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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits - 03 - Sure As I'm Sitting Here

I'm writing this preface because I want to apologize to every person in the world for using the analogies I'm going to use to describe how God and Satan interact with people, beings, in the material world through spiritual means.

I believe that in many ways, a few of the examples I'm going to use will seem to diminish the sacredness of life. But, the examples I'll use will allow you to see the way it works, as well as the differences between the way God views life and being and spirits, and how Satan views them.

I want to assure you that God sees every person, every being and spirit as a precious gift, as having value and worth and love and more to share with others. Even people you would call evil. He doesn't want any spirit to be left out of the wonderful world that will exist after the final judgment.

Keep in mind that the "final judgment" is far from simply about judging the righteousness of people and the worthiness of spirits. It's also about applying judgment as to how to proceed from that special moment when the world is no longer deceived, as the world exists in that moment.

It's important to say those things because the examples I'll be using are artificial intelligence and video games. Not because God views the world and people that way, but because Satan does. Before I'm through, I'll show you how technology is being used that actually operates on the same premise as God and Satan when communicating with people. Technology that truly makes life hell for its victims, but was provided and provides medical miracles if used for good.

This is one of those things God has been telling me about for over 5 years, just as I am clear that Satan's workers have been trying to influence me to adopt their point of view based on the examples I'm going to provide. As if to remain "above the fray", in their way, one has to accept the hard realizations of national and global leadership, including managing people and cultures by numbers without true compassion. The true proof of that is always the public rhetoric versus what actually happens on the ground, and who and what actual policy serves.

I completely rejected the idea of using these examples because I told God that I didn't want to give people any reason to be able to say that I or God views people and life and existence in such a cold and simplistic way that makes the miracle of life itself seem like a disposable commodity without true freedom, free will and individuality. God's final reply was that it would provide the examples people needed to be able to see it for themselves in the world we live in today. God has a way of getting me to see things His way. :}

There's one other preface to what I am going to write.

We tend to acknowledge God's existence and influence in the world, and tend to forget that there's this entity known as Satan who works against God's will and plan.

I implore you to understand that Satan is real, he exists in this world, and to begin to realize that when things that should be good turn out wrong, it's not because God wanted to punish us or you or put obstacles in your way. God doesn't work that way. Satan does.

God provides us challenges, what some conflate with obstacles, because it's more fun to do things that are challenging, God knows you can do it, and He provides challenges that serve a greater purpose whether you know it or not - and it's not about servitude or Him causing you to do it like remote control.

When someone makes a bad choice in life and ends up impoverished it's not just the bad choice of a person at work, it's often the trap of a bad choice offered by Satan to trick that person into harm's way. Sometimes temptation is simply there, sometimes it really is a trap.

When politicians lie, when they deceive people by telling them what they want to hear in order to win an election, and then do the other things they always knew they were going to do, that is the work of Satan, the anti-Christ itself at work.

And these people often don't think of themselves and the "hard decisions" they must make as anti-Christian. At least, not when they rationalize it in their minds.

That is the true basis for the development of sociopathy, or the hardening of the heart - the spirit and being - that allows them to make anti-Christian or anti-Christ like decisions, often called expediency, and the ends justify the means mentality that pervades so many public institutions.

The United States Government received an incredible amount of fore-warning about the September 11, 2001 attacks and claimed it was not conceivable to imagine such a thing, despite Intel reports in the public domain at the time of their claims of ignorance, proving otherwise, even disclosing the actual attackers behind the plot.

Just as the Democratic Party claims the Bush Administration is responsible for the economic sub-prime crisis, even though Democrats had control of the committees charged with regulating the offending companies we are now giving billions of dollars to while citizens go bankrupt.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 06 - Do What You Want, Be What You Are

This is not specifically about politics, it's about how Satan permeates the fabric of the world and causes evil.

And we take it lightly. We're made to feel funny for saying "Satan", as if it's the sign of some person who's gone off the deep end.

We hear people say this or that - some destruction - is the wrath of God.

Why don't people relate bad things to Satan, and why is it so easy to blame it all on God?

Even more than that, the training provided by the media and movies that mock religion, and make fun of the idea of Satan... they've taught you to not put that concept forward into the public discussion, just as they want you to accept that everything in this world - good and bad - is done by God.

It truly is about the battle between good and evil, Satan versus God, and God finally putting His foot down and putting an end to the corruption of the world, of our spirits and beings. Putting His foot down and telling those followers of the anti-Christ, who have fallen into the traps and temptations of Satan, whether they know it or not, to wake up and realize that what they do will not and can not be tolerated any longer.

To redeem themselves in the eyes of God, without deluding themselves any longer that their justification by the law matters to God at all. The "law" to follow, according to the Bible, is God's law, which was to have been propagated into existence itself in every way.

Satan is real. Look at the world today. You can't miss it. Not when you renew your understanding of the spiritual warfare of God and Satan. Take it seriously. Again.

I used to believe that God allowed bad things to happen so that people could learn. Now I know I was wrong. God created a perfect world - a world where everything is always planned to happen in a good way.

If you believe that God is such an all forgiving, compassionate and loving God, then how could you say that He would do things to harm people and interfere with things going well?

Who would cause things to go wrong? And why would God threaten spiritual warfare and military defense of His children? In this modern, technological age, do you believe that famines and floods and all sorts of weather and earthquakes in diverse places are simply the wrath of God? Have you ever researched HAARP?

Do you believe that God wants people to suffer to learn and to have to struggle to be good people?

Or, would you believe that when the Bible speaks of suffering and endurance, that it's God's way of telling you He honors you for being subjected to harm in exchange for being a good person, mindful of a righteous way of life?

As if He's warning and acknowledging you for being willing to stand for what you believe in. In God's Kingdom, when fully established, such suffering will no longer exist.

So, please, never underestimate the presence and work of Satan in this world. He is not a passive being or spirit. And when you look around the world, at all the suffering and hardship that God will soon be bringing to an end, would the God you believe will save you from all this cause all this as well?

These are the kinds of ideas that are put before us to cause us doubt in what we believe in, and it's very effective. But it's an inconsistency. And it's those kinds of inconsistencies you'll need to begin to notice in the world and in your life to begin to fully recognize how the influences of Satan directly impact your life.

When you get to know God, you begin to realize He always makes sense. There's more to understand - so much more that's possible - and you'll want to know just as I wonder and then realize His revelations to me.

So, if you find yourself sitting around, wondering, why would God do this and why did God do that, if it doesn't make sense and it leaves you questioning your faith and beliefs in God and His mercy and love, remember that God makes sense, and the only one who doesn't, the one who would leave you so perplexed and confused is Satan.

And it's Satan who would want you to find reason to question your faith in God.

The bread of adversity, the lemons turned into lemonade, are the way God makes something good of something bad. A lesson that at least provides you training in living in this world, until the New World relieves you of the burden of requiring such defenses.

The world spins, things take time, we lose faith and give up on our spiritual beliefs when things are hard, and God understands all that. That IS why He would never actually expect perfection of anyone, but desires your intent and conscious discipline to be the best it can be in every sense of the phrase. So you can be everything you can be.

That being deep down who you may have buried, the one you thought may have died, like the love of your life you thought you would never find but still feel exists, someone you know somehow, some way, deep inside your heart, but believe it's more than you have a right to receive.

When you understand how the world works, on the spiritual and material planes at once, you'll be able to understand how "everything went so wrong", why so many things go right, and most importantly and wonderfully, what you really can do - choices you can really make - to bring that fully enlivened person back into your life.


The one who exists in God's Kingdom, in God's eyes, and who God has faith in, like a father unto a child.


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