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For the Love of the World

Pastor Melissa Scott
A Preface


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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Annie Lennox - Songs Of Mass Destruction - 02 - Love Is Blind (Edit)

I wanted to present this preface because the psyops I've been subjected to have been pretty wild and crazy, and I'm presented with so many people, like those in the media, who appear to be guilty of crimes even though I know full well some of them are working both sides.

My second reason for presenting this was to be fair to her, hoping that if she was a real minister and willing servant of God, actually hoping I'd find out that someone misled her and that she would turn "state's evidence" against them. Unfortunately, she's had plenty of time to report to me or the authorities regarding her particpation with government agents, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, who is a knowing particpant, to keep me quiet before the election in 2008 because of the damning evidence I have against these people for civil and human rights violations against me and millions of other people.

You included, whether you know it or not. Unfortunately, you'll discover the truth of that soon.

It is no less than torture by the United States against its own citizens, and so much more that I could probably write 5 more books and never cover it all.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - Clever Girl

Back in the 60's, Ralph Nader was set up to be seduced by a woman in order to publicly embarass him and diminish his credibility as a consumer rights activist when he published a book  called "Unsafe At Any Speed"  which revealed a great number of practices of General Motors, including the selling of the car called the Corvair which, because of poor design, made it extremely susceptible to roll-over on corners, even at low speeds.

It began an era in which we found out that car companies, and other corporations, calculated the nuumber of accidents certain defects would cause, and then, whether paying off the law suits of the dead, maimed and injured or if it was more econonically profitable to fix the defect.

General Motors set up Ralph Nader, just like CNN did to me, and just like Pastor Melissa Scott did to me beginning last fall, using Aesopian Languaging, utilizing National Security Resources,  surveillance and taking advantage of  the unreliable phone and email service I get because of government operations against me.

The story about General Motors and Ralph Nader is below, to show you how it's done and the consequences. In the near future, I'll bet I'll be presenting the stories of a number of politicians who have been subjected to the same kind of set up, including Senator Larry Craig. If he wishes to post his story here, I'll be glad to do so. It has nothing to do with politics, it's about the truth.

I was very impressed with Pastor Melissa Scott the first night I viewed her show, because she contacted me via Aesopian, believe it or not. I was shocked. It's all documented in my weblogs, and I have video that will prove it. On the other hand, I've been told the government will relieve me of all evidence, illegally, on the pretext of an arrest, before I can present it. Nonetheless, I will hold my ground in this matter.

I am still quite impressed with her presentation skills, I wish she was a real minister of God, and by that, I'm not talking about ordination. God does not require the approval of churches for people to preach the word of God. I  responded to her show by seeking a business appointment to discuss the "business of God" with her, believing she was aware of who I am and that she was reaching out to assist me. That's the oldest psyop in the book - make the mark think you're a friend and then stab them in the back. That's what she did to me.

I have reason to believe she was also hired to work with certain other ministers to defame me.

Nonetheless, this book is almost complete, I'm aware there are appropriate people examining my writing, and, since I tend to minimalize everything that happens to me, and give more than a fair share of the beneift of the doubt, I'm publishing this now because I want people to know that she did me great harm financially as well as helping to set up a life-threatening situation.

Anytime she wants to come clean, I'll be glad to publish her response, and she needs to know that if she responds, it can and will be used against her. She involved her so-called church in a conspiracy that would have them all sent to jail for at least 10 years. The Bible states that no servant of God would lead their congregations to crime or other evil work to supposedly accomplish God's work. I suggest to the people in that church, regardless of what they think of me,  to step forward with depositions to prevent their own prosecution. There is no statute of limitations for the crimes she involved you in.

Finally, before the Nader Story, I want to you to understand, as a reader, and for lawyers, that I have, for years, attempted to inform and complain to all appropriate Federal and State authorities in order to end the  torture and military weapons attacks against me. I have never received a response stating it would even be looked into in any way, the same response thousands of others get.

So, if anyone wants to claim that this book or site is a defamation of character or coercion or extortion, I can only say that  that I will respond by filing countersuits for conspiracy to deprive me of my rights to freedom of speech  and freedom of religion, as well as all other charges that will eventually be persued against the other people involved. I have no other recourse but to take my case, and the cases of many more, to the court of public opinion.

Further, if anyone else has a similar story regarding Pastor Melissa Scott, I would be glad to assist them as a witness in any proceeding, civil or criminal.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Yes - Long Distance Runaround

Original URL: http://archive.salon.com/opinion/feature/2004/10/22/nader/index.html from Salon 10/22/2004

For years it was Ralph Nader against General Motors, which went so far as to hire private detectives to discredit him. It even sent a prostitute to try to seduce him at a food counter at Safeway's, but he turned her away. So the gumshoes tried to prove he was homosexual, but were caught as they tried to follow him into Congress. The scandal made Nader into a hero overnight. The car makers were ultimately forced to introduce air bags.

August 24, 1970 Time Magaine Nader v. G.M. (Contd.)
Original URL:

Ralph Nader, the crusading critic of auto safety standards, has carried his long public feud with General Motors before television cameras, congressional committees and the courts. But last week both sides met quietly—and the young lawyer came away with his most lucrative victory yet. In an out-of-court settlement of his suit against G.M. for invasion of privacy, the company agreed to pay Nader $425,000 in damages.

Nader charged four years ago that once G.M. heard of his investigation of  the automobile industry, which he was about to publicize in his book, Unsafe at Any Speed, the company began a snooping operation of its own.

In his suit Nader complained that G.M. had hired a firm of private investigators, whose detectives shadowed him, harassed him with threatening phone calls and interrogated his acquaintances about his personal life. Attractive girls, Nader said, were used in the hope of luring him into compromising sexual escapades. Though former G.M. President James Roche apologized publicly for the harassment, he denied that he or other G.M. governing officers knew about it. Last week, G.M. still insisted that the settlement was only a convenience, not an admission of guilt.

The settlement, which Nader's lawyer claims to be the largest in the history of invasion-of-privacy litigation, has hardly assuaged Nader's feelings toward G.M. He announced that he would pour the funds into further monitoring of G.M.'s record on safety, pollution and consumer relations. For the time being Nader's check has been deposited in the First National City Bank—which he is currently investigating for discriminatory loan and trust activities.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day

She does a better version of this than her "Body and Soul" medley, which had really interesting lyrics until they were edited out... you know, the part that made it be about body and soul. That's Aesopian for you.

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