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I've given this a great deal of thought.. of sorting out those things I've stated on this site. I'e taken great care to ensure that the charges I make about individuals and governemnt officials and the government are factual, corroborated through mainstream sources and other reliable individuals, and I have no apologies for what I disclose and allege.

There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding the actual guilty parties involved in my destruction since I was a child, born in 1955. Not a lot. Just a few specifics. But I also have no qualms of asserting what I do, because I assure you that the indiviudals and corporations I named are involved. Of that I have no doubt. The only thing I theoretically have to lose by my disclosures is my freedom, and I've never had that anyway, so so what.

Final preface - I'm going to say whatever I say here, and if it sounds weird, then you need to completely read this site because I'm not going to waste anymore time defending myself, my actions or who I am. Believe what you want to believe. There are many crazier things on the internet than this.

It became clear that I could not separate A Conversation with America and For the Love of the World into two separate enitites anymore than Jesus could separate His message of Divinity and/or spirituality and the true nature of the universe as it could be comprehended in His time, from addressing the "political issues" - the issues regarding what soundicon.gif (1101 bytes)  James Taylor - October Road - 4th of July eloquently sings as the Kingdom of God and the Rights of Man.

I was sorry to have to combine them, because frankly, I enjoy speaking of the plan of God and having God speak through me, It seems that it is the only true peace I get, when He overrides the psychotronics and external worldly influences, and allows me to bask in the beauty of His world. To dream and to think and explore the world He had in mind. It's so close, but apparently needs to learn so much more.

That is, of course, the disappointment of the prophets of the ages.. to know that such a little would cause the world to turn in the direction it was intended, but only if it truly so chooses, otherwise it would simply be pandering and appeasement to give lip service to God for His blessings. That too would allow a world based on a deception, and is not acceptable..

Nor does God have any desire to inflict His world upon anyone. That is His promise that He refuses to break... Free will and choice.

There are only a couple of things I want to clarify about what I've written in this.

One - the idea of the elevation of Israel. That occurred... in this timeline, in 1948 with the establishment of the State of Israel. The idea that it should be destroyed in Armagedon is but one more example of the perversion and emulation of the prophecies that has the world so willingly to go to war with itself. They hijacked a religion... they hijacked every religion. Every religion, think about that. It's simply true in one form or another.

They hijack nations by establishing so called Democracies that can be bought off and manipulted by so called "political analysts" who are nothing more than master brainwashers and propagandists, which we all are when attempting to convince anyone of anything according to the true definition of the word propaganda. Some will claim that I am too.

The question is, when attempting to persuade anyone of anything, are they attempting to assist you or are they attempting to deceive or swindle you? Do they want to take from you or do they want to give? And after being in their presence, are you empowered or diminished?

And when you make your observations and add up the facts, when you get that gut feeling about it all, do you listen to it or do you hope that someone or something will save you from your troubles?

Some will say that I am doing that myself. I can understand why they'd think that, given that I am refusing to be of use to anyone for anything anymore. The truth is, the message the United States government and the Corporate media spent years and millions of dollars preventing me from delivering is what I was supposed to do, and then allow people to choose.

And then they set it up to hijack God's meesage to enable Barack Obama to win an election as a front for the Council On Foreign Relations, just as fellow member John McCain is doing, with the assistance of master dialecticians like Karl Rove and Frank Luntz who are manipulating the entire illusion of an election in order to install the final arm of the New World Order, which is not good news for anyone.

Do not believe that Fox is not involved just because I don't mention them. That's actually proof that they are behind a great deal of the corruption going on, leading me to indict other organizations instead of them, and setting it up to look like other individuals were the primary conspirators against me, when it was them all the time.

Still, that excuses noone for their silence. That does not reduce God's nor my disappointment that there is not one, as usual, not one who God can trust. And it does not excuse any of the other corporations who willfully involved themselves.

And I respectfully request is that those people who go to church on Sunday, or study theology or whatever stop calling themselves Christians if they are not willing to be Christians, and if they are not willing to hear the word of God, even when presented as casually and simply as I've tried to present it.

Still, I know that when I start using foul language, or go off into little tirades against certain people, that's when Psyops are being applied against me. Psychotronics. I leave the passages in here to document the Psyops. It is unfortunate, but it is also proof of the manipulations to ineveitably allow them to claim I've plagiarised, I'm crazy, I'm whatever they claim...  and you might say they're too stupid to realize that anything they claim against me will only prove that they are guilty.. but then, they control the courts, and thus, can complete their crime and tell whatever lies they want to the public, because they own the media lock stock and barrel, even many of the so-called alternative news providers. When you own both sides of the arguement, it's easy to get people to suppress the truth of the issues of the crimes of governments and corporations.

As for New York being the New Jerusalem... I was being psyoped and influenced. That statement was not wrong, it simply was not completely accurate. Every nation has, in effect, its own New Jerusalem... the city that will lead the way to transformation of that nation... each one of us has our own version of the promised land.. the world the way we think it should be.. but we choose a place as a symbol... and then project that example into the cosmos.

You could say that my treatment is a core example of oppression and economic slavery, theft of ideas and subversion of God.

And then in the holographic sense.. the way that example projects and replicates itself with dynamic scalability into everything that occurs on the planet....

And then you can understand why, if harm comes to one it comes to all.  If people figure out a way to suppress, oppress and abuse one with impunity, they will use that same model to do it to others, until they can do it to all.

That task is nearly complete. You have allowed it. And you probably didn't even know it.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule The World. God only does because humans don't do it well, yet, and he'd like to get things straightened out so that people and the planet and the universe will cease to suffer at the hands of such perverse leaders. And then He can give it back, and at least be respected for what He created, and for His willingness to give and allow us to govern ourselves.. if we'll only listen to a little advice.

And if you want Him to rule, empower that. Choose. And if you don't want a world at peace, and prefer to remain with the comfort of what you know instead of what could be, then continue to elect leaders who lie to you, who you know lie to you but continue to foist themselves upon you as your only hope, the lesser of evils which is still evil.

I refuse to allow myself, the teacher and leader that I am, to be used and to particpate in a world order that will destroy me now for the purpose of making money from the subversion of the word of God.

Finally, I wrote in here that I was mean and nasty to the media. I was not. And even writing that is, in my mind, proof of psyops. After writing that, I stopped writing because I knew that they were overriding my best instincts. My ability to make that judment. My refusal to continue to be used, I believe, verifies my ability to tell you that what I've written and provided is true and the message of God. And all of the other unfortunate profanity is a living example of how the Devil seeks to pervert everything good, no matter the source. And that this example gives documentation to the evil that is being concealed by politicians, church leaders and citizens in every nation and every walk of life.

And that is the effect of government psyops has on me and you and everyone. And you don't know it, because they are that good at lying, cheating, stealing and killing while smiling at you and telling you they are your friends and your salvation.

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I walk away  fromt the corruption and depravity with a clear conscious, and a soul that's free. Follow me.


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