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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 03 - Pisces Fish

Unlike the Orwellian world of Newspeak language and spin we live in, I thought it would be good to tell you some of the ways I use some of the words I use, as well as a brief description of some of the things I talk about in the book and on my website so that if you don't read all the articles documenting what I talk about, you'll at least understand the concepts of what I'm talking about.

Psyops and Psyops Guys
Donald Rumsfeld and the Department of Defense issued a report called the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Information Roadmap that was used to redefine a number of words and legal descriptions of governmental actions in order to deceive Americans regarding the legality of their actions, just as the Bush Administration re-defined the word torture.

In that report, they state that from then on, psychological operations against foreign individuals and nations would still be considered Psyops, but in the United States, it would now be called politics. Yes, politics. So, in other words, it authorized the United States Government to use Intel services and military resources to spy on, surveil and disrupt the lives of American citizens, by clandestine means, for political purposes. The same sort of thing supposedly banned by Congress in 1976 by the Church Committee.

Many progressives who came under such psyop attacks during the Bush Administration assumed it was the Bush Administration's policy to afflict people with Directed Energy Weapons & Psychotronic Devices to suppress dissidents.

However, over the last 6 years, I have discovered an ever growing list of people in the United States, currently numbering 900, who are fully aware that what afflicts them is Psyops, and many more around the world, of people whose lives have been destroyed because of the Psyops against them. What's done to the victims, the Targeted Individuals, is torture many times worse than you could ever imagine waterboarding to be like.

Psychotronics, essentially, is the ability to use electronic devices to alter the function of the mind, which also allows those applying Psychotronics to interfere with you lives, as if they could affect you by remote control, which they can. You might think this is not credible, but I assure you it is a fact that is well documented in the public domain and in the mainstream media, including articles in the Washington Post by Sharon Weinberger, whom you can find online at Wired.com.

There are no assertions or conjecture in what is stated about the capabilities of these technologies in this book. It is well documented fact.

Including this unfortunate truth, which basically identifies how thoughts crimes have become a reality, and I'm not talking about free speech.

Also well documented by the military and currently used in military warfare is a technology called voice to skull communications, as described in the Weinberger articles, which allows a remote operator to talk into a microphone, for example, and have it be heard in a person's mind without making audible sound or anyone else hearing it or knowing it's happening.

There is a great deal of information regarding this kind of device and its uses in my section called What Is Psychotronics, which at times provides a great deal of technical information as well as informs you of the devastating effects it causes to the people it is used against... I'm talking about Americans, and citizens of other nations, under the authority of their government.

What they want you to know least of all is that this same technology has advanced to the point that they can actually read your thoughts. Again, this is documented in the section called What Is Psychotronics. And you need to understand that what it actually means is that some Intel person or Department of Defense contractor somewhere, could have real time conversations with you by remote control. Timothy McVeigh was telling the truth about that kind of capability, ever since it was first used in combat during the 1991 Gulf War, and where he served as a soldier.

You tell people you're having a conversation with someone via remote control, that it's the government and no one will help you, and they'll think you're crazy, just like bluediam.gif (123 bytes) this article by Psychoanalyst Carole Smith says.

She convinced the European Union to ban these weapons. And from a Psyops, or political point of view, it works, because then people will ignore you, and believe that you are mentally ill and can not be believed. And no matter what happens to you, no one will help you. Regardless of the credible documentation that proves that such things are going on right now.

It's the sort of thing that caused The Onion to feature and article called "Is the United States Government Spying on Paranoid Schizophrenics Too Much?"

People in powerful places know this is all going on, but are afraid to speak out because more powerful are in control of these weapons, including Barack Obama, who claims that America does not torture, but I can show that he knows full well that it's going on, and Psychotronics and directed energy weapons are actually a tool being used to prevent his, and many others', conviction on RICCO, civil and human rights charges.

I would not be stupid enough to say these things if I did not believe I could prove it in an honest court of law.

Psychotronics is known and banned in the European Union, Mexico and many other places, and there have been calls for its ban by the United Nations to no avail, because the United States, and many of our allies, will not agree to it, nor to the control or abatement of devices like HAARP that is capable of causing weather disasters, earthquakes and by suppressing mental functions of a region of people at once with a Psychotronic effect.

The United States Government began mastering Psychotronics long ago, in an attempt to compete with Russian Technology far beyond our capabilities in Psychotronics in the 80's. Now, we nearly have the capability to monitor and "speak to" every human being on earth, as a means to effect what the same information roadmap calls Total Spectrum Domination in order to install a global one world government that uses electronic means dangerous to the earth itself to force nations and citizens into compliance with their rules, or face pacification and even death by directed energy weapons.

The existence of such weapons is described in the Congressional Record as introduced in legislation called bluediam.gif (123 bytes)the Space Preservation Act of 2001, which serves as an official acknowledgement of the existence of this technology and these weapons by the United States Government.

The PSYOPS GUYS are the people I sometimes speak of who perform surveillance against me, as well as do Psychotronics against me. You may find me, at times, joking about some of the things they do. All I know is that the way I've survived it all these years is to have a sense of humor. But don't be fooled, what they're doing is torture, and there's no other way to describe it, on American soil, against American citizens, without legal cause or recourse.

And keep in mind, I am one of many people who, at your expense, and having witnesses, are followed and surveilled by hovering helicopters everywhere I go, 24 hours a day. And if no choppers, there's usually a car following me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

Cosmos. Very briefly, when I'm talking about the cosmos, I'm talking primarily about my greatest concern right now in terms of being of service to citizens on a spiritual level, so for the most part, when I speak of cosmos, I'm speaking of our consciousness, and not necessarily the entirety of the material plane.

Judgment Day. For now, let's assume that judgment day is the day that the citizens of this world will find a leader who is capable of using and applying good judgment so that citizens can know that their concerns are actually being represented and addressed by their governments, in whatever form. Let's just say, that is God's preferred outcome at this time.

Love. People think that when you speak of a world sourced by love, that you're talking about people kissing and hugging, with some negative image of a bunch of warm and fuzzy tree huggers who either haven't grown up or adjusted to reality. In fact, people are warm and fuzzy creatures, and learn to shut down their emotions and freedom of expression in order to survive and cope with the pressures of the world they live in. I always enjoyed Bill Cosby's bit about how children are brain damaged. However, I actually think little children are normal, and learn to be brain damaged by all the images and examples they see on TV and everywhere in the world they see and learn from.

Love is, in terms of applying the Golden Rule and relationships that endure time and individual change, a sense of appreciation and understanding of another being or group or idea. Part of that understanding that is generated amongst these people is that the more they care for the well being of the other, the more the other cares for the well being of them.

Therefore, by loving one's neighbor as oneself, by actually caring that your fellow citizens are as well and cared for as you would want to be, by doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, instead of living in a world in which your actions and choices are determined or suppressed by your concerns for retribution and deceit, by living the Golden Rule in every thing you do, love exists as a way of being, a constant in society and cultures, and allows for the creation of a world where people truly experience the abundance and blessings that God has so amply provided, but is withheld by those in power in order to perpetuate political and economic control.

And, love is a magical feeling, an inspiration, the meeting and matching of souls with a common spirit and understanding of the being of love based in the Grace of God and the understanding and agreement to His ways, as well as being an environment and a chemistry that allows for liberty of the spirit in a way that allows our spirits, that touch of God within us all, to be the same innocent and guileless self in the being in each and every one of us.

Double Cross - Beware of emulations. I found in my mother's Bible some references which could be read in a linear fashion, or read in contexts of concordances, that tend to make it possible to interpret some of the ways to identify the False Christ and and Christ himself as being exactly the opposite of what is actually true, if you fully understand the story of the Son of Man immediately preceding the "Second Coming", as well as descriptions of the "Second Coming" itself. I have not researched this in other Bibles, but I've seen numerous web sites where people have, indeed, made this sort of interpretation, but were otherwise very astute in the analysis of most other parts of the Bible.

You have witnessed the False Christ, whether you know it or not, as well as the false prophet.

You must fully understand that people who make promises while doing things in secrecy that are just the opposite, such as politicians making campaign pledges and then doing the opposite, are good examples of people who should be considered to be one of those the Bible calls the "evil-doers", the infidels who betray God and the citizens they have sworn to serve. George W. Bush told us in a nationwide speech, torture is not in the hearts of the American people, which is true, all the while, having personal knowledge as well as ordering the torture of a number of people. He declared a war of hearts and minds, and instead of using the fire of truth to purify the earth, he declared war. He emulated the Son of Man, time and again using quotations straight from the Bible as if the Son of Man, hijacking a religion, and then time and again displayed his hypocrisy is his fraud of speaking as though on a messianic mission which was a Satanic mission after all.

God says, no person doing the work of God will do so in secrecy. Those who "claim to be Christian but are not" flourish in secrecy in this world of deception upon deception upon deception. Think about that, and who the practitioners of secrecy and deceit consistently are. You already know the truth. You simply need to end your denial.

The Kingdom of God. I was listening to James Taylor's October Road album, the Song Universal Church of the Kingdom of God "4th of July", the first time I ever actually heard that phrase as if it was significant. "The Kingdom of God and the rights of man".

Being primarily interested the political aspects of the world at the time, I realized that that lyric perfectly described what I was talking about and trying to cause people to think about. Mostly, the rights of man, particularly in respect tot heir government. Particularly, when they're taking our supposedly inalienable rights away.

It was in April 2008 when someone caused me to realize that we are, in fact, in the Kingdom of God, but nobody told me.. or us. And then I realized that it must be true, because we don't act like we think we're in God's Kingdom. It's like, if God walked up to you tomorrow, would you expect Him to punish you or give you a hug? Would He harm you to make you stop your misdeeds that you may or may not feel guilty of in His presence, or would He counsel you so you could be empowered to exceed your previous accomplishments and discoveries of your self and being so that you can be mentally strong and inspired in your competition with yourself in this "human race" we're in?

The kingdom of God is about a world of empowerment, real opportunity and possibility as well as a place where people have what they need, where they can have what they work for or endeavor toward, do what they want so long as they do not negatively impact others, in any and every way, and where the integrity of every individual's efforts and being toward each other are reflected in the quality and craftsmanship of the results they produce.

The measure of proof of faith in works that people generally accept and misconstrue is actually
not in the size or quantity of acts known to others for which we are honored, but the quality and love brought to bear in every interaction we have with each other and the world, whether anyone ever notices or not.

In the Kingdom of God, being a nice person is an act of faith and Grace just as important as being a politician passing a law.

In God's Kingdom, there is true equality in every way, with justice as a way of being, and not a punitive system of enforcement.

In God's Kingdom, no one is ever left behind. And there are no special interests or sweetheart deals. Just the pragmatism and judgment to get things done, get things right, and in a frugal as well as aesthetically agreeable, ecologically compatible and symbiotic ways as tested state of the art technology allows.

In the Kingdom of God, the rights of man are always respected.

I've believed for a very long time that we are in Heaven, and now that we are in God's Kingdom, and that God wants to be here with us in the Kingdom of Heaven, His own office here in the Kingdom, you might say.

Read "How the Kingdom of God Works" to understand more of why it is time to fully establish the Kingdom of God as he planned, as well as to understand the issues of greatest priority that you may not know even exist.

And then, like the Bible says, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven (after all).

Kingdom of God without God.

I found a cassette tape on my desk one day. I was kind of bored, wonder what I should study next. I found the tape, and began listening to a man name Lord Gourasama, who I'd never heard of. He was associated with a course called "The Miracle of Love". I really don't know what this man believes in or stands for, but this one lecture was very interesting.

He was talking about how, in the New World Order, now renamed globalization, the people who actually controlled it sought to establish the Kingdom of God without God. He talked about things like making people reliant on government instead of God, technologies like Psychotronics that people like Ray Kurzweil talked about as the "electronic singularity", connecting us all in a sort of synthetic telepathy that would have us, instead of being connected to God spiritually, would trick us into believing we were "listening to God" when in fact, we would actually be listening and responding to subliminal instruction.

Kurzweil and others also believe this synthetic telepathy system will malfunction, causing massive death and mental illness, and may even be attributed, as a cover, to being the rapture... if the people responsible can get away with it.

A friend told me the other night that someone once said, when God is forgotten, the government becomes God. These days, with the perks of being in power, you can see why a government would want you to forget God. Why they would want you to have faith in them instead of "clinging to religion and guns" in a time of crisis. In a nation that claims to be under God.

There's this guy named Satan...

This is one of my favorite things to remind people of. When things go wrong, we usually say things like, God, why did you let this happen to me? Or, God must be punishing me or God must not like me. We ask, God, why do you want me to suffer like this? And we blame Him when things go wrong, when anything goes wrong.

It seems we forget about this guy named Satan. If we believe the Bible, or even just believe in the forces of good and evil, whatever that means to you, then you know that there are good influences and bad influences, just as there are people you can count on to be helpful and honest, while others are consistently opportunistic, predatory and deceitful.

Now, which ones of those people do you suppose would be the kind of people God has on His team, and which of those people do you believe are on Satan's team, whether they know it or not? Or, if you prefer, which of those kinds of people would you consider good or bad?

Which of those kinds of people would you consider yourself to be, if the truth were known?

Satan is not a passive person or entity in this world. He has workers of his own who love his ways, and work to get others to join in their ways so that they can justify their own ways and crimes. Their own greed. Their own lust. Their own way. Such as in the payoff scandal facilitated by Republicans and Democrats alike to the financiers of this world, called the sub-prime housing loan scandal. Such as in the fraud and theft of the citizens of American money by the charade of the Federal Reserve Banking System. That did the same thing to citizens and nations around the world in order to tighten the grip of economic slavery. Control by indebtedness.

It's sort of their way of saying, we don't need to hijack religion anymore to be the opiate of the masses, we have money and material reward to give us the power we need.

And they think that in this way, they can beat God, overthrow the Kingdom of God, and establish an emulation of the Kingdom of God without God, because the ogliarchists and those deluded by their own power believe only they and their kind, of their tribe, are intelligent enough to run the world. It is that sort of megalomania, the corruption of absolute power and delusions of grandeur and authority, that is the cause of their sociopathy.

A sociopathy that only the body of the anti-Christ would want to promote, as the kind of people the Bible describes as those who take pleasure in the suffering of others, or harden their hearts to ignore it, and thus, become a part of the institutionalization of the acceptance of suffering as part of a healthy society, which is oxymoronic.

If you witness a crime or immoral act and do not act to prevent or abate it, you are a participant.

You're either part of the cause or part of the solution. Which are you? If you're a part of the cause, would that be good or bad? And if it's bad, then that would make you a part of the body of the anti-Christ.

And you would be serving Satan.

It's just the truth.


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