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I’ve been a newshound and a sort of political activist from a very young age.   It would be inaccurate to suggest, until the last 5 years,  that I have spent a great deal of time researching world events and being formally educated on the details of historical and sociological events.  But I’ve always had my eyes and ears wide open as an objective observer.

I am often reminded of a communications course I attended once where they demonstrated a point about listening and observing.

The demonstration requires a volunteer from an audience who claims that, no matter what, they can’t catch a tennis ball when it’s thrown to them.  They’ll tell you, no matter what that they just can’t do it.  So,  they’re thrown a ball several times, and it does, in fact, prove they can not catch a ball.

Then, you take another tennis ball with its seams highlighted with a black felt-tipped marker.  And you give the “catcher” a new instruction:  “Don’t worry about catching the ball, instead, watch and tell us what direction the threads are turning.” 

The next time the ball is thrown to them, they accurately explain the direction of the spin.  But, most importantly, they almost always catch the ball from then on, and at first, they don’t even realize it themselves because they’re more concerned with the spin and the direction the ball is turning.

That’s the same way I view human, sociological and cultural events.  I don’t get caught up in the rhetoric and semantical discussions unless I’m participating in their deconstruction.  Instead, I maintain a personal mental database that distinguishes earmarks of  public statements, the realities of the debate possible or required  in order to reach those conclusions and therefore, and the cultural impacts they have or are intended to cause.  It might be easier to say that keep track of what is the truth and what is perception, understanding the meaning of the phrase that “perception is reality”.

Since the beginning of human existence, the effects of the human instinct to survive, illustrated by the personal and factional manifestations of dominance and submission and communicated perceptions have generated our lives.

Some may say that looking to the past to see the future would mean learning the mistakes of the past, and then seeking different ways to implement leadership strategies in order to accomplish more beneficial results.

It is unfortunate that leadership, and the “tools” required and used to support it, are like any other tools.  They can be used in an honest, compassionate manner, or they can be used in a way that provides advantage and perpetuates power and influence.  Even in the case of the latter, it is subjective to conclude whether the perceived result is beneficial or harmful.

Regardless of accepted perceptions, the actual occurrences and the observations of  “the way the ball spins” are more significant.

Whether looking at kingdoms and religious influence,  banned books and ideologies, the actual results are the actual results. Objective evaluation of the trends and the results can allow us to not only learn from the past, but potentially offer clues as to how repetition and improvement of prior tactics is less desireable than constructing new strategies that do not rely on modification of older methods, but instead, create a new strategy to break out of the mobius of former methods that generate predictable results and difficulties.

That is the inquiry I intend to demonstrate in this project.  I seek to demonstrate my knowledge and conclusions, to deepen my factual knowledge, and to examine if those conclusions parallel perceptions and results of the past.

But, more importantly, to examine whether the compilation and identification of patterns in historical events can lead to new conclusions that would, in effect break humanity out of the repetitive history that has lead us to our contemporary confrontations as people and as nations.





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