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For the Love of the World

Technology, Human Rights, Pro-creation
and Deception Upon Deception Upon Deception



Hurricane Katrina, Bill Clinton, the Bush Family, Barack Obama, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati/Skull & Bones, the media,  and the witness against them on behalf of America: John F. Kennedy. What Kennedy predicted about America and the world.

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There are a great number of issues associated with religion which appear to be in conflict with human rights, issues that we claim are rightfully on morals and responsibility, by citizens and science, and because politics wants us to be in conflict to cause us to take sides, to vote one way or another based on which side has most successfully hi-jacked religion at the time. The same is true of how politicians use the media to amplify the issue at strategic times, and how management follows corporate orders, paying good money for politicians who will do them favors in return for support of their candidacies.

Examples of this might be NBC's support of Barack Obama in the last election, as well as promoting his presidency like a tv show after his election, because they will now, under parent corporation General Electric, for some reason, be receiving a contract and the rights to administer the next Enron-type scheme, to manage the trading of Cap and Trade credits.

Cap & Trade is a codeword for a method used by corporations and the government to claim they are reducing polution cna carbon emissions, all the way creating a way for heavy polluters to buy the right to piollute more by buying credits, or another company's right to pollute. The companies who they will buy credits from are those who don't pollute as much, and thus, the right to pollute that the heavy polluting corporations buy and end up causing more pollution than if the Cap & Trade system never existed. General Electric will receive some estimated $646 billion dollar in profits over the next 8 years.

NBC is, of course, located in Rockefeller Center, named for the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which Brian Willimas is a member, Just like Tom Brokaw and nearly every other TV anchor, particulalry on mainstream network tv like ABC, NBC and CBS.

Meanwhile, rememebr when the George W. Bush Administration spent all that money on Tamiflu for the threatened flu outbreak? Deja vu. Here with are with a swine flu outbreak and a national urgency to develop and provide a vaccine with federal dollars. That you'll pay for again when you go to the doctor to get your vaccination. I wonder what pharmaceutical company got paid off with that? Could it be Pfizer? Are they still owned by Time-Warner, a corporate sponsor of the Council on Foreign Relations?

Did I mention that Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are members of the Council on Foreign Relations? You'll be shocked to find out who else is. And they say it's not a conspiracy.

And yet, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that these people don't want you to read says that the Satanists will place social issues into play in the public discussion in ways to be sure the rights of one group will come into conflict with those of another and cause utter confusion and frutration amongst the citizens by wearing them down and tiring them out with issues that politicians don't actually want to resolve because these wedge issues are very effective at manipulating people's emotions, and when they do, people forget a plethora of other issues, or are distracted from other issues they would be as concerned or more concerned about if they realized the truth, and once again believed that you can fight city hall.

I told you all that because there are many groups striving to divide us all by using wedge issues of what sort or another. Each of them is seeking power and contro, and they think nothing of lying and saying whatever needs to be said to get elected or win your confidence.

One proof is how Barack Obama pledged to get us out of war in Iraq, then quietly sent the troops pulled out straight to Afghanistan, improperly trained and equipped, over 30,000 so far, to continue the battle for the Caspian oil pipeline and, interestingly enough, one of the prime beneficiaries of that war is General Electric.

While the U.S. threatens Iran, Exxon, aka Rockefeller, gets the contract to manage Iran's new oil pipelines and suddenly, Obama takes a softer line on Iran, which is related to other matters as well.

Meanwhile, our troops ar ebeing hidden under the umbrella of NATo, and as we encroach in N. Korean waters claiming N. Korea is acting in a provocative manner, breaking no laws by testing its military defenses since we are threatening them for using the nuclear reactors that CBS/Westinghouse sold them with the aid of board member Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld also criticized Iraq for chemical weapons Rumsfeld arranged to provide them during the Reagan Administration.

Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Colin Powell, George Tenet all members of the Council on Foreign Relations. It's a very long and distinguished list of members, including Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulous, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Bill Moyers, Kitty Pilgrim. Lots of people I've enjoyed over the years for their liberal reporting and journalistic integrity, just like you.

So, while this organization basically controlling the government and the media, as Donald Rumsfeld said, in war, the first thing you have to do is control communications. The Council on Foreign Relations, one way or another, does.

During the preseidential election of 2008, after one of the debates, MSNBC held a discussion with a number of people they put those meters on to tell how they felt about the discussion of certain issues.

I don't rememebr the issue, but on ewoman actually said she couldn't believe John McCain would bring it up sinc eth emedia had long stopped discussing the issue. As if the media determines what is an appropriate issue for a presidential debate. As if the media is responsible for bein gthe authority about wht is and is not important in an election.

Rmemebr, at one point, John McCain declared, "This election is about personality". And from that point on, it was all about Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Barack and Michelle and the kids and I couldn't tell if I was watching an election or a continuos run of Saturday Night Live.

In the midst of it all, I got a hold of this picture, that I just have to share with you that symbolizes just how rediculous and rigged the last election was, featuring Barack Obama in Robert Redford's old role in "The Candidate".

All because part of the covert plan of the Council on Foreign Relations to consolidate power in the United States just like... this is what they want me to say because they know the truth is something you've been taught to dismiss by the media as the talk of conspiracy theorists, that discredited lot... Democratic Socialists, otherwise known as Nazis. It's pretty much the same plan, despite the platitudes that soften its implementation.

It' swhy the republican are trying to get you to hear them calling the Democrats Democrat Socialist Party, because for some reason, fear of discrediting for using such words, they don't want to say it straight out if for no other reason than many of them are memebrs of the Council on Foreign Relations too. Especially memebrs of both sides in the Senate.

The Bible says these are sly and cunning people. And they are. And these are the people we all have trusted while they have systematically nullified The Constitution of the United States with laws that violate it in every sense and interpretation, with laws that use the defense of national secrets and other providions to make it impossible to investigate or prosecute in order to prove their unconstitutionality.

They changed the definitions of words, so that now, instead of having the right to declare someone an enemy combatant and detain them indefinitely, they now call them "detainees", meaning anyone could be detained indefinitely without recourse, and they don't have to be an enemy combatant, they could just be a political dissenter, anyone who gets in their way.

And I want stress the importance of considering why you trust people who would deprive you of your Constitutioanl Rights all the while breaking their oaths of office and, in some ways, committing treason by doing so.

These same people are the same people who show you support for issues that keep you busy, use your time and energy, giving you hope, and they your support with votes and campaign donations, while your issues are set aside or progress appears to be made, even though it's really a one step forward, two steps back pseudo-victory.

How this relates to issues of technology, abortion and pro-creation is that you are allowing your leaders to blind you from the greater dangers that face us.

Let's be clear about a few things that I've discussed before in a more political sense.

currently being completed....





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