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It's just like magic: now you see it, now you don't
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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Money - Super Hits - 07 - Walk on Water

When I was a kid, I don't remember having a lot of toys, but I had enough. I had a few stuffed animals, marbles, a tractor tricycle and some other things. I look back on it and realize I had just enough things. And I remember many times knowing, such as at Christmas time, that I had to be really careful about saying what things I might want for Christmas, because we weren't rich, and with 6 kids, you had to be sure that what you asked for was something you really wanted.

My parents were really good at finding the exact, perfect gift for each child. It was as if they listened all year, and realized the thing we were really asking for. I remember buying my sister Alma a Heath candy bar for 3-4 years in a row, believing it was the best gift that she'd like that I could afford to buy her on the budget I had to spend.

I try to think back on the first thing I can remember that I was awed or fascinated with when I was a kid, and what I come up with is something that was an accessory you could buy back in the late 50's to give you "extended" or "premium content" when watching TV.

What it was about was this TV show called Romper Room, broadcast every morning from San Francisco. And they had this one part where they'd color in coloring books and put the picture they were all coloring on the screen. I'd draw while they were doing that on TV, but I was never much for lines and drawing actual pictures of things. They began selling this new "feature", which was actually nothing more than a sheet of this new stuff called plastic that you put over the screen.

I could tell my mom was really curious about what I'd do with it. She was like a mom watching for their child's first step. She put it over the screen of the TV. I knew what it was for, because I saw them talk about it on TV. I looked at her, looked at the TV, and just sat there. I remember thinking about what happened when my brother drew on the wall. And he had to clean it off himself. I thought, if it's okay, she'll do it first to show me it's okay. She never did. I never did draw on it.

But back then, that sheet of plastic was a modern miracle. I thought it was a great idea. I always wondered how it worked out for people who used it. I was only 3 years old.

Something else I was absolutely fascinated by was this fountain light show my dad had once that he called fiber-optics. He said it was really expensive, but that one day, it would replace light bulbs in cars and in buildings. Can you imagine how much less heat would be generated, how much less energy we'd need and more if we had a light source that never burned out and didn't ever burn any fuel? That was back in the 50's.

Now we have compact fluorescent light bulbs that will actually make you ill.

He demonstrated in a fish tank how tornadoes and hurricanes could be caused with a tiny bit of wind and some radiation. I thought it was a magic trick but it was something they were working on where he worked at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco.

Back then, they called it the innocuous idea of cloud seeding. These days, they call it climate change, and even acknowledge it's man made. They just don't tell you it's the government doing it, it's been turned into a military weapon, and has a great deal to do with the fraud called global warming.. at least in terms of what's actually causing it. Another miracle used for bad purposes.

All these things we call science and knowledge and the results of years of research - it is that - but when you consider everything that goes into those results - the atoms, for example - you realize that it all had to come from somewhere.

Most scientists will tell you that many of the greatest discoveries were made by trial and error or the ideas "just came to them". It would be interesting to note what other good ideas were "spun off" from the work toward their goal, the idea or solution they were actually focused on.

It's like the space program - we've benefited a great deal from all the technology developed for space flight. Of course, we don't hear about it for years until the military has explored the weaponization possibilities, and determines which technologies should be held back from the public for reasons of national security.

Often times, technology is only availed to the public when newer discoveries are made, and the "miraculous discoveries" of the past are obsoleted from a strategic military point of view.

Are they "miraculous discoveries" or aren't they? If they are, why do you consider them miraculous? And if, then, they aren't really miraculous, what are they, where did they come from? Where did the "genius" capabilities of the minds that construct these "miracles" come from?

And then, of course, if they're all from God, then why didn't God just make them in the first place, and perform a miracle so that miracles aren't needed?

And then, if everything in the world is so awesome and miraculous, why are there sick people and famines and droughts and earthquakes and more? Why does the Bible seem to indicate we're going to be destroyed if it's all so great?

If you're confused about how Christmas gifts and man-made hurricanes relate to each other, the question to ask is, what do they have in common? The answer is, anything can be used for good or bad. When a miracle is turned into a weapon, it doesn't seem like much of a miracle.

For example, the BB Gun I got when I was 7 or 8 could have taught me to enjoying killing living things or damaging things for fun. Or, as it turned out, it provided me with the experience to know how to use a gun appropriately and effectively when and if I ever needed a weapon... such as when encountering a rattle snake or a wild animal in the woods. To respect the fragility of life, as well as to learn to hunt and kill only when the food was needed or to protect livestock.

The gun is a miracle from God that has, mostly, been abused. Guns a miracle? Think about it. How many good things can be attributed to the invention of guns? How many bad things have been caused by the invention of guns? It really does cut both ways. The science of killing has become a fine art. What does that tell you about how the minds of people who want power work when they see a way to gain unfair advantage?


I'll bet you thought that this chapter was going to be about all the wonderful miracles in the world, the supernatural acts of Jesus and everything God can and will do for you. I thought it would be too, and then I thought about it. I couldn't really think of too many things that I actually considered miracles. It was luck, or interesting coincidence or something like that. Even when I said thank God sometimes, I meant it, but it wasn't  a particularly profound feeling.

I walk around or drive around, often times looking at the world, nature, and think how beautiful it all is and how I equate that all to God. To me, nature is a profound, lasting symbol of God's existence and power and imagination.

Until the last 8 years or so, though, I have to admit that when it came to the world of people, I was and am a believer in the idea that you can do anything you believe you can do, and a great deal of that relies on our own intelligence and capabilities. I certainly believed that God was guiding my life almost completely, and thanked Him for assisting me, but I never thought of the things He did to assist me were miracles.

And yet, looking back, many things happened that must have been miracles or I'm certain I'd probably have been living on the streets or dead long ago. It's part of how I knew God was still teaching me things I needed to know. He always provided me with what I needed, even if it was uncomfortable at times, but I had what I needed. And I had my few, favorite toys, so I really didn't need any more.

What is a miracle?

Based on my meager religious training, I'd have to say a miracle is something for which an act of God, some supernatural occurrence, is the only explanation for what happened. It could take the form of a medical healing.

Or, something like a story I heard once of a friend's father who was working on his roof and actually crawled backward off it, never realized it, and then crawled back onto the roof as if nothing had happened. He didn't fall to the ground like he should have. His father never realized it happened. His son thought it was a miracle of mind over matter, something supernatural having to do with metaphysics, not God.

I don't know if it's true or not, but someone once told me that monks have attempted to walk through the Chinese wall, and no one has ever succeeded, but they came close and then lost faith in the middle of the supernatural act, and ended up dying, materialized in the wall itself. Because they doubted the possibility in the middle of the act of faith.

Is it an act of faith in God, or an act of faith in the ability of the mind to transcend physicality? Or, is it a gift of God that would allow such things to occur IF we had unshakable, absolute faith. What if faith itself, the profoundness of faith, made the connection to God strong enough to carry the power of a miracle like a wire carries electricity? The more faith, the more of God's power could be delivered through you.

When I invoke the universe by commanding God as instructed in the Bible in the name of Jesus Christ, does the world change because God agrees with and carries out my command, or am I one of thousands or millions and billions of people in the world with the same thing on their mind, each in our own ways "voting" in God's election at any moment, which then impacts the cosmos on any given issue when God asks a question that we believe we are simply thinking about? Or, has God granted me a special gift or privilege.

Even when people vote "violent things", God always understands what they're really asking for, and provides an answer whether it makes sense to us or not, as God puts His angels into action to "whisper" into the ears of those who would ultimately cause a plan to be carried out. Still, that kind of thinking of people would form an angry cosmos, or general state of mind for people.

Some people think the bailout of some homeowners taken for a ride in the sub-prime crisis think they shouldn't have to pay someone else's mortgages, which, in a selfish way, makes sense.  The people whose family lives and financial lives would have been otherwise destroyed think it's a miracle.

If you were about to lose everything because of predatory practices, a crime in actuality, you'd hope someone would bail you out too. Most of the people in need of bailouts never thought they'd need one, either.

Other people, politicians and power hungry apostates,  know that pitting the interests of people against each other and dividing them means it's easier to control what does and doesn't get done in the world.

I had a friend who found it important to tell me one day, that from his perspective, these days, he always expected things to fail or be difficult, and if things went well and succeeded, that was a miracle. He's the same person who made me realize the New World Order was not a good thing. He's also the same person who told me he'd always wanted to be a minister. He was the one who told me to reach deep inside myself and find Jesus.

For many reasons, I might say this man was an angel in my life. He was a great boss, and I'd bet everyone who ever came into his presence was thankful for it. He was just that kind of guy.

As time will tell, his words to me may be one of the miracles that caused me to eventually wake up and take action in the world. And that rippling effect may reach to you, as well, if what I say and talk about causes you to wake up about the truth of the world you live in as well as the existence and power of God in your life.

The point is, this one man touched the lives of hundreds of people at least, and made a lasting effect, and yet, we wouldn't think of what he provided people as being miracles. Maybe random acts of kindness. Maybe a good guy you could depend on. But, not a guy who works miracles.

Jesus came, died on a cross, and..

I'll let you fill in the blanks as to what kind of difference that made in the world. Really, think about it for a few minutes.

Did His presence, His example, make a difference in the world? I'm not talking about the religion identify with Him. I'm talking about the man. And if, what He taught was actually lived in this world, would it be a miraculous transformation over time or just the world changing as it would?

Even if the story of Jesus is just a story for you, do you expect "Christians" to live to a higher standard, and if you do, why? Those same standards mean the same things to you, don't they, or you wouldn't know what standard to hold them to.

It's just that you expect more of people who actually claim them and speak to other people about them. I'll bet you claim to be a moral and ethical person. In that light, how do you justify your own breeches of your own principles? And how do you feel about it when someone else holds you to a higher standard? Or to your own stated standards?

Fundamentally, it all becomes about understanding each other's intents, and our way of approaching what it means to live an ethical life, and respecting that it's okay to have different approaches to things.

When Pasteur discovered penicillin, it was a real miracle. The unfortunate part is, it and other anti-biotics have been so overused and prescribed that now we have all sorts of new illnesses and bacteria that anti-biotics won't touch. Fish are now carrying anti-biotics in their flesh. And the illnesses and bacteria keep mutating to overcome the anti-biotics. It's just one more miracle abused to the point of causing harm, primarily to the benefit of people who sell drugs for a living, pharmaceutical companies.

They take gifts from God, find all kinds of ways to sell them to us on TV thanks to a politician who had a huge stake in pharmaceuticals and pushed for advertisements for pharmaceuticals we don't need, George H.W. Bush, and then they use them against us as weapons to control us, as evidenced in the New Freedom Initiative, which will give schools the ability to refer students and entire families for psychological counseling and potential forced taking of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics they don't need. 

Think of it - if your child makes their teacher angry, your entire family could be forced to take anti-psychotics proven to cause psychosis in healthy people. This is not an exaggeration. All they have to do is say that your child displays anti-social behavior, whatever anti-social means in the subjective mind of a teacher who may be frustrated one day and take it out on you.

In England, they've already gone so far as to empower police to write you up for anti-social behavior, forcing you to take courses to correct it, or face possible incarceration. It's little different than a police officer's ability to have you admitted to an institution for observation without cause.

You could say, this is all because of a miracle discovery long ago called psychology. Psychology is a good thing, it can help a lot of people as they cope with an insane world. Unfortunately, in the 80's, the media ran report after report informing us it was a good thing for anyone with any sort of emotional distress to seek counseling. Now, anyone in the public eye who took that advice deals with the fear of being exposed by the media as having "a history of mental illness". What a setup. Who would do such a dastardly thing?

In 2003, Lou Dobbs reported that Time-Warner made over $318 million selling porn. Yet, Time-Warner wouldn't hesitate for a minute to ruin someone's political career who was in any way connected to pornography, regardless of the truth, if it served their political and financial interests. Skull & Bones Companies operate like that.

God gave us lots of miracles like TV, radio, medicine, space travel, electronics.. you name it, He gave it to us, and you could say he's looking down on us right now thinking:  I've given them cures for cancer, all sorts of cures for diseases, vehicles, plants, everything they need to do things well, the right way for everyone and all the rich  people do is keep it for themselves until it's profitable for them to allow poorer people to get it, if it suits their whims an makes them look good and all the rest.

Obama says he's going to find the cure for cancer in our lifetime. What he doesn't tell you is that is was found over a hundred years ago. What he doesn't tell you is that if governments and corporations hadn't harmed the planet so much, the need for such cures would be negligible if necessary at all. Talk about the abomination of desolation.

God gave the wisdom of His plan to disciples and empowered them to spread the word. God gives people in the world miracles to share with others. We just don't do that. Instead, we militarize miracles, and allow people to suffer for the sake of greed.

So, you can imagine God saying to Himself, these people expect miracles, and I give them to them, and they take credit for them themselves, and then don't even share them with other people. These same people perpetrate stories to make it seem like I cause the troubles in the world and punish people with disasters, and then claim the miracles to glorify themselves.

Then you can imagine He wonders, like giving a child 1,000 toys, none of which they ever actually enjoy or appreciate, because they have too many and have now come to expect them on demand, He wonders if He should do more miracles right now until people appreciate the ones they have. Like a parent whose child gets a $100 pair of shoes and then gets mad because they weren't the right color.

We look at the oil shortage, and get brainwashed into thinking the answer to energy problems is coal and other short term answers that only benefit the same profiteers who take us to the cleaners with oil. Or keeping our tires inflated, a cheap two bit answer passed off to deflect a real issue.

God continues to perform miracles on a massive scale that you never hear about, while leaders like Barack Obama deride you for clinging to your faith in God during troubled times, even though leaders like him who hold back the miracles God provides are the reason you're afraid and cling to God in the first place. All to create peer pressure to get you to trust your government instead of God. To be afraid to speak of God for fear of being looked down upon.

All to convince you that everything good on this planet is the making of men like him, and that God is just the mean guy upstairs who'll beat you and harm you if you get out of line... when just the opposite is true.

I have to ask, who would perpetrate such deceptions?  Not God.

And then there are people like George W. Bush, acting like a false Christ, claiming faith and Christianity and guidance from God, all the while doing things only the Devil would perpetrate, like wars based on lies based on the book of Jeremiah, using phrases from the Bible in emulation of the Son of Man and Jesus to hijack the Christian religion.

His anti-Christian ways and the proof of His deceptions will, in the long run, be a miracle, because it fulfills prophecy for the end times of the anti-Christ who fools everyone into thinking he's the servant of God... and then causes wars based on lies and profiteering, the New World Order and the battle between good and evil that will determine the control of the world for the next 1000 years... the only truth I can come up with that he told the entire time he was in office.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Brecker Brothers - Back to Back - 204 - What Can A Miracle Do

I didn't write this or say all this to do anything but to get you to think about what a miracle is to you, and then, after thinking about it, to ask you to look around and consider how may miracles happen every day. How many doctors were given the knowledge developed by one man and disseminated to millions who cure people of tragic diseases every day. God understands that people "like to do it themselves" and this is his way of honoring that. All he asks is some acknowledgement that you know He provides.

It's not because He really wants you to fall on your knees before Him for every thing in your life. It's like you in a way, because if you offer an idea and it gets used and good comes of it, you'd at least like for someone in your "work group" to acknowledge that it was your idea, even if you didn't get anything material for having the idea. And you certainly wouldn't want your own idea to be used to harm others or yourself, and then be blamed for it.

God does not want you to be dependent upon Him, He wants you to be empowered by Him.

He wants you to make a choice between His ways and those exhibited by the people who deceive you. If you make the right choice, you will not allow these deceivers to lead you any longer.

Will God withhold miracles if you don't? No. But you may never benefit from His miracles if your leaders don't let you have them in order to pay off their political financiers.

Expectations of Miracles

I know there are people who will expect me to perform miracles. I do too. The funny part is, I don't worry about that much because I already know I can do some things people might call miracles, others would call ESP, remote viewing and other names that get around the mystical word supernatural and attributing it as a gift of God. I also know that God will empower me in these ways based on His knowledge of what people need to be exposed to as revelations over time.

The truth is, I know almost anyone could do the same sorts of things, if taught, and if done with faith that it's possible. One of my favorite stories about Jesus healing people was one where a person came to them saying their child needed to be healed, and Jesus said, do you believe I can do these things, and the person said "Yes" and it was done.

People back then believed in such things. Jesus wasn't the only one performing miracles back then. There were other people trying to rival Him, thinking they could "win" the argument of who was real or not, as a messiah, with the decision going to Jesus not because He died on the cross as a martyr, but because the truth He spoke was so obvious once it was actually told.

One of the biggest miracles Jesus performed day in and day out was explaining a very complex world order and it's evil to people who were oppressed into believing whatever politicians and apostates told them as a way to survive the evil of those same leaders, and presenting them with another way of living and being that would give them happier, healthier lives. And, everlasting life through the grace and miracle of God's love.

From a very young age my parents encouraged me to believe that ESP, psychic abilities, were pretty normal things. Members of my family displayed psychic abilities. Then in high school, I used to get together with a dozen or so friends a few times a week  and we'd play "psychic games", identifying objects while blindfolded, receiving and sending visualizations of  thoughts, astral projection, reading auras and such. Things I call parlor games.

At one point, I decided I wasn't going to develop those abilities because I thought it wouldn't be fair to other people who didn't have or didn't develop them. One time, without my knowledge, I was put in the position of giving someone a psychic reading, and did it well, but didn't feel comfortable being a paid psychic and refused to do it anymore. I thought I was going to give a seminar on the internet that day.

To this day, I know can do that sort of thing, but don't because it would be an invasion of privacy, and frankly, I just don't even think of it because it's not a habit I developed. I'm sure there are some who would say I'd be better off if I had developed those skills.

At the same time, I've always wanted to put together another group like that in order to do healing and teach other people how to do it. It's actually not that hard. The other truth of that is, though, that to do such things or attempt them is something I'm a little shy of doing  with people who don't know that I'm going to try to develop those skills, and that there will be failures because even I have to build my faith in God delivering on the promise of faith providing miracles. Maybe that's not even true. But I also know that the Psychotronics the government uses on me greatly inhibits my ability to concentrate and to use my mind for such esoteric uses. And I wouldn't want to give people who are in real need of healing false hopes.

At the same time, I can't help but wonder if part of what God wants me to do at this time is to cause people to be more aware of God and the miracles He's provided already. Maybe the biggest miracle I can deliver at this time is to rid us all of the people who don't allow us to benefit from His miracles. And there are so many in the last 100 years that we aren't allowed to share.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jefferson Starship - Miracles

I think the second "miracle" I need to deliver for God is the judgment to know what the world needs, individual by individual, country by country, and provide sound reasoning and innovation - all already available in many forms - to cause the world to come to peace - and by this I mean personal, individual peace - that will lead to global peace, military peace as we most often think of peace. And then, to proceed to teach people new things that God wants us all to share, gifts of the supernatural nature, reasoning, empowerment and more that God has actually wanted to give you knowledge of from the beginning of creation.

These new things - they're already in the world. Miracles that have been provided that most people believe are farcical or beyond them or for other more idealistic and naive people who "need to grow up".  Growing up is highly overrated. Their kind of growing up means giving in to economic slavery and allowing yourself to be told how you should live your life and raise your children under threat of criminalization. People who don't believe that's true are either too comfortable in their rut or have achieved their version of success through a corrupt system that serves them.

The kind of people who accept killing as a means to attain dominion or resources as acceptable for a nation based on Judeo-Christian values.

Trust me, there are people all over the world who would consider it a miracle if you could understand that.

Wouldn't it be like a miracle to you if we, as humanity, found a way to co-exist? Most people don't actually believe it's possible. They believe it would take an act of God to make that happen.

Do they believe in miracles or don't they?

Do you actually believe in your belief in God, or do you simply believe in the concept?

I believe in the concept of miracles. And I believe in God.

The ability to perform miracles is in every one of us. For me, I say miracles are possible by my belief in my belief, my faith and the faith of those with whom I interact. And the willingness to see miracles in the world around me, because they do exist, they are bountiful, and they come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

They are the result of faith in God, and empower faith in God, manifested in the expression of love and because of the love of God.

Once the truth of miracles, equality, economic slavery, coercion and love are known for what they really are, the rest is easy, because the greatest miracle will have been performed. Causing the blind to see the truth of this world. And the spiritual world.

Once that is done, the windows of Heaven will be opened as the riches of His Kingdom are availed to you in a world responsible enough to be granted the powers of creation and knowledge God has always wanted us to have - as His friends.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 08 - Man Gave Names To All The Animals

I've always thought, wouldn't it have been fun to have been Adam, watching God make all these animals and getting to name them? And then I thought, wouldn't it have been more fun if God made one, then said, Okay Adam, now you make one...

That's more or less the way God wants to play with you, just like His child. Making the baby happy, miracle after miracle after miracle... I suppose it wouldn't be much fun to do if people didn't see them as the wonderful things they are because it's simply become normal or expected or required as proof of God's existence.

How many miracles do you need to say you have proof?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

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