that really mean? He is the way, the example of being, the truth, as in, having knowledge of the truth of the world AND God's ways, and the light - at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

No man comes unto the Father but by me. Whatever name you give God, the way to be perfected in God's love and be connected to Him is to respect the intent of His rules. It's little different than the way you relate to your parents. And your parents, like God, feel more connected to you and you to them when you're not fighting, being defiant, or simply ignoring the rules of the house because your imagination and other influential and sensual temptations cause you to seek instant gratification, or acceptance of peers.

You've probably heard the phrase, if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?

That's why I'm asking you to make some choices. Not about religion, about your conduct, what you really believe in, your true feelings about God and spirituality, and who, deep inside, you know yourself to be like despite how you feel you need to operate in a complex, competitive and sin filled world.

And I want you to know, words like sin, Satan, anti-Christ and more are uncomfortable for me to use and hear, like many people, because I'm not used to speaking in a religous context, and let's face it: our so-called Christian based nation, a nation under God, does a pretty good job of making people who speak the vernacular of religion look silly in the media, and then, because of the influences in our culture, say the word Jesus, and people say "Oh no, not another fenatic".

We don't feel funny about using the word NASA, which is a Biblical word that means "to ascend", do we? But, there's another example of the hi-jacking of religion by changing the meaning of a Biblical word.

We're going to change that, but unitl we do, let's just deal with the idea that the persecution of Christians, as foretold in the Bible, and of spiritual people in general, has been going on for quite some time. Just ask the Dalai Lama.

So, for now, let's see if we can set aside our apprehensions caused by those people and influences who want to suppress believing and speaking of God. And let's do the same, if you've had bad experiences with spiritual people, like I have.

I still go to McDonald's sometimes, despite things done by people being paid minimum wages who don't really care about your satisfaction or well being. Let alone serving food, like most fast-food restaurants, who sell you food that would actually kill you if you tried to survive on it, as exemplified by the movie "Super Size Me".

Think about it. Food that will kill you qualifies as being poison. When a young man threatened to beat me up because I didn't want to argue the semantical points of what the trinity is, I didn't blame the church, but it sure made me wonder what kind of church would produce a person witnessing that way. And the publicity surrounding that religion doesn't exactly make people feel welcome.

Now, if you're a Christian and you think I'm being unfair to you and churches, I'd request, once again, that you take an objective look at why people have a bad impression of churches, and take appropriate action. Anyone can preach to the choir. I like hanging out and working with people who I know are Christians because I like the way they treat people, but my experience of church is that of a judgmental and exclusive "clique". And I apologize for the lack of a better description.

I hope I've given you a basic orientation of my background, and where I'm coming from. And let me assure you, despite the fact that I haven't gone to church much, I've always considered myself a Christian.

Finally, I want to let people who call themselves atheists that I'm very interested in what you have to say. I can't say I know too many atheists who go around "declaring" their orientation, but there's a reason for your beliefs.

My belief is that there are probably many atheists who live Christian or spiritual values and disciplines, maybe don't even know that, and possibly find it easier and less confrontational to call themselves atheists, actually believing in God or a higher power, but simply have an aversion to their perception of organized religion.

All those things said, let's jump right in to the heart of the matter.

Christians say that you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. It sounds ominous. It actually is. But a lot simpler than you think.

What does it mean?

If you accept Jesus Christ, it means that you've read His teachings, read the 10 Commandments, and agree that what He expresses make sense as a way to live your life, and agree, like joining a fraternity or club like Rotary, and that you believe such a man exists. It's not that simple, but very close. Of course, it is a presumption that you also, at some point, recognize that Jesus was God's spokesman, the Christ of that time, and the more you study and know, you acknowledge Him as the Son of God.

See, God judges people by what's in their hearts. If you're an atheist, even one who claims not to believe in God, if you have a good spirit, God knows that when the world is run as His Kingdom, as well as reconciling the confrontations of sect-based ideology, even so-called atheists will "see the light". It's a bright light.

Many people have been taught to believe that anyone who doesn't or won't in some way declare their Christianity, toward the establishment of a single discipline theocracy, will be removed from the face of the earth and only Christians will be left. That's not true.

What will be removed is the beings, spirits, of those who perpetrate and promote evil. We'll talk about hell later.

Now, the other part of that is that if the world does not choose the ways of God, a statement that sounds like a tyrannical edict, the world will be destroyed, which can mean undo, or "unravel the web of lies and corruption and suffering". Most people think God will destroy the world, as in physically demolishing it.

It's not true. Satan would do that to "start the world over" to an extent to, as George W. Bush said, determine the control of the world for the next 1000 years.

I repeat that fact, and others over and over because I want you to realize that even though most leaders do not leave a trail of clues, they know what's going on in the world on the material AND spiritual planes. They use deception and high tech to disorient and misinform you to keep you reliant on their propagandists, and to make you think they are moral leaders who respect and share your values. Just like "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" say they will.

The anti-Christ, the people in power that people don't expel by voting against or filing criminal charges against them, count on people who would prefer to pander to power as it exists, believing you can't fight city hall, and to seek peace or civility at any cost.

This is especially true in light of laws that could have you sent to jail if you "anger the wrong people", such as writing materials that oppose the standing President for one reason or another, a long used tactic of intimidation or terror, instilling fear to manipulate and control people. Some people get arrested over bumper stickers. A man in Texas is having a problem right now for displaying bumper stickers showing pride in his Viet Nam service and his service in the Marines.

Why do I keep talking about politics as relevant to religion? Who generates the perceptions we have? Leaders. What is their most powerful tool? Fear. What do God and Jesus promote. Choice and love, and they reject fear as viable for a sustainable world, whether you call it heaven or just where we live.

1st John 4:18 Ther is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth in not made perfect in love.

That's why Stevie Wonder sings "it's taken us so long, cause we've got so far to come..."
God, through Christs and ministers, and Jesus, wants us to know the truth and make our own choices, not just obey rules and laws out of fear of imprisonment or death.

It's kind of like having a child who's attracted to fire. You let them get just close enough to feel how hot it is without letting them get burned. It's scary, but we all have to learn somehow, someday, and a "trial by fire" is often the way we independent humans demand to learn.

God said, "Okay, it's be easier my way, and it would work, so, take your time. The world is what you make of it. You'll get tired of all that disease, war, poverty, hunger, racism, bigotry and stuff those corporations call "good business". And when you do, I'll be around."

"And if you don't, things will get to the point like when you need to call the plumber before the guests arrive for Thanksgiving, so I'll send the kid in to help get things straightened out. You may not even know he's around, but when you do, you will."

The whole idea is that Christ would come back, be His persistent and just self, cause people to be reminded of what you might call the old days, and what they were about, when people could walk the streets late at night without the fear of getting raped or mugged, and then work with people as partners to cut the red tape, be bold enough and yet respectful enough, or forceful enough to make sure leaders hear complaints, suggestions and be responsive to what citizens say they need.

Still, you could say God believes in state's rights, which is free will so long as a national foundation is put in place for the things that need to be tended to for the good of all. Just like the founding father of the United States said.

That does not include rights. People have the same rights. Period. But it does mean control and governance, supervision over the projects that affect their daily lives, like roads and bridges and parks and city planning.

Citizens own it in the first place, and they don't need someone refusing to fund a road project they qualify for just because they want to drive faster than 55 in order to force people to drive slower and conserve fuel.

Nor does any government have the right to sell the assets of a nation, at any level, to a corporation or other nation as if a nation was for sale. Imagine what would happen if you sold you r neighbor's house and didn't tell them, or give their investment back?

Further, mortgaging government buildings and lottery proceeds to finance budget deficits, like they did in Arizon with the approval and assistance of John NcCain and John Kyl, is a disaster waiting to happen, truly a setup to make corporations the government of a nation. And it's happening all over the world.

If you think that was about politics or government, I want you to know that it was more of an example of how God approaches the subject of free will. It's also an example of what I call a holographic paradigm, a concept of "management" that can be applied to almost everything, like an equation that calculates the circumference of a circle. It doesn't matter how big the circle is, the equation always works.

God wants you to obey the 10 Commandments and understand and adopt the teachings of Jesus, the "anointed one", the teacher hired/chosen to teach you, and then decide to "join the club" and follow the rules because it makes sense.

Some people think that this "Christ guy" would "come back" and be like a hippie. Something about long hair and smoking marijuana, at least in the movies.

Some people think it means there'll be someone who'll crack the whip on citizens and demand they convert and say he's wearing clothes when he isn't, as if he was a God or something.

I wonder what picture comes to your mind when you imagine the "Second Coming" or what it would be like if God was around. Would you crack jokes and have a cup of coffee on the veranda, or would you get on your knees and bow down like you see in movies of Roman days with the kings and their courts?

Trust me, God wouldn't want that, and neither would I or anyone else who truly cares about people. If someone did it, they'd be appreciated for their respect and reverence and devotion. And then, very lovingly informed that they never need do so again unless they choose to in their own discipline and expression of their faith. God, and Jesus, want you to view them as friends and loving counselors.


Some think the idea of God "watching over us" 24/7/365 is similar, but God is like a father watching the kids. You let them play, do your best to teach them but you try to let them use their imaginations until they go too far.

He doesn't try to control you like the government and corporations using direced energy weapons and psychotronics and propaganda to control you. Or arbitrary laws to suppress you. God doesn't do things like people do when they get angry.

One of my favorite Bible verses is in Proverbs. It says:

The righteous seek only good, but the evil expect wrath.

Their idea of wrath and vengeance, governments and leaders, is killing people and taking political prisoners. God's wrath and vengeance is expressed in justice. Which means, pretty soon, many famous people in America and other places will be in jail. And they know it. Just like I plan to own Time-Warner, and give General Electric to the Innocence Project so they can get thousands of innocent people out of jails.

The funny thing is, they expected that and more, so they committed more crimes to protect themselves. It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Let's try to make a kingdom of God without God, and suppress God. More or less, that's what they're doing.

The day of vengeance will be the day I file criminal charges against more people and corporations you can imagine, on behalf of myself (which takes me by surprise) and likely a billion or more people globally who deserve justice and compassion.

Quite a different Second Coming than you imagined, isn't it?

But what about the rapture?

Dictionaries would say a rapture is whan people are in an ecstatic state of joy and ecstasy, or, in a spiritual sense, being carried away in body or spirit.

The Bible speaks of a time when the spirits of the faithful are seen "rising to meet the returning Christ". Many believe this means that suddenly, a horn will blow, and all teh Christians in the world will be taken in spirit and removed from the earth while it's still being occupied by the anti-Christ.

My sisters loved the bumper sticker back in the 60's that said, if you hear a horn blast, grab the wheel because I'm a Christian.

Killing a bunch of people left behind in car accidents doesn't sound like something God would do.

Ray Kurzweil and other scientists say that psychotronics, intended to link our minds together by computer, like the Borg, is the way to control the populations of the world, a technology that is nearly ready to do so. They say that what will really happen is that the psychotronics equipment will suffer a malfunction, resulting in massive death. In that case, the victims' spirits would be carried away.

If that was allowed to happen, it would likely be announced as the "rapture", and

At the same time, when the Second Coming, the "big event everyone is expecting", a supernatural event, it will be more like a parade or something, and the people who are glad to know God sent Christ to "save them" from people who are evil will not just sigh in relief, they will feel great joy and their spirits will rise. (and just for fun we'll hear James Taylor sing two versions of "My Country Tis of Thee"). More importantly, anyone who stands behind Him, the faithful who look forward to His intervention in the world, will be protected.

There's something that's good to know, and it applies to how people will be protected. If there's one consistent thing that' shappened for me in the last few years is that the promise God made to the Son of Man, and other faithful and the servants of God, is that when the anti-Christ do tricks and traps on them, God always "turns things around" and gives them a way out, "turning the tables", as Jesus did, so that those who persecuted and tried to harm him and them would ensnare themselves instead, thus, the reason I unfortunately have to sue so many people and corporations, because, you could say, in return for setting me and others up, he's used the Matrix of God to cause them to set themselves up.

The Bible says the money from all the assets of all these corporations will be divided among the citizens, and in my judgment, at least in America, that means using the corporations to rebuild a sustainable economy, purify the environment and much, much more. The corporations and the particpants in the Federal Reserve Board took your money and country, I'm going to make sure you get it back. That's the way God planned it.

Ogliarchy and cronyism are things of the past, too. So is empire.

The Bible says, live by the sword, die by the sword, and, let the dead bury the dead. It means, basically, if you use the justice system to illegally entrap and imprison people, the same will happen to you. And, let the dead souls, the anti-Christ and corrupt, bury themselves, in other words, give them enough proverbial rope to hang themselves.

My parents had one of those "talks" they had when they wanted me to overhear something, and I think they were reading the Bible together, talking about how Christ would come before the end of this generation. Now, I know generation could mean a few different things, including the current generation of the earth itself, like, since Noah and the great flood, until the "end of the world as we know it".

Of course, like any child might, I decided to believe it meant in my lifetime.



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