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Sex, drugs, rock and roll, Intel agencies, Psyops, Psychotronics and attempts at sex traps, the story of  a nation and  a world, a guy with a really strange life and a story that has a weird but happy ending toward the full establishment of the Kingdom of God as only He could promise. Where do I begin?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

Many years ago, I decided that, one day, I wanted to write a book, a love story, and write music to go with it like a soundtrack that you could listen to as you read.

In a way, this is that book. I always wanted to write a sonnet, professing my deep love for someone, and I still know I have it in me and in time, it will be done.

I got that idea while watching "All My Children", playing my guitar and writing music based on moments of their "slice of life" enactments/caricatures of paradigms of human behavior, crazy as it was. I was thrilled when Susan Lucci finally got her Emmy.

I don't know why. I just know that one way or another His will shall be done.

It's like the kinds of things that you know deep inside that you're destined to do, one way or another, somehow or another, whether you actually achieve it or not. Something inside you that tells you there's something you have to and you're never really satisfied until you do, until it happens, and you find out exactly what it was all along.

This book, in many ways, is a chronicle of my development toward becoming aware - of an incredible number of things from ancient history to politics and religion, God and Jesus...

In a way that baffles the mind, and causes you to wonder things like "I know God has a sense of humor and works in mysterious ways, but..."

I'll let you fill in the rest of that sentence.

In a way, that's what this book is about, all the ways we view and perceive everything from what we call good and bad, the right way, values... even God Himself.

You could say it's a book on morality, but it's more about choices.

You could say it's about leadership, but it's more about representation.

You could say it's about the environment, but it's more about a world that no longer realizes how everything we are and do effects everything that exists in one way or another, and have even been taught to believe that the most important thing in the world is for humans to exist at the cost of whatever gets in our way, forgetting that what we lose by plunder threatens our own existence.

As if the riches and blessings of this world were an entitlement instead of the symbiosis that it is, that we have the privilege of free will and the faith of God in us to sustain it. If we will.

We call that the kind of talk of "tree huggers" and activists, made to look silly or "soft"to be so concerned at the condition of the air and water and animals who depend on our superior intelligence. Those who wish to own and control it all will say anything to diminish anyone who stands in the way of their profits and power.

Those who understand that the Garden of Eden God had in mind extends throughout this world and the universe in ways to be revealed that will enlighten you and free you as you only imagined possible before.  It simply took many seasons to grow.

It's time to know what the New World offers, the Kingdom of God, and the pleasure of the work that we will all take on as it emerges and grows.

This book really is for everyone, from all walks of life and of all faiths and religions. While it focuses a great deal on the politics of the United States, it is truly intended, as in the example in the Bible of Rome, to reveal the paradigms of how science and language have been used to blind us all to the truth of the world and our lives, as we have slowly and gently been nudged into agreeing to a way of life and forms of government that are literally having us pay to be owned by them.

Economic slavery. Economic coercion, secret societies, the Elders of Zion   as written of in Ezekiel 8:6, referred to commonly as the Ancients and Elders of Israel, those who were corrupt, as described in

Revelations 3:9 Behold, I will make of them of the  synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews but are not., but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

These days, it is more accurate to call them " those who say they are Christians but are not." And no, they're not Muslims. They are simply traitors.

The things that Jesus told us about, the things that some leaders have warned us of, even as they acquiesced to the very powers they warned us about and appealed to us to stop as patriots.

This book, therefore, is also about a time when God promised the world that the end of the reign of the anti-Christ would occur. The end of days. It's not the end of the world, it's the beginning of the New World, the world and life that God wanted us to have and love every moment of.

It's happening now, before your eyes, and this book will reveal some very important and at times, some very serious things that we have no time to continue to live in denial about. Political and human conditions. Religious and spiritual divides that threaten to cause the real Armageddon, not just in Israel but in the United States and many other nations as the world prepares for the probable war to come, that we can stop, knowing the prophecies, and understanding they were not a directive of what to cause in the world, but a warning and divine wisdom provided so that we could see how things will go if we don't make the choices required to change the future, just as God Himself said He would shorten the days of the great tribulations, which have been upon us for quite some time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 05 - Still Believe

No matter what you believe spiritually, as citizens, the information contained herein is the result of years of research, and like a memoir, looks at the ways and things I was raised and trained for at this moment in time in this capacity, as many of us will soon discover about ourselves.

We think of it as a calling, sometimes, or following our bliss. Some of us believe it is more of a spiritual connection to God, Source, Allah, whatever you call your image of the Supreme Being, Almighty God to me.

It is my sincere hope and intent that through this book, with all its twists and turns, tricks and traps I've been subjected to, that you've been subjected to, stories of love and betrayal, hope and the audacity of God Himself to be so bold as to empower me, and for us to face down the Devil himself, and fight the war of hearts and minds God intended...

The Bible says that with just a mustard seed of faith, we can move mountains... we can move the world. Mountains of obstacles, and moving the hearts of the world to the understanding and acceptance  of God's love.

So my hope is that with the information I provide you, with the insights I have been blessed to receive through inquiry and with the words and spirit of the truly great masters, Jesus the man, the divine, and God, the Almighty, that the inspiration and guidance I have received in being a vessel and conduit for his messages for us all at this time will provide the same inspiration and guidance, judgment, to know and to do what is necessary to cause the New World, His Kingdom come to become the reality of our existence, founded in truth that allows justice and equality in every way.

There is a great deal for you to know and understand. There will be great disappointments and disillusion, and there will be joy at the knowledge that this time has come, and that His way and will shall succeed. That the work we will share in doing, as the anti-Christ are expelled by the truth, it may seem difficult at times, but it will not be as difficult or as ominous as it may seem in those moments of distress and the fear that your hopes may be betrayed once again by yet another "self-proclaimed leader"  whose words and deeds, promises and calls for faith through their leadership. Like so many others we have seen in our times,  who have betrayed you even before they were privileged with the honor of receiving your vote.

A world of deception upon deception upon deception that will now come to a close.

I wrote a poem to myself a number of years back to express my personal philosophy of life and the way I approach the obstacles and lessons I have experienced. As you read this book, I'm sure you'll get a sense of just how much humor I have toward some very serious subjects that I don't want you to think I take lightly. Something I think I share with the Dalai Lama.

One day, I wrote to Lou Dobbs, joking with him about how Nostradamus predicted that shortly after the year 2000, the greatest hoax in the history of mankind would be revealed. I wondered, what would it be?

More recently, I saw the movie "Hoax", and realized that some of the same people who "set up" Clifford Irving and caused him to report information and publish a book that lead to his incarceration, to shut him up, were some of those involved with hoaxing me, as well as perpetrating many public hoaxes, the greatest of which, one of many,  is revealed in this book.

Something that, to fully understand and realize in every facet and way, it takes a story that goes so far back in history that it truly does begin at the beginning of time. Simple and complex. Straightforward when the dots are connected, nearly imperceptible when you don't know there's something to be aware of.

And so, my job, my purpose at this time in history, is to inform you. Because I, and, as many  of those leaders we honor have concluded unto themselves and one to another, truly believe that when citizens are informed, they make right choices.

I know you will. The choice is clear when you know the truth.

Just as I know that God speaks to me and to you, to ensure that we are empowered, by this, His book of truths and revelations as spoken to me by and through His spirit, in His way, so you would know that it is sent by Him, the loving Father of us all, who created Heaven and Earth, which is becoming on earth, as it was intended, as it will be, as it now begins, and will be forevermore.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

The road winds and the hills are steep
As we walk along on tender feet,
We turn our backs on what's behind
And look ahead for what we find.


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