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For the Love of the World

Words: They Actually Mean Something
How the multiple meanings of certain words are used to manipulate you into believing they mean something other than what they were intended to mean when they were first used.


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Global Peace
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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bee Gees - Words

I've been studying the 10 Commandments lately, and have found myself amused at the simplicity of the Commandments for everyday life, as well as the complexity of them when fully applied to our lives.

I've also found myself quite annoyed at times in the interpretations of some scriptures and prophecies and "generally accepted Bible stories", what it means to be a Christian, but when you realize that God lives by the same rules as we do - certainly with greater powers and abilities - but He respects the rules of the world He created because He believes it can work, and is adamant that it will.

So, when I hear people making public statements about God showing His wrath, plagues caused by God, smiting and torment and floods and famine and drought... even war... in the name of God, who uses the Golden Rule just as He expects us to... sometimes I actually get annoyed. I just do.

I say certain people, purposely or not, create graven images of God. I believe it more and more. Not necessarily in statues, or as idols, but in the minds of people. Like, what is God like?

Such as, that God would approve of military war. Such as, God would approve of military force to control people instead of to defend their liberty or defend justice on their behalf against evil people who continue to perpetrate evil.

One of the ways I like to read the Bible is to accept it as it is, and then think about what God had in mind when He instructed people to do certain things, from God's point of view. For God's purposes, in the ways He does things.

Part of what I'm asking you to do is to be objective about God's instructions and actual words, and consider that when those words were first spoken and written, they may not have meant  the same things we accept that they mean today. It's a very important consideration.

Take the word WAR, for example. God's kind of warfare is spiritual warfare, using words and reason to speak to people's heart, minds and spirits in order to bring them home to more righteous and loving ways. 

Truth. It makes all the difference in the long run.

And yet, nearly every empire in history has chosen to use killing and oppression to control its citizens and the world.

As Jesus said, I come speaking of peace, and for that, you speak of war.

That's part of what God said was "in them", us, human beings.

That survival instinct that would have us make argument and choose violence when, in a position of feeling threatened in any way... old instincts that God believed could leave us by our own choosing, instincts that are constantly reconstituted in our beings and passed through our DNA as coding for "the point of the beginning of the next generation's cosmos" which, because of evil people, includes the very instincts God was hoping to diminish through the evolution of the cosmos, one in which such instincts would be unneeded, not suppressed.

So I looked up these words, to see if we could take a new look at many of the scriptures considering these other meanings of certain words of Biblical significance. I'll include a few thoughts about what I thought these words meant, and how it affects the way I understand the scriptures now.

I ask you to consider thinking about what you thought the scriptures meant, what you may want to re-read, and what new conclusions you may come to about what God's instructions, and how certain interpretations of the Bible, may have accidentally mislead you regarding the ways of God.

Remember, God believes in and abides by the Golden Rule. That may seem contrary to what you thought the Bible said about Him. I don't think it will after considering the meanings of these words.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Karla Bonoff - Personally

God is love. If you believe that, would you really believe that God would harm His own creations out of anger or tyrannical control? If He gave us Jesus as an example and a teacher, wouldn't you believe that God Almighty would ascribe to those same ways? And that His instructions over time would change a bit here and there to fit the status of the world and the cosmos at that time?

I believe these are some very important words that you would benefit from re-evaluating when thinking about what you've read and believe and interpret in the Bible.

Unless otherwise noted, these definitions are from the Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language, College Edition, 1957.

The biggest reason I think it's important is because we think of God and wrath and frankly, more violent terms that suggests He might not be such a nice person, if you met Him somewhere in the flesh. God's been patient with people for thousands of years.

Yet, many of the words below would have you interpret God, and His warnings to people and nations, to be of a violent and militaristic nature.  It makes me wonder, who would benefit or interpret God's words in the most negative definitions and interpretations possible, instead of being more generous in understanding God's ways? Who would choose the meanings of these words to always mean the worst possible things, creating such graven images of God?

I believe the answer to that question is actually quite simple after reading this verse from

Proverbs 11:23 The desire of the righteous is only good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

Grave: 1. Requiring serious thought; important; weighty. As in grave doubts. 2. of a threatening nature; indicating great danger; ominous, as in grave illness. 3. Solemn, sedate, not gay (silly)

Graven: 1. engraved; carved; sculptured. 2. Sharply and clearly impressed; permanently fixed.

Graven image: an idol

Graven Image - My definition. This is a mental impression or image in your mind of God. Graven images are created when, for example, presenting or causing an image of God as being vengeful, militaristic or hateful. God is love. How could any of those things be considered love?

Smite: 1a. To hit or strike hard. b. to bring into a specified condition by or as by  a blow; as, the Lord will smite Him dead. 2. to defeat, punish, destroy or kill.  3. to strike or attack with powerful or disastrous effect. 4. to affect strongly and suddenly (with some feeling): as, smitten with dread. 5. to disquiet mentally; distress; as, smitten with conscience.  6. to strike or impress favorably; inspire with love; enamor; as, she has smitten him with her charms 
Smitten: 1. Struck with great force.  2. disastrously or deeply affected; afflicted.  3. Deeply in love

Pestilent: 1. Likely to cause death; deadly; 2. [Rare] a) contagious; pestilential. b) likely to produce a contagious disease.  3. dangerous to morals or to the welfare of society; pernicious. 4. annoying; troublesome.
Pestilence: 1. any virulent or fatal contagious disease. 2. an epidemic of such a disease; especially, the bubonic plague, hence. 3. anything, as a doctrine, regarded as harmful or dangerous.

[Ed Note: The question is harmful to who? Or what? People in power committing crimes find me quite an annoyance :}]

Wrath: 1. Intense anger; rage; fury. 2. any action carried out in great anger, especially for punishment or vengeance.

Vengeance: the return of an injury for an injury, in punishment or retribution; the avenging of an injury or offense; revenge

Since Jesus rejects the idea of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, what would happen if God's wrath in the day of vengeance was, say, the arrest of a bunch of criminals you think are your heroes? You know, justice.

Plague: 1. anything that afflicts or troubles; calamity; scourge. 2. divine punishment.  3. any contagious epidemic disease that is deadly; specifically, the bubonic plague.  4. a nuisance; annoyance
Plaguing: 1.  to afflict with a plague.  2. to vex; harass; trouble; torment. Synonym: annoy

So, if God gives us a plague, it could mean afflicting us with the trouble and torment of being smitten with a case of guilty conscience to get us to wake up

Meteor: 3. in meteorology, any atmospheric phenomenon, as hail, a rainbow, etc.

This could easily include the effects of HAARP caused weather manipulation and faux Global Warming, now referred to as man made climate change.

Wormwood: 2. any bitter, unpleasant or mortifying experience; bitterness

Also thought of as a meteor that would signal end times

Abomination 1. an abominating; hatred and disgust (for a thing or person); loathing. 2. anything hateful or disgusting

Evolution the theory, now generally accepted, that all species of plants and animals developed from earlier forms by hereditary transmission of slight variations in successive generations.

Evolve - 1. to unfold; open out; work out; develop gradually. 3. To produce or change by evolution a) to develop gradually; reach a highly developed state by a  process of growth and change.   b). To unfold; become disclosed.

Desolation 1. a making desolate; laying waste. 2. a desolate condition; ruin; waste.  3. lonely grief; misery  4. loneliness   5. a desolate place

Marriage  The state of being married; relation between husband and wife; married life; wedlock; matrimony.  2. the act of marrying; wedding.  3. the rite or form used in marrying.  4. any close or intimate union.

Jesus says, any man that lies down with a woman is married to her.

Matrimony 1.  The act of marrying; rite or sacrament of marriage.  2. the state of being husband and wife,  3. Married life

Divorce 1. the legal and formal dissolution of a marriage.  2. complete separation; disunion. 3.  to dissolve legally a marriage between;  separate from the other by divorce.  See also: Adultery

Adultery Sexual intercourse between a married man and a woman not his wife, or between a married woman and a man not her husband.

[Editor's interpretations & definitions]

The rejection or abandonment of a woman by a man, causing anyone entering into another relationship with that woman to cause her to be an adulteress. [Biblical interpretation of Jesus]

Preceded by the law of Moses that a man and woman may separate/divorce so long as they state the reasons for the divorce, particularly if the woman does not ascribe to the same Christian beliefs. Once divorced, they may not marry each other again.

Swear 1.  to make a solemn declaration or affirmation with an appeal to God or to someone or something held sacred for confirmation; as, he swore by the Bible.  2. to make a solemn pledge or promise; vow  3.   to use profane or blasphemous language; curse.  4. in law, to give evidence or state under oath

Love  1.  a strong affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons.  2.  a strong liking for or interest in something ; as, her love of acting.  8. in theology, a) God's benevolent concern for mankind   b) man's devout attachment to God  c) the feeling of benevolence and brotherhood that people should have for each other.

Loving   1. to feel love for   2.  to show love for by embracing, kissing, etc  3.  to delight in; take pleasure in

Liberal 1 originally, suited for a freeman; not restricted.  2. giving freely, generous;  3.  large or plentiful; abundant; 4. not restricted to the literal meaning; free and unconfined  5.  tolerant of views differing from one's own; broad minded. 6. of democratic or republican forms of government, as distinguished from monarchies, aristocracies, etc.  7.  favoring reform or progress, as in religion, education, etc; specifically, favoring political reforms tending toward democracy and personal freedom for the individual

Biblical meaning: of liberty, pertaining to the security and seeking of liberty and freedom, democracy of equality, abundance, generosity and sharing of vital necessities as provided by God and denied by manipulators and profiteers. Liberalism is not socialism, Marxism, capitalism or communism.

Biblical meaning: undo, devise a means to diminish power, wealth or publicly expose from leadership, as in, Christ will be the vessel of the undoing of the anti-Christ in the day of vengeance of God.
Destroy  1. to tear down; demolish. 2. to break up; spoil completely; ruin 3. to put an end to; do away with.  4. to kill  5. to neutralize the effect of.  6. to make useless

Serve. As in, know the ways of God, and serve God and His ways in everything you do, always observing the Golden Rule. Not worship as in ritual or dogmatic observance of religious culture.



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