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Reading these writings, Reading the Bible and watching tv have a great deal in commom




At the end of the movie the Matrix, they play a song that says "God is in your tv". It's true, in a way. It all depends on what you're listening for. I'm going to tell you why.

To do that, I'm going to begin to tell you how to view and read and see things in a way that will set you free, remove you from the bondage of your earthly masters and create the possibility of being born again. I'm not talking about religion.

To help exemplify this, I'm going to use the song "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver.

"He was born in the summer of his 27th year". Ever wonder what that means? I have an interpretation of it, which may or may not be true, but I have some knowledge of John Denver's life and studies that causes my interpretation. And, my own experiences help shape my interpretation as it relates to that part of my life that no one else may ever have been told... just like you.

For you to understand what I must tell you, you must understand the history. For you to understand what's occurring in the world today, you need to know the history.

Once you hear the story, you will never hear the song the same way again. And, you'll wonder, and covet, what it was that John Denver knew that you do not know, and you will understand and covet the knowledge that he was called  to share as a prophet of God. The Bible says that musicians/artists are God's Angels.

The message may be unique to each of us.

It was a song of joy.

But, like the Bible, it's message was hidden in symbolism. You had to understand the history. Unto itself,  the song was beautiful, the sentiments warm and reflective, but the true meaning was hidden. It was encoded, as is the Bible.  You had to know what to look for.

You'll probably think that because I bring this up in what will be considered, more or less a religious document, that it has to do with him becoming a born-again Christian.

In one way, it does.

But there is a huge difference between Religion and Christianity, or seeing the truth of the Word of God, or any other moral discipline of faith.

And, being "born again" does not simply mean what you think it means. That, too, is an encoded message. It is encrypted. Why? Because there are those who would prefer to keep it from you in order to be in control.

The lesson you need to hear is that when you hear music, news, read the Bible or any words that inspire, move or cause harm to your spirit, there is a history to it, you don't really know what it means unless you inform yourself.

Merely declaring that you receive the spirit of Christ, and that he died for your sins, does not mean that you are born again. It means that being born again is possible, and if you follow His instructions to  inform yourself and read the Bible - which is not about memorizing the rule book at all, though there are rules that you will follow if you are born again, life will go well for you.

You can read the Bible, listen to music and watch tv, as well as these writings, in a few ways. But, in order to get their full meaning and have the truth of God be revealed, you must examine them in each way available. There is nothing in existence that is whole unto itself.

The Bible is the expression of the matrix of God. It is the Word of God. The foundation of creation. For Christians.

But even that does not mean what you think it means.

You believe that if you read the Bible like an instruction, you are correct, but the instruction will be incomplete.

You may see it as an operator's guide, and you would be correct, but you will still not understand how to fully operate the machine for all of its uses because that is not all there is to know.

It is when you view the Bible as the owner's manual that you will be near the truth.

In the owner's manual, you will understand what God was thinking, and his intent, and therefore, your understanding and actions will reflect his intent. Only when this matrix of words is fully integrated will you have the opportunity to be fully born again.

It's also important to acknowledge, though, that to not have the full story, but accepting Christ as a sacrifice of God - fully understanding that he, like a soldier, would give His life to save yours in a battle for your soul, does indeed make you one of His children.

But you have to actually believe in it, and have faith - not religion and dogma - faith.

The only thing that actually exists is love, that is the machine.

Your only true instruction is to maintain the machine of the cosmos in order to keep it going, and all the trials and tribulations of the world are nothing more than a road full of potholes under a machine for which you are a shock absorber in order to protect love from being damaged.

If everything you do is generated as an expression of love, the world will be the intended domain of the Kingdom of God.

Distinguishing what that means is the purpose of this book.

In that respect, I must ask you to answer truthfully, are we fulfilling the purpose? Are you fulfilling the purpose? You need not admit that truth to anyone but yourself for now. But, understand, love, as a concept or idea, as Logos,  manifests itself in the world through justice. Not the letter of the law, but justice, the intent of the law. There is no justification in the law.

That concept or idea, that Logos, is the source of a physical manifestation. The physical manifestation of love is people who are happy and healthy, animals and plants and the planet itself working together as a team to provide all that we need to sustain us in the love we have been asked to honor and glorify. God IS love. Caring for his planet and having that care sustain us is His glorification and His desire.

And, His love has physical manifestation in the planet we live on. Our free will has the opportunity to surrender to that Logos, and generate its reality into physicality through us, by the labor of our hands and the efforts of our lives, by what we produce and provide to the world.

He hopes that we will choose to take the path of love, the foundation of creation, in order to build and maintain this planet.

But, he allows free will because he knows we become complacent, take too much for granted, and lose appreciation for all of the gifts we have been given. Through our mistakes, we learn and, with any providence, we will not make them again. Or, if we do, we will know how to correct them.

But, the simplicity of his plan makes us unable to see it. Those who have something to gain by our deception and confusion call the simplicity of the plan naive, and those who would honor His plan are called fools, unpatriotic and gutless.

God would describe the same people as truly honoring the intent of His will, the meek,  who will inherit the earth.




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