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For the Love of the World

The Golden Rule: Part I

A world sourced from love.
A special message to Karen Armstrong


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Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself
and more commonly thought of as

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 10 - God Is Love

It seems easy enough. Easy to understand. Easy to do. Then why don't we?

When it comes to our nations, our cities, our communities, what controls our actions is not a spirit of giving and acceptance, but we live as a society "of the rule of law".

It is a constant threat of legal action, fascist peer pressure to conform, the idea of majority rule over Constitutional guarantees, fear of retribution or destruction of public images that keeps us "under control", pacified, suppressed, oppressed and enslaved.

All the while, the media fills our heads with hypothetical and projected dangers that don't exist. They tell us North Korea is a  nuclear threat, knowing full well the United States Corporations and their governmental patrons sold them the technology we now claim is a threat to America.

The Clinton Administration sold most of our most secret and advanced technology from Los Alamos to the Chinese, only now to use the media to tell us of the emerging military threat of China.

America sold chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein and then the very same people who engineered that transfer of weapons - Reagan, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney - used it to convict Hussein in the court of world opinion.

The rate of child abduction goes down, the media focuses on the rare cases that occur. A shooting occurs, the media reports of shootings around the world. Shootings that are rare, in truth, but amplified by the media in order to cause fear, acceptance of the loss of civil liberties, and as Sarah Brady said, to disarm those who would oppose the socialist agenda of the New World Order and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Obama claims he offers hope, when all he really provides is a perpetuation of the same policies of the George W. Bush Administration in every way. Isn't it interesting that Abraham Lincoln warned us to be suspicious of a government whose policies are the same from party to party, administration to administration.  Administrations that control us with fear.

I was watching Bill Moyers a few weeks back and heard an interview a highly respected theologian - considered to be far and away the leader in current religious thinking, particularly in the areas of Abrahamic Faiths.

I was quite taken by  a number of things she advocates, including the sharing and communing with other faiths and religions in order to encourage understanding.

I became very concerned, however, when  I heard her recite her version of the Golden Rule:

Don't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you

I became concerned because, if this is the wisdom behind her approaches and reasoning as to why faiths should come together in common cause, then the cause reflected in these words is fear based, a fear based response to the world we live in.

Fear of retribution.

While I can see some wisdom in this defensive posture, I believe the rippling effect of this sort of negative thinking will be to foster a culture of fear, accepting the dominance of evil. And, in a way, asking you to accept the concept of Satanic Ritual Abuse, which is to have its victims accept their suffering and the injustices they must endure without taking action to defend themselves, their rights and beliefs, and their very lives.

I am not advocating the concept of an eye for an eye, or doing violence to overcome violence, though I do uphold every individual's right to defend themselves by whatever means necessary.

In God's Kingdom, sourced from love and not as a response to fear of Him or any other being, people will give to each other freely, not as an act of charity and often not even in material ways. It is THAT sort of being, culture and community that must be forwarded as the example that leads us into the future.

The Bible says those who will seek to save their lives will lose their lives.

This is very minimally about mortal life. This is about how selling out to the world as it is will cause you to do things you know are not right and you will lose your spiritual life.

Jesus reminded us that anyone who truly believes in God would not fear mortal death.

1st John 4:18 tells us:

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear : because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Therefore, if the Golden Rule... if we accepted that the Golden Rule should be based on concern of fear, then it would not be promoting the Kingdom of God, of love, as God IS love, or the Kingdom of Heaven, but would instead be teaching us to accept the oppression of Satan and to survive as obedient captives.

I pray that Karen Armstrong will receive this message, and will understand that I point out this error in her teachings not as a means to diminish her or identify her as one who would thwart God's message, because I believe her intent and commitment are real and sincere, but as someone with the wisdom to understand that even she has been affected and altered by the oppression of Satan and the pressures and influences of the anti-Christ in this world. Let it be known to her.

Let us all understand, fully and completely without question, that God IS love, and understanding that, God would never have a world of people guided or lead by fear, but by truth, because there is no reason for fear in a world where truth is actually known.

And where God's Golden Rule of love is fully applied.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 05 - Compassion


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