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For the Love of the World

Mortal Sins

In the Kingdom of God, judgment is immediate, and that doesn't mean you'll be damned to hell or die or face punishment because of the wrath of God. People commit sins, all mortals do.



I've been avoiding writing about the 10 Commandments for years now because everytime I begin to write about them, God tends to take over at some point, and I end up sitting there feeling guilty, wondering how much of what He says was directed straight at me or how much was really for us all  to digest.

He tends to be very adamant about the 10 Commandments.

He says "How much simpler can it be? I've laid it all out for you, and still, they are bent and broken as if they were words in a game of cheaters".

I take it to mean God's saying we all treat the 10 Commandments as if the game was to see how many we could break, arrogantly "knowing" that God would forgive us.

What an example that sets for so-called "non-Christians" who do not appreciate displays of superiority of the so-called "reborn" transformation. If it's that simple, what difference does it make?

In one way, the mortal sins are simply that: things mortal people do that, if they didn't do, would give all of us better lives without the rippling effects of the kind of behavior identified as sin in those commandments.

In another way, in a holographic example of that "concept" or truth of existence and God's accounting in His Book of Life, if these sins are repetitively broken with full knowledge, even with intent to do harm to others, then they certainly will reflect on the judgment of the mortality of your spirit.

How can one claim to be a Christian when they willingly choose to perform actions that are against the teachings of Jesus Christ? To do so would be to deny the power and grace of God in your life.

Given this season, approaching Easter, it seems appropriate to talk of the reconciliation and atonement that seems to have been lost in the Christian faith as the roots of Judaism were passed along. And the resurrection of our individual souls, as well as those of all humanity, through the ability to find reconciliation with God through personal inquiry and connection through prayer.

I am reminded of this because the more time goes on, as I am asked to take more seriously my responsibilities in this world, the true judgments that must be applied toward the solutions to this world's greatest problems, all the while seeking ways to vindicate sinners for what they have done, never giving permission or acceptance to the evils they have performed, and knowing that many will seek to justify themselves in their acts of contrition, performed not because of remorse, but regret for their exposure.

And so, now, I am directed to write of the 10 Commandments.

I dread it as much as I hope you will. If you dread it, like me, it's actually good news, because it means you know you've done things you shouldn't have, turned your back on your Christianity or faith, on your own values and principles, and there's room for real reconciliation and atonement, real resurrection and redemption. The good news is, unless you tell someone, only you and God know.

But always know, God always knows the truth, and so do you.

So from this moment on, once again, we have no excuses. But an opportunity to reclaim a part of ourselves that has been slowly dying as the world gets colder and more harsh.

Never again will Christ say "for they know not what they do".

Because they do. We do.

And so do you.

And we all get to complete the sentence "From this moment on..."

How you complete it could make all the difference in the world.

In the Kingdom of God and Heaven, no one will strike you down if you dare step out of line. The truth is, it's unlikely you'll feel the need to. Judgment is instant. That means, because the world makes sense, because the world is a good place to live, filled with people who understand that the source of their world is love in everything that exists, and that instant judgment will just be a part of every living being. Good judgment. The kind that makes for a good world of people enjoying life to its fullest, with everything it has to offer.

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