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For the Love of the World

My Visit With Reverend Glennon Culwell Part II

After nearly 40 years since he baptized me in the Southern Baptist Church,
I still admire him as the great servant of God I always believed he was.


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I decided what I'd do is tell you the story of my visit, and at the same time, extend the conversation to include my private thoughts as we spoke. To make it easier for you to follow that combination of actual conversation of words as well as thought, I decided I'd write the actual conversation as I remember it in black, just like this type, and write my thoughts as we talked in this color blue.

A while back, I contacted Reverend Culwell through the Bible Gateway Church in Scotts Valley, California, which was the new name of the old Scotts Valley Baptist Church where I was baptized sometime back around 1964. That contact was by email, to which he responded me by sending me his cell phone number. I never called because I wanted the chance to sit down and talk to him. Still, I sent him a few emails explaining a few things, and never heard from him again. I couldn't help but wonder if it was because he was trying to ignore me or if my incoming email was being filtered again by people limiting my contact with other people who could assist me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Mike and the Mechanics - In The Living Years

Nonetheless, when I was returning to the Pacific Northwest from Los Angeles, I knew that I wanted to see Rev. Culwell if it was at all possible. Like I said before, it wasn't so much to seek affirmation of who I am or anything, it had a great deal with my impression that he was involved in some political activities with my father that could answer a great many questions about my father's life and my own. (I have since come to the conclusion the key person to that knowledge is someone else involved with that church)

When I got to Santa Cruz, I took a rambling tour of the area just to look around during the daylight hours. It was good to  see that it was still beautiful, and that so many things I remembered while growing up were still around, like some of the old places along Glen Canyon Road.

I went to the church, and met a woman named Mary, who I left a message for Rev. Culwell with. She was very nice to talk to. I told her I wouldn't be around long, and hoped I'd be able to be in touch with him the next day. She said she'd do her best to get in touch with him for me. I then headed out to the parking lot, where I spent the next couple of hours re-tying down the load on the back of my El Camino, which had shifted.

I figured I'd find a cheap motel, having slept in the car a couple days in a row, and wanting to be clean and presentable when I talked to Rev. Culwell.  So I took a ride up to Boulder Creek and then back down Highway 9, finally finding a motel that would suffice for the night.

The next morning, I got up early, caught up on the news, checked the cell-phone for messages... and  decided I needed to do something that at least produced a result. So I took the phone book from the motel room, went to have a great Monterey Omelet Breakfast, and looked him up in the book. I knew he was listed. Where he lived was just a couple blocks down from where I used to live on Burlwood Drive.

I drove to that area, found a shady tree to sit under, and wrote him a letter, in case I went to his house and he wasn't home, or if I just had to leave it for him at the church. I called his house, and received a voice machine that just didn't sound like the right place to leave a message.

So, I wrote the letter. It took a couple of hours, and was 5 or 6 pages long, hand written. Then, I took it down to the church, and had Mary make a copy of it. I asked her to make sure Pastor Culwell got a copy in case I didn't see him, and for the fun of it, maybe she'd want to read it, because she might find it really interesting. Of course, it include my declaration that I am Christ. :} Just planting seeds :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chicago - Searchin' So Long

Then, I drove to his home. Mind you, I'm really NOT particularly impulsive or impetuous, nor do I believe in violating other people's privacy.. but I also knew I had to get on the road that night, because I just couldn't afford the cost of hanging out on the road, figuring I had just enough money to get me where I needed to go.

And there were things I wanted to know. I never knew much about what my father did. I knew he worked on highly classified things, and I knew it was important enough to realize I'd been approached by the FBI at least as late as 1975... asking what I knew about my father's work. Only recently did I become aware I know more than I thought. That knowledge always leaves me with many more questions, implications of serious government crimes, and possibly even the smuggling of artifacts after World War II. It's the situation I've found myself caught in the middle of.

So I went to his home, knocked on the door, and he opened it. I was glad he was there. I apologized profusely for barging in on him like that, and asked if he had time to talk to me, even for just a few minutes.

He was very gracious as he invited me in, and acknowledged that he remembered my name and my family. It had, after all, been 40 or more years since I'd seen him last. Remember, though,  in the emails, I'd told him I knew I was the Son of Man... and referred him to some links on the web site. I have no idea if he looked at any of it. My guess is that he didn't.

He asked me to tell him about what I was there to see him about. I asked him about his knowledge of my father, and particularly, his involvement in a political group my father referred to only a couple of times as "Little Orange County".

This was important to me because back in those days, the early 60's, that would have been indicative of more ultra-conservative political activities, sometimes associated with the John Birch Society.  Further, my father's associations with Richard Nixon and apparently, members of the Bush and Kennedy Families, as well as the founders of CBS, Warner Brothers, Ampex, Dolby, RCA/General Electric and others... the Masons, as opposed to the Free-Masons, back in the late 50's... I know these facts are key links to my life today. 

And it's my belief that, among other things... that part of "Little Orange County" had to do with my father's belief that the original intent of the McCarthy hearings... which actually was to purge the government of individuals then loosely linked to the future Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order... but was turned instead into a circus and an abuse of power that ruined the careers and lives of entertainers and citizens in record numbers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - 01 - Building A Mystery

Because of that, my father opposed the McCarthy hearings. And it is my belief that he worked to assist performers who were black listed. I base this a great number of vague memories of famous people, actors and politicians, mentioned by my parents as being part of this "Little Orange County"... as well as some who lived in the area whose work, believe it or not, has information embedded in it in Aesopian languaging... that provides me with information (more than 40 years later) relevant to today's political and global situation. I'm referring to Alfred Hitchcock. I told you God works in mysterious ways :} Hitchcock had his home at the Summit... between Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, in the last 5 or so years of my father's life.

He said, "I remember visiting with your parents in your home several times, and talked with them..."

I kind of missed what he said after that, because I don't ever recall him coming to our home, except maybe once or twice when we held church Halloween or Christmas parties in the patio of our front yard of the 5 acre parcel my father called Los Palo Altos. I realized he was remembering something, like he had an image of something that happened, that represented a relationship to my parents that didn't really exist as fully as the image he had in his mind of it.

He said he didn't know what "Little Orange County" was. That's when I realized the person who would know is the other person I will contact one day.

I was surprised at his answer. And the same time, I still don't ever remember Reverend Culwell ever mentioning politics in his church in a sermon.  Still, I know he was involved with this other person and my father in something. But, I moved on, intrigued at what his reaction would be to the other question.

I told him once again, to job his memory, of the story of the vision I had in his church when I was a child. I thought that would have some impact on him. I'd think if someone told me they had a vision, with things surrounded by a golden-amber color, that I'd be interested in hearing more about it. Actually, inquisitive.

He just sat there, listening.

So then, I told him about the deal I made with God, to be willing to do what he'd ask me to do when the time came, but to show me and teach me what I'd need to know when the time came.

The Reverend didn't seem impressed at all. I was surprised. Again, I thought he'd seem a little more inquisitive. I thought, surely what I'm telling the minister who baptized me a somewhat compelling story, worth wondering about how it's worked out.

I started to tell him about how the government had been tapping my phones and using Psyops to suppress me from talking about political matters in public, how my email would get blocked or clogged and things like that.. I realized that I couldn't possibly be making sense to someone without more information to support the existence and use of directed energy weapons and Psychotronics, let alone CoIntelPro dissident suppression methods.

I told him that all the things I learned, all the things I saw in that vision, came together in 2002... being the minister, teacher, constitutional lawyer, musician and ruler or leader... that they were all happening before my eyes, and that the circumstances of it all were exactly about what is going on today... the New World Order and the attempt to overthrow the Kingdom of God.

I mentioned the stuff about the New World Order because some of the people my father "hung out with" were aware of and opposed to the New World Order in the late 50's.

And I realized again that there was no way for him to understand the truth of what I was telling him unless he knew a great number of details about what I've lived and experienced, witnessed and done. And to know what's been done to me my whole life. So, I decided to give him one more set of facts that I believed would cause him to compare what I was telling him to Biblical Prophecy, and see that there were parallels worth inquiring about.

I reminded him that before, when I emailed him, that I told him I was the Son of Man, and that I had a long list of tricks and traps that had been set for me my whole life, and even a list of people I could list who were harmed because of being good or bad to me since at least the 2nd grade.

And that here I was, homeless and nearly without money... I really thought that would open a door with him. Sure, I'd recently had a haircut, but there I was... I realized again that without more knowledge of certain details of my life that he couldn't possibly understand why any of this would be relevant to the life of the actual Son of Man in relation to mine... I knew that if I could explain, I could actually show him that my life and that of the Son of Man were exactly parallel, even to the moment I was speaking to him...

So, then I told him that since I first contacted him, given the further study I had done and the revelations I'd had about myself and the world and God, that I was certain I was Christ. And of course, I could see in His eyes that I'd lost him completely.

So, I said to him, "I know that when people say these kinds of things, they're automatically considered delusional, and I understand why you'd think that and I can accept that". But I went on "But if you actually understood the story of my life, and what's gone on in the last 6-8 years, you'd know that what I'm telling you is true. And, frankly, I thought that since you were involved with my family when I was young, and since I thought you knew more about my father, I hoped maybe someone had told you something, because I know my family knows about it".

I'm sure those weren't my exact words, but I know that's what I told him.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

He replied to me quickly and directly, and he said "Charles, I l believe you are delusional, and I think it's important that you accept that."

I actually did understand him saying that. Unless he had special knowledge or insight - who knows, maybe he had experienced something when I experienced my vision in his church long ago - how would he know. And how could he possibly know enough about me to know if my life was that of the Son of Man.

And here I am, saying I'm this Biblical person, the only one to exist ever, and I'm in his living room. Of course I know the probability is small. How can I possibly diminish someone for having their doubt. It's reasonable and rational. Although I do expect them to remain alert on the watchtower.

For me, though, that merely presented a situation I was also hoping to confront or experience, although I hadn't expected it here. That was the discussion, what were you expecting? Since he wasn't threatening to call mental health professionals and didn't seem concerned about ushering me out the door, I decided to pursue it.

I said to him, "I understand. I'm just curious though. What is it about me that would have you disregard the possibility that I am the Son of Man, or Christ?"

He said "Well. You don't present yourself as someone who would be the kind of person who would be Christ." He said "Your sisters seem more like to me the kind of people who would be more like Christ".

I understood what he meant by that. I wasn't surprised, although a little disappointed because it's as if people have such a firm impression in their minds of what Christ would look like and be like that if that image isn't met, that there would be no way to "prove" anything.

Besides, like I said about my sisters, particularly back when they were involved with his church and married by him in his church, they did, at that time, at least, present the outward example of people living Christian lives. Keep in mind, I'm not saying saying that they were or weren't. I 'm talking about the image they presented to other people, based on what would be standard or stereotypical cultural and social values. Kind of like how owning a  Mercedes would make people think you're rich or important or something.

So, I accepted his answer, but I thought, there's one more thing I want to know.

I asked him, "If Christ came back today, what would be the proof to you that it was Him?"

He answered "Well, there would be a virgin birth, and crucification and "

I knew at that point that he had lost interest in the conversation. I understood his answer, but he was referring to the Virgin birth of Christ Jesus, and not the journey and becoming of the Son of Man and Christ and the manifestation of God in the flesh through Him in spirit during the end of days.

Still, it provided me with some insight. And please understand, I have no desire to diminish Rev. Culwell in any way. I appreciated his graciousness when I visited him, his candid and direct answers, and his willingness to listen to what I had to tell him.

But I was given an example of a good man I truly respect as a man and as a true, faithful servant of God... who may be like many others...

People have been on the watch tower for such a long time, it's easy to understand that they would take on the attitude that Christ would come again, more as a hope and a promise whose time is calculable but forgotten so easily. If calculated, people would realize that the time is now. It really is.

In my conversation with Pastor Culwell, I have to admit that I was hoping someone had told him something long ago that would connect a whole bunch of dots for me. And even though he had no new facts to offer, his willingness to interact with me about this will be useful in speaking to the concerns of anyone concerning the Kingdom, knowing what it was intended to be, hearing what I have to say as a fellow citizen or otherwise, believing that given time, people will understand that as His Son or as a leader and representative of citizens, that the things I stand for and the principles and values I espouse truly do serve to deliver the promise of delivering the full establishment of the Kingdom of God to this world at this time.

Some will consider it significant that Rev. Culwell did not affirm my identity, or encourage me in any way. I can only respond by saying that knowing the truth about oneself is not dependent upon the approval or affirmation of others, especially when God is directing you to take certain action.

I'm actually encourage, because I believe that I planted a seed with Rev. Culwell, as I have with many people... a seed of consciousness to wake up and open your eyes to the promises and occurrences of the prophecies of God in Revelations... and seeing the signs not only of the corruption of the world indicating the end of days, but looking for that Bright and Morning Star, the Blue Star of the Morning.... the coming of the one God promised would put an end to the suffering and slavery that has oppressed the world for so long.

Like so many things, if you're not looking for something, you won't find it. Get back on the watchtower :}It's only boring when you aren't paying attention :}

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