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This page was originally published in the pages called "A Conversation With America", December 2002.

The Era of Reconciliation - Embracing Possibility

Some say that history repeats itself and that humanity is destined to the same struggles, battles and outcomes that have marked our existence and shaped the world since the beginning of time.

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That history repeats itself is nothing less than an opportunity to reflect on failures and successes, learn what there is to learn and begin a process of healing a whole wide world of history and evidence that provides justification for all of the hatred, greed, resentment and fear that has the people of the world on the edge of its seats.

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We, the United States, the greatest nation on this planet, have the honor and privilege to lead our nation - and set an example for the world.

Let it be known that we must lead with all of the grace, power and ingenuity that fully expresses our faith in Democracy and the infinite creativity and compassion of the community of people that we are; united as a nation, secure in our defenses, that we may stand for global peace and abundance for all, embracing possibility and daring to try.

The time has come. The choice is before us. 
The possibility is ours to embrace.

The trials of our times and the cynicism that accompanies them would have many say that these are the words of a dreamer – an idealist – that it can’t be done.

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But there is a difference between a dream and a vision: it’s the commitment and vigilance and integrity behind the words that will result in the fulfillment of the intent.

That, and a true belief that the key to accomplishing any goal, overcoming any obstacle, and creating any future is not a question of whether we can.

The only question is whether we will.

But, the only answer worthy of the honor and pride of this nation is that we shall.


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It's a
Whole, New World!
All you have to do is want it!

With God,
Everything is Possible!

Creating the Future By Empowering People


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