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For the Love of the World

Why Jesus the Christ, and why the Second Coming



God and I talk all the time. Ii wanted to say that up front so Rahm Immanuel and Eric Holder, the Attorney General, would have ample excuse to set up a competency hearing or have me detained as an enemy combatant, or some other such lie or contrivance to shut up people like me who want to tell the truth.

Like the brother of Stew Webb, who supposedly commit suicide by shooting himself in the head, twice.

Like at Waco, when so may theological scholars, including from Harvard, believed there wa so much truth in what David Koresh was speaking, they would have used any excuse or means to shut him. And they did. They made Koresh out to be crazy and deluded in the national media, and then used directed energy weapons and psychotronics to confuse the people in the compound, all the while using psychotronics to make it seem to Koresh that God was talking to him, telling him to write God's final instructions before Koresh died, causing the public to hear that Koresh, the insane man, was talking to God and delaying their own surrender, making it look like the Branch Davidians were desperate criminals holding out against the righteous government, supposedly making it look like they brought it on themselves.

What was brought upon them, finally, for those people who think the Branch Davidians sacrificed their children for the sake of an errrant cult, let me tell you what really happened. The ATF accosted some of the Branch Davidians in town, so the Davidians went home to tend to their completely legal business as gun dealers, minding their own business, attempting to exercise their freedom of religion, actually long since lost.

Fedearl agents and military went to their home, fired shots at them, and made it appear the Davidians were the aggressors. The entire siege at Waco was caused by the United States Government to give them an excuse to exterminate them like bugs.

And here's how they did it. After starting gun fight after gunfught, the government forces attacked the complex with cyanide projectiles that both caused a fire and killed them al with cyanide. Anyone who tried to fell the building were shot to death, because the last thing the government wanted was witnesses. Only, a few survived.

Senate hearings lead by Joe Biden and Orrin Hatch were nothing but a cover up, like blue panel commissions. They use the word commission because the Aesopian joke is, they're committing a crime to cover up their crimes like true criminals do.

Just like the man ewho engineered Waca is the same man who engineerd Ruby Ridge. The government's hit man when it was time silence someone in a way to intimidate other people in the general public.

Those children whose murders were white washed by the government to clear the FBI and ATF.. let me tell you how they died.

When you'r egiven cuanide, it's incredibly painful, because your muscles contract so much, it shuts down your heart and lungs, but before it does that, it causes the muscles to contract to the extent that many of these had broken backs, suffering as the cyanide took effect and the fire consumed their bodies.

If you think that's bad, check out waco93.org, and you'll find out that I haven't even begun to tell you how horrible it really was.

I consider my situation, contained by Federal agents and authorites, writing a book, that when finished, will likely be a remnant the government will propagandize, and paid apostates will condemn, when I'm dead. That was the set up on me since 2000. My life has been hell.

The life and times of Jesus weren't much different. withthe elders of churches and citizens who had been lied to tried to stone him when and wherever he spoke, and the government and apostate church leaders were so adamant about their zeal to retain pwoer, they would have used any excuse and told any lie to cause people to hate him and kill him. And they did.

I want Mel Gibson to know, the Jews are not to blame for the crucifiction of Christ Jesus, the eleders of Zion, the ancients, those who call themselves Jews but are not, the apostates and people who use the name of God in vain toward their own ends are responsible. In this country, it's the Christians, like George W. Bush and Barack Obama, people who say they are Christians but are causing the exact same circumstances and corruption that led to the Crucification of Jesus.

So let's talk a little about why Jesus was sent, and why I am here now, and why the truth of what I tell you is more important than my own existence. And I implore you to believe that I have never had a desire to be a hero or martyr of any sort. I am simply His willing servant.

So, God and I talk alot, sort of "Conversations With God", if you will. I inquire of things He guides to to inquire about, and I com eup with questions like, tell me the real story of creation, and He says, it' snot important right now. I ask Him waht to say about abortion nad He says I already told you and you already wrote it down. And it's not important right now.

And I say, but these people, the Christians on TV they expect me to outlaw it immediately. He says "I know, that's why it's not important right now. Remember what I told you when you were 3 years old, if it's on TV, it's not real." He told me that, and then shortly afterward, I saw this man on TV. And then another day shortly after, I answered the door when I heard a knock, and it was Richard Nixon. God works in mysterious ways. Think about that, and figure it out for yourself. Richard Nixon was real man, of course, but the man you saw on tv, the man making the promises and speeches, that's not the real Richard Nixon.

Given my father's hatred of propaganda and injustice, I know He wanted me to figure out, as Nixon himself tried to warn us, being the puppet in a pickle as vice President and President, in a machine that was out of control, as he described to Viet Nam protestors in Washington DC, who believed him and actually understood that if he could stop the war in Viet Nam he would, as well as do many more great things he knew in his heart he had actually set out to do.

But he was caught in the same machine that actually controls the United States and now, most of the world, the same machine President Eisenhower tried to warn us about that he called The Military Industrial complex, which is now more like the Corporate military Insdustrial complex as designed by Jimmy Carter and the Rockefellers in 1958, the final theory to complete the installation of the New World Order that had been in the works for now, over a century.

10 days before his assassination, President John F. Kennedy made this statement in a speech given to ....

foment.... da da da

Before Kennedy, no President for decades had dared defy the Council on Foreign Realtions, let alone the kingmakers of this nation, the Kennedy's, the Bush's, the Rockefeller's. Rothchild.. and so many more.

I'm going to throw a few ideas and facts at you, so please bear with me because, once again, to get big picture, this will take more than a one concept explanation that I'll provide you later.

First, I came across a document that proved something God was trying to tell me that I never heard before. God works with me the same way as you. He doesn't want me to do anything without making sure that what He tells me makes sense, not just because I need to understand it to apply good judgment, but because He is adamant about free will. Just as He always complains in the Bible "is there no one I can trust", not just because people, His Christs and anointed ones made mistakes adn were misled and those kinds of forgiveable errors, but because He needs to be able to work with us like a good, friendly boss who actually cares about you, you know the kind.

Christs, prophets, ministers, they often look at the word and and the scriptures and their guidance from God as explicit orders, instead of things to inquire about in terms of what action to take, using and knowing God's ways, no matter what, and if you don't understand, He asks for your patience while He tells you more things, one way or another, until you do understand and when you realize that, He allows you free will with the guidance of His grace to do what needs waht needs to be done.

God was trying to tell me something about how He actually always has been in this world in the flesh, as part of a divine being in spirit.. . like Jesus and the other Christs.. not taking them over like we think of demon possession, but adding His wisdom to their consciousness, what I refer to as their personal conscious cosmos.

The reason I bring this up is because one day I happened upon a document that I believe confirms this fact, that God has always been present and exists on earth as an eternal power and spirit. From this document, it is apparent that many governmental powers and leaders, as well as spiritual leaders have known this truth through the ages, but have actually suppresed this truth in order to thwart the plans of God that, as supposed servants of God and empires, they promised to keep, and thus, the righteous fall of every empire in the history of humanity.

Jesus says, when speaking of the treatment of the poor and sick, if you do that to them, you do that to me, meaning he took on their suffering as their representative, to give voice to their grievances of suffering to the government to end it. That is one of the responsiblilites of the Christs through the ages, teh anointed ones, chosen t be the vessel of thespirit of God in the flesh in the world, passed from generation to generation from the Father himself and finally through my father and through me.

That Jesus was crucified could be argued that it was never the desired outcome but a probable one, and thus prophecy of that potential was easy to predict.

And remember, back in those times, it was typical for governments and churches to stand up against, persecute, imprison and put to death Christs, from Abraham to Moses and Paul and you name it... even the bulk o fthe signers of the U.S. Declaration if Independence died of violent or unusual deaths, or bankrupted beyond belief for betraying the cause of the empire that desires to retake the empire again.

The kings would even send out soldiers and spies to kill or keep track of these Christs, because the last thing apostates and governments want to do is to be held accountable by God Himself, who they know is the person who is Christ. And they always know who Christ, the Son of Man, is, and they set Him up and suppress Him and even kill the body that is His vessel.

AS they did to Jesus. As I believe they did and can not prove by public domain information when they covertly murdered my father, and as I know they have done to me since birth, and harm me with military weapons as I write this. And the set up is, they'll say I was a fraud, the subject of psychotronic brainwashing, then they'll commission an explanation, and think they've beaten God. At least, that's what they may tell you, asa dialectics go.

The idiots actually believe that by killing a body, they can kill the spirit of God which will never die and just bless some other being and body. And then laugh at them some more, as He patiently teaches us all the ways to a life of Global Peace and Abundance for all. You know, the full establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Now they think they have me. I never had a child, let alone a boy to continue the lineage. As if God can't deal with that issue.

There's a simple solution these evil-doers, the infidels the Bible talks about... God said He'd shorten the days of tribulation, so he made some lemonade from the situation and said, okay, this reallyis the last time I'm going to allow you to get away with this evil, so I'm going to give the kid the time to learn what He needs to learn about how evil you workers of Satan are, and he'll get beat up for wuite a while and you'll get arrogant and think you won, and you'll make the case yourself to the public with your own words and actions that you're guilty of crimes against the citizens of your nations, that you'll either have to resign and go into hiding, or be arrested for at least treason, and, live by the sword die by the sword of the death penalty, face the prospect of your own executions becuase of your own evil laws that you set the standards for in order to justify causing an entire world to believe the death penalty was just despite the commandment thou shalt not kill.

Many fewer fetuses die each year from abortion than peopel killed by unnecessary famine, illegal war and genocide, and disease that need not kill anyone. God says its tim eto pay more attention to that right now, and the reasons those conditions exist before blaming gay people and young women for the problems of the world. It may be easier to do, but it's a distraction manufactured to distract you from more important issues related to the survival of humanity itself.

Politicians created those issues to hijack your religion, and apostate ministers, some who were even well meaning went along because it allowed them to garner large audiences, while they were covertly convinced to go along, ultimately providing religious authority and credibility for corrupt politicians.

Of course, the apostates thought, their presence would cause the lesser of two evils, which is still evil and anti-Christ. Just like politicians in government who are appalled at government crimes and keep their mouths shut. These types need to know the truth: the world would be better off if they resigned or were imprisoned as co conspirators or accessories after the fact, as they would charge and imprison any citizen under the law for the same offenses and silence.

And the law currently says the goverment can imprison anyone, anytime for whatever reason without any explanation to anyone, including to your family, who might just wonder what happened to you after you disappear.

People don't understand that governments pass these laws because they plan to use them when they are ready. If we and they agreed these laws are bad, then why don't they get rid of those laws? Because they're tools, slowly put in place, while the water boils and the frogs die.

On the turniang away, Pink Floyd

I told Paul Begala about 5 years ago, when he was so proudly talking abou tthe patriotism of the Democrats for having crafted a great deal of the Patriot Act, which happened long before 911.

I told him, any laws you guys pass to gain advantage over other people can and will be used against you as well.

As God is my witness, we are looking at a living example of how God always turns the tables on Satan one way or another. Before I knew about psychotronics, I was making a joke about how, I like anyone, could make the case myself that I was crazy in their own ways. They're makin gthe cae of their own guilt themselves.

No wonder the Republicans have been trying to seel the Democrats as being Democrat SOcialist, or, Democratic Socialists, better known as Nazis. If you don' tbelieve me, look up Operation Paperclip on the web. And who funded it. And who controls the Unted States today. Rockefeller, and the Council on Foreign Relations, the New World Order incorporated. The body of Satan.

Sometimes I think about these things and get riled up and tell you more than you'r eprobably wanting to hear or capable of fully understanding without having all the lies you've been told make you mad at me for telling the truth.

One of those, don't kill the messenger things that Christs and true servants of God have to do. We call it moral imperative. God calls it part of the Golden Rule.


I wonder how many people have already figured out what I'm getting at about why Jesus and why the "Second Coming".

Let's review. God created the heavens and the earth, all sort of bugs and people and plants and everything need to provide a sustainable environment for life to survive indefinitely, except for the occasional meterite or other events that caused the evolution of the cosmos to begin again at a certain starting point, like drawing the line and saying, from here on out.

Now, people and all didn't come along for a long, long time, despite the way the condensation of that partof history in the BIble and the writings dating back to whenever the frst ones were found make it seem. God says the details of all that aren't important unless you're an intellectual theologian who gains power in church communities by proving how smart you are by correcting everyone else's lives and knowledge of the Bible as if knowing the Bible is actually a true measure of a person's Christianity, as in following in the steps of Christ. He says that sort of debate is a distraction, especially now.

I want you to know, I don't how to handle it when God says something through me. Would you want me to say, and God said..? Because He just said that, and it's important that you accept that. He's very direct, but never means it to diminish anyone. He says truth is truth, and an adult, especially a real servant of God, can handle it.

Finally, God fine tuned animal instincts - you know, the need to survive and seek shelter, protec the young and got the animal and plant life balanced, as well as the image of how people would be as the consciousness of the cosmos evolved over time and experience, as cultures and societies grew, and the more animalistic insticts were no longer required.

And when that happened, God said, the world would be ready for these animal bodies of ours and the spirits of beings to be merged and learn to live in peace, so I can have friends. It's the spirit that makes people special, not intellect.

So He did a little more creating, and then He created the Garden of Eden, and gave the spirit of His son the body of Adam, and then created another body of Eve, and they were as one as a family and as beings, people, whose internal beliefs and innocence were accurately reflected in the way they lived their lives.

Until the knowledge of sin.

God knew this could happen, but He granted us all free will, and didn't want us to perish or live shorter lives just because we acted and lived according to the times and influences we live in.
He did, however, want us to learn what we needed to learn to know what sin was, and then to provide an example of what a life without damning sin looked like, and what the "boundaries" of that definition would mean.

In other words, what would God have us know that would have us learn and chose what you might call a whole, and more healthy and nurturing life because "we love everything", no, really, because we love our lives and the world we live in, and want to see all of creation flourishing instead of in a world where greed and competition cause people to hope for other people's harm in order for them to get ahead.

Whether in Islam or Christianity, I can't imagine source approving of that kind of world. It just isn't God's way.

Anyone minister who believes that God would have us wage war against Islamic nations, particularly if you knew the truth of what was going on in the middle east and how the media is misleading you about the intents of Iran, couldn't possibility understand the ways of God, profess the teachings of Christ or even claim to be informed on global and national events.

I say that as a challenge for someone to prove me wrong, with facts.

It's amazing how history repeats itself. The world seemed to be going along so well, and I stress appeared, until the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I actually WAS a coup. The best resource I've found is a book called "History Will Not Absolve Us". When you read it, you'll be as upset and feeling as betrayed as my Father was. He knew something that changed His life, all of our lives.

But history repeats itself...

When you think back to the first stories in the Bible, you had a world that was being populated and people were learning to work as tribes, and then communities and nations and such. Remember, they had few tools like we do, like electricity or cars or even mass media. You had to do what you had to do to survive, and that would mean killing food and defending the family, building a farm or ranch or whatever you could imagine. It makes the wild west tame in some ways.

If you wanted to inform peole, you had to walk around telling people or gather followers who would spread the word, person to person. Sort of the origins of viral marketing.

As time went on, and as governments and technolgies for war and other inventions were developed, life changed. Throughout time. The CHrists of their time each were responsible for upholding the Commandments of God as well as interpreting their intent with the knowledge and wisdom of God's will as they applied to that time.

Every Christ has had the authority to establish rules for governance, morality and values for those who profess CHristianity and other religions respecting God, not fearing, respecting, and typically, the resistance of governments and established churches.

But things change over time in ways you might not consider. I mentioned technology.

We were told of certain animals and foods that were healthy or not based on foot structures and such. This was not some arbitrary commandment or edict. Even the simple fact that technology now allows us to do away with the risks of worms and bacteria in certain meats and foods that were impossible to detect and killed many people. The Bible also prescribed minimalistic diets and foods that, in hard times, may not be the most decadent, but would nourish you.

You might consider that such foods are described for certain feasts and festivals as an act to remind you that things could be much worse, and to provide the example of the difference between good and best so that we remember to appreciate what we've actually received. I just did. God was talking again. And rememebr that in the Kingdom of God, God's way, there is no bad, just good and best.

It could easily be argued that sodomy became such a taboo because of the issues of hygiene that could not be addressed and therefore were dangerous to the very health of civilization itself back then. And that's not an exaggeration.

From a religious point of view, that would be something that would not be above the pay scale of someone designated by God as Christ.

God's point of view, His definition of liberty - like the Prime Objective in Star Trek - is do anything you want so long as it doesn't negatively impact anyone else. That last part makes it more difficult than it might seem. And that's the paradox of what has become the separation of the spirit from the beings we present to each other as people.

Define negative impact. Define the Golden Rule. What is survival? Then apply it to everything that exists and that we do.

And then realize how much we have abandoned many of our own inner opinions and feelings about those questions because it's easier to adopt and adapt to other people's ways than suggest they conduct themselves in another. Or think another way. Or stand up and remind people about certain rules we supposedly have agreed to in society, or as part of our religions, that we just don't do because other people don't seem to, and they're doing alright.

And how we abandoned them mostly to leaders of one sort or another who came to enjoy the perks of power and used their power to retain power.

That's why God lived in the hearts, in spirit, in the flesh of the Christs, whether we knew they were or not. God enjoys being a silent force in the world so long as things are going well.

And when they aren't, you hear interesting stories about how God gets the attention of His Christs. We call it the supernatural.

So, time went on, and as He thought, as the Romans were declining into corruption and decadence and perversity, being horrid and tyrannical to the populations it controlled that it used to bankroll its wars for imperialism until they were all bankrupted and becoming ill from malnutrition and disease, and the Jews were being persecuted beyond belief.

Just like the Palestinians are today at the hands of the Jews. Which is technically very different from the 12 Tribes of Israel, for a great number of reasons that make a real difference.

God put the being of someone special in the world, someone with a brand new spirit that hadn't been shaped either by previous experiences of existence or guided by anyone but the hand and wisdom of God Himself, Jesus' father, even unto this world.

That's the reason God was absolutely certain Jesus was someone He could trust to be His eyes and ears and feet and mouth when His intercession was required to provide Jesus the wisdom for judgment by Grace, when the time came for Jesus to become the leader God intended Him to be. When Jesus became that leader, He was the leader.

He knew that Jesus, the spirit fully understands what love means in terms of how it can be applied to everything, and how it ultimately would create the Kingdom of God by planting the vision of perfection in the consciousness of the cosmos of this world.

Jesus gave His life to provide us with so many examples it might take a book just to discuss them. One of a so true to His beliefs tha the gave His life to showus that if we really treat our neighbor as ourselves, that we would all be willing to give our lives to save the life of another who is threatened or in danger. And, if we truly understood the ways of God and His Kingdom, and chose to be part of the body of the church of the Christ, and ultimately, part of the body of the church of Jesus Christ, the eternal spirit.

But even more, to present a way of being provided by the Grace of God, verbally expressd as the Golden RUle coming through us into the world, that would inform us o fthe benefit of choosing a worlld where wewould not be faced with the necessity to have to decide to give our lives to protect another from danger.

He was adamant about making us understand how economic slavery and the mixture of political apostasy and religious apostasy breaks down our resistance to temptations that slowly allow the evil to perpetrate more evil.

Like Moses, informing the people of God's Commandments and the laws that were deemd appropriate for that time, He also informed us with exmaples of agreat number of things that some believe were hard and fast rules, to some seeming like edicts about behavior, morals, application sof the 10 Commandments and more. The Sermon on the Mount is a good example of this.

Like many churches, it's easy to make hard and fast rules about what people would agree to in order to join that church declaring they share the same beliefs and values, and then actually keeping them all. In a way, to break a promise in joining that church is to sin. In it's basic form, it's lying. In relationship to the church, you are deceiving them, and in God's eyes, you are using God's name in vain by joining a church to prove a status, even though you don't know what the rules are or if you believe it doesn't matter that you have no intent to keep the promise. Or believe that breaking a few rules won't really matter, because if no one knew the truth, they wouldn't know you weren't keeping your promise.

Rules - laws of man - are acknowledgement of the knowledge of sin. THe more rules you have, the more you display that people are getting the ideas for more subversive and perverted ways to cheat, steal, lie and murder because a nation and world supposedly respecting the rule of law does not understand the intent of law.

Jesus' teachings were very much about interpreting the laws and rules of God. And that's why His sermons were stories of experiences and interactions of people. So that you could see that what you struggle with is similar to other people, and to inform people who believed there was a better way of life than the life they were oppressed by of the ways to seek a life that would be like living a dream - the vision you had as a good life.

But don't confuse that with the concept of earning money, as if earning money and accumulating wealth is actually going to provide the respect and love you really desire, if the truth was known.

It was also about the integrity of being just in the applications and interpretations in a way that is universal in nature, what same may call natural law.

True natural law, without the influences of temptation and Satan, would be true natural law with the Golden rule as the only guide. Because spirits in the Kingdom of God have no desire for self-destructive behavior, or harming anyone in any way.

Like the Bible says, where there is law, there is sin, not because there is law or necessarily people enforcing unfair preferences, but because law was created because of the number of crimes or sins.

Jesus was fortunate He wasn't up against global tv teaching people to think about all sorts of things they'd be imprisoned for life for if they did them, or considered mentally ill if they actually thought about them.

Why does anyone need to watch movies on mainstream tv about men raping little girls, kidnapping families and blowing up buildings to seek revenge against someone or an evil businessman or, speaking sarcastically, getting a sample of something really good in the form of soft porn on mainstream cable to get you to think about sex to sell more Viagra AND get you to buy more hard core porn on pay per view.. like drug dealers giving out free samples of addictive drugs.

What Jesus was up against were some pretty diabolical people who saw no reason to give up their ways, leaders, to a man they believed they could kill and do away with. Jesus knew, by God, that it would take the time for His teachings to permeate the fabric of the world, in Christian and other teachings, until it became clear what part of the lessons had taken hold and which had not, at which time greater judgment would need to be applied to get everything back on course, to weed out those who were truly evil and causing the problems in the world, and to stand up for and correct the injustices against those who were not considered good enough or compliant enough for the rules of the empire.

And each Christ had to deal with the circumstances and customs of the day as they existed.

God, through prophecy, told us it would be about 2000 years until such a correction would need to be made again. But there's something we missed along the way about prophecy.

When the Kings of Biblical times called upon the prophets they were asked to "read the signs" of a text or of the signs in the world, and advise the King of a prudent course to take, whether taking a certain action would cause failure or success, feast or famine, whatever they needed to know.

The prophets did not tell the KIngs what would actually happen. They told the Kings what the results would be of certain actions, the pssoibilities, and deeper meanings of messages received. And, sometimes, visions and communications from God were converyed to appropriate authorities as well.

These days, some very shallow an limiting interpretations have caused people to believe that the prophecies MUST occur in order for God's will and promises to be delivered.

If we are to use the Bible, particualrly the Old Testament as an example of paradigms of conduct, it would be wise of us to notice the difference in the way we use Biblical prophecies today.

What I'm saying is this, for example: when God had people tell us prophecy of the Son of Man before the Second coming as Christ, God was actually saying, in all probabilities this is how the Son of Man wil be treated,

He warns us not to make the Son of Man angry, and I have to tell you, even I wonder what God will do if people do make the Son of Man angry because of there's one thing the people in the government have done to me over the last 7 years, is make me angry at the injustice of my treatement as a citizen, let alone the Son of Man they knew I was. Now I just laugh at them and sort of say "Wait til dad gets home".

These politicians and apostate leaders would want you to be in fear of that horrible, mean nasty God who will destroy the world because of His anger at us.

The day of vengeance as God prefers it is about justice, within the system. If anyone destroys anything physically, it will, as the prophecies say, be the criminals destroying the records of the evidence that proves their crimes, held thus far intact like serial criminals keeping items that remind them of the victory over their victims.

One of my favorite parts of the Bible is when Jesus is talking to Peter, and Jesus tells him "Peter, as for you, you can do anything, but as for others, they only do things out of fear."

The people who sy they are Christians but are not saw that and said, Jesus just told us how to make people do anything we want. Just keep scaring them

Jesus wasn't telling Peter to scare people into compliance. He was telling Peter that He trusted Peter to know how to apply the Golden Rule, the love and the ways of God in everything. But other people, the people seeking truth and the guidance of God's wisdom needed to understand there were results and consequences, good and bad, to their lives and spirits to live and conduct themselves in good or evil ways.

Instilling that fear, or what Jesus meant, the respect that good people show toward ways that make sense, and the judgment to know the difference, was the job of the Disciples , ministers and Apostles.

Parables were perfect for demonstrating the ways of being of Jesus and the Almighty God. Always rememebr, when thinking about God and how God works, he's a Christian, and He abides by the same Commandments you do. That's what I mean when I say God respects the rules of the material plane, and hopes you'll respect the rules of the spiritual plane as well, for good reason, and by choice because it makes sense.

Fear: God wants no one to fear Him. He simply asks for respect. Just like you do.

He says no one is above or below you. Except, of course, Himself, but then He's God, and it's just the way it is, and He wishes in a way it wasn't true so you wouldn't think He was just authoritarian, but He's glad He is, because He knows what to do about the world.

When Jesus passed, He sai


When Jesus passed, He said "forgive them for they know not what to do". And the race was on. The "human race" we run as we live in this world as it is.

From that moment on, we had the knowledge of Sin, and the knowledge of God's ways and a choice to make.

The last 2000 years has been about people, beings, spirits making choices. Again, God knew the temptations of the world, the ways of Satan and the ways they have been incorporated into our lives over the ages.

So, if you believe that God's plan was to send Jesus back to oversee the destruction of the world, if you believe that God will be so angry that he'll cause hurricanes and express His wrath by killing people. That would be inconsistent.

What is true is more like, kid, I want a break, so go do your thing, and I'll watch and help but I want to see how these people react to that, because it's time for a change, and I want to be certain it's the right change. Besides, there are things you need to learn.

It's sort of like that. It's actually more complex. But...

I find it interesting that some people believe that the God in the Old Testament is a different God than the one who exists in the current "timeline", the New Testament. If you truly understood the ways of God, you would knw that was Jesus was expressing was an extension of the ways of God that were previously expressed in law and tradition, and religions, through ABraham and Moses and Noah and the "old Testament" Christs, who were dealing with the ceation of true civilization while Jesus was taking civilization, not law, to the next level of understanding, as well as creating an example of how to be, be human AND spiritual, and show the importance of how the two must be parallel in inner and outward expression in order to feel and be a complete person, with all the power granted by God.

In one one, the perfect example of this would be when you become angry, to count to 10 before responding.

God knew the message Jesus was delivering would sink in over time, and Jesus understand it was planting the seeds for a new world. Jesus and God also knew that the faithful, the people who truly understand and passed the truth to others would, in the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, and after they were expelled, the faithful would be the people to work with Christ and God directly in rebuilding and generating the Heaven that was promised.

Over the years, decades and centuries, many good things have happened, many bad. The most prominent pattern of human behavior, as evidenced by the wars and meglamaniacal quests fo rpeower tha thave unjustly murdered and impoverished the citizens of this world, and the planet itself, actually knocking it off axis with technology that is used to literally terraform the planet for the purposes of making the wealthy wealthier, and to corner the market on everything.

The miracles God provided to help people has always been suppressed to maximize profits or control the masses. God is tired of His miracles and gifts being withheld, because they were given for a purpose, and that purpose was not to make people wealthy.

Of course, the leaders who have betrayed God would say that God failed them, that He could have caused the evolution instead of Him. It's true, if you want to have a God who is a tyrannical dictator who doesn't promise free will. It's not God's fault. He provided everything necessary for the leaders to succeed using His plan, and they squandered it all for wealth and power.

The Second Coming is absolutely about judgment. Good judgment. And there ARE people who need to be viewed as they are: evil criminals.

But the judgment of people is, in some ways, like a corporation hiring employees to get a job done. Judgment will be applied in determining the best employees, in this case, the people who most fully understand and live by the Golden Rule, the ways of God.

The unfortunate news is that if people don't choose to return to the values in their spirits, the probability is that your leaders will destroy the world. The prophecies in the Bible, in Revelations, are the most likely outcome of humanity if people don't choose to stop it themselves, make a choice and draw the line. No more lies and deception, corruption and perversity. Unfortunately, the corrupt are the people who own the tools to make it impossible for people to organize properly to succeed without even more destruction.

Unless you understand the word destroy as God intended: meaning, undo. Undo the criminals by having them expose their own crimes, like DIck Cheney and so many politicians are doing right now, whether you know it or not. Defending criminal policies in order to convince you they are not illegal and immoral.

Getting enough people to talk about it and cause you to believe there is a legitimate argument in favor of torture, in a nation under God. Then the question becomes, when THEY say God, who are they talking about? It couldn't possibly be the same God I know of.

And it isn't. Who could it be? I'll let you answer that question.

Many years ago, I was the Good Samaritan kind of guy who always tried to do the right thing, keep my word to people even when they didn't keep their word to me. To some, I may have seemed like a fool to take advantage of. To me, it was a matter of integrity to keep my word despite the circumstances or whether the person I exchanged promises with kept their word to me. Even when it wasn't the best thing for me.

Like the few times I misquoted a price to a customer for a computer product, and just ate the loss because there were more important issues than nickel and diming them to death. It' sinteresting to me that that happened with the client I was talking about, selling an accessory at less than cost, and for some reason, them deciding it was too expensive when I actually took a loss, they told me I was nickel and diming them to death. A few weeks later they told me they were wrong and had found the product was much more expensive than what I charged.

I'm not going to comment on their business, but I observed it, and the kind of business they did WAS based on charging small fees for every individual thing they for customers. So, I have to assume they assumed I was doing what they do.

Still, I kept my word, and continued to sell accesories at cost to them, as I did much of the time with my clients. I made my money from training people and writing custom software.

Anotehr example of this way of mine is when Lou Dobbs made me really angry when I figured out he'd played some tricks on me, but despite that, he was doing stories on things I advised him of and did a good job on lots of other topics, so like I told him in the really angry note I sent him about it, I let him know that as an act of integrity, as a former professional journalist, I nominated him for an emmy that year. He won. I can't tell you if my nomination was the reason. But I wanted him to know that despite my anger, I was still doing something to give him an award I thought he deserved for whatever reason I had. Regardless of anything else he may be involved in.

That's God's way, to a point. And that point is where people fail to realize that although God gives people an incredibly patient benefit of every doubt, there are some things He refuses to forgive.

People who are knowing and purposeful apostates. Evil leaders who cause wars and massive death. People who don't care how many people are harmed by chemical and nuclear pollution. People who think the earth belongs to them because they were evil enough to harm everyone who got in their way. People who didn't appreciate God's patience, and willingness allow them to learn. To a point.

Every once in a while we hear of someone, typically politicians, who give a death bed confession, to clear their conscience and maybe to make things right with God before they die. But the thing people forget is, you can do an awful lo tin public and make yourself look like an angel, and as we've seen many times, be a horrible person in reality. Or you can be portrayed as a horrible person in public, but really be a very fine person.

God knows what's in your heart, and that's how people will be judged. Anyone who says they believe in an understand the ways of God who commits damning sin, knowing they do it and believing God will still find them acceptable has been around too many lawyers who think finding loopholes in the law make things legal.

It's the same reason why the United States Supreme Court should not require an ethnic or gender or ideology "mix" in order to justly apply the intent of the Constitution. Those "mixes" are only required to fight a covert battle intended to change and set aside the United States COnstitution by people who have changed the phrase majority governs to majority rules.

We've been made to believe that whatever political party, regime, wins the election has the right to try to forward their agenda not because it's right, but, as Bill Clinton says, because they can.

Whoever wins an election needs to realize that they represent the concerns of all constituents, and government is not about convincing people what's important to them, it's about representing what the people believe is important.

That means they represent the needs of EVERY constituent, not just the middle class who can afford to give campaign contributions. Not just the elites who want to bastardize the economic system globally. When it comes to ideology, that should be left to citizens, not governments, but if the governemtn protects the rights of all ideologies, then every citizens would be represented.

It's a circular logic that can't come to any conclusion except that governance is to tend to the needs of the people, not that the citizens must conform to the will of the government.

It's a promise of the intent and word of the Constitution. A promise that's been broken since the inception of this country, and nearly every other culture or society in history.

God's made all sorts of promises to peoples and nations and empires under the condition that they keep their word to God. None has. And yet, like Israel, they expect God to keep His promises to them.

The "Second Coming" is all about holding people accountable for their promises to God.

This is how abjective this is: if you claim to be an atheist, you don't have a promise to God to break. You also won' tbe serving in the executive branch of the Kingdom of God. God's regime, which, by the way, will otherwise treat you just like any other citizen. If I were president, being who I am, the only thing that would matter is your competence and workability.

If you really think of it, that's at the heart of what God asks us all to be. Because God knows that anyone would choose a luxury hotel in Hawaii over a seedy motel on skid row, and that even atheists would think God was pretty cool for giving them a world like Hawaii over the nuclear test range in Nevada.

That comparison isn't even an exaggeration, given the amount of nuclear radiation you're being subjected to and don't even know it because of radioactive bullets and bombs that are used to dispose of nuclear wastes. And power plant leaks that we're told are of "safe levels". They might as well say that. Once it's leaked, there's not much you can do about it anyway, so you might as well not cause mass panic.

A few years back, CNN reported that a poll was taken asking people, if the government knew the world was going to end tomorrow because of a catastrophe, would you want to be told about it before it happened? The supposed results of the poll was "No".

Why did they take that poll? I'm not going to tell you I actually know the answer to that question.

However, let me tell you some things that are from the Bible as well as from a multitude of sites and books typically referred to as "conspiracy theory" sites that, after a great deal of research, you find out that most of what they say is true, a little is hysterical misinterpretation by people who came to conclusions before fully investigating, and often repor things you really don't want to believe is true.

One consistent report is the intent of the Illuminati and or Free Masons to effect the polarity of the earth in such a way that its magnetism no longer repels things like comets and meteorites as they come closer to our atmosphere, magnetic fields and other resistance factors that cause them to vere away.

The polarity of the earth has bee changing since about 2002, at least as far as my knowledge of it goes back, according to Wolf Blitzer. The Indonesian Tsunami/Quake, reported by many expert observers to be most likely caused by what Sarah Palin describes now as "Climate change is man made" since I believe she read something on my web site during the 2008 Presidential Campaign that convinced her that HAARP and other electromagnetic devices of the Reagan "Star Wars" era were being used to alter the earth, and which is not because of Global Warming...

These expert observers reported that they are fuly convinced that the Tusnami and quake was an assault on the planet and Indonesia by man made devices of the United States, which knocked the earth off its natural access.

Back in 2002, I also read there was a meteorite headed our way that scientists named Wormword. The BIble says there would be a disaster caused by a meteor. A meteor, in meterology, weather prediction, means "any weather occurrence, even rain itself".

If you were a sick, diabolical person doing the work of Satan with HAARP, you could cause a weather event that could be called a meteor, have it hit the ocean, make the waters boil, flood the coastlines for 200 miles inland, kill all the fish and because of the concept of nuclear winter, blocking the sun for such a long time, that all plant life would die too.

Just like the Bible says.

And then there are the earthquakes in diverse places, wars and rumors of wars.

With the polarity of the earth changing, tha magnetic protections of the earth altered, what else could go wrong.

I used to wonder if building acity like Los ANgels in the middle of nowhere, then bringing in all that cement and lumber and people and cars could alter the balance of the earth, and even to the tiniest, tiniest degree, it's true. If you have a gyroscope, which is very much what the earth is, even the tiniest shift in weight will alter the spin.

With the earth titled in a new direction, that means the sun's rays wil hit the earth at different angles, the equator will be elsewhere, and it makes sense, reports I've heard, that the polar icecaps are melting on one side like we're told, but reforming at the new tops and bottoms of the earth, which we're not told. I have not verified this yet.

Supposedly, the new magnetic fields would allow a meteorite into the atmosphere. I doubt it. Just as calling that meteor Wormwood is an emulation in my humble opinion. Because back in Reagan's day, when he asked Gorbachev, what if there was a global event that united the world...

And the Soviet Union supposedly decided to be a Democracy all of a sudden.

What kind of event would do that? A catastrophe, war, a meteorite. ANd whether purposeful disinformation or not, what was designed was a theoretical attack staged using holograms, projections of lifelike images of anything into the sky.

Couple that with the ability of HAARP to emulate natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, and it would be pretty simple to say that the prophecy was fulfilled, that God decided to destroy the earth, and whoever was left would, of course, hate God, as well as be totally dependent upon the governments to keep them alive, making the governments, essentially, be gods to the people. Just like in Roman days.

In this way, the Satanists could claim that God was truly wrathful and vengeful and a mean God no one would ever want.

And then of course, I would be acceptable to no one. Just like the Bible says.

This plan they have is called Operation Blubeam, faking this global event. I don't think it's a coincidence that the United States Government has a satellite spying program instituted before the Reagan years called Operation Bluebeam. It worries me a bit that it includes the color blue, often used in Aesopian and covert ways to get my attention. I told you God gets His Christ's attention in strange ways.

Now, if you believe these plans to affect the earth and purify it by the fire of an electronic device fulfill Biblical prophecy, then I'd have to agree it could, if we don't stop it.

Prophecy actually says the earth will be purified by the fire of truth, the sword of a tongue speaking with the hard edge of truth. I think my way is what God had in mind, especially when you remember that GOd's preferred definition of destroy is undo, and God loves justice, so what God has in mind is for you to read this book and let me do His work in causing justice to rid us of these evil people. Some of your and my favorite people who had me fooled all this time too.

That's deception upon deception upon deception for you. I suggest to you we have witnessed anointed leaders and mostly false Christs and false prophets throughout the history of the leadership of the United States, the anointed ones failing being they did not udnerstand the extent of the corruption they were faced with before taking power in the White House.

It was said of Ulysses S. Grant, my long lost uncle, whose name was actually Hiram, was an incredibly dishonest man surrounded by extremely dishonest people. It is said that by the end of his second term, he had finally figured out what was going on and what to do about it, and then the politicians didn't want him to be President anymore. For obvious reasons. History shows that the intent of this nation was steadily subverted since his presidency.

The one person I can say was in this position as a Christ of a particular domain was Dr. Martin Luther King. His equal at that time was John F. Kennedy, who also took office and then changed his mind about what his "regime" had in mind, and when he tried to correct it... Robert F. Kennedy tried to follow in his brother's footsteps, having seen the truth according to his own perceptions.

In all three cases, there is credible information that manchuruian candidates and CIA personnel were involved, including George H.W. Bush.

I say Bus was a false Christ, emulating the Son of Man, when he announced the "New World Order". He fooled me. I didn't think He was Christ, I believed he was doing God's work. Just the opposite was true.

And like his relatives before him who attempted to overthrow the British Government in the black powder rebellion, I assert that it was he who engineered the assassinations of these leaders who were choosing good over evil and deception. Just as during the same time, leading to the escalation of the Viet Nam war, 10 global leaders were assassinated including the President of SOuth Viet Nam.

It sort of reminds you of recent events exposing Dick Cheney's secret "hit list". Expecially given a "Gulf of Tonkin" configuration currently exists in North Korea.

Isn't it interesting that Kim Jong Il of North Korea was recently the victim of a heart attack caused by a brain aneurysm. Brain aneurisms are a classic symptom of people killed by directed energy attacks, or microwave, the same kind I am being subjected to.

North Korea was sold nuclear technology by CBS/Westinghouse when Donald Rumsfeld was on their Board of Directors. Then the United States accused them of using that technology for nuclear weapons.

Both Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon suffered anuerysms, killing Arafat, causing Sharon to continue to be in an unrecovereable vegetative state after they honored my instruction 1) to have Ariel Sharon abandon the fraudulent Roadmap to Peace, and 2) for Arafat to take to the streets, and ask the Palestinian people to abandon their counter-attacks and terrorism against Israel, as well as to ask them to simply sit in the streets in a non-violent fashion if they needed to express themselves. He did so.

My story and recordings about the Palestinian and Davidic Covenants contain the story and appeal I made to them, as well as George W. Bush.

When George W. Bush spoke of his messianic mission, declaring a war of hearts and minds as the Son of Man would, thus being a false Christ, he then lied about Iraq's possession of nuclear weapons, to scare Bible readers about something that would end the world coming out of Basra.

He then accused Hussein of using chemical weapons on his own people (like the United States does) knowing full well we gave them chemical weapons with which to fight Iran. Other reports indicate the attacks were carried out by Iran, using technology received from the United States when we were friends with Iran, propping up the then Shah Reza Pahlavi. Another corrupt dictator set up by the United States because they would "go along".

Meanwhile, reports from the 1991 Gulf War stated, way back then, that the United States used road graders to bury Iraqis, supposedly alive, in long trenches they dug as foxholes to fight our forces from, that would now be considered mass graves.

Even more odious is the fact that Prime Minister Tony Blair met with Bush in Crawford, Texas, in 1996, reportedly to discuss plans for the Bush administration, and their plan to attack Iraq when he took office. Wesley Clark says that, as a consultant on CNN, he was called by Rumsfeld immediately to talk about stating on the air that Iraq was to blame for the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Clark, a Rhoades scholar, wrote a book for his presidential campaign stating that he was aware of the United States' global plans to start up to 5 wars PRIOR to the Iraq war, and said nothing until afterward, thinking he could look like the guy who blew the whistle. As I've said in other writings, these people do things, the damage is done, and by the time the truth comes out, it's too late.


My greatest personal concern right now is that the psychotronic and directed energy attacks have successfully prevented me from informing the citizens of the world of all this, and relating it to Biblical prophecy as I can, to prevent the calamities of the end times, prophecies we were foretold in order to prevent.

With the help of God's Christ.

Iran. George W. Bush said Iran wanted to set up an empire in the middle east of Islamic thoecracy. If Iran was truly a threat, remember that when Bush declared the axis of evil, none of the nations declared were threatening the United States. One of the ways the anti-Christ use to forecast their actions in Aesopian is to accuse their rivals of doing what they're actually doing themselves. They'll probably say the same thing about me.

They do that because to do so first makes their story the truth in your mind, and when their adversary says no, you're the problem, we accuse them of immature word games and then of course, who are you going to believe, the false Christ, the man emulating the Son of Man claiming God told him to do it, who lied to us over and over again, or the nation we were told is evil?

The military actions we took against Iraq and Afghanistan were about oil. Osama bin Laden, long time friend of the Bush family, trained by the CIA, could easily have been captured and brought to justice if the United States wanted to find him, if he wasn't killed or died already due to his kidney failure, or captured already. If you view the videos of bin Laden since 911, you'd have to question the validity of who is appearing in them. If we watched them together, I could point out to you the inconistencies, including injuries to one shoulder that appear and then don't, times when his hair and beard were dyed differently.

More than that, the oil companies have been lobbying to have the Caspian Sea, location of vast amounts of oil and natural gas, to be reclassified as a lake, so that the territorial rights of nations on the Caspian Sea would be void, meaning the nation with the most military power would get it. And, the rights to put in pipelines to supply China with the oil to support the industrial revolution, replacing America.

The Project for A New American Century said they needed a New Pearl Harbor. They got it in 911, where FEMA had closed down the office building the weekend before, supposedly to inspect emergency escape routes. Please read 911truth.org for expert reports that show U.S. Military explosives were planted in that building, whose head of security was... George W. Bush's brother, Marvin.

And, is it a coincidence that a CIA agent visited bin Laden in his hospital room in Dubai while undergoing dialysis the June before 911, just before John Ashcroft decided to stop using commercial flights himself? Look up Michael Ruppert on the web for more information on this, as well as information about famous Americans who made millions on the stock market because of prior knowledge of the attacks, through Deutsche Bank, previously run by a man who then became head of our CIA, George Tenet, formerly of the Clinton Adminsitration, the same as Colin Powell. George Tenet. Mr. "Iraq is a slam dunk".

What else do these people have in common? The Council on Foreign Relations. Ask John McCain. Ask Cynthia McKinney why she was run out of office after suggesting that we "follow the money" to investigate the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Or, better yet, ask Joe Scarborough, who claims his representation of Main Street America kept him in Congress. From which he resigned. After his secretary in Florida, a 911 family victim survivor, suddenly died at her desk, supposedly reading a report called "True Colors", outlining the final plan devised to effect the overthrow of the Constitution and the United States. Speculation is tht it was a directed energy attack. I say speculation because this is information provided by people who seem to receive leaked information frequently.

George W. Bush told the Dutch "This would be alot easier if this was a dictatorship".

He also said the U.S. Constitution was just a "God damned piece of paper".

So, we took Afghanistan and installed Hamid Karzai as president, the former Unocal employee negotiating the Caspian Sea oil pipeline route through Afghanistan when the Taliban decided to sign a contract with a Venezuelan oil company instead. Until then, neither the Clinton Administration or United States policy seemed to care about Christianity, the Taliban, women's rights or their opium production until the Venezuelan company won the contract, which we took away from them with our military.

The attacks on Iraq forced Iran into taking the lead role in the Middle East. A role they did not choose. And let's put it this way: if the United States falsely identified your nation as part of an axis of evil, wouldn't you protect your nation by developing weapons. The only thing the United States seems to resepct is nuclear weapons.

Now that Iran has agreed to allow Exxon to manage it's oil pipelines, the focus in on North Korea. America does not need to control the world's oil for national security reasons. They want control to threaten the national security of other nations.

This is part of how they intend to control the world by force, causing great economic hardship on others to force compliance with the empire, just like every other empire gone bad has done throughout time.

Remember, this part of this chapter is about "Why the Second Coming of Christ".

Are you beginning to get the picture?

Meanwhile, Israel is doing everything it can think of to cause the Arab States to make a military move to justify expanding the Middle East conflict to cause other people and nations, like the Christians and Jews in the United States, to fear the end of the world with an attack on Israel they brought on themselves in order to justify global war, that they have deluded themselves into believing will cause them to become the rulers of the earth as God's chosen people.

Even worse, they have us all erroneously believing that it's sacreligious to criticize the nation of Israel for any reason, when the Bible doesn't say that. It says don't critize the children of Israel, the 144,000 of the original 12 Tribes of Israel, who are guileless, honest and trustworthy as people and leaders.

Further, it instructs me, personally, to condemn Israel's actions, rightly so, because it is committing horrendous human rights violations against the Palestinians, using chemical weapons against them while having them contained in a little, inescapable box, using a slow kill, little bit at a time form of genocide. It's just true, and if this angers you, look at the facts, not the propaganda. Look up white phosphorous, and what it does when the Israelis hit children and innocent civilians with it. You think the movie "The Passion of the Christ " was bad?

The Bible says the anti-Christ will forecast their actions. When George W. Bush supposedly erroneously said our war against Afghanistan was the beginning of a crusade, they knew what was coming. That's why, during Ramadan of 2002, during the ramp up to the Iraq war, they played a 36 hour docudrama of something called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". I heard about it on CNN. For 5 days, they rolled that story on their news scroll until I finally posted comments about it on my website, and I posted The Shillum, the most important excerpt.

What they didn't tell me is that it is considered anti-semitic hate speech. Some websites are banned for posting it. I had no idea.

After reading it, though, I realized that what it described was exactly what is actually going on in the world today, and it is so diabolical, and so obvious, that I nearly vomited. I don't recall ever feeling anything like that before. Except, possibly, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Or maybe Septemebr 11, 2001.

St. Epiphaneus, a nickname of a certain tv reporter, mentioned in arbitrary comments, early on in my "boycott" of MSNBC, things about the Talmud and more that lead me to research the Idumeans of Jordan who merged with the Tirbes of Israel during their "captivity" in Jordan, leading to the mystical Kabala incorporated into some sects of Judaism, and even leading to the generally accepted renaming of Judaism to call them Jewish. If you read the word Jewish, it means, almost like a Jew. It was the hijacking of a religion.

And was the theme of the warnings given to Ezekiel about "the people who claim they are Jews, but are not". In our time, that would still be true, except in America, we'd say people who claim to be Christians, but are not, like many of or political leaders who claim to go to church and then pass all sorts of immoral laws that are about as un-Christian as laws can be.

The Bible says beware of emulations.

The Bible also warns us that before the prophecies are fulfilled, the mountains of the earth will crumble, and the world wil turn into a smooth planet like a marble.

This is where all the discussion of HAARP comes in.

With the axis of the earth altered, given that fluids flow to the south, and the direction South is now different, what do you suppose will have happen to the fluids of the earth?

Victims of earthquakes know that one of the things most affected by them is the aquifers, the pockets underground that act as reservoirs and filters of the water in the ground. When they shift, you have to dig new wells because the water has moved.

So, if the earth has tipped like a glass of water tips, the water naturally goes South. This would explain why the aquifers of North America are drying up or moving, why the midwest farm lands have had drought conditions for years, why HAARP and weather manipulation, originally called cloud seeding, is used and causes so many tornadoes that didn't used to happen trying to compensate as well as forcing nature to respond with equal force.

But it's not just water. Think abou tthe lava under the surface of the earth, It will flow south too, causig volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, movement of hot liquids that will heat the oceans from below, cause geysers... there's been a lot of volcanic activity lately.

Japan needs to move because the islands it is on is geologically unstable. Where will all those people go? North Korea, after we finish the job we started in the Korean War. It's a standard practice of the New World Order people to strike a country militarily or economically to cripple their progress and afflict their people, then come back 10 or so years later and hit them withthe big one. Like we did in Iraq. So many people died in Iraq due to our Gulf War and economic sanctions that when we attacked this time, more than half their population was younger that 18. They were an easy mark.

In Viet Nam, we used agent orange. Now, nearly 40 years later, they have jars containing the bodies of two headed babies that remind them of the chemical weapons we used against them. Iraq, because of depleted uranium nuclear pollution, have suffered similar birth defects and diseases since the Gulf War in 1991.

A kinder, gentler nation indeed, Mr. Bush.

Now, these same people are proposing mining uranium from the Grand Canyon. Uranium has trace levels of radiation. Can you imagine what will happen if that radiation flows all the way from Arizona to Mexico via rivers and underground streams?

Now I've combined the effects of nature responding to the shift of the earth's axis with the effects of mining, from a pollution point of view. WHat else happens with mining? Mountains crumble. What happens when simple "cloud seeding" turns into electronic weather manipulation and warfare? Rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, crumbling mountains...

The prophecies didn't say all these things must happen, they say they could happen if the desolation isn't stopped. If God doesn't shorten the "days of tribulation". If people do not accept the "second coming" of Christ.

The Bible says the anti-Christ will be so clever, that even the elect will be fooled. Citizens, governors, other spiritual people you do and don't know of who influence this world. And they were, which is why I'm being contained the way I am.

The Bible says the anti-Christ will speed up their work when the "Second Coming" is at hand. They have done that. When George W. Bush said "This is only the tip of the iceberg", he was telling the truth and passing an Aesopian message as well.

His administration, and many more before him, have been working secretly for generations. If you check on the people involved with creating the CIA, you'll find they were Free Masons and or Members of the Skull & Bones/Illuminati, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations. For quite some time, it was considered that the CIA was an asset of the Republican Party, and the FBI was the asset of Democrats.

The consolidation of the Intel agencies into the Department of Homeland Security basically made certain that both were controlled by the larger agency, under the direct control of the President, instead of as separate agencies to provide checks and balances.

Centrism is not about taking a middle of the road stance. It is about combining the parties, as was done under Democratic Socialism, also known as the Nazi regime. That's why the Republicans are saying they want to re-brand the Democratic Party as the Democrat Socialist Party. They're trying to tell you in a childish and covert way that the Democratic Party has turned into the current incarnation of the Nazis, Democratic Socialism, and unfortunately it's true, and history and a very small of research on your part will prove it.

It's not about socialism. It's about totalitarianism.

Further, the Aesopian message forecasting the actions of the anti-Christ in the phrase "it's only the tip of the iceburg".

This is very clevr, and tells you something of how these politicians are laughing behind our backs, just as TOm Ridge did when he laughed during a press conference because we fools took his advice and bought duct tape in case of bio and chemical attacks.

Here's how you decode the Aesopian on this one.

The tip.. that would be like at the ends of something. The top and bottom of the world qualify as that. Or you could say, here's the tip I'm giving Aesopian or code-talkers.

of the iceberg. Ice. That's definitely at the north and south poles. And burg or berg... that's another way to say city, and in the Bible, the cities were nations and continents. Let's see. Something's going to happen at the tips of the earth.. oh, by golly, tips the earth... talking about the ice cities... at the tips of the earth which are in the "continents" of the Arctic and Antarctic...

He was telling his friedns who understood that they were going to tip the earth and change the ice continents...

And what's under the tip of the iceburg? As always, a great deal more than what shows on the surface. When that ice is moved, it gives shipper a northern passage that doesn't get blocked with ice formations. And it uncovers all that land that was covered with ice. And underthat ice is new sources of oil, natural gas, minerals, precious gems, new fishing grounds.. all the things our wealthiest corporations would love to have, and will because they own this government and most of the world, not by election, but with purchase, forclosure, usery, bribes and fixed elections. I'm not just talking about America.

That's why the Second Coming is global in nature, and must indeed be about the true intent of a universal church.

Meanwhile, even the Pope tells us that we citizens must now be willing to move away from the coastlines and yield to nature and global warming.

But Global Warming doesn't exist simply as the result of carbon dioxide emissions. What we are told is the result of Global Warming is an illusion.

When they tipped the earth, the water began to shift. Scientists say the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, and that coastal areas will be flooded and become as much as 10 or more feet below the water. It's not because of ice melts, it's because the "glass", earth, has been tipped, so the water is settling toward the "new south".

Most people would say that Global Warming is actually evidenced by the colder temperatures, caused by the sun rays getting through the ozone layer with less diffusion and causing waters to heat up, causing greater evaporation, more rain, more clouds, thus less sun, thus causing surface and air temperatures to drop.

I say the additional cloud covers are caused by chemtrails leading to clouds leading to the illusion of global warming caused by unnatural forces purposely unleashed. HAARP. Radiation. Combined with pollution.

No matter how you look at it, it's a deadly combination.

And the melting of the polar ice caps was speeded up, because the anti-Christ knew they only had so much time to do what they wanted to do, just like the Bible said.




We always think of things happening in terms of media events these days, like, all of a sudden, the end of days will happen and we'll watch it happen in a flash. However, the "offical" end of days in God's time is actually closer to 500 years. All of these things have been happening for a very long time, little by little, covertly, and now the technology has advanced to the point whereit can be done even more effectively and even more covertly.

But now, the anti-Christ have sped things up, including melting the ice caps.

When they get through, they'll say they beat God and you've been left behind, as certain members of the Council on Foreign Relations who are ministers will tell you. Ask you minister ifthey are members of or agree with the COuncil on Foreign Relations or their affiliates. If they say yes, find another church. At best, your minister has been fooled.

There's a reason that members of the CFR are often called Reptilians. It's a slang way for people to speak of the people who represent the interests of the snake in the garden of Eden who tricked Adam and Eve into sin, and that sinning would be alright and acceptable.

Do you think AT&T only began monitoring phone calls during the Bush Administration?

Back in 1960, my father talked about how computers were used to monitor phone calls for "key words", and if you used any of them, you were surveilled and monitored more closely. He didn't like IBM very much. He talked of them and 666. IBM supllied the computers that allowed the Nazi's to computerize their lists of Jews and other people to send to extermination camps.

You may not remember this, but Richard Nixon was responsible for the anti-trust suit that broke up AT&T. He was also president when Howard Hughes fought Trans World Airlines for governmental permission to offer international air travel. Watch the movie "Hoax" for details on how author Clifford Irving was fed bad information about Howard Hughes by his security people to shut him up, and cause him to be convicted and jailed for fraud for 3 years.

That same movie has nearly subliminal clips in it that, interestingly enough, provided me the clues I needed to understand my father's relationship with Ampex electronics, that allowed me to trace his involvement with the broadcast industry and hollywood, as well as his association with the families of prominent politicial figures that have to include the Bush Family, the Kennedy Family and the owners of 20th Century Fox. I am being very conservative in stating this because there are small bits of information I haven't retrieved that would link my Father's involvement with a very long list of corporations and individuals you aren't prepared to hear, but if you see something on tv, he had something to do with your ability to see it.

Many people associated with these people and corporations, as well as the United States Government, some who were involved in the setup of Clifford Irving, and are responsible for the attacks against me. I have worked very hard to corroborate the things I tell you because I have been concerned about the credibility of information from "inside sources". It's part of why it has taken so long to write this book.

The Bible says the anti-Christ, the false Christ and False prophet, will work many wonders, and have powers like shooting lightning from his hands and arms. Weapons these days include phasers like you see on Star Trek, and HAARP itself is an extension of the theories behind lightning.

And they do work wonders with crowds, lying like the Bible says, like apostates, telling you what you want to hear and what makes you feel good about yourself in order to get you to like them no matter how many lies they speak, wars they start, laws they break and values they betray. Not to mention God.

Of course, because of them, I'm in the position of telling you everything you don't want to hear, that isn't flattering, that will cause many people to hate me at least at first and the only hope I have at this point is that later, when you find out I'm telling the truth, you'll at least respect me for telling the truth. Sort of like Jesus. Only this time, I'm not supposed to die and wait 2000 years to find out if you did.

Right now, it doesn't look like I've fared too well. Just like the Bible says.


The good news is, God promised to stop all this before it destroyed the earth.

The greatest problem is, the anti-Christ believe in a scorched earth policy as a threat to anyone who attacks them, just like the policy of mutually assured destruction was proposed. This means, if someone attacks them and will win, they'll destroy the enemy anyway, or the earth, just to say "If I can't have it, neither can you".

It's also possible that if I am able to emerge and speak out, the anti-Christ will delay their plans in order to make it appear I am lying, delusional, and that it is proof of their trustworthiness.

If it prevents the destruction of this planet and 2/3 of all life on it, then I say, worse things could happen than my discreditation.

What this really equates to is that humanity as a whole has to make a choice.

That is what the Second Coming is all about. Christ using his judgment to determine what's going on, who's involved and how to remedy the situation, keeping in mind that God works in mysterious ways. The only thing I depend on right now is that God's got my back, as He said He would, leaving me to focus on informing you so that you can make that choice based on fact and reason.

It's about a great deal more, too, more in line with what you think will result in people being sent to hell, and more. There's some of that in the works, unfortunately, because there are som epeople, some spirits, that really have gone bad, that really do believe that forcing people to conform and submit is the right way to do things.

These are people with low self-esteem, and who believe the only way to get ahead is to cheat. People who know that if they weren't so deceitful, they would not succeed at anything.

People who know that if people knew the truth about them, they'd be put in jail, or, according to current law, would be put to death. People who must retain control in order to be able to commit more crimes in order to retain power. The mark of true criminals.

I keep remembering the lyric to a song I didn't catch the name of. It said, why are your heroes criminals? I thought about that when I heard it and realized that the people I hoped would win elections or looked up to as heroes and patriots were mostly people I knew had committed egregious crimes against humanity, but they were in power, so I thought, who would be better? And so I picked some people, and looked at their crimes and decided I would no longer give these criminals respect.

We know these politicians do things and get away with a lot, and yet, we still elect them as the lesser of two evils, and that means who we choose are still evil, and they prove it every day they allow unconstitutional laws that deny us what we call inalienable rights to stand as law.

And every such law they pass is actually a crime against us.

I will never vote for or support someone guilty of such egregious crimes as genocide, deception, lying to start wars, apostates or those who speak hate against other races and religions.

Why do you?

In the next chapter, The Choices Humanity Must Make, I'll discuss what to do to protect yourself, to empower yourself and to make the choices necessary to prevent the destruction the planet, the life on it, what God has in mind, and what is required of you to survive the final judgment.

I believe it won't say what you think it will say, but it will say what you resist most, and why you resist it.

God bless you, and I pray that all I have told you will not lead you to denial, but to the truth that will set you free. Because it will, from this day forward, and forever, if you choose to believe.


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