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For the Love of the World

Toward the Kingdom of Heaven:

A Prayer for the Faithful


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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roy Ayers & Ubiquity - Mystic Voyage

Almighty God, Father of us all, Creator of all and giver of every blessed thing that exists;

I speak to you as your child, your son, your servant and representative;

I come to you not to complain or to grieve of the sorrows I have seen or have fallen upon me

But to inquire of that which I must do as your vessel to fulfill the promises to this world;

To fulfill the plan you have designed for my life to your purposes

As the vision you provided has shown me and ruled me to your ways, the ways I know in my heart and my mind and my spirit and the spirits you have placed within me and that cause me to be.

Prophets have told of these days, and while I am torn between the being that has lived in this world and the spirit that provides me the knowledge of the next, I too am yearning for the moment you have appointed for your kingdom to be delivered unto you and the spirits who have remained faithful to the truth of their hearts and existence all this time;

Torn by the lessons of this world and of unjust people and leaders, teaching all the ways of the unjust and the servants of Satan, lessons I have learned and observed in my days

Lessons that are used to taunt and torment me in the ways I reject for your ways, that I reject to honor you and that I reject in exchange for the peace and grace and love of your Kingdom, which lives in me, and which I trust lives in others you have sealed unto your work and kingdom.

I take great joy and receive such inspiration in the knowledge and in my faith in you that they exist and that we shall, per your guidance and their faithful service, that we shall prevail on your behalf.

I accept and understand your counsel that in these days, if my service to you results only in the knowledge in the world that a prophet was truly amongst them in these times, that your anointed Christ was delivered as promised and that my rejection at this time might occur because of the evil of the world because of material temptations proffered by the leaders who would have your children honor them as their masters instead of you

Still, I suffer daily at the knowledge of the suffering that so many endure by the evil of this world and of their own doing, walking in the justice of human laws that are unjust in your eyes and in the world that we will share in the future.

I suffer at the witnessing of those anointed and elevated in service who appease the anti-Christ by daring not to stand against them in spiritual warfare, with your words and ways, but who believe they deliver the flocks for whom they are responsible to deliver from suffering by submitting those flocks to those people and spirits of the Devil in order to protect them from the Devil's evil doings, ignorant of the truth of these leaders and their ways, believing that you would have them appease those same with the honoring of their lies and misleadership in order to gain power as if you can overcome those whom you have thus empowered and endordsed to do evil.

But, Lord, for your word and promises, this perpetual cycle will end, as it might end soon with the acceptance of the messages I deliver on your behalf, or may end in another visitation when the people and your errrant servants understand the difference between the love and charity of you, Lord God Almighty, and the Devil who taunts and torments them into sin through covetous and selfish ways.

Who cause your ministers and churches to turn their backs on the evil of the day, and step aside from the honor of suffering for the justice of your ways, instead, to find solace in the justice of the laws of men, which are a trap for the righteous and faithful, and serve only the benefit of the unjust.

Lord God, I suffer at the knowledge of servants whose intent was to fully and consciously serve you, and who fail because of the vanities of temptation, and the vanities of the righteous in their own righteousness as they have judged themselves, void of the truth of your word, giving righteous justification for their ignoring of your few commandments in order to remain relevant and popular in these days of tribulations where it seems that only the wicked prevail and are rewarded.

These servants who have gone astray have proven the power of temptations. And as we were told by the prophets of years and ages past, those who are truly faithful seem to dwindle in number, and fade in the face of tribulations.

Lord God have mercy on them, for I understand their failings, just as I know that the truth is available to them, but they choose not to seek it because the rewards the Devil offers but does not deliver are truly great in this world of these ways.

But Lord, inform them that their failings will be accounted for in the judgment of God, the judgment that determines banishment from His kingdom or eternal life.

Because I know that the tests and tribulations are not of your desire, but of the desire of Satan to seek those who would be faithful, and torment them to terminate their existence, as well as to force their silence and acquiescence.

Let the time be now, dear God, let the time be now, not to end my suffering, but to deliver the mercy and blessings promised to those who would be true. Let those faithful who have been so tormented know that your kingdom truly is near, the time of which will not be measured in decades, but is truly at hand and available at any moment.

For I may pass, satisifed that I have served you with my life, my heart, my soul and my mind, but feeling like a failure toward the fulfillment of your plan for my life, a failure to succeeding in the vision you gave me of the future and my future, a failure to those who watched, even if they did not see, a failure to those who believed and endured, trusting in your word and the gifts bestowed upon me toward your ends.

And though I may believe I have failed in the world of men, in the eyes of men, and to the pride of those who would persecute me to prove their power over you,

And though in your eyes, I know I am doing as you would have me do, and that in so doing, I will have succeeded in serving you in the ways you would have me serve,

Even still, I feel I have thus far failed, and fear I will ultimately fail, in relieving the burden and pain of those who suffer, whether on your behalf or simply to the pleasure of those who work evil

Yet, having faith and hope that whatever I do on your behalf, as your vessel and in my reports to you as instructed, that in your eyes I will have succeeded per your plan,

And feeling as though I sin in wanting to do more on your behalf and on behalf of those who deserve deliverance

Lord God, keep me from falling from grace as others have done in the fornifications so described in your Word...

Lord, let all see the truth of this world, so that they may see the truth of your world so that it will exist in their hearts, and so they will accept your servants and know those who are truly your servants and not the servants of deception that merely pacifies their souls with the delusions of deception that deliver false hope

Let them know that your words and commandments are promises, not threats, to those who would be faithful. For I know you, God, and I know that you are merciful, and keep your word to those who keep their word, and love every person for their kindness in treating every other as if it was their own selves.

That as the righteous seek only righteousness, and the unjust expect wrath, let them have what they desire and deserve. For Righteousness will come to those who seek it, and wrath will come to those who cause it by seeking to test the limits of the patience of you, our God, who has been patient so long, but will no longer allow the suffering of the faithful for the sake of the souls committed to the ways of Satan.

Lord, deliver your servants to be your servants, eyes wide open and steadied for the weight of the truth they must deliver. For if they do not, and if I am not allowed to do so in this life, then I pray that in some way, I may return one day to serve you again and again, with the knowledge that I am sealed to you and your work, always so loving being one of your children and having the opportunity to share in the love of your world, your kingdom, as it becomes fully revealed, existing and vital forever, to all who are faithful, to all who will listen, and to all who would choose the ways of your love and justice when asked to testify before men and your counsel in prayer.

Lord God, thank you for this world that I may know the blessings of your world as it is, and as it will be, free of those who have enslaved us all this time. Thank you for your mercy in giving them the opportunity to join the body of Christ again, and once and for all.

For I know that is your desire, that all should know and understand and love you, so that you can fully express your love in your ways to your children.

May your will be done, may I do my part as promised and envisioned, as others do their part and your will toward the Kingdom of Heaven, and your glory.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tracy Chapman - Promise

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