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For the Love of the World

What Is Satanic Ritual Abuse?

Realizing how it is used to manipulate you in every part of your life


Satanic Ritual Abuse... those are some very impactful words for something that is actually very common and actually pretty simple.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roberta Flack - First Take - 07 - Tryin' Times

Let's take some of the power out of those words by saying, for now, that Satanic Ritual Abuse is the description or name of a way of doing things that accomplish things in a harmful - or Satanic - way, often using abuse, psychological conditioning and suppression of expression to cause its victims to surrender and allow themselves to be abused without struggle.

And it happens like those frogs in a pot Al Gore talks about in "An Inconvenient Truth", the ones who sit in a pot as it slowly rises to a boil and kills them, and they don't even notice it's happening to them.

I believe that Satanic Ritual Abuse is the antithesis of the Golden Rule.

In addition, I find it impossible to not assert that the administration of George W. Bush was not only the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy because he "hijacked a religion" with his proclaimed Christianity, perpetrated deception upon deception upon the citizens of the United States, used phrase after phrase after phrase from the Bible, emulating the words of what would be the words of the real Son of Man.. including declaring a war of hearts and minds... and the real Son of Man would know that such a war would not include military action in that purpose.

And, finally, that the misdirection and propaganda methods they used to deceive us regarding their true intent despite their public statements, the same methods currently being employed by the Obama Administration as well, are Satanic Ritual Abuse en masse, whether they know it, would claim to know it or not.

In many ways, George W. Bush was a perfect example of the rise of a False Christ. There have been many false Christs since the time of Jesus, and in the last 500 years, the approximate actual duration of the Biblical "End of Days".  You hear reports from time to time of people, usually reported as mentally ill, often violent and demanding to be heard... sometimes barging into churches and requiring them to listen to their words... for now, let's not make any assumptions about why they felt compelled to act in such ways...  but, in essence, they too are false Christs.

We expect everything to happen like an overnight, instantaneous happening like the sudden fame of a rock star. And we believe the media will inform us of important events. But, just like the duration of the end of days, most people think it happens over 7 years. Some think 70 weeks. God time is more like an actual 490 years.

There are lots of things happening that you don't even notice. Especially Satanic Ritual Abuse. And the way it's used, it's designed to make you not notice it.

The key to recognizing it is to first understand the goals of Satanic Ritual Abuse and those who employ it.

Jesus was having a sort of abstract discussion with Peter one day, and Jesus told Peter "Peter, as for you, you can do anything, but as for the rest of them - meaning other people - they only do things out of fear".

That's an interesting observation for a man inquiring as to how to transform the world, observe the Golden Rule and commandments, respect the judgments, declarations and invocations of previous Christs, and oppose the errant ways of the government and religion all at the same time. It's also interesting to read that remark and the word "fear" to mean "respect" in the same context.

Jesus was also expressing His confidence that Peter, no matter he did, was going to do the right things, moral things and more... it wasn't like giving him permission to do wild and crazy things that other people "wouldn't be allowed" to do. This was one of the ways Jesus empowered people to take on the ways of the Kingdom of God.

Unfortunately, fear has been incorporated itself not as a word to assist us in understanding our own human nature, an appropriate human response to survive under all conditions, and to adapt to all and any conditions as necessary if only to survive or continue to exist. If we were living under the Golden Rule, we would always seek to alleviate fear through a loving approach.

By a loving approach, I'm not talking about appeasing people who threaten real harm or walking around hugging and kissing people all the time. I'm talking about people who would seek to resolve differences between people and nations in ways based on justice and equality, win-win situations.

Wars are rarely fought over ideological or nationalistic purposes. Wars throughout time have been more to appease financiers seeking greater profits through plundering and literally stealing the resources from other nations. Enslaving people, through chains and subsistence wages, in order to increase their wealth.

They use governments to do it, and they've spent billions of dollars to train you to accept whatever they do.

If there was any single truth that George W. Bush told, it was that we truly are in a battle between good and evil, to determine the rule of this world for the next 1,000 years., although even that was an inaccurate interpretation of scripture.

Fear has been a powerful tool of politics and financiers. In some ways, fear has been used to manipulate through religion. That's not to indict anyone, but to cause people to think.

If I was a minister, I would not want people to take on being "good Christians" because they fear their demise, if not torture, after death. I would want them to actually realize that being Christian made sense. In the material and spiritual worlds.

That's the way God wants it.

George W. Bush, as presidents often do, left office leaving behind a legacy of war and a financial crisis. If you were to check history, you would this is often the case in one way or another. This is a means to perpetuate a bad policy with the new administration blaming it on the previous, leaving people falsely believing that the best that can be done is being done, and you just have to live with the result. Meanwhile, the new administration produces and 1,100 page bailout package that no one has time to read before voting on, while Barack Obama proclaims that we need fear if this package is not passed quickly. The same way Bush demanded that all legislation be passed quickly out of fear of disaster.

Satanic Ritual Abuse... using fear to cause you to accept the circumstances and results of what's being done to you in a way that forces you to simply live with the results, like it or not, regardless of the harm it does. After all, what are you going to do, you can't fight city hall...

So you give up and live with it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - For The Love Of Money

It's the same way they train children to allow themselves to be put on display naked where they can be fondled without responding, like little statues. There's nothing they can do, so they train their minds to ignore it, and simply accept that "it's the way it is".

En masse, what can you do when a Democratic Congress allows laws and loopholes without oversight that would have prevented the sub-prime crisis, and then tell you they're going to save you by perpetuating the same kinds of policies that cause the problem, installing CEO's of the very corporations that caused the problems into the staff of the Treasury Department.

Clearly it's all deception, misdirected by the election of the first American black president... in time, you'll understand the truth of that unfortunate statement.

Ultimately, the citizens of the United States, and many countries around the world that have similarly had their economies pillaged and held ransom by these same financiers, will simply have to put up with whatever decisions are made by these corporate   politicians who believe your suffering is necessary in order for them to control the world through economic coercion, also called economic slavery.  Hillary Clinton, in her 2008 Presidential Nomination Campaign, declared she believed in economic coercion.

Just like the Bible says, either go along with their ways, or they'll make it hard for you to survive.

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, is a "book" that literally lays out the plans and means that the "deceivers",   described in Ezekiel 8 verses 7 through 18 - the infiltrators of the 12 Tribes who became leaders in Israel - who were always speaking honorable things in public while committing evil in the "back rooms" and "parlors" of governance. That document actually, clearly states that the evil-doers, not the Jews, would use economic coercion to force people to adopt their ways and respect their immoral and unethical laws and tyrannies.

These are the same people, the same spirits, described in Revelations 3:9 as "Those who call themselves Jews but are not"... It's good to know that technically, Jews, per se, are not necessarily of the 12 tribes of Israel, but originally, when the term became used, it included those of a more mystical religion of Druidism from people who merged with the Israelites while in exile in Jordan. Please do not assume that all people who would be described as Druids are evil, or that they would not be faithful to their Jewish Religion.

It is, however, people ascribing more to Druidism who control the United States, and are on the brink of controlling the world through electronic and technological means, economic control and war. It has everything to do with all the laws and electronic surveillance installed under the pre-text of defense against terrorism. A threat that is highly overstated for political purposes.

As John Mellencamp stated on the Stephen Colbert Show one night, if we citizens said and did what these politicians do, we'd be arrested for fraud.

All those things said, let's compare it all to a simple paradigm and discussion.

God is good, Satan is bad.

God does good things, Satan looks for ways to make those things go bad.

God did not punish the United States for gay people by allowing the tragedies of September 11, 2001. Hurricane Katrina was not a vengeful act of God. "The Elders" say they want people to blame God, to be angry at God for their misfortune - misfortune caused by Satan - so you'll choose to follow leaders, false idols, instead of respecting God. Just like the Bible says.

And there are a few more events that will happen soon that will make that apparent.

If the government of the United States was acting as a Christian Nation, a nation proclaiming itself to be "under God" and specially anointed to be God's light unto the world.. would we perpetrate harm upon other nations and people in order to force their compliance, and continue a perpetual threat to kill or economically coerce them if they "don't go along"?

That has been the policy of the United States Government for more than 100 years. If you don't believe that, it's because you are either uninformed, or you believe the "national media", that is owned by the same groups of people loyal to the financiers, paid to make you believe what these "Elders" want you to think while they're stealing you blind and killing your children for wars based on lies... and who pay for our politicians who pass laws and wage wars to enrich their profits.

Does that sound Satanic, or applying the Golden Rule of God?

Try looking at it this way, through the messages and examples of Jesus Christ, and in a moment, you'll see why the question is that simple. And you may have heard some of these "arguments" before, but I ask that you listen this time objectively, void of any opinions you may have about the events in the world today.

These are these messages, the "rules" if you will that Jesus and others put forward as guidelines for our  conduct in the world, toward our families, neighbors, cities, countries, and everyone in the world. Imagine running a country, or a world, and absolutely never "breaking the rules". The rules and guidelines established in the New Testament, our primary source of the story of Christ Jesus and Christianity, and what we say is the basis of the conduct of our nation, and what others should be.

Thou shalt not kill, a 10 Commandment established long before

Jesus said to "turn the other cheek". It may well be a valid interpretation to believe this means to allow other people to harm you without recourse, but it really doesn't. It may mean you may need to. There is a great deal of writing in the Bible saying there is honor in longsuffering and in being persecuted. And there is. But you need to understand that God never intended anyone to suffer in any way in order to prove their loyalty to Him. That's is the work of the devil.

So, when the media or politicians say something that enflames the so called "Christian Conservatives" and "Christian Coalition", and then put them on TV as if they are extremists, they not only cause non-believers and non-church-going people to be repelled by "those people", but that short burst of publicity gives those people hope of progress, only to have those hopes dashed when the publicity fades, the elections are over or laws are passed contrary to promises made by the people who voted for the contradictory laws.

One of the methods of Satanic Ritual Abuse is to raise a victim's hopes as high as possible, and then dash them so that they become demoralized, until they give up. It's a strategy.

Now, because of manipulative politics, the Republicans have turned over the use of Christians to the Democrats because Christians don't trust Republicans the way they used to.

But, one of the greater messages of turn the other cheek, and it relates to what I just said, is this: you'll be taunted and tormented into making mistakes, to say things that will be used against you later and do things you might be embarrassed about, used as blackmail to silence and suppress you. To allow those offending you to do what they want to do while you have been trained to endure it. And feel proud of the persecution you are being subjected to, instead of realizing that you can control the way you are portrayed in today's world and  thereby avoiding persecution by not allowing yourself to be provoked in any way that allows you to be held accountable as or shown as an example of a bad person or extremist, and therefore, someone not desirable to be around, with the possible exception of if you are truly willing to stand your ground in the battle of hearts and minds for the principles you stand for, without regard to your public image.

That is what a true minister and servant of God would do, with the example of Christ before them at all times. Willing to stand without breaking the rules, so that those who are evil are shown to be evil without justification.

Jesus rejected the idea of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 02 - Love Is Stronger Than Justice

God is clear, vengeance is His. Jesus stood for justice. There is no doubt about that. But justice that was just, not decrees of laws that were not moral or ethical or fair that were enforced through force of one kind or another. And His ultimate desire and plan was a world where no enforcement was required, believing that if every being had what they needed, there would be no crime or law to enforce.

A Biblical example of His ways of justice are in the instruction that it is appropriate for someone to testify against another who committed a crime, but as in the case of murder where the punishment is death, if someone testifies, pleading for the punishment of death of another and that punishment is carried out, the person testifying for that punishment is therefore guilty of murder and subject to the same punishment.

It's a direct parallel to the respect of that whatever you hold against another in this world will be held against you in the next. A paradigm.

Except most people will, conveniently interpret that to mean that you must forgive everyone before you die or you will not be forgiven. Another valid interpretation is that if you withhold information of injustice and crimes committed by people, particularly if the crimes are ongoing, then the "penalties" for those crimes will be held against you. Even in the laws of man, withholding  such information is an obstruction of justice, and being an accessory to the crime.

Still, Jesus, who fundamentally understood but opposed war and violence, understood one thing well, and communicated that under any circumstance, we should honor any person who would give their own life to save another's.

He understood, underneath it all, that if we lived in a world where all people would respect the value of life so much that they would give their own life for someone else to defend them, that we would then live in a world where no one would need to give their lives to defend anyone.

But in God's Kingdom, warfare is always of hearts and minds, not militaristic, with the exception of defending oneself. That would not include provocative pre-emptive strikes or the threat of war to coerce another nation. And there would never be an unwillingness to discuss international matters, and if there is, you should assume that there is something unjust in the negotiations or motives of one side or the other.

The United States positions itself in the world of politics in a way that says "bow to us or we won't talk to you".  It sounds very much like the anti-Christ in the end of days.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a government that thinks it has the right to rule the world. And deceive people at will in order to rule the world through military force, invoking the will and blessings of God,  who has waited patiently for thousands of years for the beings on earth to socially evolve to the point that God could be with them and enjoy their company, waiting patiently because He was honoring His promise of granting us free will and choice and liberty.

If there's any lessons of history about this, it would have to be that empires of this sort don't work. And, that the only thing that holds them together until they fall is tyranny, terrorism against its own citizens and finally, bankrupting its economy as the citizens of that nation suffer hardship for the sins of their leaders.

And that is why it is accurate to say that these people think they can do better than God, the ones who will not stop what they're doing because they don't believe they are wrong.  The ones who literally want to overthrow the Kingdom of God and rule it for the next 1000 years. And the ones who are unwittingly assisting them for desire of power and fame and glory.

I truly hope you're beginning to see how the United States Government is the instrument of deception upon deception, and that the actions of this nation, perpetrated by the leaders, not the citizens, is so very anti-Christian. And why "The Protocols" is so relevant to this discussion.

When citizens grow tired of being scared by the government, the government sells them hope. When the citizens give up hope or become satisfied, leaders scare them again.

Are you a Christian because the example of Jesus Christ and the Golden Rule and Commandments make sense to you, or because you're afraid of what would happen to you after you die if you didn't, or weren't sure?

If you're a real Christian who is afraid to die, then I say you're a Christian living in a world of people who have something to gain by you doubting what you know is true.

And to cause you to have those doubts IS a psychological ploy of those administering Satanic Ritual Abuse. To have you constantly questioning your beliefs so that you become disoriented by the diversity of thoughts about the subject, even when you don't believe those other thoughts. To cause you to believe that if you make your beliefs known, beliefs these "controllers" don't want accepted in a public forum, that you will be diminished, you'll be made to feel out of place, or even mentally ill.

That is fascism, and it is abusive.  There's nothing wrong with intellectually honest discussion. There is something wrong with people, politicians and organizations that try to trick you into believing things that aren't true.

It's like me, knowing my whole life I would somehow be a minister, and even to this day, feeling a little uncomfortable at the idea of standing out or looking "weird" for using legitimate language that is the vernacular of the Christian Religion. That is pure suppression through Satanic Ritual Abuse.

It's like politicians who say Islamists are extremists for calling people infidels. The Bible calls people infidels too.

It's Satanic because it's not the kind of thing that a Christian or a believer in God would do.

It's Ritual because it is the sort of thing Satanists do to their submissives, and it's ritual because these people have learned to do it in a very systematic way that is successful time and time again.

It's abuse because it leads to financial doom for innocent people, suffering for the impoverished, wars and injustice. And they do it in such a way that the victims take on, whether they believe it or not, that their misfortune is their own fault.

When the economic crisis occurred, the first thing financiers and lawmakers said was "The consumers should have known they could not afford the homes".

There are patterns to the ways these "elders" work. In the United States, most of their directives come from the Council on Foreign Relations, whose membership and patrons are nearly the entirety of the leadership of the United States Government, Republican and Democrat, Barack Obama and John McCain,  and a few secret societies such as the Skull and Bones, whose members commemorate their leaders' life by naming the Senate Building after him, the master of the Russell Trust, former Senator   Jack Russell... The Skull and Bones, the Yale Fraternity of both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and a surprising list of other politicians who are not really your friends.

I was frankly surprised when I did the research and realized it was true, that these people are associated with other groups associated with the implementation of the plans of the Illuminati, the same people who backed Hitler, and who are truly Satanic in their origins and intent.

It may seem extreme to call it Satanic, because of the power the word has in our culture, but when you think about it, when people are manipulated and deceived as we are... when our religions are hijacked and abused and diminished for political purposes... when our liberties are deprived of us because of a false sense of fear disseminated by the media and politicians...

If God is good and Satan is bad, then people should recognize that Satan is at work in this world, in a big way, working feverishly to cause you to choose his ways over God's, causing emulations and circumstances to make you believe that the evil Satan is doing is the work and wrath of God...

If you believe in the love and compassion and judgment of God, then you have to start realizing, in no uncertain terms, that the things going bad and wrong in this world are the work of Satan.

When George W. Bush called the nations he named the Axis of Evil evil-doers, he was emulating the Bible and deceiving us, using the old ploy of accusing someone else of doing what he was doing himself.

When he said the Taliban hijacked a religion, he was giving cover or inoculation against the charge that he and the Republican party had hijacked the Christian Religion for political purposes. A charge that many Christians are making.

This was not to demonize George W. Bush or Barack Obama as individuals. I just needed to give you real world examples of how the anti-Christ, whether they know they are part of the anti-Christ or not, do things. They deceive. They cause or overlook injustice. And if you understand more of the story of the Biblical end of days, you'll be able to see that they are living the story of the evil-doers.

This is an area where it would be wise to have your minister, and your churches, take a step back and review, once again, with greater scope, what would be occurring in the world and how in the end days.

And, to keep in mind, while we always talk of having faith in God, this is a time when you need to know that God has faith in you to be ever mindful, especially now, of the tricks and traps of the work of the devil, and how all the opinions and actions and lifestyles and materialism and narcissism we have been taught to think of as normal and good that actually diminish the quality of our lives and the relationships we have with other people...

That God has faith and confidence in you to hear these words and heed the warning and know that if you stand fast, as a moral citizen justified in God and Jesus, and not blindly reliant on the judgment of leaders of all sorts, keeping your eyes open and looking to see if what is going on with you and others actually expresses Christianity, and even your own personal views of what is right and wrong.

And then, consider what it would actually take to correct the situation. The Bible says those who choose to save their lives will lose their lives. It's very much like what Ben Franklin said, that those willing to give up liberty for security are worthy of neither...

God wants you to know that you are His partners, my partners, in standing firm to the fundamental principles and values that we, as citizens, claim as Christians and people of high moral value. To be people who actually "be" Christ-like at this time, peaceful in action, resolved in determination, representations of the citizens of the Kingdom of God, and courageous enough to respectfully and boldly speak out about the abuses of the spirits and beings of the world, the desire to have a world that includes all of God's children and creation as His family united through a loving approach to all things.

Do these things, resist the extreme temptations and trials of this time, and I assure you, when we are through, you will be worthy of pride in being part of causing the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, and all of the blessings of the promises He made and will keep.

Let it be so. Amen. God bless you.




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