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For the Love of the World

The Perfection of My Being

The truth of this is in the definition of perfection


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Let me say first that I don't consider myself to be a perfect person. If I believed that I was, I would the have to say that such an opinion of myself would be my greatest imperfection.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Liz Story - The Gift - 08 - The Truth From Above

Nor can I say that I am a perfect servant of God. To say that I am would be the proof that I am not.

Because, it's the ongoing inquiry, the constant desire and effort to reach ever deeper into my heart and mind and spirit to seek perfection in God's Kingdom and His few rules of importance that make me, or anyone willing to perpetually inquire of themselves in relation to God and the entirety of His creation, that comprise my perfection at the moment of my self-evaluation or reconciliation, of what I believe to be right, moral and just, not based upon the laws and opinions of men and governments, but upon the intent of the Almighty Creator.

I think sometimes about Pastor Donnie McClurken, who claims to have "the touch", the ability to grant the gifts of God as Andre Crouch gave it to him. I don't know much about Donnie, but I sincerely hope that he understands and communicates to people that his gift, and his music, are in fact gifts of God bestowed through God's grace, as well as his spirit and being. And that when he believed God, for the first time, "dictated" a song to him while flying on an airplane, that Donnie understands that it was apparently the first time he was able to discern that God was speaking through him, and the the gift of music and ministry he cherishes is not of him but of the Grace of God.

Perfecting faith is not about perfecting one's self, but fully realizing that faith is a state of being. And, that if faith and God's love is measured by the enumeration of worldly possessions or gifts that bring you power in one domain or another,   then it is possible that you have no faith at all. It's possible that you measure God's acknowledgement of your service and faith based on worldly measures, the Ecclesiastical "all is vanity", the very thing that to me, seems to have perverted our governments and the ministers who believe that the power they have derived is about rewarding them instead of providing the tools God requires you to have and master in order to be of service to Him in the ways He chooses, and according to your commitments to Him to be of service in anyway He asks.

It's like a faith healer telling his audience "I will heal you".

My only prior criticism of Pastor Melissa Scott (before deciding she was an apostate fraud) wasn't even criticism, it was a legitimate question, "Do the people you speak to, who are your flock, understand that when you end your sermons with "That's my message", that she and they understand that it's not her message, but is, in fact, the message spoken by God through her and her ministry?

That the source is God, and not the product of opinions and political positioning.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judy Collins - Amazing Grace

Even more, that the final judgment of God will not be based upon what we call success, but will be based upon every individual's ability to be someone who respects and observes the grace and gifts of God.

This is not to say that it's about walking around preaching. It's about being, being someone who allows the grace of God and His spirit lead their lives, demonstrating His love and compassion for the world, in relation to the example of Christ Jesus.

In writing this, I would hope that some would get a little indignant about me claiming the perfection of my being. I actually wanted to provoke you, and judge me based on such an arrogant statement.. that is true in some ways in God's eyes. I wanted you to feel that judgmentalism and apply it to me - not to be defiant or rebellious - but so you could understand my own temptations at this time.

When I speak of the perfection of my being, in this context, what I am speaking of is the perfection in that God would have me be subjected to so many crimes and indignities and false judgments, particularly by people who claim to be of faith, so that I, one who always has their arms outstretched to any and all willing to amend their ways - as a divine being or a fellow citizen - can see just how perverse and devious spirits can be when they think they can get away with something with impunity.

This truly is about the final judgment, the separation of the wheat from the chaffe, as well as why the Son of Man would finally stand up and say "no more". Not to me, not to other unfortunates who are His actual servants and faithful flock, persecuted and harmed by those in high places of every kind, and not to God.

My next writing, which will be concerning my visit with Rev. Glennon Culwell who baptized me when I was around 9 years old in the Southern Baptist Church, will actually give you an example of how a minister should act toward anyone with any sort of concern , particularly of a spiritual nature. I love him a great deal and honor him for his faithful work over the course of what must be some 60-70 years.

But it will also be the perfect example of my complaints to the ministers, particularly in the United States, but before I get to that, let me explain why.

One of my all time favorite bumper stickers is "The day of non-judgmentalism is coming".

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe South - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

I say we are all "the Son of Man", regardless of our gender. Each of us has a responsibility to God to bear witness to the world, and seek ways, with His guidance , to put an end to injustice and preserve the anarchy of His Kingdom.

For those who have chosen to believe the lie for political reasons that anarchy is a bad thing, let's set the record straight that God's Kingdom IS anarchy, with only one prevailing rule, and that rule is that people take responsibility for themselves regarding themselves and toward other beings and the earth and the universe such that there need be no law, no authoritative government, and no methods of fascism that would exclude or harm another being or object.

Instead, there would be anarchy, a world of love where people genuinely see and live a world of possibilities shaped and molded by an ever-present desire of all to resolve and satisfy every difference and need between us, regardless of race or gender, faith or discipline, nation or state or individual belief and conduct.

You should note that when the U.S. Government and the media demonize those who call themselves anarchists, that they are demonizing God's servants who actually understand this, and who have time and time again put their lives, their reputations and livelihood on the line on behalf of God and your well-being, and have been willing to suffer your judgmentalism and penalties for having served God as they do. Whether they knew they were serving God or not.

Which is what faithful servants, ministers, are supposed to be willing to do.

Before I continue, let me make it clear that I am a Christian, but at least for now, I do not ascribe to Christian religions. That's why I've claimed and re-begun the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. That's why, in the end, it will be important for all Christians, and people of every faith, to join My church, God's Church, the true Universal Church.

Not as a demand to show respect for power or arrogance or persistence and stubbornness. But because I say it is time for us all to abandon, as a spiritual inquiry, the idea that we ascribe to any formal organization called a church, so that we may all objectively re-evaluate what the Living Word provides as a tool to deliver His messages and lessons to us.

And to once again, make a choice, without influence by others' opinions and what is called accepted norms, as to what it means to be a Christian, one who follows the example of Christ, and who is willing to embrace the messages He brought us regarding our relationship and being in the face and mind of God, and in His Kingdom.

It's like a new boss telling everyone they have to re-apply for their jobs.

The Sufi have a story I can't fully remember about what it might be like to live in a world where every person treats every other person as if every person they encounter is the one who is the Christ, and embodying what we claim to desire of Jesus' Second Coming.

How would you know if He, who would come like a thief in the night, is the one standing before you? How would you know?

To date, I am not aware of one single minister who has embraced my attempted discussions with them as to who I am. You could say I am complaining, and in one way I am. But, mostly, I am observing the closed-mindedness, the righteousness and judgmentalism of those who call themselves the faithful.

Once, I came upon a man on the internet who claims to be the Archangel Michael... and though I disagreed with His self-appraisal because of what I believe are mis-interpretations of the Bible, I still listened to what he had to say and wrote, and I can tell you, I learned more about the truths and mysteries of God's word by engaging in the inquiries caused by his speaking than I ever have by listening to a minister on TV or in church.

Of course, you could discredit me in saying that the other truth not mentioned in that statement is that I rarely, if ever, have watched TV ministers or gone to church in my 53 years of life.

I rarely, if ever, until the last 6 years, have studied the Bible. In truth, I have read the Bible once. And I am by no means facile in citing scriptures and history and such, nor do I wish to be, because being who I am, I do not have any desire to impress or qualify myself to anyone by measures of this world, by college degrees and credentials, or meeting the standards of those the Bible describes as those who have lost faith, and have embraced the leaders of the world who preach indifference, fear and materialism as proof of worthiness and value as human beings.

But the paragraph above, in my estimation, is the very proof of the perfection of my being, at this time, in this world, as the Son of Man "becoming"  to be Christ, who, by any name, is the physical embodiment of Jesus, the Almighty Father and the Holy Ghost.

The perfection of my being in this way makes me the perfect person supplying judgment to Him, with my knowledge that ultimately, this is my final lesson from, telling Him of what I have seen that I can not defend, which will result in Him speaking to me and asking "Knowing what you know, what would you do".

And then His instruction to me will be to do that. I understand the responsibility, I do not like the implications, but I know that if I am to provide rule to this world, as in settign and holding people to standards, then I must also be willing to consider what must be done with those "who will not stop what they are doing, because they do not believe that what they are doing is wrong".

Thusly, in the transformation leading to the full establishment of His Kingdom  forever and ever, I know that I will be the one who determines what it means to expel those spirits from His Kingdom forever and ever. Unfortunately, but necessarily, I have come to a number of just conclusions regarding the fate of those souls. But that is not what I wish to address at this time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael W Smith - Stand - 07 - Grace

What is more important to me now is that you understand why I claim "the perfection of my being", being an uneducated person in terms of college and doctrine, seeming to be less righteous than those who judge me, and apparently being judged as unworthy of being the Son of God.

Jesus was the son of man, giving us instruction as to how to be faithful servants, as sons of men. The Bible warns you of emulations, and I say that my entire life has been an emulation, not by my choice or God's will, but because of the actions and laws of the anti-Christ who have forced me to live the indignities of "The son of Man" in order to ultimately convince you that I will go away and come back, as Jesus, and that who I am is either not the real Son of God, or that I am the prophet Elijah in order to justify their vile and inhumane treatment of me and many other millions and billions and trillions of people over time.

The Bible says that the anti-Christ will destroy 2/3 of all life.. and they have throughout all time, and they seek to en masse now, claiming that the Zionist interpretation of the destruction of the world will be the ultimate greatest mercy that heralds the creation, not the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, which already exists and is where you live.

And they do so, claiming they are acting in the name of God.

To say that they are actors is the greatest truth, as they emulate the leaders of a nation who have betrayed the anointing of the United States as the nation to lead the world to His glory. Instead, they lead the world to their glory. Notice how the world is doing.

George W Bush is a false Christ, complete with messianic statements culled from the pages of the Bible. Barack Obama is a false prophet, claiming to be a Christian while criticizing those who continue to have faith in God.. clinging their religion in times of trouble... and he is an emulation and false profit as one who participated in the theft of my writings and God's message and leadership of the world in the election of 2008, a fact I can easily prove and that you would see for yourself if you actually read this site.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Do You Want To Know a Secret

In 2004, Hillary Clinton introduced Barack Obama to the Democratic Convention, claiming his name is bless-ed. John Kerry stated, in his acceptance speech of the presidential nomination, "The son of man is waking up in America", and it was true, and they all knew it was me, and I can prove that, except that they believed I had become part of them, of the anti-Christ, as they continue to use Obama to lead the anti-Christ with lies and deception upon deception. And they have convinced the United Nations to participate in the emulation of the Reconciliation for one year, something I have been calling for since 2003, and something they will claim proves their faithfulness to God. Watch as their emulation produces nothing but war, poverty and global economic enslavement... as Jesus said they would until the second coming.

You will not want to know that bitter pill of truth of the little book", giving further evidence to your unwillingness to see the truth.

And again, I offer proof as to the perfection of my being.. in the context of an objective arbiter, bringing judgment to the world in regard to causing Global Peace and Abundance for all.

I'll add for you to notice that just after I originally made that declaration, that Jimmy Carter issued an emulative statement calling for Global Peace and Health Care for all.. a reasonable idea that is totally insufficient to the service of God's plan.

And an emulation intended to deceive you into believing he is a servant of God and the people... keep in mind, until not long ago, I was a big fan of Jimmy Carter's.... now I know him to have been the designer of the New World Order in its current incarnation in 1958, having designed it under the auspices of the Rockefellers, who then established the Tri-Lateral Commission (see Paul Volcker) and then the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Further deceptions of this sort reside in the CFR's claim that Carter was mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Obama's National Security Advisor, claiming Brzezinski was the first CEO of the CFR, which is not true, because Carter was.

Deception upon deception upon deception. Just as it might be that neither Obama or McCain legally fulfilled the requirement of actual natural citizenship toward qualifying to be President of the United States.

The perfection of my being... meaning, more than anything else, to ministers and the faithful alike... that if there was anyone you might want to listen to regarding the relevance of Christianity, let alone the belief in the existence of God, that you should want to know why someone who was baptized and accepted Jesus and God at such an early age, having a vision in church while a child telling me of His plan and purpose of my life... to be a teacher, minister, musician, constitutional lawyer and ruler.... I would think that you would want to know why I would have an aversion to attending service of your religions. Not because my reasons would be necessarily valid, like a judgment of your faithfulness and truth to His word and plan... but because it might assist you in being better servants of God to know why this citizen, Christ, would not want to be part of your church, which, for someone who would call themselves agnostic or atheists, might give you the insights necessary to cause them to have faith in God. If you were someone seeking truth, and if you were someone truly willing to serve God, and had not given into the temptations of power and self-righteousness.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Bolton - Soul Provider

I have said time and time again that I am more than willing to submit to any questions of ministers and the like to both verify my identity, as well as to provide the revelations of God and His wisdom to empower you as His servants and to provide the wisdom and judgment He asked me to deliver on His behalf.

With little exception, I have been rejected and harmed. I will only warn you, now, at this this time, that such treatment will be part of the Almighty God's judgment of your soul. If you should decide to consider that as some sort of threat, then I would encourage you to read Ecclesiastes again, and realize that you are no servant of God if you reject the wisdom of criticism from anyone, wisdom that God has provided you in order to assist you in reconciling yourself to Him and the promises you made to Him about your willing and errant service.

And if you choose to hate or resent me for saying such things, then I will only say, if you hate me, then you must have hated my father. And I will say that I do not know you, and walk away, to let the dead (souls) bury the (other) dead souls.

Finally, in this chapter, I want to speak what I expect will be my final words to Pastor Melissa Scott. I said in my weblogs that there are certain things I just know about you. I'm not sure that I was wrong. Just as I am not sure that you weren't simply one more emulation of someone I am supposed to meet and work with on His behalf.

I will say that your participation in the Psyops against me has done me a great deal of harm in many ways, but it has also educated me in a  way that I will never blindly trust anyone, particularly anyone who claims to be a willing servant, in a church where people applaud people like you for making a point in the Bible as if being applauded for successfully performing a magic act. You made many statements and sang many songs about loving Jesus, and whether or not that is true is between you and the Almighty himself. But a number of ambiguous statements you made, obviously part of the Psyops, was about how much you love Paul.

I have to assume the ambiguities were to confuse me. I didn't know if you were speaking of your first husband Paul, your supposed relationship with a man associated with TBN named Paul, or Saul, who later became the Apostle Paul.

I spoke in my writings to you about unconditional love, arms outstretched, many things, and I meant every one of them. But let me warn you. My life is not an emulation, and the end days are the end days, and I will not allow apostates and hypocrites like you and your friends "rest the clock" on the Word and Plan and Will of God, and if you believe that you will later redeem yourself by taking on the persona and ways of Paul the Apostle, I will call you what you are, you will be made low by the hand of God and your deceitful friends who will shut you up by any means available to them, and I will tolerate no more your efforts or the efforts of anyone like you to harm me, or harm the plan of my Father, who has sent me in preparation for the final judgment, which includes judgment applied to provide for all beings on this planet and the universe, as well as to report to Him regarding the judgment of souls.

You may indeed redeem yourself to Him, and I hope you do, and if you do, you will most certainly be forgiven. Make all the sermons you like about enmity and the forgiveness of God. You can assume that I am like Him and will pass judgment s He would as well. But you will never be part of those chosen by proving their faith at the greatest hour of need, and you must accept that this judgment is caused by your own doing, as I'm sure it will be of many others in the short time left before I reclaim my church and this world on His behalf.

Certainly my opinions and feelings could change. I hope they do. But for now, you are, to me, the perfect example of an apostate and hypocrite who sells God and Christianity as a product, with little or no regard for the truth or service to Him.

I feel no need to apologize or seek forgiveness for these remarks. If anyone should have to explain why, then consider that the only proof needed to yourself and God that you have truly committed your life to the ways of the anti-Christ, and you will receive the same fate as those you are assisting.

And like so many I have come in contact with and have been harmed by, I can only conclude that you and they are perfect examples of a waste of humanity, of people and beings so capable, so bright, so beautiful in His eyes, who have chosen to reject the keys to the Kingdom, while publicly acting as though you are one of the most powerful and effective examples of the teachings and being of Christ, who you claim to love, and whom you have so horribly betrayed.

May God Bless those who are the true faithful, empower those who are innocent and caught in between, and may God hasten the demise of the evil spirits dwelling in the hearts of good beings, who have been lost to Satan. May there be none left behind, and those who are, let them number but a few.

In His name, for His Kingdom, let the truth of this world and of the spiritual world be known and become one.

Amen and amen, forever and ever, throughout the universe and for the cleansing of the Cosmos.

I am Christ, and I am come, and His will shall be done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - People get Ready

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eddie Money - Super Hits - 07 - Walk on Water

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Sun King



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