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Everybody and everything has a different reality. We all have our perceptions. That's what makes life interesting.

Kierkegaard (or was it Heidegger) says that people assign the value of their worth based on comparisons with other people. Our value is determined in relation to other people.

So, I wanted you to have the opportunity to compare yourself to me. You may agree or disagree, think I'm weird or interesting... I hope that part of what you learn is that we're actually a lot alike, crazy in our different ways, that it's hard to truthfully equate what determines normality or abnormality, and that if you have a prejudice or hatred, that it would be wise to think about who taught you to think that way, why they came to that conclusion, and whether the rationalization for that way of thinking still exists.

Furthermore, consider who or what would gain an advantage by having you think that way.

Now, I know that sounds kind of paranoid, and maybe it is. I know that it's not. I simply acknowledge the fact that, especially these days, you can't always believe that anyone you're dealing with is being straight or won't take advantage of you. My silly side says "And you wonder why the Son of Man would come today?" :}

My definition of a friend is someone who won't take advantage of or abuse your trust you if they have an opportunity. It's a fairly short sentence for such high expectations. However, that is standard for my closest friends. I don't really believe that anyone could hold up under that standard, not even me, but, alas, that is the journey of being human. It's not about perfection, although one day it will be. It's about learning.

If you can't laugh at yourself, there's no way you'll really learn anything because it means you're not willing to find out, or more importantly, have anyone find out that you're wrong. Since our culture views being wrong a bad thing to be punished for, instead of good thing to feel good about because it means you make a new discovery, being right is one of the most important things we value.

I will qualify that by saying that a good leader is not one who is constantly wrong.

How many times have you lost a friend because you wouldn't admit you were a jerk or because they caught you doing something, and you were so embarrassed that you wouldn't admit it? We all have. Have you realized that you lost them as a friend not because of what you did but because they decided your behavior made you untrustworthy. And then, when someone asked you what happened to your friendship, you told that person every little nitpicky thing you could think of in order to make your innocent friend look bad.

One of the most important things that people could possibly admit is that we're all liars. If you say you're not, you're a liar. I've lied, you've lied, your preacher's lied, we're all liars. And, everybody lets everybody get away with it, so it has become a way of life. And then we go around telling our friends that it's a horrible world sometimes because you can't trust anyone. You won't even admit to yourself that you're a liar, which means you're lying to yourself, so you can't even trust yourself.

That's why you get so nervous after telling lies. You become defensive and passive aggressive and all, you feel upset and upset other people and it's all because you're carrying around the baggage of all those lies and you have to be very careful what you say to anyone because you can't remember who you said what to.

You ask them what they know first, in order to find out what version you're working with. And, when you're on edge, you put other people on edge. And then everyone goes around acting defensive and grouchy, and, because we always point the finger at every one else, we ask "what is wrong with the world?"

Point the finger at yourself and ask what is wrong with you. I mean that with love. It would do you a lot of good. You'll feel better. You'll know what you have to do to make yourself feel better about yourself. You are the person who has the power and control over that. Take charge.

Lying is one of the most destructive things people do to each other and society.

Consider this: if everyone got together in a circle and talked to each other and told each other everything they ever lied to each other about, then we'd all find out we're liars, no one would have the room to judge another, we'd find out we're all crazy and neurotic in one way or another, we'd determine that we are truly equals, and then we'd all laugh at ourselves and have a lot more picnics with people we like but avoid because we feel guilty.

Still, you're probably reading this saying, I already know all this. Why is he preaching at me?

I say, if you already know this, why do you lie, and why do you tolerate other people who lie? Like your leaders. And I don't want to talk about big lies, little lies, white lies, black lies, rumors, half-truths, spin or damage control. They're all lies.

What part of thou shalt not lie do you not understand? God had a reason for making that commandment. We walk around saying we're Christians, some born again, some just generally Christian-like, and we get really indignant should anyone dare to question the wisdom and infallibility of God... and even that indignation is a lie. Because you don't believe it yourself. If you did, you wouldn't lie.

You put your leaders above God. You'll mimic the habit of  "nice guys finish last" and "get rich or die trying" and then go to church on Sunday. One thing that is considered an asset to any politician is whether or not they go to church. I say, that proves nothing.

You wish, you hope, you pray. You demand a miracle. Look outside your window. Watch your TV. Eat ice cream. How many miracles would you like?

And here's the kicker. God didn't do them. People did. He gave you the knowledge of some things, curiosity to drive you, all of the materials and equations -but people actual did the work. I have to say, though, that does not mean God doesn't perform acts of creation. But, most of the time, he does them through you.

If you have an idea for something, and do not carry it through, it may be that you are not allowing God to use you to perform a task, one of those wild ideas that people respond to by saying "But, you can't do that."

It's simply not true. That doesn't mean it's wrong not to fulfill an idea, either.

It's like running for office. That's for OTHER people to do. God didn't tell you you can't do that. People did. You believed people, not God. I was going to run for president, and many people, especially those who never heard me speak a word about it, thought there was something wrong with me.

What's wrong with that picture? America is a Democracy. I never said I thought I would win. Why? Because even I have been trained to believe that only the special people can lead the government. What makes them special? 1 thing. You saying they are.

How many lies do you tell yourself in order to rationalize your reality? How does that make your life better? Do you believe reality TV is real?

Sorry. It's a particular peeve of mine, and I say that and know that it's God speaking through me, because I can barely type it fast enough to get it all down. Please believe me, I'm not writing this because it's my opinion. There are areas in my life I don't really want to own up to this, either. But, I do and I will. Because I know it's best for all of us.

I'll bet I've told less than 30 lies in my life, and I regret every one. I'm one of those people who always gets caught at everything, so I actually don't try to get away with anything. Talk about God trying to tell you something. :}

But, because of our culture, we perpetuate the lies instead of correcting the mistakes, because as a society, we have all agreed upon the fact that it's always better to blame someone else. Where do we get that from? The people who shape our reality. Our leaders and our parents and  preachers and teachers and the other kids we think are cool.

My personal mantra since I was very young was "I am not perfect and never will be. But with every breath and every step I will try to be."

I actually call myself a modified perfectionist. I forgive myself now for making a few mistakes. The important thing is correcting them, and owning up to them before they become disasters or harm someone. And forgiving other people, though it's difficult at times.

Intent is everything. Words create the context. Let me repeat. Words create. Action is the physical manifestation of those words. The rippling effect.

Look around the world, see the results, and ask yourself if this is the way you think the world should be. And, base that should not on your opinions, but on your built-in sense of right and wrong, not your self-interest.

And, then, if you're not willing to do anything about it, stop complaining, and continue to feel victimized and feel sorry for yourself. But don't complain to me. God didn't do it. People did.

If you're not going to do something about it, you certainly cannot blame it on the other people who are doing it. You're every bit as much the problem as they are.

God gave you a world to make of it what you will. That is what free will and liberty are all about. Think of it this way. God did all the planning and made accommodations for all the possibilities good and bad. You have to live here, not him.

It's like Revelations. Everybody tells you that that's the way it all works out. It scares the hell out of you, or at least it's intended to. But, if I told you that that is merely one of millions of possibilities, and that there is no single right answer or possibility, how would you feel about that?

Imagine that: Armageddon doesn't have to happen in order for God to return to earth, claim His Kingdom, ultimately creating Heaven on earth. But, we're told, that's the way it will be. And it scares us into compliance. It's a lie.

God says that what is required is 7 years of peace - not by military domination or economic enslavement - but actually, 7 years of anarchy - meaning there is no need for law because every individual has come to the conclusion that the Golden Rule is all that is needed. Anarchy is not chaos. It's the natural order of the  world as originally intended in the Garden of Eden. It most certainly is not about ignorance.

Why 7 years? Because that is a natural cycle in nature, in which the ways of being and peace can be established as a way of life, integrated fully into our thinking and actions.

Other things need to happen as well, but there are things he does not wish revealed at this time, because it would have you focused on the wrong things. Things that will occur in the blink of an eye when the time comes. You won't even know it when it happens.

So, ask the magic questions: Who or what would gain an advantage by having you think otherwise? Governments and people who want to control you out of fear. Who would gain advantage by making you think there is only one possibility? Do you like those things or dislike them?

Terrorism was invented by governments in order to control their own citizens. We knew about the attack at Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen. We manufactured the events of the Gulf of Tonkin which justified the escalation of the Viet Nam War.  Our government knew about the attacks of 9/11/2001, and allowed them to happen. It's indisputable. Why? Because they had a plan to attack some 7 countries over 5 years, and knew the only way they could get the American people to support a war would be to allow/cause terrorism.

I'm not going to explain this to you now, but what you really don't get at all is the fact that your entire life is based on a lie. Just look around the world.

Think about it. And if you already think you know that, why do you tolerate it? If you think it's because you don't have the power, or no one cares, or the government won't help you or you can't run for office or it just isn't important then

Ask the magic questions: Who or what would gain an advantage by having you think that way? Who would gain advantage by making you think there is only one possibility? Do I like those things or dislike them?

And, if you get that gut feeling that something just isn't right, trust it. That's God talking to you. He didn't tell you to put up with anything unethical. The worst thing that can happen is that you'll ask more questions. The best thing is that those who go against his word will be expelled from power, and your life will be better.

And when you realize that, ask the magic questions again, repeat the answer, until you actually get the answer you want. You'll only get that answer when the lies have been removed from your reality.

Thou shallot not lie: ignoring that one commandment is at the core of the problems of the world. The truth is at the core of the solution. And, it doesn't matter whether you observe a religion or not for that to be true.