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For the Love of the World

The Crucification of Christ

Proof that the more things change, the more they remain the same


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - Diggin' On James Brown

I have a number of what used to appear to me as unrelated facts and events that are becoming completely interrelated, and also reveal the diabolical nature of the anti-Christ in their attempts to not just overthrow the Kingdom of God, but they believe, to cause the death of God altogether. These people are truly insane.

If God could provide the Virgin Mary the seed of God, do they really believe God would not be able to do so again?

I'd said before in my weblog that the apostate Pastor Melissa Scott was the quintessential example of an apostate, and that she was lucky that I wasn't vengeful or I"d use her as that example. Isn't it interesting that I've been manipulated into the position of using her for just that example, because it truly is the example that gives you a modern day example of how and why Jesus was crucified.

I wrote an email to Lou Dobbs early on when I first contacted him about how I'd always assumed that I'd die by the time I was 58 years old because of hereditary factors, as my father died when he was 58, and his father died when he was 58. And both died from heart attacks due to hardening of the arteries, now known as cholesterol. As I explained in the previous chapter, Auschwitz in America, because o f my birth defect, despite how my medical records were falsified by Dr. Lee Antles, it's not medically possible for me to have such a medical problem. God, once again, made sure the anti-Christ could not rely on their stand-by excuse for killing God in the flesh in America.

There were two sermons, at least, that I heard Pastor Melissa Scott deliver that really bothered me. One had to do with her description of a true prophet as one of a testator, the proof of their prophecy being that after they died, their words  would prove true. Of course, a prophet trying to warn people of impending doom does no one any good if people don't listen when the warning would make a difference.

It was then that I was attacked with directed energy weapons to my testicles, leading to a urinary infection that I treated with anti-biotics provided by a phony veterinarian at the Shelton, Wa. veterinarian clinic for my dog to supposedly treat ring worm... a veterinarian who had to ask me how to test the dog to determine if ringworm existed. This is, in fact, the reason I say that her luring to Los Angeles to become homeless was, in fact, attempted murder, because she knew that her sermon was a taunt, and that the people who paid her to set me up were trying to get rid of me because I knew too much truth.

I also commented that I thought it was interesting that she would take my life so lightly, even as a citizen, let alone a prophet... and I have reason to believe that Hillary Clinton's idea was to have me portrayed as a prophet, and not Christ, so that she and the Council on Foreign Relations could fabricate a false Christ to convince everyone to accept the tyranny of Satan. I'm sure they don't see things the same way.

That same source indicates that I would die guarding an arsenal of email. I am, in fact, guarding an arsenal of email and data that proves everything I tell you. And, I believe I'm being starved to death, just as I became ill with the flu to the point of collapse just after writing that the use of directed energy weapons and Psychotronics could be used to emulate the affliction of the flu or practically any other sort of viral disease.

The second sermon she gave that annoyed me, causing me to believe she was being employed to make me appear to be a prophet - let alone a false prophet - was about the Apostle Paul, being imprisoned, knowing he was in his last days, cold and imprisoned. Here I sit on an island, often joking about writing from Patmos, in the midst of people who have cooperated in my murder, sick and cold, without the strength to cut firewood, the power likely to be cut off soon because of bankruptcy, and convinced I am going to die from starvation. And I really am convinced of that.

I told God the other night that either people needed to make a choice to stand up for God and begin to transform the world in His ways, or let it be known that a prophet was amongst them, I'd die, the world would destroy itself, and I'd come back and we'd start over, never allowing the evil spirits committed to the work of evil in the world again.

The next day, I collapsed from illness. Works for me. Humanity still has a choice, but Time-Warner and the Council on Foreign Relations decided long ago to replace God. I don't for one moment believe God wants me to die at this time.

But, if people don't stand up against evil, then God says the world will destroy itself, and most people think it's  in order to ensure a future of a wonderful world for all of the good spirits who will be saved, and live eternal life as was always intended.

They will know a prophet was among them... in Pastor Melissa Scott's case, being paid to assist in my death and/or public deposing and supposed humiliation.. you could certainly say that she saw the opportunity to have a profit amongst her and her sick friends at what I call the House of Usher that she calls a church.

I wondered, why would a servant of God do this. I was still giving her the benefit of the doubt. I thought, maybe she was coerced, or maybe she hadn't done the research I thought she'd done before contacting me, and didn't realize I was telling the truth yet. I did assume that she, like most people, like even I hoped, that Barack Obama was an honorable man, and she sinfully decided to use her position to commit a crime on behalf of a politician.

Then she did another sermon decrying my writing regarding the scriptures about the "Ancients of Israel", also known as the "Elders of Zion", the leaders of the Jewish faith in Israel at the time of the crucification of Christ, the "Jews who claimed to be Jews but were not".  And note I said Jews... because Jews are not necessarily followers of Judaism or the 12 Tribes of Israel. They are Druids and Idumeans who merged with the Israeli culture during the time when the Judes were living in Jordan.

She actually told people in that broadcast that if anyone criticized these people, who I say are now embodied in the Council on Foreign Relations, the great serpent of the world, or her church, to run from them... meaning me.

Still, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking these broadcasts were pre-recorded well in advance, until she started doing "special Wednesday services at her church in Glendale", and suddenly her broadcasts were responding to specific remarks made in my weblogs.

I have to admit, I had some fun commenting to her in my weblogs about things until I realized she was a mortal enemy, working for Obama and other politicians, just like the leaders in Israel did way back when. Still, I followed the Psyops to see where it lead. I'm sure she'll claim she was forced to do it, and that she regrets it in order to save her own life.

There was something much more important from my experience in dealing with her which has nothing specifically to do with her, but something for which she is a distinct symptom.

She is a perfect example of someone who is, as the Bible says, "a fornicator with the great whore". And that remark has absolutely nothing to do with any possible relationship to her past in any way. It has to do with the way she participated with people trying to kill me as of September, 2008.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Camera Never Lies

I wrote her a letter after the first broadcast I saw of hers. I wasn't in very good shape, suffering from lack of contact and conversation with people allowing me to have intelligent conversation about anything for a long time, so I apologized to her for being a little dingy, but sensory deprivation will do that to you.

I really didn't do any real research on her, I looked at her website in a cursory fashion, her claims of being - according to her site - the largest Presbyterian Congregation in Los Angeles boasting a membership of some 10,000.  I saw the notes about her supposed husband Dr. Gene Scott, and decided I didn't want to study his material until after I'd finished writing what I was writing so as not to be influenced and to be sure that whatever I wrote was inspired by God, not people with interests of their own they wanted me to serve to make them look righteous.

I looked at her website again a couple of days later, and it said her church was non-denominational. I looked at it a month or so later, it said Presbyterian again.

I went to the web site of the U.S. headquarters of the Presbyterian Church, saw their description of a number of things they believed in, and wrote in my weblogs that it didn't look like Presbyterians would like me very much because I didn't necessarily think that all they claimed was accurate and representative of God's word, not to criticize them, but realizing that was part of the problem with Christianity in general.

What I'm talking about is this:

Go up to Wikipedia and look up religions sometime. There are so many religions that claim to be Christianity, how could you possibly decided which one was real? There are hundreds, if not thousands of churches that are adamant that their opinions of Christianity are correct.

I thought, "God, talk about mission impossible... and I'm supposed to unite these people?"

After all, here I am, this skinny dude who's only read the Bible once for a specific purpose, never has gone to church and has his own tawdry past for a variety of reasons... and I'm supposed to tell people that I'm the way, the truth, and the light. I laughed about it as much as I cried at my frustration. Except, that according to the Bible, that description fits the Son of Man. Except that it appears that most people don't understand that because I suppose they don't really believe in the Second Coming of Christ, and therefore, they just sort of blow off  that part of the Bible because it doesn't fit THEIR image of what Christ is supposed to be like, or they don't really believe it's going to happen.

One woman who describes herself as a prophet asked me how I could be the Son of Man and not know I was Jesus. I responded that I hadn't read the Bible, so how could I have known there was some title called Son of Man to be called, let alone anything else. I just lived it. And then I realized most people didn't even consider the idea that Jesus had to "become", even though His own words and actions at least suggested it. She told me she'd send me some Bible verses to "set me straight". I told her I'd be glad to see them. I never heard from her again.

Here's the point:

I came to realize that - and please excuse the objectivity of this statement - " if Jesus floated down from the sky tomorrow and impressed everybody with this supernatural act, they'd probably get all excited and say the Messiah had come, and about a week later, everyone would reject Him because they'd say - but he doesn't agree with what my religion believes in."

And then someone like Bill Maher would say, "What religion are you in?". And they'd say "Christianity", and Bill would say, "But this guy's Christ, why don't you believe him?"

And they'd basically say something like "He doesn't fit our image of what Christ and God would be like. He must be a false Christ".

Think about that.

So, we've had 2000 years of apostates, deceivers, people re-writing the Bible, and, oh yeah, if you think about Satan, who knows how to read, and there was this Bible telling everyone what to expect, what do you think Satan would do?

Emulations and deceptions, just like the Bible says.

George W. Bush said and did so many things that were like the supposed "Son of Man".. and yet, everything he actually did was contrary to the teachings of Christ. He was a true example of the "anti-Christ" in every way.

Barack Obama, a false prophet... people think he's "the one" because he said all the right things to get elected, and the reason he knew what to say is the Democrats have been taking everything I've written since 2002 and used them for their political gain all the while harming me with directed energy weapons and Psychotronics, and doing everything they could to anger and upset me to look like a perverse false Christ...

The material that got Obama the Democratic nomination were off my website and campaign materials. Have you noticed how quickly he abandoned those themes once he got the nomination, once he deceived the people as to his true intent, the good people with Christian values, and that  now he's perpetuating the same anti-Christian policies as George W. Bush? Including torturing me and thousands and millions of other people with Psychotronics. There will be wars and rumors of war... it's all still going on.

The Bible says that the anti-Christ would know everything I was going to do before I did it, so I would go away and come back... an indeterminate time and no description of where I'd go. Because of Psychotronics, they do know everything I do, and I did go away for about 4 years, incapacitated by directed energy weapons and Psychotronics.

And they used Psychotronics to get me to believe in and espouse many things I now discover to be untrue and/or immoral even by my own worldly standards, after thinking about it and not just taking the word of prominent religious leaders as truth... once I realized that, I cut myself off from other sources, except God, so I could make sense of it all myself and with my connection with God.

After all that, I simply decided, if I proceed by saying things that I know will appease these religious leaders, even if the whole world rejects me and calls me an apostate, even when I know I am speaking truth, then I would be an apostate too.

So, I've taken a more fatalistic approach and decided to simply say what I know is true, and let God worry about it. It's His world, after all.

One other comment made by the woman who described herself as a prophet - and please understand I am in no way criticizing her because I believe she has a sincere and honest intent, and represents what she has been taught, and I actually hope I'll meet her and work with her one day, if only to honor her for her faithfulness to God - she said, if you were Christ, God in the flesh, paraphrasing - why don't you know the Bible inside out?

I thought, that's a sort of a good question...  and first, I can't really answer that, except Jesus wasn't about writing and living according to a book, He was about being that, and for the most part, I have too. And second, if I had been someone deeply involved in the church, memorizing the Bible, I could have easily been accused of purposely trying to emulate the Bible.

I have reason to believe others will say Psychotronics were used to cause me to emulate the Son of Man, and I could even prove to you that some of that is true. Or, maybe they were trying to make me realize that's who I actually was. Only time and a few confessions will tell.

More than anything, though, Psychotronics were used to cause me to say certain things to make it appear that I was constantly contradicting my words with my actions - being a hypocrite - just as I wrote in my weblog that I wouldn't use Pastor Melissa Scott as an example of apostasy. The fact is, I said a number of things in the early days of encountering her -influenced by psychotronics - that now appear only to have been a ruse cleverly set up to make sure she could not be associated with any of this, as well as to make me look like a vindictive person if I did.

I say, God always turns the tables. He always does when you  play tricks on the Son of Man.

As the Son of Man, my job was not to judge but to report my experiences. So, to not report what I experienced with her, which was an important event in my journey as well as my becoming, would be apostasy and, somewhat sexist.

Furthermore, I believe she was feeding me false information in order to write about things to prove I was not inspired by God, but, in fact, plagiarizing her and her supposed late husband Dr. Gene Scott, if he even ever existed. If she even is actually a minister. They even used psychotronics to try to get me to smoke cigars - like her supposed ex-husband.

I thought I was communing with a minister about the word of God, as Jesus did His entire life. As I taught people the ways and insights of God since I was a child, though I did not present that as being necessarily Christian or about God. It was about morality, ethics, integrity and craftsmanship - living life in a conscious, caring manner.

And it was always about the Golden Rule. Just as, if we as humanity, let alone Christians, are ever to reconcile our differences in this world it must begin with the acknowledgement of the foundation of our beliefs/values to be grounded in the Golden Rule. I would say in Jesus and God, but I assume that part.

You can talk about the 10 Commandments, judgment and damnation all day long if you want, if you enjoy the kind of tyranny that Satan would have you believe is the way of the world and God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

But if you believe that God is love, then you know that a world generated by love would not have tyranny or crime or evil or people taking advantage of each other, tricking and deceiving each other or even competing for superiority.

Again, my definition of a friend is someone who will not take advantage of you, even if they have the opportunity.

It would certainly never have ministers of God performing evil acts to defend God. Those kinds of people may say they are Christians, but they are not.

Of course, that leaves the subject of final judgment, and that will occur, but that is the Almighty God's domain, not mine, and regardless of any anger I might feel, I know that's up to Him. And I'm glad.

I also think it's a shame, because God doesn't want anyone forbidden from the Kingdom, anymore than He likes prisoners to be in jail. But what else can you do with evil people who do not believe that what they are doing is wrong? The anti-Christ will likely say the same thing about me.

And, finally, the ministers and politicians who will do anything they can to retain their supposed moral authority and political positions, their pumped up self-glorifying opinions of themselves and their assumed authority to determine your life - in complete betrayal of God's will to provide true liberty and justice for every being and spirit - will also likely tell you that I am the false Christ and many other things, telling you that you "got it all wrong".

Here's the funny part to me: except for the anti-Christ themselves, those who have sold out to Satan - I don't think anybody got anything wrong. I think that the manuscripts that have been passed down through the ages have been translated and interpreted in so many ways that it would be difficult for anyone - any scholar - to say that there is a particular single truth to derive from all of the books published - except the truth of God and Jesus and His Commandments and Golden Rule - okay there are some:} -   but there are also a great number of opinions that would otherwise be irrelevant to the matter as a whole.

With the Golden Rule, there is no need for any other doctrine or law if it is truly understood. So it's a great place to start again, to begin a New World, the full establishment of the Kingdom of God..

For ministers, that means - stop scaring people into submission. That is not doing the work of God. And God certainly doesn't want people to be faithful because they believe he'll come along and beat up or kill the bad guys one day. He wants you to believe in Him because you believe He exists, and that despite the apparent harm in the world, all He wants you to know is love, and what you're witnessing, unfortunately, is Him giving the evil spirits one final chance to change their ways before He is forced to use His power to destroy them.. in His way.

He wants Christians to be faithful with the knowledge that their spirits are immortal, and honors them for their endurance, and really actually truly apologizes to them for having to put up with it. He really does.

For politicians, that means governing for the good of citizens, and that most certainly includes making sure they are taken care of over the concerns of profits, corporations, the sovereignty and power of nations and the pomposity of personal glory.

Otherwise, you are, like Barack Obama, an apostate politician doing the work of the anti-Christ. And you can not appease the anti-Christ and realize an ethical outcome. Faustian deals don't work, and it's been proven time and time again.

Even Woodrow Wilson, after leaving office, declared he believed his actions would cause the eventual destruction of the United States by installing the Federal Reserve Board, but believing that if he did install it, he would have the money to get elected, and the world would be better off with him as leader as opposed to his political adversary at the time.

Look at what's happening to the United States. It's no accident. It's the perfect example of a Faustian deal. They don't work.

*And these same people believe, as they did during the Great Depression, that the way to fix everything when capitalism runs amok, like someone winning a game of Monopoly, is to cause a World War to redistribute wealth, exchange nations having global leadership  - as when the United States was passed the mantle from Nazi Germany by the Rockefellers, Bushes and Kennedy's and the Illuminati and Rothchilds - and to give them the opportunity to further their economic slavery and profits by having us rebuild - with the money of citizens and governments, and the sweat of our backs - everything that's ever been built before... and the only people it benefits is them.

My brother used to build intricate models of Navy battleships and then stick them in the horse water trough and throw firecrackers at them until they sunk. And then he'd build another one, and do it again. I thought he was a little deranged. Apparently, he was trying to tell me something.

*The citizens suffer, while the leaders and financiers become fat and wealthy. They think they are kings of the world.

I feel like I've gotten a little off track on this chapter, but you need to understand, that was *God talking just a few moments ago, and He doesn't seem to like these people/spirits very much :}

And still, His hands are outstretched.

They really are.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 301 - Beware Of Darkness

But, like the apostate ministers who had Christ crucified, they have to make a choice to straighten their ways or suffer banishment from the Kingdom, which is going to seem like Hell to them. And that IS what Hell really is. God will not torment them, they will torment themselves, saying to themselves always, "Why didn't I listen? I knew better."

Because the truth is, they do know better, they just believe that if they deceive people on earth, they can deceive and defeat God. They are that deluded and insane.

Just as there are those who will say that Christ does not fit THEIR image of Him, God says, when did those made in His image decide they had the right to tell God how HE should be, when those same people who would presume to do that have everything to prove to God about how THEY conduct themselves.

God said, don't give any time to worrying about what God looks like, what His image would would be like. So, when He sends you a Christ that doesn't fit your opinions, maybe He does that on purpose to try to get you to surrender to the Word of God instead of holding fast to your erroneous and anti-Christ serving opinions.

I have to admit, that's the main way it makes sense to me. Because I wasn't expecting someone like me either:} Nor did I ever believe that the government of America would be the anti-Christ in the world today.

I did research, discovered the truth, felt demoralized and betrayed by my leaders, and now, must speak boldly... just like the Bible says.

God does work in mysterious ways. Are you willing to see His work, hear His words, and stand for His ways?

I am.

If only because it's the right thing to do, and an accurate representation of the kind of person I am. Not the Chuck who appears in the world necessarily, but the spirit within me.

Part of my work is to have each of us reconcile the differences, individually, and globally between the spirits within us, and the way we are in the world.

And the beauty of the errors of my ways in my life, because of choices I've made and influences that lead me astray, I am, as my father said, neither above you or below you, but one of you.

Ultimately, at this time, you will have to decide if I am someone who speaks for the Kingdom of God, anointed by God, and faithful to God and my fellow citizens in this world.

The choices you make in regard to this will determine whether the purification of the world by the fire of the truth of my mouth will suffice, or whether you will choose to allow the apostate leaders of this world to purify it with its destruction and your suffering.

The crucification of Jesus the Christ gave us an example of what happens when apostates are allowed to mislead us.

And a choice, everyday, and especially this day. Denying the truth does not change the truth. Altering the truth does not change the truth.

Truth is not subjective or circumstantial.

The mercy and compassion of God is not to be expected, it is a gift of love for His children. But, that gift is never revoked, and always honored for the faithful who know that perfection is not required, only true intent and the willingness to acknowledge imperfection in order to be able to reconcile and rise above any harm caused by the imperfections that lead to harm.

But for those who do wrong and will not stop because they do not believe they are doing wrong.. that may be how it appears... in public... but they actually do know it's wrong, and that's why it gives them such a thrill.

And why they believe my demise would lead to the defeat of God, the superiority of their evil and Satan, and that is the proof of their uselessness to anyone but themselves and Satan.

And why this is the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ. Because God will not allow it to continue any longer.

Revelations will continue until and unless citizens make the choice to be right with God, not right with apostates. God begs you to make the right choices, because He wants no one banished from the Kingdom.

The true rapture is intended to be one where the spirits of the faithful rise to greet the Christ as their true and faithful leader, serving them and God in corporal form in this world, if they choose Him over the convenient delusions and evil of the anti-Christ.

Their spirits rising in joy, not in corporal death, at the knowledge that God is here, and making Himself available to the faithful and to the world. The faithful are not just Christians..

And with your partnership, and faithfulness, causing the world to be the heaven God's promises ensure us.

God keeps His promises. Will you?

Let's prove that history is not required to repeat itself from this day forward.

My father always said, lead, follow or get out of the way.

I declare myself to be the leader.

The rest is up to you.

Or, as George W. Bush emulated when he basically said "You're either with me or against me".


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paula Abdul - Straight Up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 01 - Dawning of a New Day

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