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For the Love of the World

I Refuse

Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now, Harstine Island, Wa. USA



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The first thing I want to say is that what is written, here and in the book For the Love of the World, is true, Biblically correct and factually correct according to the events of the world according to the news media from around the world, as well as by the inspiration of God and His words spoken through me.

The Bible says that anyone who refuses to bow down to Satan in the end of days will be subjected to persecution. The Bible says that those who refuse will be disallowed from buying and selling, and would be tormented by Satan until they are beaten into submission or killed by Satan's evil.

Those days are here, and I have been mercilessly attacked with high tech military weapons in my own home by the United States Government, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Democratic and Republican parties, and a slew of media personalities.. your favorites... the worst of which occurred beginning in 1992 under the Clinton Administration, becoming even worse since 2002. You should know I have been working on behalf of the citizens of the world, actively, on the web and in communication with the government and media since 2000.

In my case, and in the case of at least the thousands of people I am aware who are being afflicted in this way, I and we have been attacked by military weapons, deprived of the ability to work, deprived of medical care, and for some people, leading to death, I am, because of government operations against me, unable to have a bank account, pay my bills, all of my communications are monitored, including email, postal mail, I am deluged by spam, and I have reason to believe my website has been commandeered by the government, as George W. Bush stated would be done to so called "terrorists like me" who quote the Bible, the Constitution and wear blue jeans, as specified by the FBI during the Clinton Administration. And you thought George W. Bush was evil.

At this time, I am bankrupt, have only a few possessions which are worthless, I've been homeless, I've had multiple instances of medical mal-practice performed on me, and after spending more than $13,000 to have my teeth fixed, any good dentist would tell you that the work done is the reason why I can no long talk properly - quite a problem for a professional announcer - and medicines  given to me that have caused permanent harm to my body. I attempted to contact lawyers to prosecute cases against these quacks, and assume that their return calls to me were blocked by the United States Government under the FISA legislation voted for by Barack Obama and others, that included provisions to continue torturing me in order to shut me up to protect him from prosecution for crimes he has participated in, against me and others, for years.

The Bible says that the anti-Christ would line up liar after liar to discredit and harm me should I ever become "public". The test of whether these liars will continue to participate in the Psyops and torture against me will be proven by the testimony, false or otherwise, by the following people and corporations:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

Lou Dobbs, Kyra Phillips. Miles O'Brien, CNN, Time-Warner, General Electric, Keith Olbermann, Dan Abrams, Floyd Abrams, Chris Matthews and the minister they used to lure me into homelessness and a life threatening situation, among other things, the apostate minister Pastor Melissa Scott. I am told 2 other ministers have been paid to lie to you that I am the anti-Christ, if not Satan himself.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 01 - A House of Gold

I can prove everything I have just stated. No jury in the world, that wasn't rigged by the corrupt justice department of the United States, would deny the verity of my reports. I have reported the crimes against me to the Federal Government for years, to no avail, just like all the other victims who are being silenced in the same way. I have also been told the evidence I possess will be taken from by government agents, through seizure or destruction by electronic and other means in order to shut me up.

The crimes committed against me and literally millions and billions of people are not unique, but they lead to death for anyone who who refuses to submit.

One of my greatest heroes is Patrick Henry, who I stand with in his declaration, give me liberty or give me death.

I'm 6'3"", 120 lbs, unable to eat solid meals because of the pain of my dental condition, and I don't think it would take much more of the attacks against me to end my life.

The people I named above have known the intent of their actions against me for years, long before I knew my life was destroyed by their decades long manipulation of my life.

In that regard, there are parts of my website that includes foul language and graphic descriptions of the torture inflicted against me, as well as the period just before election 2008 regarding the  murder of my father, a fact I can not prove because it was over 40 years ago, and my rage at the information caused me to lash out, for which I have no apologies. When you begin to realize the truth of Psychotronics and directed energy weapons against American and foreign citizens, you will be outraged too.

I have the fortitude to contain my rage peacefully. People like Cho who shot up Virginia Tech and murdered 32 people, a victim of psychotronics and directed energy attacks for what appears to be most of his life.. it was no accident, and is proven by the FBI's instruction to police and campus security to stand down in response to his attacks. It was an attck induced to create a tragedy to convince you that guns nee to be outlawed, as well as to cause others to want guns, as a civil war is being provoked by the United States Government, just as the Civil War was provoked by Abraham Lincoln. Obama is like Lincoln in that regard.

Read the writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, who devised the original plans for this era in 1958. Brzezinski is also part of the Obama Administration, as well as the shadow government, the Council on Foreign Relations, overtaken by George H.W. Bush after he engineered the assassination - the coup - against Pres. John F. Kennedy.

My father knew these people, and that's he was murdered. He had the goods on them. That's why they want to kill me as well.

You can believe whatever pacifies your denial of the truth, but if you actually read and actually care about the world you live in, you will accept the truth and take appropriate action as Jesus instructed.

The are the end of days, and God gave instructions to the Son of Man that if humanity would not acknowledge the truth, to allow the corrupt and evil souls of this world to destroy themselves. They're doing that, and they're killing you as they do it. Pollution, chemicals, genetically modified foods, swine flu developed and released by the United States Government.. these are the ways of Satan.

Let it be known that God's wrath and his day of vengeance is about justice, not destroying this planet and its inhabitants. The information I have, and who I am in the matter, the Son of Man, Christ, if the world accepts the truth, the guy who'll set you free with the truth, embodies the truth He requires the world to know in order to save it from self-destruction. And if the world refuses the truth, Satan will destroy you all in order to replace the Kingdom of God..  something God will not allow as promised.

So it's time for humanity to choose. This world can be purified by the fire and sword of truth as the Bible says, or it will destroy itself by fire, and 144,000 will be raised up to begin the New World. If the world chooses truth, then the New World begins starting the moment I am acknowledged and affirmed in this world to deliver God's vengeance of justice against the evil.

God believes in true choice, free will, the true liberty, the justice of God. Humanity must choose its own fate.

But let it be known, anyone who tells you that God is wreaking the violence and desolation upon this world is  liar, and if a minister tells you God will physically destroy this world, they are liars and apostates and apparently have no true understanding of the prophecies of the Bible, intended not as an instruction to fulfill the destruction of this world, but as warning of what could happen if people choose Satan and evil.

And you have all been lied to if you've been told it was necessary to destroy it to be relieved by the Second Coming of Christ.

My instructions are simple: if the world refuses to honor the truth, and if the world refuses to acknowledge His will and servant at this time, then I am simply to say "A prophet was amongst you".

The choice is yours. And even though this book is not fully ready because of the attacks by the United States Government, I refuse to be harmed in a way that would cause the perversion of His words and inspiration spoken through me because of the torture inflicted by Satan and the anti-Christ... even though there is a great deal more God wants to tell you through me, I will not continue, per His instruction, and do the work of Satan for the sake of evil.

George W. Bush was the latest False-Christ, and any minister who does not understand that should read this book and the Bible, and realize your ignorance. Those are God's words.

Barack Obama is the false-prophet, and you would not know that without the information in this book, without me, his biggest victim in order to victimize you. Because I am his enemy by his choosing and the crimes committed against me to prevent me from delivering God's justice and truth to this world.

Let it be known, a prophet was amongst you.

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