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In the End... Only Everything is Everything


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Back when people began to guide me to the realization of my being the "Son of Man", I heard that James Taylor, one of the musicians I always felt a sort of spiritual kinship with, like so many other people I'm sure, was coming out with an album called "October Road".

I really needed some spiritual uplifting about then, and was truly looking forward to hearing his words of wisdom in that album. On my nightly webcast, I even referred to myself as his publicist, and can't imagine anyone promoting an album more than I. No wonder Ryan Seacrest said he was tired of James Taylor.

The thing about that album is, I know there were cuts on it that he worte and sang long before any of this siege began, because I saw him perform "Belfast To Boston" in concert at the Nissan Pavilion in Virginia a few years before.

It's hard to know if I'll ever find out the truth about that album and the songs. He said they were "other people's stories". Despite the fact that I know those stories could fit the lives of a great number of people, it's hard for me to ignore that many of those songs, whatever he actually wrote them about, seemed to fit specific circumstances and inquiries I was living at the time.

Including the fact that it was one of those times, at the beginning of the intensive psyops against me, when I was out of money, nowhere to turn, expecting to be turned out of where I was living, but at least the skills to live in the wilderness if I really needed to and really wanted to.

There was this song called "Whenever You're Ready". Even though, after a small amount of research, I can say that this song may easily have been written about his son, Ben, the song is about someone about to "fend for themselves in the wilderness"... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 09 - Carry Me On My Way

One of the songs that fit my life so well is called "Carry Me On My Way" which was like a song tailored, like a soundtrack, to the very words and ideas I was writing in my web log way back then. It became sort of an anthem for me. It was like an album that perfectly fit the inquiries I was having about my spiritual identity, things that were true about my father and brother... all sorts of things, including a song "Baby Buffalo" that included talking about a summertime snow, which I experienced in Crescent City, California. There are numerous examples in that album that are easily correlated to my life, inquiries and activities of seeking and reporting the truth. Like Peter Gabriel says on his album "Up", "Receive and Transmit".

If nothing else, it was part of all the things that seemed to be lining up in the universe that made me believe it was God telling me it was time to do what I was to do. Part of what is the matrix of God. And how God makes lemonade of bad situations, such as if people were psyopping me with music, as they're known to do, and God tricked 'em into using something that in one way or another in the school of hard knocks, something good comes of it.

Still, given the deceptions and the tricks being played on me, people making me believe that my mother's Bible was telling me the truth about musicians being angels, and having more power and the responsibility of guiding me and protecting me, given that one of the first songs I learned to seriously play on the guitar when I was young was "You've Got A Friend", his version, I thought, maybe it's true. Maybe it's one of thse things God wanted to burn into my brain so I'd never forget.

All I know is that what I wrote came from my heart, and was true and real for me the entirety of my life. That's the Matrix of God for you.

So I wrote this song in a direct response to his song. I believe it's the perfect ending to this book, a story that could go on forever, a message that will endure if understood, and a song that could not possibly express my feelings more succinctly as I have done what I believe God wanted me to do, regardless of the outcome.

In The End
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Charles Rehn - In the End

  I may feel forlorned
And I may feel forgotten
But the tears always dry
And my heart always mends
But my road continues to wind
It's a road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end
There are faces I've seen
Full of smiles, full of sorrow
And I can't close my eyes
To the love I must share
So I walk down my road
With a song in my pocket
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end
  Who am I to say that the lessons of my sorrows
  Won't turn out some way, somehow, some day
  So I'm coming out to play
  To turn people into friends
  In the end, in the end
  It's the road that I must follow 
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow 
In the end.

I wake up everyday
Walk the path I've been given
With more or less to say
'Bout the ways we are driven
And I give my heart away
   There's enough to go around
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end


PS Whatever James Taylor says about all this is fine with me. Company Man. I will Not Lie for You. Out :}

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