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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 304 - Awaiting On You All


For the last 7 years, it seems my life has been devoted to revelations - of the world, of my life, of God and His Kingdom.

When I began what I thought was my duty and responsibility as a citizens of the United States and this world was, in my own mind, political activism, and I had no preconceptions that anything was expected of me other than fulfilling my own sense of responsibility to my country, and the principles of democracy and the Golden Rule that I so believed in since I was a child.

For, now I will say that, no matter what anyone might say about what I've written or spoken of, that I've spoken the truth. And, despite the fact that the anti-Christ have done a good job of ensuring that the Bible prophecies of the Son of Man came true, despite the fact that the prophecies, like all the prophecies throughout time that were intended to warn humanity in order to avoid human and spiritual death, were not only ignored but caused to come true because the anti-Christ believe that by doing so, they will beat God and own His Kingdom.

There truly is a spiritual war going on, waged on the material and spiritual planes.

When I began reading the Bible a few years back, when I was directed to read of the Son of Man in order to discover myself and the purpose God had for me, I was confused and bewildered that the Son of Man, Christ would come along, being who He was, discovering who He is in this world with His spiritual identity inside of His human being... that the man prophesied to come and relieve the world of hits suffering would be harmed and mocked and treated like an outcast.

I have to admit, experiencing what I've experienced, I understand more now, but I will never understand the participation of ministers in the harm purposely inflicted upon me, nor will understand how people calling themselves Christians would so betray me as so many have. It's one thing to find out I wasn't told of my containment all these years, but given who I am, knowing that what they did to suppress me was actually to suppress God, I find myself offended on behalf of God that they would have such knowledge and believe that God could be overcome. They have truly become deluded by the power of which they are not worthy.

In many ways, it's the same disbelief that I have that the United States, through the policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, would ever need to have a debate about whether or not to use torture and the suspension of the constitution in order to covertly overthrow the United States Government. Or whether to obey the law and prosecute those who knowingly committed such crimes against humanity despite their additional knowledge that they were also required to refuse and report such requests or actions.

God's plan truly was to have the United States lead the world in the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. Instead, factions of the United States government believes it will succeed in destroying God's world, and you along with it if that's what it takes.

At this point, I am not concerned about what you choose to believe. I have presented facts and documentation. I have presented the facts and circumstances of my life.

The Bible says that no one would stand up on behalf of the son of man. I believe it, now.

From some, I understand it, but I can't condone it, as a human or a Christian. And I still claim that I am Christian, but am not nor cannot be a member of the existing religious organizations because God says for the Kingdom to be delivered, they must all become or conform to the body of Christ, not the other way around. I say that to be objective, inclusive and not exclusive. Would you be disappointed that all interpretations of the Bible, in their times and referred to today, are as correct as they are ultimately incorrect in God's larger view and plan for this world?

In their time, though, they served a purpose to inform those who could hear of the next revelation of truth that God believed would evolve the consciousness of the cosmos toward a world of abundance and peace, a world where we all lived as if brothers and sisters of the same family, and where people had no desire to use guile as a means of accomplishment.

In 8 years of torture, the only thing I've received is ridicule, and the efforts of the anti-Christ, in the form of the United States Government, the media of the United States and apostate ministers who believe their efforts are greater and more effective than the will of God. They need to come to terms with the reasons why God says there will be no mercy for apostates. Not to mention the Bible's warnings not to anger the son of man. (fortunately, Christ has the patience of God)

They most certainly have succeeded in angering me, but they will never succeed in their goals for angering me, which were to cause me to be like them: to act out of hatred, to show the world that God's wrath would have them be destroyed by a tyrannical God, that God is punishing them and that people should abandon God because God is evil.

I've said myself before, if God was a tyrannical, vengeful God who acts out wrath with harm, then that is not a God I would want to serve. I've most regularly thought that when studying the Bible again, wondering if God really would do so much harm to so many people, how inconsistent that is with the idea that God would believe the example of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, would be the right one, to show the world what a good follower of God would be like. Jesus, God in the flesh, just like His father, acknowledging His triunary being.

I was disturbed, reading of God smiting and threatening to destroy and more, believing the words that I was reading must have meant something else long ago when they were written. It wasn't the idea that God, responsible for all, might consider the need to do away with certain things, but it was the idea that it appeared that truly was tyrannical in some ways.

But I think I adequately proved that the words do have other meanings that alter the way we think of the way God works, and how gracious and generous He actually is is keeping His promise of free will as more important than the urgency of His own desire to be with us and to direct the creation of the future that He knows is possible if we'd only choose it.

I assure you, as for me, the one who is to defend people, spirits and beings, to God, the only people whose damnation I will approve are those who have participated in the crimes of this world, and who have mocked God and harmed me in order to harm God.

I wish I could take the harm done to me personally. I wish I could hate like these evil spirits do so I could feel justified in destroying them as they destroy so many innocent people with their evil.

But I don't hate people, not even them. I pity them, because they have been warned, and, instead of correcting their ways, they commit more and worse crimes against humanity and God. They have proven themselves, and will reap what they've sown. Don't feel sorry for them; they don't feel remorse for what they've done to you. But they'll certainly expect your mercy and their confessions when they have no other option.

God's love and compassion for all is the only reason they still exist, and that same love and compassion for all is part of the love behind the promise that He will rid the world of their evil and their spirits if need be, so that humanity will once again be availed the gift of everlasting life, as God always intended for those who are willing to abide by a few simple rules that, if followed, would not be an encumbrance, but would allow for true liberty, equality and justice in a world where justice exists in a state of being, and not as a punitive system created to control those who would demand justice.

God's way, His wish is that all spirits make themselves worthy of the knowledge, power and awesome existence of everlasting life in the Kingdom of God, of the Kingdom of Heaven, in His world of generous and caring foundations for living.

Finally, about me, being the Son of Man, Christ.

It's important to me to remind myself that it was other people who caused me to read and realize I am the Son of Man, Christ, who they observed as being that and, as I have come to learn, have apparently known for a long time, likely my entire life. For me, because of the evidence of my life, if the truth of my life and all were known, despite trying to prove to myself that I was simply deluded, now, I simply can't deny who I am.

Had these people not pointed out the Biblical actions and implications of what I was doing since 2002, I'm certain that I would have been satisfied to have continued maintaining a news oriented web site and getting on with my life. Regardless of any other descriptions of myself or that others might have or speak in the future, I still believe that the most important person I am in standing in this world is that of an equal citizen.

That may seem incongruous, given who I am. But, I hope you can understand that I never lived my life thinking I would be anyone to try to save the world or save anything. I believed God had a plan for my life, and when it came time, I would follow what He told me to do. When I became aware of being the "Son of Man" originally, there was a great deal to think about and discover, a great deal of responsibility to consider and take on.

And a world of people misled to believe that certain ways of doing things were all that were available to them. And those ways, by and large, were purposely made futile by those who did not want to concern themselves with meeting the needs of those who provided no profit for their trouble.

I will admit, with what I had always hoped to do, as a businessman, would have allowed me to influence the world. I've always thought big, and I had a plan to create a media company that could influence publishing and open greater markets for artists of all kinds, as well as teach people ways of conflict resolution. It was only recently that I was caused to realize by someone else that what I was actually describing all these years was a place very much like a description of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sometimes, I think, I wonder what would have happened if I'd read the Bible when I was younger, or had actually become a minister? And then I conclude, if I had, then I probably wouldn't have been the person I am, done the things I've done, and wouldn't have been able to be as objective as I can be now by observing life as I have, not taking sides but taking note, and listening to and inquiring about nearly everything I've ever heard.

And, to provide the judgment He asks of me requires the same objectivity, as well as the same zeal for truth and speaking truth that He has. A respect for truth, truly believing that when people are informed, they make the right decisions for the right reasons, because it's in them, when people are allowed the peace of the truth of their lives and their world, the world God provided, the world aggravated by Satan and the spirits who follow him.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donny Osmond - Sacred Emotion

Understand, I am not someone who desires to control the world of people, and I do not view the potential responsibilities God entrusts me with as simply something I must do because "it is my job" or I have been commanded to do something.

My work took the form of activism because of my love for this country, and the people of the world, of people in general, respecting the dignity and value of every person as part of a much greater organization, understanding the difference between right and wrong regardless of the laws of men, as a Christian seeking to be my brother's keeper in doing what I believed to be right regardless of what others, primarily uninformed, thought about what I spoke of, knowing that by planting the seeds of truth, that one day, they'd hear the truth again, and know that the truth of the world I sought to pass along to them would sink in, and they would benefit from the freedom of knowing the truth, and then, knowing they could choose to take action to correct the problems contained in that truth.

My work on behalf of God has occurred because I have come to the truth of my life, my spiritual identity as well as my purpose. In no way does completing this "book" of writings represent the end of my work, but, maybe the end of the beginning of my work.

I do His work out of love and respect for God, understanding always what He had in mind even though I didn't realize I knew. And I have to admit, I'm excited at the idea of having the privilege of being someone God would trust to bring about the real, true Kingdom of God on this planet, of being able to alleviate the fears and skepticisms caused by dissension and hardship for all these years, of reassuring people that's God's a pretty easy guy to get along with really, and if you do things His simpler way, things will work out great.

On one hand, it would seem that I have expectations of authority and power, and in one way I do. But I believe, maybe I choose, to respect that if I am to be a leader of any sort, then people have to choose my leadership. Having a title does not grant respect.

The Bible says for the son of man to do certain things, and at least they'll know a prophet was among them. I'd hate to believe that God would be satisfied that the only purpose my life serves is to write this little book and then disappear into oblivion. Still, if that's all that happens, I hope it will at least make a difference in the lives of those who take the time to read it, as well as understand the circumstances that have made it difficult.

I promise you that I have written nothing here to pander to anyone, or to criticize anyone in particular, and only mention individuals who were actual participants in things that have happened. In that way, I have attempted to provide some history of what has gone on, as the tricks, traps and ensnarements have occurred.

As I've become aware of the reasons by many things I've questioned over the course of my life.

I know that many of the things I have written may seem harsh or unseemly. I assure you I have only written what I have written by the inspiration of God in His will to have me demonstrate to people what is really going on in the world, and for them to know that now is the time to choose between the ways of God and the ways of Satan.

The separation of the wheat from the chafe is well on its way to completion, and God is looking forward to the deliverance of His promises to the faithful and worthy.

I sometimes see visions of the future and worry about what I see, knowing that what I see is a possible future or outcome of current events. Other times, I look to see the future, to know what the Kingdom of God actually looks like. It's a beautiful place it really is, truly like a garden, and you could say "the trains run on time".

I get a little excited when I think about telling you about the Kingdom of God and Heaven, and ways that it could be manifested in the material and spiritual planes depending on the timing of God's intervention in the world.

And I can honestly tell you, I understand what He has in mind, for the world, in terms of leadership, and spiritually, in terms of unity and reintroducing the world to the idea of brother and sisterhood as children of God that we are, so that we may be able to understand that the playground, the garden where we work and play is God's back yard. He made it for us to play in, and it doesn't look to Him like we're having much fun like we're supposed to.

I truly hope that some miracle of God will occur that would allow me to be the one He would use to cause a world of governments that serve the needs of citizens, that are responsible to the environment and understand that the abundance of the world, from food to medicine and more, are for all people, equally, no matter who or where they are, and that in a world caused and inspired by love, we all know that there would be no one without the basic things required and available for all to be healthy, fed and treated with dignity as part of the equality by God to any and every being in this world.

Whether or not events occur that would put me in the position as a leader or not, I pray that my efforts in writing this benefit someone somehow so that they understand the truths of this world, of God's love and ways, and that it fulfills whatever purpose God had in having me do this. That, people who believe in God know God has neither forgotten nor neglected them, that His spirit reaches out to them at every moment, that He is working on their behalf and preparing the world to be as it was and was always intended to be.

As much as I love to look forward to the future, there is one Bible passage that always reminds me there is work to be done. I have no idea what God will have me do next, or what tricks may be perpetrated against me, but I do know this is true:

Matthew 6:33 Seek ye therefore the kingdom of God and his justice: and all these things will be added unto you.

Matthew 6:34 Be not therefore solicitous for tomorrow: for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

By these verses I'm reminded that if we seek the Kingdom of God, to understand the real ways of God and how His kingdom is intended to operate, then we'll seek to ensure justice as God would, equally and objectively, just as we would when reconciling a problem between our own two children. If that was functioning as it should be, then a great number of things would not be happening in this world that are against even the laws of man, the laws being violated by the people who legislate them.

And then, His advice to not worry so much about what's going to happen in the future, and to ignore what's happening now. Because, there's enough that needs to be done today to stop the evil and the corruption that allows the evil that will, inevitably, determine the future or at least the near future.

There are many who would have you be distracted by saying it's the economy, stupid, or that consumers are responsible for being tricked by predatory lenders, anything to make the victims suppressed by blaming them for being the victims they are.

I say, and have for years, it's corruption, and then it's the economy. While there can be many interpretations, materially and spiritually, what it means to say economy, there's no doubt what corruption is, and there's one cure, and that's to disallow it.

For now, we are being deceived. It's not just in the United States, but it is in the United States and what the citizens have built with good intent and ethics that is being used for evil, pure and simple. It is not attributable to one single political party, political group or media outlet.

I pray that the citizens of this world will see the truth of this world and the leadership they have so that the worst of possibilities will not occur, and God's world will be desolated no more.

The Bible says, those who would love this world would not be of God. God was not talking about the beauty and possibility of the world, nor the world people, families and communities can create in this world, but He was speaking of a paradigm of a world where we have all accepted the idea that it's okay to commit crimes or break rules so long as you can get away with it. And I'm talking and most concerned about crimes of physical harm and purposeful bankrupting, disrespecting life and common decency. And, I'm talking about people who find ways to systematically use such crimes and unethical means who then teach other people to adopt the same ways, and convince them it's the way to "get ahead".

God wants us all to look at our lives and our ways, and think about all the ways we have accepted and do things that, in a perfect world, in whatever you perceive the Kingdom of God would be like, what ways have we accepted and adopted that would never be acceptable in the presence of God?

What ways have we changed the definition of the words right and wrong to justify and rationalize our own sins, knowing we were wrong when we did whatever we considered sin, and not wanting to have to admit we were wrong because, we live in a world where admitting you're wrong, changing your mind, seeing facts and speaking of things that people don't want to hear would make you unpopular... it all diminishes us, as we have been trained to listen to or ignore people not based on the content of their remarks or discussions, but based upon material possession and the image of wealth and power, credential and celebrity association.

When we look at all these things, at everything we've come to think and think we know, the world will come to some startling conclusions and likely, a good deal of demoralization because of the unveiling of how the world has been manipulated and harmed, the work that needs to be done to truly put things on the right track, and an understandable concern for trusting leaders who make great promises and rarely deliver even a fraction of what they claimed as their reasons for your support.

I have no idea what God will have me do in the future, and I leave that up to Him.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

But, I hope that those of you who feel called to seek the truth of God and the world will  simply take the word of those who are also immersed in a deceptive world, to look beyond headlines and accepted accounts of Biblical prophecy as well as news events, and know for yourself what the truth is. Show yourself respect for your ability to understand fact and refuse to allow corruption.

The transformation of the world begins with the ending of corruption. The justice of God.

May we all serve Him in that purpose, that leads to true peace, individually, and as a world of spiritual beings waiting to become, to be allowed to be as He intended, perfect, successful and fulfilled, content and inspired.

God is looking forward to being with us in every way, in every heart with all the love a parent could give every precious child. Never forget that's how God views us all, on this precious planet, with a whole, new world as soon as we choose to have it.

If there's one thing I'm certain of it's that God truly did inspire the writing of the messages given to you through me. I feel blessed that He would use me this way.

I suppose there's one other reason I can think of that God would want me to write this, to try to wake you up, as I was awakened not long ago.

His other reason is simple, and likely, the greatest reason, now that I think of it.

For the love of the world.






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