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One of the things I love best about driving around is blessing people's lives as they drive by. That's a new one, drive by blessings. Works for me. See, I figure as a fellow citizen that the least I can do is bless other people in the name of Jesus Christ and God... can't hurt, right? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Karla Bonoff - Personally

A while back, I think folks where I live figured out I wasn't the crazy guy people thought I was, and in fact, I wasn't unstable or hot-tempered or vindictive as they may have been told. And then the strangest thing started to happen. It looks like I made some friends, because now people signal me to say hello... and even when they don't signal me, I still bless them as they go by. Just because they don't say hi doesn't mean I don't want their lives to be blessed. Right? :}

So, I took this trip to Southern California. And all other issues aside, I want to tell you how beautiful and fun the trip really was.

First of all, the coastal routes between here and there are gorgeous, as they've always been. Going down, I spent 2 nights in the car, toasty warm in my sleeping bag, a little cramped in my front seat, but pretty comfortable. The CCD light I had bought to plug into the  cigarette lighter worked really well, so I could settle in and read and stuff before going to sleep at night.

I really loved sleeping by the ocean.. I mean right there on the cliffs by the ocean. The stars were incredible. I thought that living where I live - on Harstine Island - that I saw a lot of stars at night. I'd suppose it's been since I lived in Yosemite back in 1995 or so that I've seen the stars shine so brilliantly in the skies. And, as always, I see more than my share of shooting stars. They're fun.

I spent the first night in Oregon, somewhere just south of.. ya know, I can't remember, I think it was about 40 miles north of Gold Beach. I got a really good thermos full of coffee and ate a couple of ho-ho's and set out on the road.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

The funny thing, what I'd been noticing and trying to decide if it was true... was that all the way from the time I left home, to this point in Oregon, people were signaling me as I passed them on the road, and of course, I blessed each one. You might think that 's monotonous - even a little tiring if you consider that I almost always hold my index finger in the air to say "We Are One" - but it's not. It feels good to bless people, and it was becoming clear that people signaling me wasn't random or hostile or me seeing a pattern that wasn't indicative of anything.

But it was true. And, sometimes, it was like there was a parade to greet me, all through Oregon, town by town, car by car.

Of course, it was easy to spot my vehicle, the old gray El Camino loaded as much as it could be loaded with valuables and evidence... and the fishing pole sticking up in the air on the driver's side. :}

I want you to know, it was sure good to know we share some of the same feelings and commitments to America, to the values and principles we claim to value, and I have to believe, especially by now, our common belief and faith in God.

I got to Crescent City around 9 or 10. Some people there spotted me and signaled me. Of course, people needed to be at work. That was where I was DJ at KCRE, and it snowed in June, I think.... 1989 or 1990 I think.

Then I got to Eureka, California. I thought, it'll sure be fun to see the old town, I really love it there. I was astonished. I wondered, how many people in my class read that message I put on Classmates.com? A while back, I posted a link back to my web site to my classmates from Arcata High School and told them a certain teacher knew the whole story. I was a tad annoyed when I did it :} Ya never know...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young - Greatest Hits - Heart Of Gold

All I know is that I went through Eureka and it was like an incredible parade, people signaling, blessings going out everywhere... and  want to tell the man in the truck with the red cap on, bless you, I saw you twice, I understand you're being read, and I promise you and all the rest who are aware, and those who aren't yet aware, but I will make sure that we put an end to the use of directed energy and Psychotronics, particularly by the U.S. Government against it's own citizens on American soil.

I want you to know that Barack Obama is aware that it is going on, and that I have evidence that he is aware of it, and is unwilling to stop it.   Unfortunately, there will be a great number of things about Barack Obama, the Clintons, the Kennedy Family, Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations coming out before long.

But to you personally, God bless you, I pray you'll be safe and that your loved ones are safe, and I wanted to be sure you knew I saw you, and got the message. Thank you for your welcome as well.

And there are some people in Eureka I wouldn't mind hearing from... :}

I traveled down the coast, and got to Santa Cruz by dark, and just kept cruzin'. Took the coastal route from Natural Bridges down to the lighthouse, out by the Yacht Harbor and down to Capitola.... then headed out to the freeway and proceeded South from Bay Avenue. It was fun to see the old haunts, even if only for a few minutes. I used to spend hours out on Pleasure Point, watching the waves and the surfers... when I lived on 34th Avenue.

At night, it's hard to tell if people are signaling you, but I blessed everyone anyway:} I kept driving well past Hearst's Castle, partly because I wanted to make it to Los Angeles by mid-day the next day, New Year's Eve, if at all possible. Like I said, I had to get me to the church on time :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chicago - Free

The other reason, despite the fact that I was extremely tired and would have welcomed a good rest stop, every time you were on the coastal route at a rest stop, within a few miles of a motel or hotel, they had "No Overnight Parking" signs. So, a few miles down the road, I found a great place to pull over beside a gravel pile that shielded me well from the headlights.  By this time, I knew that people were saying hi to me - I'd say at least 25% of the people I passed overall.. 50% or more in some places. I'd also noticed the helicopters from time to time as well :}

When I parked for the night, I had to rearrange everything in the front seat are to get the sleeping bag out, and then put the boxes of food and CD's and all on the floorboard. It was quite a routine, but it worked.

The weather wasn't warm, but it was pleasant, and like I said, the stars were incredible to look at. And I noticed the look of one of my favorite buddies these days, the chopper guys, off in the distance. I could tell he was positioning himself so he could see through the front window better... I accidentally hit the flashing light button on my flashlight, looked up, and saw the chopper guy coming toward me and repositioning more to the driver's side to see what was going on. I thought, this could be a fun video game, playing with the chopper guy, but I waved him off instead, and he resumed his original position a little farther off in the sky.  I do have an unusual life, and the chopper guys are just a small part of it. :}

The next morning, I woke up, and was having my morning coffee when I looked over and saw two Broncos or Blazers go by that were obviously equipped with government radio equipment, 5 or 6 antennas on top and the look of DHS vehicles, and they just sort of looked over at me with a little grin on their faces.

I headed for L.A., and was doing pretty well. People continued to signal me, and I was still surprised, but then I sort of made a proposition, if you will, if you can believe it. I'm not sure where I was, but there were alot of cars and alot of signalers, so I told everyone that everybody who signaled me got the blessing of their wishes, so long as it wasn't about material things.

The signaling vehicles became like a parade. It was cool. And I meant what I said, and I truly hope that the Almighty is providing as He provides for me. Ya just gotta let Him do it His way, sort of :} And for the record, I decided that whenever I bless someone now, they get a free wish, a free blessing of their choice. Just be careful what you ask for, it can't be about material things, and God will work it out for you. Really. Watch how your world changes.

Let's test it. God Bless You :}

I got down to Mulholland Drive or so, when the engine started cutting out, and overheating. I won't bother you with too many details about it, other than to say it acted like vapor lock, even though the temperature gauge said the temp was normal. It could easily be a combo of the spacer leaking air underneath the carb, a weak water pump and/or thermostat, coupled with dirt and sediment blocking the fuel line. It's an old car, but it kept going. And, when it died, I only had to wait 15 minutes or so each time to let it cool before it would start again.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Greatest Hits - 03 - If You Don't Know Me By Now

It was a little trouble in L.A. Trying to find that church on maps made for people who didn't really read maps and asked for directions instead. Once I did that, I got there directly... with people signaling me. I thought, wow, even in L.A. Even in Beverly Hills. I was shocked. I kept doubting and questioning it just to make myself prove it to myself as I went along. But it was true.

Of course, things didn't work out at the church, but I finally found that quiet place to settle in for the night without fear of arrest for vagrancy, and thus began my first night of "on the street" homelessness, which I told God I refused to do... which I'm sure is why the Psyop was done to force me into it. Sorta almost worked. And now the masters of emulation can say they found me homeless, long silver hair and all.... they even got video of it, but, strangely, if they ever show it to anyone, they'll have to admit to civil and human rights violations against me. I have no idea what God's going to do with this one :}

That night, New Year's Eve, I enjoyed the New Year's Eve party the neighbors across from Faith Center threw in their back yard. Saved me from having to turn on the stereo and using the car battery too :} And the music was good.  I had to laugh at the guy who apparently drank too much beer and constantly made water fall noises in the bushes every 45 minutes or so. The first time, he startled me because he yelled "Hey" really loud, and I thought, okay, looks like I'm gonna have to move, and all he did was belch and wish me a Happy New Year. They'd all just smile at me from time to time, as I observed them smoking things, koinonia, on the front porch from time to time. I joined them in my own, inimitable way :}

I'll tell you more about my brief homelessness in the next chapter, which I think will qualify me with the emulators that I was, in fact homeless, and thus, have graduated from the "Son of Man" classification of my personal evolvement and becoming :}

Meanwhile.. there I am, on this street, and this guy goes by and signals me. I giggled, I wasn't expecting it.  I had become aware of the way fog lights work and don't turn on the back tail markers... so this one guy, just to prove to me that he WAS signaling, flashed his lights, went by, then tapped his brakes to display that he had, in fact, turned of his lights.

And I'm thinking, I wonder how many people know about me, and what is it - or who is it - they think they're signaling, and why? Because it keeps happening, a little here, a lot there... everywhere I go. And I'm thinking to myself, God's winning.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 04 - Looking for my Life

I was a little sad and disappointed that my reasons for stopping into L.A. did turn out to be a psyop... I know all the circumstances surrounding that whole thing were skewed and manipulated by Psyops and Psychotronics, but I honestly believed I was dealing with a real minister and  servant of God. And the possibility that was presented, if it was true, would have made a huge difference in the world.

I truly would have gone to New York if not for the possibility I believed was available. I saw the developments currently occurring in the Holy Lands staring back when Israel attacked Lebanon, and became even more concerned when the U.S. convinced Syria to allow a botched incursion which put the Syrian President in a bad light with his own people. That was serious because, among other things, it immediately followed my reminder of how Syria has nuclear weapons, which was immediately followed by the occasion of the French opening up full diplomatic relations with Syria.

I honestly believe I could have prevented the current violence in Gaza.

Nonetheless, because of the car problems and other situations that did not seem tenable, I decided to return to the Pacific Northwest. In a way, I feel like maybe a few people are disappointed, understanding there actually are things I could do outside the United States that I can't do here. Still, for now, I made the choice to return, and I'll trust God to make the situation work, as He always does.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Peter Gabriel - Up - Growing Up

On the trip home, lots of people signaled as I drove north, people made a few comments that let me know they were up to date on my thinking.

Down around Big Sur, I stopped at a gas station. Their prices were high, but I needed the fuel. The man said to me "Where you headed next". I said, I'm going to Santa Cruz, but I'm still thinking about heading to Venezuela. He said "It's warmer there". :} The he mentioned that he saw I had my fishing pole with me. (It hadn't broken yet).  Of course, the joke part of me going South of the Border had to do with me saying I wanted to go somewhere warmer, and maybe just go fishing. Although, I want you to know, I was serious about it, and still wonder if I should have.

The trip North from there, and from Santa Cruz, was much the same, although people were at work when I went through towns during the day time. Still, at the most surprising times in the most surprising places, people were signaling me, sometimes surveilling me and at other times I was clear they were looking out for me when my car would stall from time to time.

Of course, I got back into Washington State just in time to be told that, despite the fact that I had just enough money to get back home, that I would be homeless another 4-5 days, as there was no way to travel north beyond Chehalis in Southern Washington. The reason, up to 8 feet of water over the roadway, slides on the roads inland and along the coast, all due to the worst rain storm in Washington State for 500 years.

I went to sleep that night thinking, God will provide. I know there'll be a way.

The next morning, a man with a VFW cap on - from the free coffee booth - taps on my window while I'm drinking my morning coffee and proceeds to tell me that he's got instructions on how to go north despite the flooding. I though, yep, God provides.

He finished telling me all the instructions, which of course, I didn't get all written down, and then he tells me there's a guy in a car waiting behind me so that he can follow me through the detour. I thought, that's funny, I'm in a parking space, and there's someone waiting behind me to follow me through a detour I know nothing about.

Then, the man from the VFW says the guy waiting to follow me has all the directions written down per his GPS map system in the car. I kept thinking, why does he want to follow me? I can't help but wonder if he was actually someone assigned to me who didn't want to camp out in his 4-wheel drive Toyota for 4 days :} Ya just never know. :} But there he was, waiting for me to start and warm my car up to lead him through the disaster area.

Fortunately, I was home about an hour and a half after that. All in all , despite the disappointments, it was a nice trip.

And I really do want to thank everyone for the turnout, the helloes, the great conversations along the way, and the knowledge that there really are plenty of people out there who love this world, love this country and love God like I do. It meant   a great deal to me to find that out. It's hard to express it.

God Bless You.  May you know how much I love you, and look forward to pressing forward on all of our behalves, and on behalf of God.

We ARE One.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Come Go With Me

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