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For the Love of the World

An Invitation to Ministers and Other Spiritual Leaders


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I left a message for you at GodLeftAMessage.com

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Hi –

I’m writing to you to let you know of some news that, in time, you’ll be glad to have received. God’s promises to us all endure, like the Bible says, our faith has been tried in enduring the furthering effects of economic slavery and deception upon deception, truly to the Biblical point that while we will continue to have hope in the Second Coming, our actual faith has waned.

But He has decided it’s time. And He calls upon you to once again be seekers of full truth about the world we live in, and the kingdom of God and Heaven that will soon become real.

I was recently privileged to post this message on www.godleftamessage.com at this url:
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.godleftamessage.com/2009/07/prophesy-come-true/

This is the message I left:

Back when I was around 9 years old, I had a vision during Vacation Bible School that clearly showed me God had a purpose for my life. When I was 18, unable to afford to go to college as I wished, I made a deal with God that if He taught me what I needed to know to do whatever it was He had in mind for me when the time came, that I would do whatever He asked, knowing my whole life that one day, He would call on me to do something important.

In 2000, I got the call, and have, over time and prayer and research, come to know the purpose He had for my life and what needed to be done.

God really does work in mysterious ways, and “becoming” His faithful servant, even though I believed I always was in my own way, I am clear that the time of the full establishment of the kingdom of God and His Kingdom of Heaven have come.

I request that you read the story of my own trials and tribulations as I have approached this moment, knowing that the story I tell you is about the journey he guided me on, and the message He delivers through me for us all at this time. I also ask you to ask your minister or pastor what the meaning of Revelation 2:17 is, as well as to read Hebrews. And if they have any questions… I’ll be around.

I have a web site called www.fortheloveoftheworld.com which is actually hosed by my primary site www.charlesrehn.com that contains what I’ll refer to as “archive material”. 

CharlesRehn.com is the result of weblog and webcasting work that begin in  late 2001, after researching and being more visibly politically active in 2000.

There is a great deal of information on this site that you may not believe at first, so I request that when looking at the things I assert and allege about the world, that you understand what I am revealing to you in this apocalypse of information is documented on the site using mainstream, governmental and military publications that provide the quintessential and most authoritative reports regarding technologies and social engineering that is now occurring.

It is indeed the work of the anti-Christ, as explained on the sites and in the Bible, describing the persecution and treatment of the righteous, making it impossible for those who will not conform to the ways of the anti-Christ to buy or sell, get appropriate health care and more indignities and inhumanity than you might be able to accept, at first, until you awaken with your eyes wide open, and recognize the difference, once again, between the way the world is and the way the world “should” be, the way God promised.

For the Love of the World has been a labor of love for me since 2002, as I wrote of the things my father taught me, the things I’ve experienced an witnessed as I grew and lived in the United States, and wrote and spoke of how I saw things going if we didn’t change the course of the future history that was evolving, toward Armageddon and World War II because of economic hardship, just like World War II.

It was during that time in 2002 that I also became “informed” of the need to explore Christianity – the religion – as I’d always believed I was a Christian, as in living with temptations and giving in sometimes, but always returning to the ways of God. It was in that same time period, when reading the Bible seriously for the first time, that I realized I was living and teaching others the ways of God my whole life.

It was only in the last year that I realized that a dream I had for an organization I always wanted to create is actually a model of a “community” tat is the paradigm of the Kingdom of God itself, and more, the Kingdom of Heaven.

The vision I had when I was a child was true, in every way. I just knew it was something like this, but all I knew is that I had this deal with God to do what He asked when He asked, knowing He would guide me.

Finally causing me to realize that I lived my life as the Son of Man, and just like Hebrews says, unaware of my spiritual identity until God called, and His servants provided me the impetus to “become”.

And, who I am is Christ… as Revelations 2:17  in my BIble says I am the white stone with a new name, known/received only to me and those who accept that I am Christ.

It’s a very long story, much of it chronicled in the book www.fortheloveoftheworld.com

No one knows more than I that the first instinct we have been trained to have is to disregard anyone who says they are Christ.

I spent more than 5 years trying to disprove it to myself because I refused to be a false Christ or apostate. And I did the research, and every time, proved that my life and my ways are straight out of prophecy, prophecy that has humbled me to know that much has been fulfilled, and there is still more to come and which can be averted should those who truly seek the truth prove their faithfulness to God Almighty by taking the time to review His words inspired in and through me.

Further, I wish to extend my invitation to ministers and spiritual leaders of all kinds to engage me in a discussion in person regarding the things I’ve written and speak of,  not so much to prove to you that I am Christ, but for the opportunity to speak frankly an openly regarding these times, knowing that by doing so you will fully understand that I am His servant reaching out as I have been guided in order to end the reign of the anti-Christ and Satan in this world.

I also know that many things I write about may seem different or unorthodox to you. But I assure you, as you read and hear with your hearts and spiritual connections to God, you will know how the deceptions of this world have been used to lead us all away from the truth of the Word of God. I make that promise to you.

Finally, in order to make myself available, I also need to inform you of my circumstances, which is also detailed in the book.

The U.S. Government and a number of Corporations have worked to contain me on a small Island in the Seattle Washington area.

Many of the tricks and traps that have been used against me over the years has included using  a minister to attempt to make me homeless, which succeeded for a brief time.

You need to understand that my email is often blocked or re-routed, often times having impostors replying to email. My phone communications are the same way. This means that even if you call me on the phone, I don’t know you, and there is no way to verify your identity. It’s an unfortunate situation, but such is persecution. It’s part of what the AT&T and NSA wiretapping case is all about.

This means that in order to begin communications, someone would need to come to my home and present identification so that if someone is actually setting up another trap against me, I’ll at least be able to identify them. I apologize that it has to be that way. However, I have to believe you know someone in the Seattle area who would be willing to drive out to Harstine Island.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in reading this, as I look forward to meeting with people in the very near future in order to see God’s will truly being done on earth, as it is in Heaven, you know… :}

God Bless You,

Chuck Rehn



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