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For the Love of the World

I Know
To those who may believe this book, and this world,  is about me, know that I acknowledge it is about you, and that I know, and God never forgets.


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I Know

I know that this world is not an easy place to live for anyone these days. There are so many things that get in our way, so many people who seem to have been lost to the values of greed and competition, so many people who have lost so much, or never had the chance to be the people they were intended to be, or have the opportunity to find in themselves in this world. Especially their spiritual identity.

I've seen some of the happiest and thankful who were also some of the most empoverished and forgotten people in the world, the people of Africa who have suffered so long, struggling to maintain the heritage of their tribes in the face of efforts to strip them of their history, just as with the Native Americans of North and South America.

People, where death is so common, they have 6 or more children in hopes one or two will survive. Where death is so common that people don't name their children for weeks and months, foregoing such a blessed thing because they don't want to get too attached to their child while waiting to see if it will survive.

People where those who covet their land and seek their slave labor once again cause death and disease to covertly destroy them and steal the little they have for their own pleasure and power.

We believe that these are the conditions of the worst places in the world. Conditions that are now being conveyed to us all with this globalization, the New World Order, which is the order of a world as commanded and controlled by the evil of Satan.

I know that much of this appears to be speaking of my own trials and tribulations of this time. I speak of having lived a "bubble life" which took away the oportunity I believed was granted to me by the righteous government and intent of its founding. A bubble life that's been hard, informative, and whose future is in the hands of God.

But the same is true of all of us. I'm sure there are those who will use my lifelong suppression and the torture I have experienced as an example to you of how powerful these sociopathic people are, how far they'll go to force the world into compliance, as the Bible said they would, and will say that my suppression and death is proof of their power over God, which is not and could never be true.

If nothing else, I hope that people hear of my life and the evil of the United States if only to provide a warning, a wakeup, to every on that hears, about what the possible consequences are of ignoring the signs and oracles of our world, of allowing our own struggles and grief to cause us to ignore the people in the world who suffer much more than we do, and whose faith would inspire you even if you were taking your last breath of life.

They know God. In their hearts, in their minds, in their very beings. And while their values and traditions and religions may be different than ours, they are true Christians in the face of the teachings and life of Jesus, whether they've heard of him or not.

God has never wanted us to suffer, nor to be burned in a trial by fire. Like a patient father, He has waited and watched as we grew and matured, until we were able to make our own choices.

God knows, and I know, that it is time for us to become, become real adults as children of God, at a time when the world demands that we make choices, just as we choose every moment of the day to do good or evil, right and wrong, the way that works as opposed to the way that is expedient...

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The world is at a point, like every moment of the day, where the hoices we make now will determine the future. You may say, God will send Christ, and everything will magically be better. The reason for Jesus the teacher, and my life, was to inform and teach so we could make that decision.

The Bible says of my life, to speak to the people, which I have not been allowed to do becaue of the United States Government, a nation under God whose government high-jacked God, in vain, blasphemously, to deceive us all for the purposes of evil and Satan. One day you will fully realize this.

It says, speak to them tell the the truth and guide them.

And then, if they don't listen, if they don't make the choices they need to make and free themselves of the lies of the deceptions perpetrated against them, at least they'll know that a prophet was amongst them.

I will be sad if that is all that is accomplished by my life, but at least I will know I have made the right choices, and that I have faithfully served Him as I have faithfully served you to inform you and represent your interests and lives to these evil people. To that extent, I say my life is like a prayer, full of hope and concern, a prayer that God has heard.

But I know, and I want you to know that I know and that God knows, and that you should never doubt it.

I know that there are so many good people and souls in this world who lived honorable lives in the spirit of Jesus' teachings, and in honor of a world with a vision we have always shared, but has been denied by those who sought to control us.

I know that many have died to defend the inalienable rights of true liberty, true freedom, truth itself, and that regardless of how you and those who have fallen have been portrayed, that God knows the goodness in your hearts, the work you have done, and those whose lives you have made better by your love and care for every other being on this planet, as it shold be, as it was intended, and you need to know that God thanks you for your faithful service to your fellow brothers and sisters in Him, and to Him, whether you knew it or not, whether you expressed faith in Him or not.

He wants you to know that He will remember you, that you are known to Him, that He loves you and is proud of your willingness to stand in the face of certaindangers for the principles you cherish, those that truly will lead us to the New World we've all been yearning for.

I know, whether that comes about in my lifetime or not, that it will come, and that the Heaven of His promises will be delivered when you make a choice.

I know there is something more important that goes beyond me in having you know that a prophet has been amongst you.

I know that the most important I was sent to deliver to all of humanity is that

God is amongst you, in the flesh, in this world, always has been, always will be, and that He loves you, He has not forsaken you, He is guiding the world to the New World He promised, and He asks you to be faithful, to understand but not accept those who would cause and use suffering to accomplish their goals, and to know that your spirit is eternal, and God will never turn you away.

Almighty God, the father of us all, has a plan that is coming true this very day, before your eyes, and He asks you to see it, to see and understand the image of the vision He had when we were all created, so that it will be manifest in each of us, to continue the creation with your assistance as friends, equals, co-creators and brothers and sisters on a picnic in His garden, which sustains us all, forever.

It is so, and let it be so.

In our hearts, in our lives and present as the spirit of God within us all and in everything.

A gift of love He gladly gives because He knows.

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