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For the Love of the World

Dreams, visions, hopes and desire

The naivete of "the way it is" vs what God always had in mind


The naivete of believing we can't live in a world of love

I find it odd that people can't imagine a world where everything is sourced from love. Often, the same people who, in public, proclaim their proof of Christianity and morality by their works, supposedly of faith and grace, as if performing works in a public venue are more important than the works of housewives caring for children, and construction workers doing a good job building roads.

These same people cause us to believe a world sourced by love is about stereotypical "hippies" - these days cast as meaning drug users - walking around flashing peace signs, smoking marijuana and telling everybody they love them.

Its' odd that people who cry for war so often to defend their own families can't realize the simplicity that the people they are condemning with the power and coercion of economic and military coercion want the same safety and security for their own families. These same people would demand that someone listen to them and deliver justice on their behalfs if someone was harming them or their nation.

Just because they don't have the media to bombard you with propaganda to defend their cause or the military and economic strength doesn't mean that the weaker nations and people don't have a valid reason to complain, rightfully expecting the bastions of freedom and justice to respond in a just manner.

It's no wonder that nations that America claims to be our enemies, true or not, would seek nuclear weapons to defend themselves, as America and others military powers seem to only respect nations with nuclear capabilities. The United States is actually causing nuclear proliferation as a deterrent to America's military aggression.

This proliferation can be used to either give NATO and other powers an excuse to militarily intervene, or to use dialectics to cause emerging nuclear nations to use nuclear weapons against one another, as well as use Israel as a satellite of U.S. Military policy military strategy, knowing that if any nation uses military force against Israel, the United States will use that as a pretext for addtional military force, and thus, Armageddon. If you understand geo-political military strategy by the United States, you will realize that the United States is empowering Israel to commit crimes against humanity in order to dare the Arab states to take action against them. It's not a religious issue. It's about territory and oil. And/or using Biblical emulations to motivate a deceived America and Christians to support war against Muslims, having nothing to do with God or honoring the Davidic Covenants but certainly using them as an excuse when possible. Hijacking a religion over and over again.

The scripture from Proverbs 11:23 keeps coming to mind these days: The desire of the righteous is only good, but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

These people who believe the answer to the world's problems is to literally destroy those who would oppose their empirical force are merely projecting what they would do if they were these weaker nations, which is to attack them and destroy their enemies.

Righteous people would seek to resolve conflicts justly.

The wicked, anticipating that people would oppose them, particularly if they understood what the New World Order actually represents, either deceive those whose cooperation they require or destroy anyone or thing that stands in their way. Destroy or be destroyed. That isn't Christian.

Because, among other things, that verse from Proverbs is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For the righteous, and the wicked.

The naivete of the wicked is to believe that they can prevail over God and the citizens He said He would intervene on behalf of.

Their naivete is their knowledge of God's power and rules, and being so desperate to avoid God's wrath, whatever that might be, that they've deluded themselves into thinking that if they deceive the citizens of the world just long enough to fully establish the New World Order that they will have overthrown the Kingdom of God, and will escape God's judgment of their souls.

Talk about deluded. They actually have nothing else to hope for, and know it. The Bible says these people keep doing what they're doing because they don't believe that what they're doing is wrong.

That may be true for Satan himself, who I say is in this world in the flesh, but for those going along with those who perpetuate the evil, claiming their Christianity and moral highground, I say, they know they're doing wrong and continue because it's the only way criminals know how to cover their crimes, by committing more crimes.

Such is the world that God is putting an end to. The chaffe is separating itself from the wheat by its own paranoia and guilt, and is about to be blown away with the wind.

The Kingdom of God is not about a world of people dominating other people or being perceived as weak. It's not about turning the other cheek or honor for suffering, hoping beyond hope for honest leaders or "good luck" with an economy that's purposely been held for ransom, which was paid.

The Kingdom of God is about doing away with all that.

How can God make the promise that in the New World, there will be no disease or suffering or hardship that this world has seen for so long?

Because the source of the problems, the anti-Christ and their pollution and disregard for life and the balance of nature and all the things that tempted people to turn their backs on the ways of God will be abolished.

It won't be because God simply snaps His fingers. It will be because people will see the truth of this world, know that something better is possible, they will refuse to tolerate the injustice and harm inflicted upon them, and they will be willing to live in a better world, believe in a perfect world because they are willing to have that world.

Many people believe that the Kingdom of God is about establishing a theocracy. It's not, insofar as the current meaning of that word is construed, and to some extent, has been perverted to mean something vaguely resembling a monarchy, even one of a tyrannical nature, for one reason or another, where people, jusging themselves, might presume they could be of those to be sent to hell for the lives they have led.

The truth is, the theocracy is that all beings and all creation and all inquiry for truth and being is part of God's ways. If we lived with everlasting life as He originally intended, in time, we would all become masters in these spiritual inquiries and powers.

But that part of us that is simply part of our nature, that defensive survival instinct that just won't go away because of people and forces that benefit from perpetuating that part of us, that part that is prepared to kill in defense of ourselves, in defense from enemies that are of our own making, if they are even actually our enemies at all.

The real way, the true way to remove that part of us, that part of humanity that has us destroy one another for one reason or another will be removed. And what needs to be removed is temptation. I'm not talking about doing away with everything that some might call sin, fun and or thrilling things, I'm talking about doing away with those things, the influences that tempt us to abuse and obsess on things, solely for the profit of the financiers who control it all, who make you believe you need trivial things in order to be accepted among friends, to be loved, or to provide validation for the respect and dignity you've been granted by God, but told you have to earn by conforming to certain superficial standards.

Without all that, what might life be like?

To express what I'm talking about, I'm going to reflect upon a time in my life, growing up in America, a time of my life I affectionately refer to as my "Leave It To Beaver" life. It was in the late 50's and the culture in the United States, whether true or not, was of a sort of innocent culture, rebuilding after war and re-establishing family lives and ways, a nation of citiziens bound by a sense of nationalism and solidarity and pride for saving the world from the scourge of Nazi's and other warring nations.

It was a time when people really seriously looked to their nation's leaders to protect them from the evils of the world as well as a nation that saw itself as leading the world based on Christian values and the morality commanded by God.

I'm not trying to tell you this describes a perfect world, or that I agree with what I describe. But It does represent a simpler time, before broadcasting became a tool for selling products and shaping our opinions and belief systems. It was a time at the very tipping point of the way America would head in the future.

It was a time when America made some choices, or, at least its leaders did. The leaders in the smoke-filled rooms adults used to always talk about. The shadow government of that time.

Sometimes, I think about these things and wonder if I'm just getting old, being one of those guys who says the world is changing for the bad, and if we only had the good old days.. but I know that I'm not. Everything God has provided us actually empowered to have a wonderful future. We just didn't use the things He provided for the positive uses He had in mind.

America IS different. I've witnessed the changes. I've witnessed the wars and social changes and trends. What's different has nothing to do with technology and modern beneficial advances. It has to do with the values expressed and displayed in the media and in the world that titillate our senses more and more every day, causing us to become addicted to the stimulation of our senses, and breaking down cultural and moral values.

Something Marshall McLuhan used to talk about back in the late 60's or early 70's, before I understood what he was talking about.

I never thought I'd be saying that like the media was necessarily a problem to society, but thought of it as an evolution of a trend of liberalism that was good in most ways.

But as a witness, I have to.

When I say liberalism, understand, I mean the promotion of liberty, not socialism. I look to find ways to ensure freedom, and to be inclusive, respecting the rights of the individual as just as important as the rights of a majority. That's Democracy. Equality applied.

America was different back then, though, back in the early 60's. We didn't have a media trying to scare us about everything to cause us to look to the government for every answer. We were a nation of citizens, despite the government, believing in and ascribing to moral values, safe neighborhoods, and seeking truth, healing and understanding and reconciliation of national scars and predjudices - overcoming injustice. Recognizing the areas where law didn't protect the rights of citizens, and establishing processes that ensured equal treatment, or at least, a menans of redress when the system broke down or failed.

It was turbulent in some ways, but it was also like the growing pains of a beautiful child maturing. Awkward at times, but growing and expanding, getting better and better all the time.

Regardless of any opinions as to whether citizens, even then, could actually trust the leaders, the fact was, communities and neighborhoods were really neighborhoods. You knew the people who lived on your street. There was no internet to send emails to someone with an erotic picture on Facebook, and tv was black and white unless you were one of those rich people or grand parents or something.

People actually read the newspapers back then, front to back, and I even remember reading the obituaries and and wedding announcements because, even when I was a little kid, I knew the other people in town, or at least the older brothers and sisters of the kids I went to school with.

I'd wonder about the Van Diepens. Our family had 6 kids. Their family had 11. I wondered what life was like at their house. I knew what it was like at ours, though I had more than a hunch that my dad was a little stricter than most. I'd sit with one of their daughters, Elizabeth, on the bus everyday while going to school. She was a nice friend, and she didn't play those "cooty games" people teased each other about. I liked girls. I remember she was Catholic, for some reason that stood out, I think it was because she told me about not eating meat on Friday, I believe because I wondered why she always had tuna sandwiches on Friday.

Her brothers were very nice too. Unusually nice. Big families were kind of like that. I think it's because you have to learn to share. I've heard people tell me they were raised in households where, when someone makes a dessert, you have to get yours fast or do without. In our family, you learned to just take your share and leave shares for other people, otherwise, they wouldn't get any, and that just wouldn't be fair.

My parents didn't let any of my older siblings do activities after school on school nights. They was strict about their 11 pm curfews on dates. Now that I think of it, I'm surprised he let me play afterschool baseball, Pee Wee League, Little League and Pony League. In Little League, they called me Batman.

Now, truthfully, I don't think our family life was all that different from most families living in the hills of Santa Cruz, California. People there had animals and livestock, horses and goats and so everyone had their chores to do.

But I honestly don't remember other kids being all that worried about what other people were wearing or competing for the coolest pair of shoes or things like that.

I know my sisters were much more conscious of such things, but, they were girls. Back then, it was definitely expected that girls present and conduct themselves like girls. I'm not saying that part was good, and I was always a fan of women's rights, but I had one sister who took at least a half hour everyday just brushing her hair in the mornings. And they weren't allowed to wear a-frame dresses because they were too revealing.

6 kids. 1 bathroom. Think about that. We had specific times and used it in specific orders every school day morning. Showers had to be taken the night before.

My older siblings have diffferent memories of their childhoods, of course, and they were all older than me. The thing is, I suppose some people could say we were poor, but other than my pony, which I got, I can't really remember anything I actually yearned for.

Except for those things on that list I was talking about. Interestingly enough, in a way, I have all the things on the list. And it didn't cost a million dollars.

And there's only one other thing that I ever yearned for, other than those things, that I think is perfectly natural and something that God would want everyone to want in their hearts. And what that's about isn't material in any way, really.




I guess what I'm trying to say about coveting is that there are plenty of times I've wanted things, and when it really came down to it, I don't want those things or circumstances to happen, I want the stimulation to happen. But, for example, I never actually wanted to have affairs that, let's just say, could have been available to me when I was married. Although it was flattering.
When I bought my Camaro, I didn't think I was buying a sports car, I bought a machine that worked really well.

When I wrote love songs for people, I wasn't trying to impress anyone or seduce them, and actually sort of believe that surely, every woman's had a song written about her. Maybe not one that would be on the radio, but... I'm told I'm really wrong about that.

We all have our ways of expressing ourselves and we all have interests, tools and materials like any craftsperson or artist preparing to create something. Finding the tools and wanting them is certainly no crime or sin.

But it's al the other influences, the things put in front of us to buy, things we wouldn't even think of needing.

Sometimes I spend time walking through Home Depot just to see what products are available these days so if a time comes when I need to do something, I understand the possibilites available. There are a few tools I could use, but until the day comes that I'm actually going to use them or need them, I don't want to spend work time or overtime so I can buy them because they're things I'd want to have if I could have something.

When's the last time you watched a shopping channel? Have you noticed how hard it is to resist wanting to buy things you never wanted before? If I was rich and watching one of those channels, I'd probably have to build a warehouse.

It's hard to resist... when you look at the bad things in the world, when you look at what causes us to serve corporate expectations of us, to follow the leadership of governments that almost prove they fail us. You could say the root of the evil is money, but what makes it successful is coveting.

Wanting a maid or gardener because someone else has one and envy their life. Money to buy a car or bigger house to impress your friends who have higher standards? Is it the things you buy and get, is it the things you want or is it equality and respect you're seeking?

It's that same coveting that has lead to such greed and deception.

What does this have to do with a world sourced in love?

It's like most things. There's no simple, sound byte answer than can be complete enough to do the subject justice.

It comes down to this: simplicity. Cultural rules of conduct that don't give advantage to others by law or peer pressure, but by what makes sense in ways that are applied to all.

Encouraging personal contact and community involvement, not government programs that provide the government another contact point with which to educate people into working with a government's programs, instead of having the government work on the citizen's programs. The ones they actually need, that citizens know how to do better than government.

People being responsible for their conduct and impact upon the lives of other people, not based on religion or propagandist purposes to change politicial correctness and languaging to hide unresolved issues, but based on the idea that responsibility that comes with freedom means doing what you want to do so long as it doesn't impact anyone else.

I'm sure some people would say that gay people impact them. It does. It should provide them and example of the need for aceptance, and that all creations are of God. After all, if you were a white American in Somalia right now, you'd be the one unaccepted.

In God's own Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven, the people polluting the world with chemicals, trying to supposedly stop global warming by covering the earth with plastic, people knowingly harming the planet and creating abominations and desolations, in people and in plants all beings, will simply not be allowed to do so.

The iron hand required to rule the world will simply not allow it. And the diseases and suffering caused by such devious practices will go away. The earth will cleanse itself, its health will be restored as will be the health of the citizens, as per the health of God.

Because all things are interconnected in sustaining this world, all things must always be considered and resolved. In God's Kingdom, in God's Heaven, it will be resolved.

There will be justie, there will be no pverty or suffering because it will not be allowed. And there will not be a world where abortion or even cloning is seen as needed or desired.

The truly naive... the fools who call the just fools but who are actually the deceivers the bible calls fools... are those who simply refuse to surrender their dominant advantage of corruption, and why God will have His day of judgment against them.

They are naive to believe that a world of peace and love, global peace and abundance for all, would not work better for every being than a world of domination and force. They are naive to not understand that people working because they want and choose to, because something is worthy of their time and labor, will always work better than a mandate of emergency or the false threat of war or risk to national and personal security.

Things created from love are built with a foundation that lasts, grows, empowers and allows, like a good marriage.

Things created of hate and evil always invite curruption and deterioration.





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