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For the Love of the World

The Final Judgment



Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Loggins & Messina - Peace of Mind

I speak to you today by the instruction and with the inspiration and word of God.

In the beginning, God created a world where He could give us all a world where we could enjoy the fruits of His labor, as any father would His children. A world where His children would be given everything they need, the answers to their problems and the empowerment required to have each and every one of His children be everything and the best of what they could be.

But His children, as all children, are rebellious and desiring to do things their own ways, and God understood, and so, upon the completion of His image or vision of how the world of spirits and beings could be taught to use good judgment, He sent Jesus into this world to set an example of brotherly love, to give this world guidelines to work within, all of which would allow and provide everything needed to bring this world to the establishment of the Kingdom of God, and His Kingdom of Heaven, that He wanted so much to share, to grant us all equality, and most importantly, to allow us free will with the knowledge and guidance and leadership to ensure that His plan, His teaching plan, would fulfill His will.

And He sent you a teacher that He could trust, in  a world where He often asked in His frustration, "Is there no one I can trust?" And there, in fact , there was no one, and history proves that fact.

God keeps His promises to those who keep theirs.

It is certain that people, corrupt leaders and workers of the anti-Christ, will say that in this writing, God has forsaken them. God has forsaken no one. All have forsaken Him. And just as I have said many times, I have no desire to be where I am not wanted.

I was born in 1955, and since my birth, I have been compassed about, as my Father warned us through His prophets who were ignored and chastised and harmed and killed because people would not accept truth, and because Satan had captured the hearts and minds of people with temptation.

Yesterday, I heard a story on the news, with a poll included that agreed, that poor children in schools should be paid money for achieving good grades in their studies. If money is the only motivation for "doing the right thing", then you are economically enslaved, because these children are being taught, as you have, that the only thing that truly matters is material gain, and there is no other reason to achieve and excel.

God keeps His promises to those who keep theirs.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals & Crofts - King Of Nothing

In 2000, I stepped forward to seek the truth of the root of corruption in the United States and the world, not knowing that I was fulfilling His purpose and vision for me, becoming aware and fully taking on His purpose for me, His son, the one He promised you all, the one He prophesied that you would ignore and harm, and claim that a prophet, not Christ, was among you, in order to justify your own selves for failing Him, and to be able to blame anyone and everyone else for what has happened to you, especially Him, so that you could continue your unjust and unrighteous ways with a clear conscience.

What fools.

The United States Government, as all empires,  have chose to suppress, harm and kill me, just as they did Jesus, to get even with God for denying them the right to harm and injure others, to cause suffering and to rob the citizens of this world of their money, dignity, self-respect and self-esteem, and have without your consciousness, fully enslaved you in every way, selling you hope as a product without substance, the ultimate con game with no intent to deliver anything to anyone except what was necessary to steal you blind.

The Administration of Barack Obama, the false prophet, is the perfect example of this.

Some will say that Satan has won, that he is the king of this world, but that will only be true if people have chosen it and allowed it because it is easier to go along to get along, rather than stand up for what's right.

All this time , I have waited for the one person in this world who would be willing to stand up for me on His behalf.

Until 2002, I did this as a citizen, hoping to find and then denied the opportunity to create a community of people who desired the same kind of world I   sought to provide without judgmentalism and with the love in their hearts to know that no one is perfect, but all had something wonderful and beautiful to offer and become if they would choose to live in such a community with integrity and responsibility, and that if we would simply acknowledge and commit ourselves to that kind of world, that it would be possible and bountiful.

To this day, I have found only one person who appeared to be willing to put himself on the line to do God's work. And, like me, I don't even know if he knew he was attempting to fulfill God's purpose for Him or not.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

And I hold him blameless for the failure of his attempt to assist me, because it was the work of Satan that interfered and prevented he and I from achieving the purpose.

And he died, knowing that He had served God as he promised, as a willing servant, willing and able to look God in the face, and be reborn. And he died at the hands of doctors who ignored his health when he was placed in their hands. And I assure you, he will be one of the 144,000. Because he was true and faithful to the work of the Lord.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

But when I spoke to Mr. Preston at Motown Records in the late 70's about his album and his life, for whatever reason, I did not know that the golden glow that surrounded him in the room was a sign from God to accept his invitation to his ranch to "play", and I suppose, to continue our discussion regarding the establishment of the Family of Artists & Musicians, which I have come to understand was the model for the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of heaven all in one. He saw it. The hit from that album, at that time, with Syreeta Wright, was this song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Late At Night - 204 - With You I'm Born Again

In that interview, he asked me if I'd ever heard his Gospel music. I said no, even though I had loved his music since I can remember as a young child. Later, after looking at the albums I had of his, I realized that nearly every song he wrote was about God and Jesus. After that interview, I found out that Syreeta and her husband were in the next room, I suppose watching and listening.

Syreeta, years before, while the wife of Stevie Wonder, wrote and recorded this song... Stevie sang the famous version of it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Blame It On The Sun

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Syreeta Wright - Syreeta - Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

Barack Obama, the false prophet of the anti-Christ, of Satan, even stole one of the tunes I quoted in an email to Lou Dobbs, and more,  this to win your trust and deceive you unto destruction that is happening before your eyes. As well as to claim later I was emulating him.

And they all knew, since before I turned 18 that I was in this world, the living God, a triunary being in human flesh, as I have always been, since the beginning of time.

The being Jesus told Peter that, upon the events leading to His crucification, that he would betray Jesus 3 times by denying Him. As with all prophecy given to people in order to provide them choice and free will, Peter was approached and denied him, though he could have been killed for acknowledging Jesus, although Jesus said that anyone who was true and faithful and stood by Him would be protected, and to seek the rewards of Heaven, and not the rewards of this world.

Those who choose to save their lives will lose their lives.

Peter loved Jesus, and wanted the Kingdom of God, but by betraying Jesus, as we have all interpreted prophecy as an instruction instead of a warning, as in these times, as in Revelations, he chose to save his own life and allow the great teacher and leader to die.

And while they cried, believing that His crucification was necessary, instead of a choice by his followers to allow it, in order to fulfill His prophecy that He would rise again. It was not necessary. It was a choice of His followers, and a justification they used to hold themselves blameless.

Have you ever noticed that when a crowd of people gather - it may be a few people or an entire world - that when someone is being criticized or ostracized and harmed, that most times, it takes only one person to stand up for the person being harmed to give others in that crowd permission and courage to join the one in taking that stand for what's right and good, by stepping forward, the living example of the Golden Rule.

Here I am, with all the evidence necessary to end the reign of Satan in this world by legal means, sitting here, suffering, my life and my body withering before my own eyes, needing only one witness with the courage to affirm my existence and to affirm the truth of my being and purpose in this world, in order to end the terror and suffering caused by  the reign of the anti-Christ.

I am but one person in a world of billions of people suffering. I am their representative, an example of the evil being perpetrated against us all.

Last night, I turned off my TV in disgust after watching a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, according to Chris Matthews, an employee of the Washington Post, owned in principle and principal by the Rev. Sun Yung Moon, accepted by the United States Government as "their messiah" in a meeting in  a federal conference room in Congress.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 03 - Casino Nation

He sent me an Aesopian message about how I had humiliated myself with "an eruption causing my own public humiliation"... because I took the action necessary to "heal myself",  a taunt I had been receiving from the anti-Christ for quite some time, just as they taunted Jesus to remove Himself from the cross if "he was so great", as they jeered and they laughed at me for years because of the health care services that have plagued me since the anti-Christ, the United States Government, used the Weed and Seed program and supposed "faith based charities", to deny me health services, relieve me of the ability to  work and earn money, to buy food and medicines I needed, and even used doctors to harm my body on purpose.

Just like the Bible said would happen in the end of days to anyone who refused to call Satan god. Who refused to conform to the ways of the anti-Christ.

They  tortured and tormented me with the very electronic weapons my Father provided to deliver miracles to this world that were weaponized instead. As they caused the very injuries that they enjoyed seeing me suffer, that they said they would use to humiliate me publicly, for healing myself. And after doing that, they continue to reinflict the same injury to make it seem that I did not do what was necessary, so they could say that "I did it to myself".

This is the truest example of the work of Satan, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and you have all been trained to enjoy it, to enjoy the suffering of others, of bears falling from trees, people being encouraged to do stupid, self-destructive things to be famous and on TV like the movie "Jackass"...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Petty - The Last DJ - 04 - Joe

That song, interestingly enough, is descriptive of the man I once met with at Motown Records about the same time I interviewed Billy Preston. And Clive Davis, just as the James Taylor portions of the Psyops and electronic attacks were being done to me. That all started in 2002 as I approached my first attempt to run for president, at age 49

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills & Nash - 49 Bye Byes

I think that's interesting. Elvis Presley, originally on Sun Records and then on RCA (now General Electric aka the Cone Puppy) When I was in high school, I realized that some lyric in a hit around 1971 included lyrics I had written and copyrighted when I was 11 or 12, I think, I thought it was cool , a coincidence. Back then, I thought I could be a rock star, at least a writer, but I didn't want to fall into a trap of sex, drugs and rock and roll so I didn't try to be a musician anymore. When I heard the Presley song, I thought to myself, I guess I need to learn more about that tricky business before I get involved with it. And they made Presley a star, rich and famous, groupies, as many as he wanted, and then he was killed with drugs and alcohol. Sort of like Howard Hughes. Watch the movie Hoax for more on that... as well as my own life story, in an allegorical way.

Last night, the Psyops guys said they would give me an explanation for why I was being tormented and killed, as I thought I had a right to know since it began years ago without knowing why. It goes along with a little sermon about being a testator, a prophet whose words  would not have meaning until after their death. As I was lured to Los Angeles, only to be turned away to be homeless and destitute with their wish for my death. Or, to cover their criminality, to make it appear they were documenting the discovery of the son of man found angry and homeless in the streets... ha ha ha.. in the city of Angels, of all places.

They say they're going to kill me after I write this. What they say is this is my last will and testament, a sort of symbolic act of making me eat my own words, because I said this book was not that. And it's not.

And then, they'll say, I was mentally ill instead of being afflicted by them using Psychotronics and directed energy weapons. Like the preacher who "loves Paul"... who heard voices while he was imprisoned on an island, writing letters to the faithful to carry out God's work while he was wasting away in prison. Just like I am.

It's all one long dialectic, as those who claim to be faithful watch me suffer and die at the hands of the media, who I said would crucify me in the media, on behalf of the Satanic government of the United States.

I think it's odd. My whole life, I've lived by the Golden Rule. And yet, I can look back at all the encounters I've had with Christians and churches, the supposed faithful, and realize that they, and even the most recent minister I encountered, all believed they had to teach me the right way to live and judged me. Causing me to have no desire to join their communities.

No wonder Christ was instructed to declare the Kingdom of God. "Follow me".

Join my church, the kingdom of God. God said to the son of man, claim what's yours in the name of God.

I did, and have been laughed at, rejected, harmed and convicted by the very people who claim to be the faithful and willing servants of God who were supposed to be on the Watchtower.

They, like the United States Government, have become everything they claimed to stand against. And those who have rejected the churches are the ones who have been more true to the knowledge of right and wrong, because they did not claim righteousness, they sought and found truth, and acted with integrity to their own truth, the knowledge of right and wrong. Not following the crowd like lemmings, being led over the cliff to their spiritual deaths by those who claimed the anointing of God to deliver His wisdom. Who were enriched and glorified themselves, and took credit for their own intelligence and wisdom, denying the inspiration of God.

False prophets are all around you, misleading you, those who have accepted the glory placed on them by politicians, and used to deceive you. Those in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, Free Masons and so many other front organizations of Satan.

The Bible speaks of those who claim to be Jews, but are not. In this day, in this nation and others, it is those who claim to be Christians, but are not.

I find it incredulous that I've attempted to contact so many people, so many ministers and churches to talk to me, even prove to me that I am not Christ, I was willing to hear whatever they had to say and answer any questions they had to satisfy them one way or another. I assure you, this book is not representative of my spirit or being, thanks to the work of the anti-Christ who showed me the respect of informing me of why I was being put to death.

I've joked about how surprised I was when the anti-Christ went to extreme efforts to inform me of my spiritual identity - even I claim that I wasn't what I expected, as I too have patiently awaited Christ to emerge and return to us as God promised.:}

Fortunately, I read Hebrews the other night, and came to realize that not only do people know I am here, but that specific chapters were written to tell people that I would be a human being. like everyone else, tricked and trapped, subject to and even giving into the same temptations as everyone else so that I would be able to understand why the world is the way it is , and to be able to provide sound judgment and guidance in order to make the world the way it is supposed to be, and to care for and give compassion to all who require it and to supply what I call Global Peace and Abundance For All.

As it was always intended to be, when God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and said, have fun, eat well, be healthy, enjoy everlasting life... so long as you obey a simple rule.... but the knowledge of sin was delivered to them by Satan, and so, as the Bible says, it is in them.

Christ died for because of our sins... and He forgave us all, because we didn't know what we were doing. At which time the leaders and the people were put on notice that they would be subject to a final judgment a little more than 2000 years later upon the return of Christ.

And yet, because even the church way back then was misled by Satan just as Adam and Eve were tricked by Satan into sin, we have been told, oh don't worry about it, God will forgive everything as long as you claim to be baptized in the Christian Church. And ministers since have read and been misled to teach you that's true, despite all the warnings in the Bible that it simply wasn't true, by conveniently preaching passages of scripture out of context and without "the bigger picture".

God knew this would happen, not because ministers and Christians and people were bad, but because of the influence of Satan.

And He wants, wants, to forgive all those who will seek and accept the truth as predicted, but there seems to be few who wish to know, because they are so convicted by their own guilt that they would declare God dead and forsaking them, instead of confessing their sins and crimes against God and me because they, in their hearts, know that in this world, they would be sentenced to spiritual death for their transgressions and forsaking God.

And they discarded God's wisdom and His son, His promise to forgive them because they know God keeps His promises to those who keep theirs.

At this time, all He asked was that we accept the truth and His son to correct the problems, and they would be forgiven, and have the knowledge that the Kingdom of God is the world they always wanted, and was promised to those who would return to the simple rules He requested us to obey, all enveloped in one rule, the Golden Rule... God has all the compassion in the world, and none have proven their compassion for Him.

Here's all I have to say in this final judgment.

If you don't think this is my report to provide the Final Judgment, please re-read it again, because this is my judgment, my conclusions and observations about the world we live in. And if you don't see your own life in it, read it until you do. Because you are a slave, just as the anti-Christ tried to make me, and failed, which may mean my death in this body, but will  never be the death of my spirit, because I refuse to cooperate with evil. So be it.

I love working for God, and always will. My dad's a good boss to work for.

A while back, some "Spiritual Walkers" came to my house just about the time I was talking about how I'd get all these albums, being a DJ and writer, from the record companies for free, and then wouldn't play the B-Sides so I'd have something new to listen to later.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle - Spiritual Walkers

The other day, I was listening to Marvin Gaye's CD version of the album that includes a couple of songs I'd never heard before. Anyway, these spiritual walkers told me "the b-sides are important too." I'm glad I was told that, although these warriors of Jehovah demonstrated they knew and refused to acknowledge me, I suppose because I did not live up to their expectations of what Christ would be like. Like so many of us who believe God is not merciful and living because He does not give us the material riches promised by apostates.

I listened to those news cuts to me, the "B-Sides", and I have to tell you, I was shocked at what I heard. I'm going to post below for you to hear.

But here's an interesting problem:

Dan Fogelberg had an album called "Captured Angels". It appears to me that the anti-Christ have captured lots of Angels through contracts and "gag" orders, conditions for their fame and enrichment, in order to maintain their silence about the living God in this world. So if the music has been removed from this site by Time-Warner and General Electric/Universal music, who now own the rights to almost every song and poem on this site not written by me or someone else I've attributed, look up Marvin Gaye and these songs on Google and YouTube.

The album you want to listen to most is Marvin Gaye, What's Going On

It was originally released on Stevie Wonder's label, Tamla, distributed by Motown Records. I'd tell you to buy it, but I don't want to give the anti-Christ more money. I'm sure you could find it for much less money used.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 10 - God Is Love (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 11 - Sad Tomorrows (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)

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The Bible says the anti-Christ, Satan, would destroy the world in order to capture the world and overthrow the Kingdom of God, as Barack Obama is doing now, toward the completion of Satan's plan, and then declare himself the king of the world.

Of course, Satan knows, this, and likely, Barack will not make this claim publicly, although Sen. Richard Shelby declared a while back "we have found our dictator". Obama made all sorts of promises, and like George W. Bush, the false Christ, he is instead doing exactly the opposite of what he promised. Deception upon deception upon deception.

Meanwhile, God told me, if the world rejects me as a leader and teacher, to turn my back and walk away, allowing the anti-Christ to simply declare me as a prophet who has been among you, or, if I should dare oppose Satan, to set me up to look like Satan. I've been told that was done long ago before I knew my spiritual identity. And I know for a fact the media has been used to collect information about me to prove such, preparing for war against God and my self by creating video and audio reports that show my human frailties, instead of my steadfast commitment to God's plan. It's called a smear job.

The good news is, this is the moment when you get to issue your "Final Judgment", to decide whether you will choose things as they are... like in an election when you choose between the lesser of two evils, and no matter what you choose, it is still evil.

In this case, you have the choice to use your judgment to choose more of the same evil, as is exemplified in the government of the United States and others, or to choose God's ways and plans, seeking the truth and His son to lead you to the promised land.

And all I need is one person to step forward and affirm who I am for you to know the truth of the choices that are being provided to you. God awaits the choice of your judgment.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Greatest Hits - 11 - Heart Of Gold

Choose. You have been given the knowledge of sin, and know the knowledge of truth. Choose. You be the judge. And then, accept the results of your convictions.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Conviction of the Heart

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 10 - Love Is the Answer (Utopia)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection - Love Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (jazz version)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Abbey Road CD - 101 - Come Together

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 01 - Citizen Of The Planet

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Winds of Change - CD2 - 04 - Chico - Papa Stop the War

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Andy Williams - Born Free

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Aquarius Let the Sunshine In


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 14 - Amen


PS To Satan

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Annie Lennox - Songs Of Mass Destruction - 02 - Love Is Blind (Edit):

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 02 - New Power Generation

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 17 - New Power Generation (pt. II) - CD

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jimmie Spheeris - You Must Be Laughing Somewhere

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