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For the Love of the World

Journeys With Chuck:
A Pastoral Visit To Southern California

AKA: Something Happened on the way to Venezuela...
It was like a symptom, this one is named Pastor Melissa Scott


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I have to say, before I go too far, that this is likely the most disappointing experience I've had in the last 6-8 years. Disappointing on so many levels, I can't even begin to express it all, but it's all contained on this web site and in my online journals, should anyone care enough to research all of what happened.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Evil

The Bible said that there would be tricks and traps and people laying in wait for the lifetime of the Son of Man, in my own interpretation, being the cynical optimist that I am, meaning until I saw the necessity of the times requiring me to stand up and be fully seen and available to the world as Christ.

When I realized that time had come, and when I realized that the people in the media and government could not be counted on to actually save America from the likes of the conspirators of the Council On Foreign Relations... as I've come to realize that members of their ranks have successfully infiltrated nearly every position of influence in the government and media, and the implementation of the New World Order equated to the Biblically described overthrow of the Kingdom of God through economic coercion/slavery, and that the current global economic depression was purposely caused by these people in order to make the "Road to Serfdom", a phrase coined by economist von Hayek and a policy adopted by Milton Friedman (made most famous by Ronald Reagan as the trickle-down theory)... to make the "Road To Serfdom" a reality in America and around the world, as the corporations take control of our societies while the governments establish monarchies and royal dictatorships, their power foisted upon all by the military forces and technologies that translate to nothing but tyranny and poverty for all but the "owning class", the rich elitists around the world.

People like the Rockefellers, Bush Family, Kennedy Family, J.P. Morgan, Clinton and many others. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) For more info, see this.

And now, the real story that needs to be told. If you haven't read bluediam.gif (123 bytes)  this article first, little of the following will make complete sense to you.

Sometime around the beginning of September, 2008, I had been doing a great deal of writing about the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, and a variety of other subjects that I believed would fulfill the inquiry of a certain Lutheran Minister's assertion that the challenge today was to make Christianity more relevant by providing the revelations of God He chose to speak through me and to speak of my own experiences and interpretations.

One night, I was doing my Bible Study when I saw a part that said that the Son of Man would be compassed by a woman. I thought to myself that this was good news, because I was becoming curious as to whether the things I had been writing were consistent with accepted Biblical teachings, even though I knew I was writing some things that went beyond typical texts and discussions that I believe to be consistent with God's will and plan.

A few days went by, with me actually pacing at times wondering how and who I would meet that would "compass" me, or in my understanding of what that meant, who would be someone who would keep me going down the right path? Who might be someone who could affirm what I had written and who I am, or inform me in such a way that I was what I refused to be, that being an apostate or false prophet. I knew what I knew to be true, but who doesn't like to know that other people know and agree?

So, a few nights after reading about being "compassed", I was finishing up my writing and felt like reading the Bible, but because I was tired, I decided maybe it was time to listen to a minister or two on TV instead, to see what they were saying, and to see if I agreed with them.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - Back Stabbers

So I turned on the TV, and there was this Pastor Melissa Scott. I was fascinated by what she had to say. And she started out by talking about events in my back yard and things I had been thinking... about how she had a new appreciation for things like cats eating birds... which is a habit my cat Abbey has and had recently done, and despite the fact that I think it's kind of gross and unnecessary for a house cat to need to do that, it's a natural thing that cats do. And then she mentioned her new appreciation for the beauty of days, even when they're cloudy, which is something that had been on my mind a lot, particularly because I live in the cloudy, rainy Pacific Northwest.

I thought to myself, it looks like the Psyops guys have found me someone to compass me. (for those who don't understand yet, I have discovered tha tmy life has been manipulated through psychological operations for quite some time, in ways I've shocked to realize, and can only attribute them to the "tricks and traps" the Bible spoke of).

The Psyops guys do that, it's part of the way they keep you off balance. Sometimes they give you good information, other times they give you bad information. It forces you to listen to it all, think about whether it makes sense, and then if it does, to check it out yourself. It's the same way I corroborated or proved false the news reports in the corporate media compared to the facts on the ground where events really   happened, and the truth was known and reported.

The truth is, a great deal of what made Pastor Melissa Scott  make sense to. And she delivered messages based on the true meaning of words. For years, I've talked about what words really mean and how they've been manipulated through propaganda to mean other things that aren't good. Better yet, she presented the meanings of words and thus Biblical scripture and history in a way that was unique to any minister I'd ever heard, and I have to admit, I've heard few ministers, but it occurred to me very quickly that this minister would be a perfect complement to the work I had in mind to do... by providing historical context and defining words and scripture as they were intended to be heard and interpreted in the times and vernacular in which they were written.

I was thrilled.  Not only had this minister "contacted me" (and this Aesopian way of contacting me is soemthing I have well documented as going on for over 6 years with other people in various ways), causing me to believe that to do so meant she knew who I was, my situation and all, but that she was contacting me... which was, in my mind, a possible response to some writing I had done over months wondering why, if so many people knew who I was/am, and I know many people in authority do and have since I was a child.. then this was a person I could trust. After all, she was a minister, and anyone should be able to trust a minister.

So I wrote her a letter. My email, phones, all means of communication seemed to be monitored, and I thought writing a letter to her would allow me to communicate privately.. if it got to her at all... and I told her how it had been some 8 years since the Psyops guys had allowed me to be in a situation where I could have an intelligent, adult conversation with anyone, and how the "sensory deprivation" it caused caused me to be a bit "dingy", though quite lucid and communicative.

And I told her I'd like to come to visit her and her church in Southern California for a couple of days, to talk to her of possibilities to work with her "professionally", and to just hang out with some people of like mind to have some normal, intelligent conversations, as well as to ease my need to have positive contact with other people who would not be pre-disposed to carrying out some strange instruction to harm me in some way.

I even mentioned to her that, as the Son of Man, it may not be safe for her and her church members to have contact with me. I assumed she actually understood that, because she contacted me first. But I wanted her to have a real choice in the matter, understanding that it would take a courageous person to make a stand for God at this time in this way.

When I went to to mail the letter, I was concerned that it would be intercepted and that she would never receive it, because the town I lived in seemed to be cooperating with this instruction to harass and suppress me. And sure enough, I went to mail the letter, and I got to the mail box in town, and there was a mail truck there, with a driver basically hanging around to receive my letter when I got there. I gave it to him, hoping it would actually be sent.

And then, this guy across the street yells out "She's not hot". And then he looks around, as if to make sure no one heard or noticed he'd said that.

I thought, "Great, not only do these people know what I'd been thinking, but now I have to assume they know what I wrote in this letter". The people in this town make little remarks about things I do in the privacy of my home all the time. It's been an effective way to keep me isolated, making me feel self-conscious that all these people, few of whom I know, have so much knowledge of my private life.

But, the letter must have gotten through, because a few days later, I saw her do a broadcast where she said "No need to spend a couple of days. Just come here." And then she made remarks about working her way up, presumably as I might in her church (which is not what I had in mind), and addressing my concerns about the "natural disasters" that have occurred wherever I've lived, and in this case, my concerns about possible earthquakes in Los Angeles, she mentioned that the Universal Theater was sturdy and had withstood decades of earthquakes and such.

Still, I was concerned. I really believed the most professional course was to go there, talk to them, and see if we could find an amicable way to work together as "professionals". 

Up until that point, I hadn't done any research on her background, although I'd read a little about her marriage to the late Gene Scott, leader of the Wescott Christian Center. I didn't really think I had to check out the background of a minister. And I didn't want to read other people's work and have it affect my own work, believing that writing what I was writing in a void - a place and environment where what I wrote was caused by my own Bible Study and through the revelations of God - would ultimately be the best proof to myself that what I was writing was because of the scriptures and God, as opposed to the influences of other people's writing and work and opinions and interpretations.

All in all , I wrote her 3 letters about my concerns and goals and hopes toward the future of the Kingdom of God, and the role I would hope she would want to take in its full establishment at this time in history.

Through Aesopian languaging, often contradictory and hurtful to me, she'd say things in her sermons that related to my letters and my thoughts and my writings. I'd asked her to be my "pen pal", which she never responded to, except in Aesopian languaging in her sermons, which had to have been pre-recorded, which made me even more suspicious that I was being put through another Psyops to make it look I like I was having inappropriate or unusual interactions with someone "talking to me through my TV".

Meanwhile, other Psyops began happening that often caused me to be distracted and unable to fully hear her sermons. Voice to skull, as well as another distractions the Psyops guys had quit using a while before.

That distraction was basically to use Psychotronics in order to make it seem as though I was getting a romantic interest in her. Because of her Aesopian remarks, and because of a session I'd had one night that made it at least appear she was using voice to skull communications to question me on a number of topics (she'd said in one of her "sermons" just before that she was going to ask lots of questions), I took the position that I'd "play out the Psyops" to give her an example of how what she was doing perfectly emulated a psychological operation against me related to Kyra Phillips, and a time I visited CNN in Atlanta only to find out I'd been set up in numerous ways to appear as though I was some obsessive compulsive who wanted to have a relationship with Kyra, when the truth was, I left home (and actually was put in the position of homelessness) based upon some consistent Aesopian messaging I received suggesting CNN would take me on in an "entry level "position... I had been, in my audacious ways, suggesting that I could come down and even just empty garbage cans for them while monitoring world events, and giving them direct feedback on things instead of altering their broadcasts and coverage via email, as well as removing me from a difficult living situation.

Being a former broadcaster, I knew that stranger things have happened than to get a job in broadcasting in strange ways, and given the importance of the times politically, and my many communications with the CNN staff, it could actually make sense for me to just go there and work with them. The point was getting America straightened out, it wasn't about money, nor did I have any belief that I would ever be put on the air.

Nonetheless, I informed Pastor Scott  of my intent to "play out the Psyop" being done to me in relation to her, and to not get too worried about it, and to remain focused on my goals and intents relative to working toward the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, as God had chosen me to do in a vision I had in church when I was a child.

I also warned her that what was going on was one way the Psyops people had of causing spiritual leaders to become discredited, one way or another, in order to cause the discreditation of the idea that God is real and exists in this world. That actually is one of the goals of the Council on Foreign Relations.

At one point, I did a little research on her background, and was quite amused by what I found. I have to assume that she had been influenced, in her past, to do some things that I was also guilty of in a way that would not look good in a public forum, particularly in the world we live in, where the media encourages people to accept vicious rumor, parsed words and innuendo and treat them as fact, most often as reasons someone should be discredited and therefore refused access to public airwaves, let alone public service, political office or the ministry of God.

And I was amused by it only because to me, it was just one more thing. One more complex, tawdry detail that could only be clarified with complex explanations and a need for the listener to understand dialectics and the plans and methods of the anti-Christ, how synchronicity is supposed to work per the plans and design of God, and how Satan used other means to trick people into making bad choices, much like the Devil tricked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden... and all sorts of Biblical details that most people, even most ministers, wouldn't actually know just by reading the Bible in a linear manner, book by book, page by page, and maybe not even by using a concordance.

Meanwhile, I have to remind myself that originally all I'd hoped for was an email relationship where she might read the site and tell me how it appeared to someone who didn't know all the facts. Did it make sense? Could you get the messages as they were intended? Is the sanctimonious stuff a little too over the top? Is there anything you'd add to it or challenge? Am I saying things that most ministers would find unacceptable (even if they were true) ? And could she, as someone whose reputation has a great deal to do with historical research, did the things about Barack Obama and the Council makes sense.

Further, my phone and email services stopped working reliably. I tried to call her offices and make appointments like any professional would, to no avail.

Finally, I decided because of my home situation that was being exacerbated by Psyops and Psychotronics, that I'd leave with the intent of leaving the country to other nations - in this case Venezuela - where Psychotronics was illegal and where people like me, journalists who were opposed to the policies of the U.S. Government, could find some protection from government "CoIntelPro" harassment. And I wrote to her in my weblogs that I would stop by her offices on my way out of the country.

By that time, I had already come to the conclusion that she was participating in a psychological operation against me. Before, I had been complaining that I didn't understand how ministers could know of my existence and not take action to assist me on behalf of God. In this case, in her case, I wondered why a minister of God would participate in the entrapment of any person, because the mandates of the ministry would have had her counsel me if she thought I was doing something wrong or illegal, as opposed to participating with the government in causing me to take illegal actions that would lead to my arrest. Not that I would have ever done that.

So, I left my home, as I said I would, with the intent of going to Venezuela, hoping beyond hope that I would find out that I was wrong about her being involved in Psyops. Besides, I'd told her that if she chose not to be involved with me, or even if she had originally been involved in a Psyops and then changed her mind, it was alright with me.  Just to be nice to me about it when I got there. Her Aesopian languaging on her sermons made me believe I had reason to think I would be welcomed at her church. She even mentioned one time that it would be difficult to get through the doors of her church with more than 6 suitcases.

Now, here's the fun part about these kinds of Psyops. I have very little proof that any of these Aesopian communications happened. I have some. Enough. When Psyops are being done to you, they often come from the least expected sources. So, in this case, dealing with a minister, I didn't think I'd need to gather evidence.

But, one night, they played a video of her that must have been the first sermon she did after becoming the Pastor of her church, in which she expressed her commission by God to "save America", maybe "rescue America", and her testimonial was so beautiful and so closely resembled my own... I was totally taken by her words and it moved me so deeply, I decided I just had to believe, to hope that she was for real.

Meanwhile, none of the videos of her showed her appearance as that matching the one displayed on her website.

So I loaded up the many boxes of evidence I have against the United States Government and the Democratic Party, Barack Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations... which I'd hoped to store at her church, thinking it might be safe enough to leave there. I traveled for 3 days, sleeping in the vehicle to save money and make sure the evidence didn't get stolen. I was also carrying my record collection, with the idea that I could sell them to collectors in Los Angeles in order to finance the rest of my trip, if things did not work out with her and her church.

Besides, I'd gotten the impression that she, a self-proclaimed courageous Christian, was ready and willing to assist me in making an announcement to the world of my presence and existence, in order to prevent many world events that are happening right now.... so I figured I'd only be there for a couple of weeks until the announcement would be made, and then I'd be off on the road.

Of course, as the Bible says, those who take the first stand with me would reap the blessings and riches of the Kingdom, not necessarily monetary benefits, but because of a few circumstances surrounding my harassment and suppression by the government and Time-Warner, I believed there would be some monetary rewards/assets that we could have fun with once things settled down.

All the while, the Psychotronics continued, taunting me with the suggestion of romantic interests. And I have to admit, beyond the excitement I had toward her work as presented to me, the Psychotronics worked to the extent that at one point, I realized that she really might be someone I could have a special relationship with, as a friend, maybe more, sharing the love and commitment to God's work, all the while knowing the Psyop I was playing out might be upsetting to her church members, personal relationships and more. I really knew nothing about her personal life, and expressed that I was more than willing to spend whatever time was necessary to smooth out any ruffled feathers that might be caused by demonstrating how that Psyop went.

So, I got to her church in Los Angeles at almost exactly 4pm, New Year's Eve, 2008, as I said I would in my weblog, the only way I had to communicate with her. As I passed by the front of it, located in an old theater,  a man in the box office looked out at me in the street in a way that suggested he recognized my vehicle as something like "being the guy we were expecting", and I got excited. Because I still was of the belief that my interactions with Pastor Scott were a Psyop. And I thought, that look he gave me makes me think things are going to work out after all.

So, I parked my vehicle, which was having some mechanical problems, and went to the "box office" of the church.

The man inside asked me what I wanted. I told him I believed Pastor Scott was expecting me. He asked me my name. I told him. He said "Go away".

He was behind the window of the box office,asking me more questions and saying more things, and I really couldn't make out what he was saying, so I just kept saying "Can we talk for a few minutes?" I tried to write a note identifying myself, and passing it through the ticket part of the box office window, and he slammed the little door down on my hand and refused the note. Then he took a picture of me, and took it upstairs to show someone, as well as another man just inside the foyer.

I went back to my car, and wrote a better note that I thought I would hold up, again identifying me and why I was there, and went back and tried to show it to him, asking again if we could talk for a few minutes just to clarify things. He got out a video camera and videoed me, so I held up my sign and I'm sure I looked annoyed, but never lost my cool. Just like my reasons for stopping in in the first place, I just wanted to know for myself, once and for all, if it was another set up or if this minister was for real.

Then I went back to the car, got out my maps and my own video camera, made some videos of the front of the place, maybe got shots of the jerk in the box office and the man inside the foyer, because now I was collecting possible evidence in a RICCO case and fraud, and he told me everything I needed to know was on a sign in the entrance.. a sign that could easily have been made on any computer, standing on an easel on 8-1/2 x 11 paper. I looked around. According to the website, there was an extensive library of materials from her late-husband's work in the building, but there was certainly no indication that it existed, or that there were business hours when the building would be open for public visitation of any sort.

I was lost, felt abandoned and betrayed, I was having car trouble, I was homeless, not a whole lot of financial resources available and I wanted a few more answers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jerry Jeff Walker - LA Freeway

So, I went across the street trying to figure out where the Wescott Center offices were in Glendale, as I said I would try to find in my weblogs should I not be greeted as hoped at the church. I couldn't find the Center offices or their street on the map, definitely not in the phone book... in fact, even the church in front of me wasn't listed in the phone book. The first time I looked at her web site, it said they were Presbyterian. The next day it said they were non-denominational, and her and her late-husband's bio info was removed. I couldn't find the church in the phone book at all.

I took a look around the building - remaining on public property - just to see what cars were around, believing she was inside, and for some reason (like Psyops) just avoiding me. A little while later, I noticed one car's front license plate had been removed while I had been there. I have video, which I believe will prove damning in the future. There was another vehicle in the parking lot where my car was from Orion motors, which relates to some other clues I was given by inside sources, that left while I was being distracted later by the guy from the box office.

But, it was New Year's Eve, I had nowhere to go, nothing to do, really, so I headed up to Glendale to see if I could locate the offices there, as I said I would.

Talk about lost. I traveled Glendale Blvd, through Echo Park, and was about to give up when I decided to drive down Glendale Blvd again just to see if, nothing else, there was a place to park the vehicle and spend the night without getting arrested for vagrancy, as it was my first night of homelessness (the joke being that I was the Son of Man, beginning my journey in winter instead of spring as the Bible instructed. The Psyops guys loved putting me in that position, having done it twice before under other circumstances, although I was able to navigate my way out of those situations).

I drove and drove, and then finally came across Brand Street, and drove down it for a while, about to give up, when I looked over and saw Glendale... I thought it was the Blvd., so I turned down a street to get to it. It was actually Glendale Avenue, and wouldn't you know it, the exact street across from Forrest Lawn where her offices were, only it wasn't called Wescott Center, it was called Faith Center.

It was a public street and all, so I decided I'd just park on that street and spend the evening trying what to figure out what to do the next day, thinking I'd attend her Sunday Morning Services, or just leave for Venezuela in a couple of days after I re-secured my cargo, sold the records and repaired my vehicle.

Besides, deep inside, I wanted to give her another chance to at least treat me with respect, if she would, hands still outstretched, hoping to prove she wasn't some phony pastor participating in Psyops against me. So, I sat there, listening to the party music from the neighbors throwing a New Year's Party in their back yard, writing her a letter to try to gain contact with her now that I was in the city, and frankly, expressing my dismay at the situation.

I also wanted to warn and advise her that her actions, and the video I had of her sermons, made it plain, by the terms of the law, that if she wasn't for real, that she had participated in human and civil rights violations against me, and that her church band and everyone who laughed at the Aesopian jokes she made to me were - witting or unwitting - accomplices in crimes with no statutes of limitations, and I wondered if she and her church board realized that...

Meanwhile, the party music was flabbergasting in that what played at any given moment was incredibly relevant to what I was writing as I was writing it, including this song:

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes

All along the way in this situation, I pointed out that I didn't mind at all if she didn't want to have a professional relationship with me, and that I only requested that I be treated with respect. As I stated to the Democratic National Committee and others, all you had to do was be nice to me and you could have whatever you wanted. I'd been given the impression that - in her own words - she was just rebuilding the church after her husband's death, and that they were in need of money, and I figured at one point that I could help her with that situation in one way or another... among other things.

Now,  keep in mind, when I went to the church, I was looking pretty grubby after being on the road. I had long hair with a ponytail (which I disliked very much) because where I live, I haven't had a haircut in 3-4 years because the last few times I went for hair cuts, strange things happened at the hair styling shop, including the last time, when I walked out with both ears bleeding because of a woman who I later remembered looked like a woman who had surveiled me while driving a couple of months before. I'll assume she was either FBI, a PI or a Department of Justice Weed and Seed volunteer... who are trained to do things like that... to people like me, who have the audacity to exercise their right to freedom of speech.

Again, I'm no radical. I'm a citizen who knows the truth.

The next day, I went down the street to Eatwell's and had a good breakfast... a hot meal and a fresh thermos of coffee was just what I needed. I was starving and tired and cold... still dirty and long-haired and all. They were very nice to me, and it was appreciated.

Then I went back to the street I stayed the night before. It was quiet, little traffic, and there was a vacant lot on the other side of the street from Faith Center where I decided I could repack my vehicle, as the load had shifted, and it really wasn't safe to drive the way it was. I spent the day repacking it, and just about the time I was within a half-hour of being finished...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks - Camera Never Lies

A man pulls up behind me, right behind me, for no reason. There was plenty of room to park without crowding me. He just sat there, glaring at me, making notes in a notebook. After a while, it was clear I was being subjected to an intimidation tactic. So, I picked up my video camera and the digital audio recorder the NSA/CIA Raytheon Consultant "showed me" I should be using to protect myself, and I took some video and audio of the man and his vehicle, asking him if there was something I could do for him or if I was breaking any laws. He became irate that I was recording my interaction with him, and told me I had 10 minutes to leave, he wouldn't identify himself or present credentials that would verify he had the right to do this to me, I asked him, and he just rubbed his chin and glared at me, letting me know whatever he thought he was accomplishing was illegal, at best.

I knew there was no way I would finish in 10 minutes. And his intimidation got me so flustered that I ended up packing things wrong, having to unpack things and re-find things I needed to accommodate being homeless.

So, I went back to him and said "Sir, I'm sorry I won't be able to meet your intimidation demand that I leave in 10 minutes". He gave me permission to carry on, as if I needed it. It's all on tape.

I took my time from that point on. I wanted to see what he would do. I had a cup of coffee to settle my nerves. He didn't look too happy.

And then I proceeded to make heads and tails of the mess created by his intimidation. At one point, I couldn't believe he was still sitting there. Must have been at least an hour later. So, I went back to him, and I knew I shouldn't have, but I said to him, on tape, ya know, I'm a journalist doing reports that include the abuse of authority toward homeless people by police and Weed and Seed organizations, and that truck holds a number of boxes of evidence about those cases"... which was true... and I also told him that I was associated with a major international news network... which, strangely enough, is also mostly true... another long story... I walked away chuckling, just waiting to see what would happen next. I was really curious what this guy would do, with all those glares and the notes he was taking in his PAPCO notebook.

I looked back at his van, and he appears to be talking to someone, and then nods his head, and two other cars that I didn't know were behind him pull away and drive into a fenced area about 100 feet away. Apparently, I had 3 vehicles of people watching me, and I didn't even notice. (Although, the night before, there was someone who spent the night in a Hummer across the street from me).

A little while later, I finished the repacking, got in my car, started it (because I was cold), and the guy in the van pulled away. I guess he thought I was leaving. The guys in the other vehicles were still there, about 100 feet away.

I didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't see any particular reason to leave. I had a little food with me, coffee, my light that plugged into the cigarette lighter, and I'd found the painting I had decided I'd give to Pastor Scott back in earlier December for Christmas (stupid me, I actually was under the impression I would be welcome there)...  so I wrote another little letter, signed the painting (although it would be really interesting if she had the guts to show what I wrote on the back of it :}) and went to bed.. in the front seat of my car. About an hour later, the guy in the van came by and stared me down again. I just stared back at him. And put my video and audio equipment on prominent display on my dash incase he came back again, so I could take more video of him. Or at least, he'd be able to see I was prepared for him.

The next day, after a decent sleep, I decided I'd check into a motel, clean up, and maybe attend her Sunday Service in L.A., since I'd already made a reservation through her 800 number she gives for doing that.

I got a haircut that I'd wanted for a long time, got some sleep, caught up on the news, had some hot food and drove the motel people crazy asking for more than my share of coffee. :} But they were nice.

I even did some web log entries, hoping still, with arms outstretched, that there had been some miscommunication or that the pastor would realize I was there and available. They had my phone number. And even though I never bothered them, and even though I was a grubby mess, particularly after the second day, I had to assume they knew it was me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Will Smith - Men in Black

Even so, I showed up for the Sunday Service, dressed in a casual suit like get-up, short hair, looking completely different than the night I first got there and was blown off by the guy in the box office.

They wouldn't let me park in the church parking lot. After parking in the regular lot, I walked toward the church, and a man with an usher button on said "Chuck, we're not going to allow you in the service today". I digitally recorded the entire conversation.

I said "How did you know my name was Chuck?". Given my appearance was so different, given that the box office guy wasn't there, I thought it was peculiar that they would address me by name, let alone not allow me in the service. How did they know who I was?

Of course, they might have known the vehicle.

I didn't put up a fuss, although they wouldn't answer any of my questions, including why I wasn't being allowed into the service, for which I had a ticket.

I went back to my car, started to drive away when it stalled again. I sat there with the hood up for about 15 minutes while it cooled (vapor lock). Then I headed back to the freeway to get back to the motel. I had to pass by the front of the church, where I was stuck behind a red light for a minute or two. I looked over, and they were taking video of me. I couldn't figure out what good video would do them. I wasn't hiding my presence there. I wasn't breaking any laws. The only thing I regret about the whole incident, a little annoyed to be turned away, and annoyed at my car problems, then annoyed they were taking video of me again.. I shouldn't have flipped them off, but I am a human being after all... at least it gave them the one thing they can actually use against me when their day in court comes.

I can only assume that Pastor Melissa Scott was, indeed, involved in a psychological operation against me. And I assume that for a number of reasons. First, because she first contacted me using Aesopian languaging using the exact same method of operation as the Psyop perpetrated against me by CNN to make it look like I was obsessed with a woman on TV, having nothing to do with legitimate professional interests. Second, because of the nature of her past, I believed it easily could be that she was coerced with blackmail to do it. Third, because I received a great deal of questioning while her Aesopian communications were going on regarding supposed "disbelief turned into belief" about Barack Obama and the Democratic Party harassing and Psyopping me, not to mention the plagiarism that's been committed against me since 2002... and finally, because in all the sermons I did watch of hers, I saw 4 different physical presentations of her (different hair colors and makeup), none of which matched the picture on the front of her website.

That tells me that 1) she may not exist as a pastor  2) she may have been a Psyop agent in makeup, like an actress  3) that the apparent affiliation between her, ION and me had Time-Warner in common.

There are many other factors and facts I haven't mentioned. I can say that if she or any of her church choose to press this matter, they will be forcing me to begin my case against Obama and the DNC and Council on Foreign Relations and the United States Government by prosecuting them first. I hope they don't do that, for their sakes. It's going to be bad enough as it is.

Like I said to the DNC.. all you had to do was be nice about it.

The next day, I checked out of the motel. I had a little argument, with digital audio recording, with he motel because they charged me more than they quoted.

I keep telling people involved in these Psyops against me that everything they do will be turned around on them, and they always think they're so smart and powerful, that they get away with it. Now, instead of psyopping me successfully, they've incriminated the church and the University Network, ION, Time Warner, probably Leon Panetta and the Defense Language Institute, a private security firm or the local Weed and Seed program, and caused me to have to claim credit card fraud against a motel.

Not bad for a psyopped homeless guy who really does have God on his side.

Meanwhile, for a variety of reasons, I made the decision to return to the Pacific Northwest... not a good decision, in my estimation, because I think I and the world would be better off if I'd left the country, where I could accomplish things with people who welcome God. Instead, I'm penniless and stuck in a country that makes sport of harassing and harming me.

Nonetheless, on the way home, little money, no credit card, I get to the State of Washington, only to find out I can't continue to travel, and it would be 4-5 days before any road north would be open due to the worst rain storm in 500 years... interestingly enough, just about the same number of years as the duration of the 70 Biblical weeks (approximately 490 years) of the end of days.

I went to sleep in the front of the car that night saying, "God will provide". And sure enough, the next morning, a man knocks on my window, giving me instructions on how to get around the problems on the highway so I could get home. Strangely enough, a guy with a paper with exact written instructions gave them to me, and said he would follow me. There's another story to that too, that I won't go into now :}

Still.. all in all.. you might think my primary concern is this Pastor Melissa Scott. It's not, really. Sure, I'm annoyed.

What concerns me most, though, is that if I hadn't believed she was going to assist me in this work on behalf of God, I really would have gone to New York and the United Nations. See, I saw the Israeli-Palestinian conflict brewing during the summer months, and knew I could prevent it and end the conflicts in the Holy Lands... because I have a better covenant to offer... and an organization in Hebron contacted me long ago to seek my assistance in mediating and reconciling the Israeli and Palestinian citizens toward each other, and toward the plan and will of God. And, as the next chapter will explain, people know who I am,

But even more than that. I know there are ministers out there who know who I am, choose to play politics instead of serving God, and don't want to believe or research the materials I've provided because it's all a very bitter pill, just as the Bible said it would be. And frankly, what good's a minister to God if they won't receive, believe and speak the truth to the flocks of people they are responsible for on behalf of God. When ministers are afraid of being cast in a bad light or fear for their positions if they say something people don't want to hear or won't easily accept, then they are nothing more than apostates, as defined by the Bible itself. And then, of what service are they giving to God, when they serve only themselves in these ways.

Pastor Melissa Scott caused me to believe she understood my previous cries for assistance on behalf of God, my  fellow Americans and more. One day I hope to understand why she, and so many others, have betrayed Him this way.

As God says so often, "Is there no one I can trust?"

For every Palestinian, for every Israeli injured in the current conflict in Gaza, I hold the ministers of America responsible for their failure to seek the truth of the Palestinian AND Davidic Covenants, and for failing to respond to the call of God for truth and action on His behalf.

And I urge you all to read the words of Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about Christmas 2008, the message of which was derived from my words on this web site, as well as materials sent specifically for him through newspapers serving the Middle East. I thank him for his faithful service to God in doing so.

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